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Date: 20 Jun 2002 20:37:33
From: Mike
Sub: Satanic Creationism - Your thoughts?

Given the logic and scientific reasoning behind evolution, no rational person would now accept any of the creationist ideas. As a Christian, I find their behavior very sinful, since as I have stated before, they knowingly present lies, and they steal the good names of others (evolutionists) by lying about them. Obviously they feel they can openly sin and get away with it. Why? Do they feel they are on the moral high ground on this issue? Is that what "drives" them to protest at school board meetings, and do all the other sinful things they do? Is the main reason they do what they do is that they feel a Christian cannot be a Christian if they believe in evolution?

Perhaps creationists need to read the teachings of Martin Luther who rejected legalism, and refocused Christians on the central Biblical truth, that it is by faith in Jesus that we are saved, not by any other means (i.e. a belief in creationism, how we are baptized, what church we belong to, etc.). For creationists to state that evolutionists are not Christian is a lie, yet this basic belief, as I see it, is the central foundation for their actions. Why else would they do what they do if they didn't feel evolution was anti-Christian. Satan has used the very Bible to divide Christians against each other. He (Satan) sure makes his job look easy.

I have read here about the book that "Amy Lynn" plans to write in defense of creationism. Creationism has many defenders but no defense. Perhaps what is really needed is a book from a Christian (or better yet, from a group of diverse Christians from many faiths), similar to Martin Luther's outline that he nailed to the church door, exposing creationism for the sin that it is. What do you all think?

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