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Creationists: They're Not Really Inbred Morons

There is some irony in the fact that surviving Flat Earth believers don't wish to be equated with Creationists. The self-deception and delusional thinking required to believe in either, however, are identical and the analogy holds true. But it's not low intelligence that allows such notions to persist into the 21'St Century.

When we hear about Creationist cultists in the news, it's very often from States in the Union that have a history of unkind jokes told about the average intelligence of the State's populace: Georgia, Alabama; States that are considered to be "backwards" and "inbred" in jokes told around the nation. Obviously such generalities are at best inaccurate. While it's undeniably true that Creationists are worthy of being the butt of everybody's jokes, the fact is that intelligence -- or the lack there of -- doesn't factor in to the equation. The primary causes of Creationism -- and Flat Earth belief, for that matter -- isn't low intelligence, it's willful ignorance coupled to superstition. Add a large helping of pathological lying directed at one's own self in order to retain a belief in light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and one ends up with a Creationist.

Otherwise intelligent people have -- against all reason -- persisted in the freakishly bizarre belief that the Universe, Earth, Life, and Everything was created by the Christanic pantheon as described in the various conflicting versions of the classical Christanic mythologies. At work is the compartmentalization of that which the cultist will think critically and rationally about, and that which the cultist won't.

The ability for humans to bifurcate between what they will apply reason toward and what they will believe against all reason is, ironically, an artifact of human evolution just as are all other human psychological traits. During human evolution, survival must have benefited from both the increased intelligence of the species and the compartmentalized, willfully ignorant faith in what the species knew damn well to be false.

The most likely culprit is, I suspect, humanity's fear of death. As human intelligence increased over millions of years, so did humanity's understanding of its own mortality. To alleviate the anxiety, humans also acquired the ability to believe they could some how survive their own death while at the same time knowing innately that such a belief is false. From that pathology sprang occult superstition resulting in religious leaders, organized and disorganized religion, and mythology.

In an age lacking science, belief in mythology and occultism might be understandable as a means to attempt to explain natural phenomena: where the rains come from, why food plants grow, why the river drowned one's children. From the mythology sprang a growing variety of gods and goddesses, many of which were responsible for creating the Earth. Unfortunately, at the same time sprang the priesthood: men who realized they could control their tribe by proclaiming to speak for the gods while at the same time not having to work another day of their lives.

With the advent of science, however, the gods and goddesses have been pushed back into the realm of the non-existent. Every place gods were said to exist that were reachable by science -- mountain tops, under oceans, under rivers -- science investigated and found no gods present. Those of us in modern times who don't harbor pathological levels of dread and fear of our own deaths can accept science because we don't feel threatened by the loss of gods and goddesses. Those among us who still cling to occult superstition are divided into a variety of camps, most of which consider science to have no impact on their occult deity beliefs.

A small percentage of cultists, however, feel threatened by science, believing their gods are some how facing complete extermination and, along with said extermination, their eventual lack of hope that they'll some how survive their own deaths. These few become Creationists. These are the few whose fear of death motivates them to engage in behavior that verges into the realm of the absolutely insane. Reason, science, rational thought, truth, honesty -- in order to retain a belief in an "after life" they think is threatened by science, these things have to be discarded.

The result certainly looks like inbred morons who are pathological liars but that's not the case. When looking at the leaders of such amusing organizations such as the euphemistically named "Institute of Creation Research," one really can't be faulted for immediately concluding these unfortunate folks are laboring under equally unfortunate mental constraints. True, Creationists are grossly ignorant of science, but it's willful ignorance, not a lack of intelligence that drives them.

In addition to assuming that Creationists are inbred morons, there's another compulsion to assume that maybe they're just joking. Flat Earth Society followers are constantly having to demand that their advocacy of their notions aren't some kind of long-standing hoax or some kind of joke. Since Creationists are more often assumed to be inbred morons, people don't often accuse them of only pretending to be profoundly ignorant and superstitious just for the laughs.

The suggestion that Creationists might be joking is further complicated by the fact that many Creationist cult leaders appear by all outward evidence to be motivated solely by the money that can be taken from the unwashed rubes that are ignorant enough to believe in Creationism. Historically the leaders of cults -- and the leaders of nations -- have not honestly believed in the superstitions of their followers yet only contrive to believe to control the minds and wallets of their followers. (In the movie Sparticus, the Roman leader was asked whether he believed in the gods. His answer reflects an historic truth: "Publicly I believe in all of them. Privately, none of them.")

But no, Creationists aren't joking. It seems likely that leaders of various Creationist cults don't believe the nutty notions they try to sell to their followers, but the unwashed minions do honestly believe in Creationist nonsense hook, line, sinker, rod, and reel. And it's not that they're unintelligent, it's that they're willfully ignorant, superstitious cultists who don't wish to employ reason when it comes to their occult beliefs least they have to admit they're going to die like everyone else and there's nothing they can do about it.

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