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Creationist Cults

28 Sep 2002 (L. Raymond) wrote:

Did it ever occur to the people in support of evolution that maybe their teaching is the reason so many of our young people are in trouble?

Luree <> replied:

I'm afraid that you don't understand pure evolution. The entire universe did not evolve from a non-living piece of matter. Matter and energy are constants. It is something that can be directly proved through scientific observation. Evolution is accepted by pure scientists because it can be observed as happening right now. This is much easier to accept than wondering who created God from nothing.

I highly recommend that all educators read "Evolution and the Myth of Creationism" by Tim M. Berra. This book explains, in layman's terms, how evolution is used for the basis of virtually all biological science. It also verifies how evolution is on-going visible all around us.

It's time to stop dumbing-down our education system with mythology and wishful thinking. Kids deserve to get provable facts! Religion, based on superstitious beliefs, only promotes ignorance and intolerance of others.

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