The cure for cults that want to deny others
their freedom of speech is more freedom of speech
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Creationist Cults

Date: 12 Jun 2002 10:43:15
From: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@SkepticTank.ORG>
To: "Niles"
Sub: Response to the ICR Cult

Here's what I'll be sending to the ICR cult this evening.
I ran the puppy through a spelling chucker. }:-}


Your previous E-mail to my organization claimed that one of the automated forms my software generated that's located at was some how copyrighted by the ICR cult. Now you're demanding that all of the critical text documents that form enumerates which debunks a number of Creationist cults' deliberate lies and deceptions must not be allowed to be disseminated to the public. And you're trying to justify that demand by claiming that all of those texts are some how copyrighted by the ICR cult.

Have you ever heard of the First Amendment? How about the Bill of Rights? Does the name "United States Constitution" ring any bells? Have you heard of a concept called "Democracy?" Frankly it appears to me as though your complaint is a rather blatant demand that my organization cease its Constitutionally guaranteed right to criticize notorious Creationist cults.

Since my educational, nonprofit organization has a deserved reputation for honesty and fair play, I'm more than willing to receive from you a list of specific file names and web site URLs which some how violate the ICR cult's copyrights and I would be more than happy to either remove them else make certain that they conform to U. S. Code Title 17 under the dictates of "Fair Use." (The details of which you may read for yourself at Send me specifics instead of vague threats of intimidation decrying my Freedom of Speech rights and I will make absolutely certain that they are either removed or that they conform to Fair Use.

And incidentally, it's both annoying and unprofessional of you to flood my E-mail address with an unknown number of duplicated E-mail messages. I'll assume that it wasn't deliberate and that that behavior was due to your inexperience with computers.

Mr. Rice may leak or explode if recharged or inserted improperly.

Any text written by the creationist cult which may be quoted within this criticial examination of the creationist cult is provided according to U. S. Code Title 17 "Fair Use" dictates which may be reviewed at

"You can lie about ICR all you want." -- Jason Daniel Henderson

"Thank you for your permission however there's never any need to. Creationist propaganda is already self-debunking." -- Fredric L. Rice


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