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You have loaded The Skeptic Tank's information WEB pages. This web site is dedicated to the scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal with side issues in to the critical examination of the consequences of unreason.

Generally we do not look in to untestable claims (which includes religion and deity constructs) since such beliefs fall outside of testability and thus outside of falsifiability, something which science does not address outside of human behavioral sciences.

The intent of this web site is not to mock or ridicule honest beliefs but to debunk and expose bunko claims through scientific methodology, and to examine the consequences of unreason.

Whether it's flying saucers, Roswell Aliens, Bigfoot, astrology, quack medical notions, or whatever you find here, you may find some of the information contained on the web site to be offensive however the intent is not to be offensive. The intent is to examine and expose the testable claims which are demonstrably false (doing so without undue ridicule) and the truth about deeply-held though inaccurate falsifiable beliefs is often enough to anger people who believe such things.

The Skeptic Tank welcomes feedback which is why an email address for the Chairman of The Skeptic Tank is offered at the bottom of every web page. We encourage feedback and correction on anything that we provide here -- with our thanks.

Please note that a great many web pages on The Skeptic Tank have been written by third-party individuals, and each web page's statements and opinions are those of the individuals identified in the pages, some of which will not be the same as the opinions held by anyone on The Skeptic Tank staff of volunteers.

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I do radio and telephone interviews and on rare occasion I will do a television interview or an on-line chat interview. Just send me email at least five days ahead of time and I would be delighted to call in to your show (or otherwise participate) if your show covers the realm of claims of the paranormal or if your show is related to anything involving scientific skepticism. The sole exception is FOX News which I will not respond to.

Chioropractic hoax

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- Wellspring -- Hope and Safety for People Fleeing Destructive Cults
- When Scholars Know Sin -- Stephen A. Kent and Theresa Krebs
- 1992 FBI Report -- Satanic Ritual Abuse
- Criminal Resource Manual in Microsoft Word format, zipped up
- Criminal Resource Manual in ASCII text format, zipped up
- Criminal Resource Manual in Word Perfect format, zipped up
- Picketing, and protesting Dubya's latest oil war.
- Picketing, and protesting racists, white supremacists

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- Journalist Mark Bunker from XenuTV gets attacked by Scientologist!
- About 366 web pages covering Scientology crime syndicate
- Fellow Scientologist Mr. Safe Vs. Scientology Crime Syndicate Web Page Listing
- Scientology Crime Syndicate Gets Raided Again! Web Page Listing
- Robert Vaughn Young video deposition transcripts and essays
- Pro Scientology: Criminal Time Track: A History of High Crimes Against Scientology
- The 'Safe Asks Papers' -- Cognitions of a Real Scientologist
- Nut Liars! Scientology 'experts' lie to all questions asked of them
- Scientology's Reverend Reed Slatkin: The Latest to get Caught
- Pickets and protests reports -- 160 web pages describing protests
- A Scientologist is ordered to attack Mr. Bob Minton! -- Flyer & Photograph!
- Official Comments from Church of Scientology! D'Oh!
- D'Oh^2! I don't think I deserve such an honor
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