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Creationist Cults

The notoriously bizarre Institute for Creation Research (sic) cult routinely publishes equally bizarre religious notions which they wish to pretend are some how scientific. This text file takes some of the cult's own bizarre publications and takes a look at them in extract to show just how nutty (verging on the insane) these "Modern Day Flat Earth Society" nuts actually are.

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Okay, here we have another ICR propaganda piece. This one starts with a quote that is telling:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

"The world expects of Christians that they will raise their voices loudly and clearly and so formulate their protest that not even the simplest man can have the slightest doubt about what they are saying" (Albert Camus).

-=- End quoted text in extract

If my irony meter hadn't of been damaged by the previous nut rants about how China could some how benefit from Christianity, the meter would _surely_ be destroyed by this crack.

Christians can't even agree upon "what they are saying," and the insane cultists have fun slaughtering not only themselves but their intellectual superiors as they fight over what they're "supposed" to be saying.

Few Christians buy in to the creationist cult's bizarre notions, of course, so it's ironic that the ICR cult would presume to quote anything that even mentions what Christians are saying.

Let's see what this nut's rant is, shall we?

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

The world of unbelievers expects that those who call themselves Christians...

-=- End quoted text in extract

Ah, we start with the logical fallacy known as "poisioning the well" again. When the history of Christianity is examined and found to be as tyranical and bloody as everyone damn well knows it is, the usual refrain is along the lines of "those weren't _TRUE_ Christians!" And in other propaganda pieces from this cult we've seen that refrain; the claim that "true Christianity" has to include creationist stupidity.

If history teaches us any lessons, one of the lessons that's taught is that the only "true Christian" is the Christian that is speaking at the time; all others down through all of history are some how religated to the realm of "false Christians" and thus their actions motivated by their mock Christianity can some how be ignored.

Then the ICR cult makes another mistake:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

....will believe that the Genesis account is literally and historically true.

-=- End quoted text in extract

And in fact no, that is not the case. People who don't harbor Christian deity constructs ("unbelievers") don't assume that all Christians are creationists. Indeed, "unbelievers" who know anything about Christianity recognize the fact that creationism is in the pathetic minority among the larger Christian cult. And Christians are quick to inform anyone who harbors the notion that Christianity is some how creationism the truth to immediately disabuse them of the notion.

The nut then goes on to "explain" some mythology, penciling in things the gods "forgot" to mention. We get to this amazingly stupid claim:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

Another good reason why unbelievers can understand the Genesis narrative is based on the goodness of God.

-=- End quoted text in extract

That illiterate claim comes as quite a surprise to "unbelievers," huh? See, the fact that you don't _believe_ in the deity constructs and equally unevidenced notions of creationists doesn't stop you from admiring the "goodness" of the deity constructs you don't believe in.

<heh> I've often received email from cultists informing me that by not believing in their pet deity constructs I am never-the-less believing in them some how. See, a lack of belief in the gods, they try to pretend, some how means that "unbelievers" are _denying_ the existance of their pet gods. The _lack_ of belief in the gods and goddesses says nothing about claiming they don't exist.

One can't deny the existance of something that doesn't exist.

Some cultists seem to feel the overwhelming need to give their intellectual superiors deity constructs because, it seems, they feel pity that their intellectual superiors have none.

Let's skip forward past much of the nut rant... Jesus, this is as illiterate, meandering, and disjointed as its beginning. Hang on a moment while I search for something of value... Oh, this is good:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

We can observe this attitude from other non-believers. Marcus Dods, an evolutionist and Hebrew scholar, stated: "If, for example, the word 'day' in these chapters does not mean a period of twenty-four hours, the interpretation of scripture is hopeless..."

If sense cannot be made of the creation account, which is the basis of all the rest, then believing the rest of Scripture becomes unrealistic at best.

-=- End quoted text in extract

Good frocking grief. You can't be a Christian if you don't believe in creationism. You can't believe in the gods depicted in the Christian mythologies if you're not a creationist. Ergo the world is just bursting with false Christians since few buy in to the creationist cult's bizarre notions. Good grief. The belief in the Christian gods held by most Christians some how magically disappears in a puff of idiotic stupidity.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. <heh> I'm almost afraid to continue except for the promise of the entertainment these propaganda pieces hold.

Ah, this is good, too:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

Dr. McIver is perceptive enough, as are many unbelievers, to see inconsistencies in Christian thinking. Therefore when we say we believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, we must show it by our words and works.

-=- End quoted text in extract

And in so doing remove any doubt, yes. <smirk> It gets better or worse depending upon your viewpoint:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

Otherwise the world will treat Christianity as just another belief system in the smorgasbord of religions, and not as the only true one.

-=- End quoted text in extract

Well, uttering such stupid notions as creationism in the 21'st Century is bound to keep the educated from acquiring the notion that Christianity is "true."

Honest Christians are capable of accepting the scientific progress of previous centuries and working those advances into their belief systems. Such theists are accepted among their peers to a variety of degrees depending. Along comes the creationists cultists who refuse to accept scientific progress -- and worse, tries to demand that scientific facts some how support their occultism -- and honest Christians everywhere are given a black eye and wrongly get painted by the same brush used to color their poor unfortunate creationist cousins.

The irony is that this creationist cult doubtlessly thinks that they're some how advancing the goals and agenda of Christianity and are helping to spread Christianity around the world. In fact they do exactly the opposite: people who don't know better might very well assume that this creationist crap is some how a dominant ideology among Christianity and the odd Christian one meets on the road of life also holds such obviously false nonsense as truth.

I think we've heard enough from this unsalted nut.

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