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Creationist Cults

The notoriously bizarre Institute for Creation Research (sic) cult routinely publishes equally bizarre religious notions which they wish to pretend are some how scientific. This text file takes some of the cult's own bizarre publications and takes a look at them in extract to show just how nutty (verging on the insane) these "Modern Day Flat Earth Society" nuts actually are.

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One of the endless major problems that creationists must face on a daily basis is the overwhelming evidence that the Earth is in fact exactly what it appears to be; that the Earth is around 15 billion years old, that no gods or goddesses are in evidence, that science doesn't care whether you believe in facts or whether you disbelieve.

Creationists live on a daily basis under a cloud of perpetual denial of what their own senses and what their own reason tells them. One of the artifacts that arises in the brain of nuts in general -- not just creationists -- is a dysharmonic trainwreck known as "cognitive disonance." It results from trying to avoid truths that can't be ignored, and trying to believe multiply-inconsistant things.

Cognitive disonance is routinely exhibited in e-mail that The Skeptic Tank receives and I have found that to address the issues brought up by the nut makes the mental dysfunction that's being exhibited much, much worse.

Any introduction of a new truth that can't be rationally denied gets incorporated into the brain of the nut which treats the truth as a foreign body which must be ejected. Rather like the body's ejection system causing the mucus to run, nuts exhibit an almost snot-like ejection of reason, thought, and intelligence the more one attempts to reason with them.

Creationists are bad; so-called "young Earth creationists" are even worse, if one can imagine such a thing. Everything they observe directly contradicts their religion-motivated notions and even something as simple as the gradual accumulation of snow to form compacted ice becomes a conspiracy that must be explained-away at all cost.

Let's take a look:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

Recent reports of ice-core drilling in Greenland have raised anew the question for young-earth creationists -- How could so much ice accumulate in polar regions in only a few thousand years?

-=- End quoted text in extract

The non-existant problem only occurs when one denies the fact that the Earth is some 5 billion years old and that the universe as a whole is about 15 billion years old. People who are still allowed to think have no problem explaining how snow accumulates over long period of time into ice. Throw a money wrench into te brain by claiming the Earth is less than 10,000 years old and the brain is faced with a conflict.

To employ a pun, a meltdown is common.

The problem creationists face is that there's too much ice on the poles and, in this propaganda piece, Greenland becomes a problem that must be explained some how without admitting to what their own senses are telling them.

How does the ICR cult explain ice cores that prove the Earth is at least a quarter of a million years old? Let's go see!

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

In a previous Impact article... I suggested that thick ice sheets could be explained if high precipitation rates occurred immediately following the Flood.

-=- End quoted text in extract

Oh, oh. We missed something. What's this "flood" this guy is talking about? There doesn't seem to be any geological record of any such "flood" ever occuring which would some how cause a rain heavy enough and long enough to form two miles of ice in various places on Earth in 10,000 years. Hell, the latent heat being released by such a rain would incinerate every living thing on Earth.

Some how the Chinese and the Egyptions managed to survive this amazing "flood" thing -- and they didn't even notice it, apparently, since nobody but the Summerians ever told the myth as produced in the contemporary Christanic mythologies.

Are you unhappy with a "world wide global flood" "explanation" for why these pesky ice cores are calling these creationists liars? Never fear! "Creation science" to the rescue!

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

Since my earlier article, two major advances in creationist research have led to greater confidence in the young earth model of ice-sheet formation.

-=- End quoted text in extract

"Creationist research." Translation: He came up with another wopper followers are expected to swallow.

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

First, the suggestion by Oard... that the oceans may have been warmer at the end of the Flood...

-=- End quoted text in extract

What flood? The guy starts out trying to explain why there's too much ice which negates utterly the bizarre notion that the age of the Earth is some 10,000 years, then he tosses in some unevidenced "flood."

The nut then goes on to describe the truth, at least showing that he or she is aware that it's out there. Then the nut rejects the truth outright without a backwards glance:

-- Begin quoted text in extract -=-

The young-earth, creationist view suggested by Figure I is that the oceans were warmer at the end of the Flood and cooled over the past 4,500 years to the temperature we observe today. Only one "Ice Age" has occurred and was, in fact, caused by the residual heat in the oceans left over from the Flood...

-=- End quoted text in extract

It's bizarre that the ICR cult knows what the facts of the matter are and yet rejects them outright because they're locked into the bizarre notion that the Earth is some 10,000 years old or less.

One can't excuse such beliefs by claiming they didn't don't know and don't have access to the scientific facts of the matter. The admission that the cult is aware of the scientific models for the Earth's geologic history doen through billions of years means their blatant denial of the truth is inexcusable.

Glossed over is the fact that the geological redcord shows a series of ice ages down through millions of years. Science shows that the Earth is currently somewhere near the beginning of an inter-glacial warming period. After some 100,000 years or so the Earth's trend will start to express a cooling which will once again result in another Ice Age.

Denial is stupid.

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"You can lie about ICR all you want." -- Jason Daniel Henderson

"Thank you for your permission however there's never any need to.
Creationist propaganda is already self-debunking." -- Fredric L. Rice


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