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From: David Rice <>
Subject: Re: Kent Hovind lies for his gods
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 12:58:04 -0700

At 12:50 PM 4/15/02, you wrote:

>> I read the letter written by David Rice concerning
>> Kent Hovind.

Greetings; I am David Rice.

>> In it, he flatly denied many of the
>> assertions made by Mr. Hovind by simply stating that
>> they were wrong.

Such as Rev. Hovind stating that a mass, when flung off a spinning object, will arc in a curve outward from the center of the object (or its edge). *WRONG!* Very basic, fundamental, high-school-level physics assures us that this is wrong, and simple observation shows that it is wrong. I pointed thia fact out to Rev. Hovind when he visited a church in San Diego---- Rev. Hovind *STILL* repeats the claim, even though he now knows it to be false. This behavior is called "lying."

That is just one example assertions he has made about basic physics of which I personally corrected him. Now, years later, he is still making those false assertions. He knows better, and he knows he is stating falsehoods; he is therefore a liar. What else would you call that behavior? "Godly?"

>> Would it be possible for you (or Mr.
>> Rice) to place hyperlinks in the letter so that one
>> can see the research that disproves Mr. Hovind.

You seem to have missed the entire point of the Burden of Proof: it is not up to me or other scientists to "disprove" Rev. Hovind: it is up to Rev. Hovind to support his assertions with evidence.

>> It would give much more credence than a simple "He is
>> lying..."

Yes, Rev. Hovind is a liar--- I have personally corrected several of his mistakes in brief discussions with him in two of the churches I have attended specifically to hear him speak. He therefore now knows that some of his claims are false:and yet he is still repeating them. This behavior of his is called "lying."

The word "lying" is the present participle of "lie." "Lying" means "Disposed to or characterized by untruth." It is also defined as "a false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood. 2. Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression. To present false information with the intention of deceiving. 2. To convey a false image or impression."

Since this is what Rev. Hovind does, he is therefore a liar. If you prefer a different word to "Liar," one can also call Rev. Hovind a prevaricator and a equivocator.

Take another lie of his: that he is a "doctor," having earned a Ph.D. He is not a doctor, does not have a doctorate, and has not earned a Ph.D.--- even though he constantly asserts otherwise. He is therefore a liar.

Isn't this simple enough to understand?

>> Sincerely,
>> Tim Herndon

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