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Darwin's Three Mistakes

Last year ( The SOR Bulletin , 2:2 June 1986) we reported on an article by Kenneth Hsu , "Darwin's three mistakes," Geology 14: 532- 534, June 1986. In that article, Hsu (Geological Institute, ETH, Zurich) argued that Darwin badly misread the record of the history of life. Hsu's blunt views have not gone unchallenged. A series of comments and responses have appeared in Geology : Vol. 15: 175-178, February 1987, and vol. 15: 375-377, April 1987. In each of these exchanges, Hsu defends his position with vigor, and even concludes on exchange with the following:

Facing the bias and obstinacy of Darwinists, I feel almost tempted to join my colleague, Paul Feyerabend...who proposed to lead "three cheers to the fundamentalists in California who succeeded in having a dogmatic formulation of the theory of evolution removed from the text books and an account of Genesis included." (p. 178)

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