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Creationist Cults

The notoriously bizarre Institute for Creation Research (sic) cult routinely publishes equally bizarre religious notions which they wish to pretend are some how scientific. This text file takes some of the cult's own bizarre publications and takes a look at them in extract to show just how nutty (verging on the insane) these "Modern Day Flat Earth Society" nuts actually are.

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I'm not sure what to make of this one. "The new age and global education." It seems to be a complaint about new age (rhymes with sewage) mysticism some how being tied to evolution some how. Let's give it a quick look but I don't want to spend much time with this one. After some bizarre notion about global education we come to what this cultist wants to say about evolution:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

Evolution is no longer viewed as a mindless affair, quite the opposite... one eventually winds up with the idea of the universe as a mind that oversees, orchestrates, and gives order and structure to all things.

-=- End quoted text in extract

Someone here has no idea what evolution is and what evolution is not. In fact evolution is a directly observed phenomena that has nothing to do with the universe, either mindless or with a mind. The cultist starts talking about "this mystical Gaia Hypothesis" which likewise has nothing to do with evolution.

The propaganda piece rambles on a bit and then kind of dies out with an appeal to occultism.

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