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Creationist Cults

The notoriously bizarre Institute for Creation Research (sic) cult routinely publishes equally bizarre religious notions which they wish to pretend are some how scientific. This text file takes some of the cult's own bizarre publications and takes a look at them in extract to show just how nutty (verging on the insane) these "Modern Day Flat Earth Society" nuts actually are.

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One of the neat things about science has been the advancements made which both helps and hinders humanity considerably. Because the scientific method has such a profoundly wonderful success, and because the fruits of science also threatend to destroy all life on Earth, creationists seem to feel an overwhelming need to try to capitalize on the fruits of science while at the same time denying science (yes, it's bizarre and it may account for exhibitions of cognitive disonance that I, at least, see routinely in my inbound e-mail.)

Humanity has defeated horrible diseases, plumbed the debths of the seas, charted the tops of mountains, and pushed back the hiding places of the gods and goddesses humanity made for itself. Humanity has sent spacecraft to other planets and other moons and, on 1969, actually landed humans on Earth's moon. In one crowning achievement humanity eventually managed to create a body of knowledge which enabled us to send a spacecraft to voyage outside of the Solar System, escaping the gravitational prison the mass which comprised the spacecraft was held within for five billion years.

While the rest of humanity progresses, there's a disturbing persistance of willful ignorance, superstition, religious hatreds and occultism that no amount of education seems capable of removing from the populace once and for all.

In this propaganda piece we find "The astonishing connection" between Christianity and technological advance." (sic) It starts out with the expected bizarre crack:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

Without question, "technology" has now become the new magic word in place of the word "science."

-=- End quoted text in extract

Thus the cult admits that it has not a clue as to what constitutes science. Science is what scientists do. Scientific method is what scientists apply toward discerning the attributes of an observed phenomena.

Technology is the _application_ of scientific progress. Creationism, I must add, is the application of occult superstition and willful ignorance. But let's see if this propaganda piece ever gets down to trying to claim science is some how evil or something... The propaganda piece progresses with claims that science some how resulted from "the Christian world view" and delves into the history of Galileo and others. We find stuff like:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

Perhaps the most obvious affirmation that Biblical Christianity and science are friends and not foes comes from the fact that most of the early scientists since the Renaissance were also strong believers in the Bible as the authoritative source of knowledge concerning the origin of the universe and man's place in it...

-=- End quoted text in extract

Curiously the cultist "forgets" to mention that such notions held by believers in the Christian mythologies which could not be confirmed by science have been discarded -- except, it seems, by a few creationists who are stuck firmly in the past.

Kepler is a good example: He started charting the movements of the planets and tried to reconcile what he saw with what be believed would conform to his notions of what the Christian gods did when they supposedly created the Solar System. Kepler careflly performed measurements and collected observations and then tried to fit the paths of the planets into "perfect" shapes which his Christianity told him was the correct paths for the planets.

Eventually Kepler had to give up trying to twist the elipses that he observed the planets were making into his Christian/biblical notions and he was forced to discard the notion that his Christian gods set the planets in motion along "perfect" shapes.

Kepler learned from what his senses and what his reason told him. In an age when science was in its infantsy Kepler managed to do science that added to humanity's progress. Now, in an age where Polio and the Black Death no longer hold sway, in an age where science has defeated diseases and sent spacecraft to other planets using Kepler's contributions to science.. Why can't creationists do likewise?

Af is to illistrate the overwhelming need to refrain from doing likewise, the ICR cult eventually states:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

Genesis also gives another important motivation for the investigation of the laws of nature and application of it to technology. That is the divine mandate given to man to subdue the earth...

-=- End quoted text in extract

How's that for morally reprehensible? I'm reminded of the equally evil "Manifest Destiny" which American Christians contrived way back when in order to some how justify the inhuman slaughter of the domestic Indians who were living in North America before the invaiding Europeans came.

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

Obviously, the discovery of the laws of nature is the key to harnessing the powers of nature for man's use and control.

-=- End quoted text in extract

How morally reprehensible. The superior morality would be to apply the persuit of knowledge for the betterment and enlightenment of the species. Discovering how to apply laws of nature to better rape the Earth is so along the lines of Christianity's bloody history that this horse probably doesn't need must beating.

How so totally evil is a Christianity that holds such an ideology. I don't think there's any need to go further and in fact this profoundly evil creationist ideology is a good place to stop.

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"You can lie about ICR all you want." -- Jason Daniel Henderson

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