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Creationist Cults

Adolf Hitler: Many people pretend he wasn't a Christian. In fact Hitler was a devout Christian right up until the day he killed himself. This only serves to prove that Christianity does nothing to detract from the fact that bad people do bad things reguardless of whether they hold religious beliefs or not. What it does show is that religion is a primary source for the justification of one's acts and the easy removal of the responsibility for one's actions.

The denial of Hitler's Christianity is the same mindset that drives the creationist cults:

In fact there are numerous ways in which creationists share the same mindset as Hitler deniers, Holocaust deniers, chiropractor believers, astrologers, Tarot card believers, and no end of unscientific, occult mumbojumbo claptrap. The mindset dictates the denial of science and what their own senses tell them so that they can continue to pretend to profess a belief in utter and complete claptrap if for no other reason than it feels good.

Let's take a look at Adolf Hitler's Christianity:

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