Creationists never get any brighter, do they?


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7 Jul 02
Creationist letter

Creationists never get any brighter, do they?

From Richmond, VA
Letters to the editor:

Editor, Times-Dispatch: God already has proved His existence. The trees and the earth, the skies and the seas, and all that is therein cry out with proof of His creation story. It's only the self-indulgent and puffed-up individuals (such as editorial writers and college professors) who deny such an obvious fact.

The idiocy of teaching something as ludicrous as Darwinism as fact borders on absolute absurdity. Darwinism can't even come close to explaining the irreducible complexity of a single-cell organism, much less the insurmountable complexity of the multi-cell varieties.

Evolution is called science, but is it truly? Is it objective observation based on no preconceived idea as to the expected outcome? The fact that supposedly intelligent people subscribe to the theory of evolution as an explanation for the origin of the universe goes a long way toward explaining why man never will be at rest with himself. We think we are intelligent enough to answer all the questions in the universe, when all we really do is make more profound fools of ourselves.

On second thought, maybe evolution is true. Maybe certain "scientists," "journalists," and "professors," who hold such an absurd theory really did evolve from a pile of prehistoric primordial ooze and slop (even if they can't explain where the ooze and slop came from), while those who are intelligent enough to recognize and acknowledge the very, very obvious existence of a Creator God were endowed by their Creator with an intelligence that transcends the mindset of those still evolving from the ooze. Maybe God evolved some, and created others. That might explain a lot. Hmmmm!

Rodney M. Horst.

Note from Ross: Sounds like Jeff, doesn't it?
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