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Date: 14 Jun 2002 09:40:44
From: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@SkepticTank.ORG>
To: "Niles"
Sub: ICR cult copyrighted materials?

At 11:07 AM 14/06/2002 -0500, you wrote:

> Jason,
> I was informed that any material that didn't contain
> additional commentary, criticism would be either removed
> or modified. I did look for the content on the website,
> but it appears to be e-mailed from another location. I'll
> look further into it, and request that Fredric Rice
> stay within the boundaries of fair use.

<heh> The amusing clown's a computer illiterate nutter. He failed to send me e-mail he claims he sent me and he continues to send me duplicate e-mails to the point where my spam filters start kicking in and removing the duplicates. I told the guy that he's sending me duplicates but that didn't stop him.

Any way, my automated records show that he requested seven text files from the offline archives and a check shows that the one I examined was a complete cult text so all need to be examined and whatever needs to be reduced will be reduced. Most of the documents he named contain _debunkings_ that were written by FidoNet HolySmoke echo participants like 10 years ago.

> I won't advise you on what to do from here Jason. If the
> content is still available in the origional format, I
> suggest you contact Fredric again. I will not respond to
> any more theats Jason. I'll be happy to help keep the
> dialog going between you and Fredric until this is worked
> out, but don't threaten me.

The automated mailings of content has been suspended until my staff and I can examine the criticism however the IRC cult has been blocked off from access to the archives due to their blatant lies and groundless threats. What I'll do is inform the cult that those texts that didn't contain criticism or were complete have been modified when they've all been examined.

While the texts are being reworked I'll place something else in their stead.

I've also heard back from one of the other organizations he claimed are also some how violating the cult's copyrights and I find that the nutter has not yet contacted that organization but that they'll be on the lookout for the cultist's e-mail.

Any text written by the creationist cult which may be quoted within this criticial examination of the creationist cult is provided according to U. S. Code Title 17 "Fair Use" dictates which may be reviewed at

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