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Creationist Cults

From Skeptic Magazine, Volume 6, number 2, 1998:

On April 8, 1998, the National Academy of Science (NAS) released a statement about its new guidebook intended for teachers, parents, school administrators, and policy makers, that evolution is " the most important concept to modern biology" and that "there is no debate within the scientific community over whether evolution has occured, and there is no evidence that evolution has not occured."

More than seven decades after the Scopes "Monkey" Trial, the panel of scientists explained, "Many students receive little or no exposure to the most important concept in modern biology." For example, the Arizona Board of Education deleted the word "evolution" from its 1996 science standards although they do say that students must learn "how organisms change over time in terms of biological adaptation and genetics." Additionally, the North Carolina House passed a bill in 1997 requiring that evolution be presented "as theory, not fact." And a Christian book publisher in Richardson, Texas, Jon Buell, claims had has been innundated by orders for the Creationist biology textbook (sic) entitled "Of Pandas and People."

The "new Creationism"e; is called "intelligent design" and is promote by the University of California law professor Phillip Johnson and Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe. By contrast, the NAS scientists explained that "religion and science answer different questions about the world;" that " there are thousands of different ideas about creation among the world's people;" and that "humans did not evolve from modrn apes, but humans and modern apes shared a common ancestor, a species that no longer exists."

They also clarified the difference between a theory -- an explanation that has been well substanciated -- and a guess or a hunch. "Just this year a parent asked me if I was teaching evolution as a theory or as a fact," said Elizabeth Carvellas, a biology teacher in Essex Junction, VT. "I explained that I taught it as a theory. That seemed to settle that problem"

That was an interesting summation in Skeptic Magazine. What springs instantly to mind is what such stupidity means to the education of the populace which finds that it must increasingly compete in a global market economy. With teachers subscribing to the idiot notions that evolution some how doesn't happen or is "only a theory," and with politicians mandating occult-motivated disclaimers about biology, how do we expect our students to acquire the educations they need to successfully compete in the global market place against students of other countries that don't suffer from creationist cultists adversely impacting their educations?

These insane creationist cults are just one of the many like-minded cults that operate within the United States. There are still Christian cults out there very much like creationist cults which deny the fact that the Earth is an oblate sphere because they believe their written mythologies demand the Earth is flat. Do we allow our elected politicians to give those insane nuts homage as they do these creationist nuts?

Imagine a creation cult follower trying to get a job as a paleontologist working for the oil industry in exploration. Imagine a creationist cult follower trying to get a job with the U. S. Geological Survey. Imagine a creationist cult follower trying to explain to the High School Principal that humans did indeed live at the same time that the dinosaurs did. With such stupid occultism being pushed on to an otherwise ignorant populace, how can Americans hope to compete in a world economy?

Presumably it's not quite so very bad: America needs its willfully uneducated to dig our ditches, flip our hamburgers, and deliberately allow a percentage of the populace to keep itself ignorant and stupid so that the rest of us don't have to work so hard. With creationist cults out there teaching their children utter occultism and actively working to turn their children's brains to pudding, they're at least not in competition with my own sons for jobs in the work place since my sons will accept and apply science while these ignorant morons will cower in occult, superstitious stupidity.

The children of creationists need only learn to repeat one phrase:

'You want fries with that?

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