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Date: 11 Jun 2002 12:45:46
From: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@SkepticTank.ORG>
To: "Niles"
Sub: Fw: ICR cult copyrighted materials?

At 01:43 PM 11/06/2002 -0500, you wrote:

>> You probably also watched the Harry Potter movie.

> I have not, so I don't get the joke. I'll have to ask my son :P

Fundamentalist Christians around the United States have been demanding that Harry Potter is Satanism and many schools have banned the books from their libraries because of Fundamentalists' complaints. }:-} So natually since atheists are _secretly_ in cahoots with the Satan god, they must watch and read Harry Potter.

It all makes sense if you give up most of your brain. }:-}

>> <laughing!> Sure it was funny! But you know, look at what
>> we have seen in the last five years. Carl Sagan, Issac
>> Azimov, Gould. Thinkers who can reach the populace are
>> dieing out and nobody's taking their place. Ray Bradburry
>> is still alive, isn't he? Richard Dawkins still lives.

> Yes, I agree with you mostly. I'm afraid alot of the
> 'thinkers' are spending too much energy (without any choice)
> combating ignorance, and not making headway in other areas.

At times it seems pointless to try to educate a populace that spends most of its awake time parked in front of a television set.

> It's only going to get worse, with the state of our education
> system. I am truely, truely scared about this. Any more,
> getting a high school diploma only means you managed to make
> it 4 years in high school without shooting your classmates.

<laughing> Er, damn near, yep.

> In our state this year, they cut the school funding AGAIN by
> a large number. Statewide they dropped summer school this
> year. next year, it's a %10 cut in teachers. nice eh?

Good grief. My son's High School teachers are picketing and protesting outside the school all last month because of cuts to their wages which were already less than what the trash collectors make.

All so that George Bush can wage a religious war and, before that, his daddy could wage a race war euphemistically called a "war on drugs."

> Our politicians are not really focused here.
> This, coming from the state that lost 3 supreme court rulings
> in 2 years over guess what:
> cops pulling over cars, doing random drug searches. (not legal)

That's done in California, too. I've had my car pulled over and searched three times because my old 1982 Toyota Celica fit their profiles.

> making certain video games illegal to minors (not legal)

Good grief.

> can't remember the third one right now, but our political
> leaders are taking us for a ride. oh ya, our state had
> a 2 billion dollar surplus last year.

Good frocking grief.

> This year it's 0, and they are trying to ride the 'blame
> the economy' bandwagon. sad eh?
> Well, as soon as I finish college, I will start working on
> some of my ideas. I have a 'theory' someone in agreement
> with Gould on evolution that I believe better explains the
> inconsistancy in evolutionary rates (in mutations over time)
> that really seems to make sense. My theory allows massive
> change over short periods of time, and at the same time
> combating the problem of finding 'missing links'. I have a
> short paper on it which one day I hope to turn into a book
> when I have:
> more evidence, more knowledge, & more credibility.
> hopefully someday I can give a positive contribution to
> the topic. until then, it's back to school :P

Promethus Books would probably take a look.

>> <laughing!> I had no idea that was possible.

> oh, that's not all I could do. I can extra make content
> available to a block of ips (or just one). We could have
> satanic messages displayed to Mr Henderson that nobody
> else would see, if he uses the same ip address for web
> browsing as e-mail. (that's the only IP I have from him).
> Better yet, we could forward his browser to another website
> if he simply attempts to browse your website!

Amazing. Science at its best.

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