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Creationist Cults

Date: 01 Jul 2002 10:52:32
From: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@SkepticTank.ORG>
To: Zenon Panoussis <>
Sub: ICR on

At 12:38 AM 01/07/2002 +0200, you wrote:

> Dear Mr Barber
> Failing to find a contact e-mail address on the
> website, I am writing to you as the administrative contact
> of the domain with the request to forward this message to
> the legal department and/or the board of ICR, or whoever
> else you can find within ICR.
> Thank you for your co-operation.

Zenon! I suspect that you're going to get me sued by these insane crooks. An examination of these cultists' claims indicate that these people just aren't sane. They don't apply reason and they simply don't care that criticism and scientific debunkings of their claims are protected speech in the United States. They honestly do believe that they're under the dictates of their gods and the laws of the United States, they honestly believe, don't apply to them -- which includes U. S. Title 17 Fair Use laws. You must have creationist cults in your country, I'm sure, but California holds the distinction for the most whacked-out, violently insane cults out of all other States in America and this ICR cult ranks right up there as one of the most whacked-out.

Did you ever hear about California's Govorner Brown? <heh> There was a whacked-out piece of work who bought into the New Age (rhymes with Sewage) crackpot idologies that California is well known for. He married Linda Rhonstadt, for Xenu's sake! That should indicate just how poor the quality of education is in California and just how insane California cults can be. Like Islamic terrorists, the ICR cult believes they're on a mission from their gods and, like Islamic terrorists, they don't care about "man's laws."

I'll be uploading the texts again; the texts have been updated to indicate exactly the fact that my criticism is Fair Use. I appreciate considerably your stand on freedom of speech and I've seen you take the hit calmly when another notoriously criminal cult that shares a hatred of freedom of speech as much as these Creationist cults do... But I can't condone your own webbing of the criticism these cultists are complaining about. While I did in fact cave in to these insane crook's unfounded claims, it is The Skeptic Tank's policy to make absolutely sure that all criticism and all texts conform to Fair Use and to remove any disputed texts until they can be reviewed and either modified to make sure they conform else reinstated since they're determined to already conform. Now that I and my staff have done so, I'll be putting the texts back up and also cloning them off for a new web site -- ICRCULT.ORG.

You're webbing the texts and that's good because the light of science and reason both debunks and embarrasses quack cultist claptrap and I'm all for exposing nutters that threaten to debase science and get their occultism taught as scientific fact in the public schools. But I can't condone webbing texts that are disputed even when they clearly conform to Fair Use.

These insane crooks are insane enough to sue _me_ because you webbed my criticism of their written occult superstitions. Like Scientology they don't care since these people use lawsuits to silence criticism of their unfounded, unscientific claims. Unlike Scientology, these people are too insane to accept U. S. Fair Use laws because they are on a mission from their gods and these people honestly believe that United States law takes a back seat to their gods.

Any text written by the creationist cult which may be quoted within this criticial examination of the creationist cult is provided according to U. S. Code Title 17 "Fair Use" dictates which may be reviewed at

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"Thank you for your permission however there's never any need to. Creationist propaganda is already self-debunking." -- Fredric L. Rice


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