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July 19, 1988
7:30 P.M.
Northland Public Library


Dr. Duane Gish
Dr. Russell Doolitle


Liberty University



The CSF has obtained for this months meeting the famous video tape of the Gish/Doolittle Debate. This is a tape we will show of the nationally televised creation/evolution debate held at Liberty Baptist College (now Liberty University). It was between Dr. Duane Gish from the Institution for Creation Research (ICR) in San Diego, California and Dr. Russell Doolittle. Prof. Doolittle is a famous evolutionist who agreed a couple of years ago to a face to face confrontation with Dr. Gish over the issue of creation/ evolution.

I shouldn't tell you the end, but anyway "we" won. Most have said that Dr. Doolittle simply blew his chance to present an effective case for scientific evolution. Sorry for that Oxymoron, since I don't consider evolution to be scientific at all.

I hope you can make it to this debate presentation. Bring a friend who is interested.


I. Update on the CSF fellowship dinner. As of right now, due to the higher than expected cost of this affair, we will be asking the membership at the meeting whether or not they want this dinner and how much they are willing to spend. I will let you know next month the outcome.


II. At the June meeting Hugh Miller was here from Columbus, Ohio. He provided me with new information about the work at the Paluxy River in Texas. Where they are trying to see if Man and Dinosaurs walked the Earth at the same time. Many of you are aware of the controversy surrounding the evidence so far. Especially after it appeared that some "good" man tracks have weathered to appear to be most assuredly from a large dinosaur.

Also, there's no "controversy." Scientists speaking within their own venue don't debate the fact that evolution happens. What they debate is how evolution happens. Religious occultism such as Creationist crap doesn't factor into controversy since science doesn't concern itself with the untestable. Creationist cults like to pretend that there's some big "controversy among scientists and creationists" wherein creationist cult followers argue that the observed facts of evolution doesn't happen some how. In fact that's another creationist lie; no scientist in the venue would pretend to presume that evolution doesn't happen. - flr

What he had was photos showing the machine they are using, called a rough terrain fork-lift. By attaching a bucket in place of the fork they were able to move over 200 square feet of rock in seven hours. The very eroded human-like footprints they were following proved to be discontinuous for the eight feet they dug in the rock. They did follow one monstrous duck-billed dinosaur footprint from one known print on one side of the river to the other side by digging in the bank, so the concept and the equipment works well.


III. You should subscribe to the Bible-Science Newsletter. (BSA, 2911 East 42nd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406; and ask for the three free issues offer. In the Contrast section of the July- August, 1988 issue, there was a review of the evolution book, Origin and Evolution of the Universe, Evidence for Design? This book is a compiled anthology of seventeen top scientists who were trying to answer the arguments from design of William Paley's 1802 book Natural Theology. The weakness of their arguments is evident in that they didn't even mention William Paley. After explaining how the universe came into being by the Big Bang, W.G. Unruh F.R.S.C., explains in his last paragraph,

"Why did the universe come into being? Why did some tiny amount of space come into existence with such an inconceivable density of matter? Neither I nor anyone else can answer these questions. The theory breaks down here. All we can say is that the universe must have come into existence, since we are here."

How's that for clear and concise thinking in science. Speaking of this big bang model, Prof. Unruh admits:

"Although this model became standard, it also left a number of unsolved problems. In spite of much effort, over a twenty-year period, these problems seem to have no possible solution."

Interestingly enough, Prof. Doolittle also has a section written in this book. In it he says,

"We do not really understand how the interactions of mul- tiple genes are combined so as to produce, through de- velopment, whole animals and plants."

This gives you a small feeling of some of the good articles about creation/evolution that are published every month. In the next few months I hope to bring you some of these highlights and good information that will help you better understand the issues and begin to form an opinion about creation and evolution on your own.

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