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Date: 11 Jun 2002 10:30:52
From: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@SkepticTank.ORG>
To: "Niles"
Sub: Fw: ICR cult copyrighted materials?

At 10:26 AM 11/06/2002 -0500, you wrote:

> He just forwarded this to me. Boy, he seems to be
> quite vague in what the copyrighted material is.

Right, I can't figure out what exactly he's asking to be removed. I'll contact the Chilling Effects clearing house and see if they think I should take any action. I sent this inquiry to the Institute for Credulous Retards. I see the idiot sent you a censored version! How amusing:



My ISP told me there was a note from you suggesting that there was ICR cult materials somewhere on one of my web sites yet a search failed to turn up anything. Can you provide a URL of anything from the ICR cult which you think violates the ICR cult's copyrights? I need to know the domain name and the HTML page name before I can find it since I've got approximately 20,000 web pages up.

Thanks for your help.

> you know, if all these files are posted on his site,
> you could always link to them.

<heh> The web page he's complaining about is copyrighted by me. My software which I wrote creates those web forms automatically. The web pages which are requested from that form acquires old copies of the cult's bizarre claims with suitable critical commentary. Hell, the web page has a copyright notice in its source. I've added criticism to the web pages and in so [doing] incured the wrath of IRC cultists who have sent me nut rants because of it. So it's not as if the cult isn't aware of the fact that these files are Fair Use criticism of the cult's bizarre claims.

What I'll do is I'll go through each of the text files and make sure that there's Fair Use criticism contained within each one; a debunking of the bizarre claims. I'll make sure that they all conform to Fair Use which I do believe that they all currently do since they're criticism as well as coming from a non-commercial organization (The Skeptic Tank is non-profit.)

Chilling Effects will provide me with information on how to deal with this idiot as well as any others that might crop up in the future.

> I really like how the word CULT was transformed into
> an <unprofessional comment deleted> Well, I'll let you
> deal with this guy. If he contacts me again, I'll tell
> him that I don't mediate in these kinds of matters with
> my customers, and that he will have to settle this matter
> with you. :) Have a good one.

Sounds good. I'll inform him that the web page he's complaining about is copyrighted by me and

> oh, btw: I'm still working on getting your message
> board working. It was giving me some errors, so I put
> off working on it for a rainy day.

Colorado could use some rain. }:-} They're having a big fire, it looks like.

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