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June 21, 1988
7:30 P.M.
Northland Public Library


Mr. Robert E. Walsh


Creation Science Fellowship


Radiometric Dating

Our monthly meeting will feature Mr. Robert Walsh, Chairman of CSF, on the subject of Non-Equilibrium Radiometric Dating. In dealing with the "age issue", if the earth is truly old, say greater than 100,000 years, then the amount of Carbon 14 production in the atmosphere should be the same as the loss of Carbon 14.

Every day some of this stuff is made and some is lost. Our bodies incorporate some of the radiometric Carbon atoms each day into our bodies.

Once we die, no more of the active radiocarbon is taken in, and some of it decays every day. Then a scientist can measure the amount remaining and tell how long ago the organism died.

This is only true if the abundance of the Carbon 14 in the atmosphere has remained constant. Any change in this amount is like speeding up a clock. This C-14 process takes place in the atmosphere of the earth and is therefore measurable.

Mr. Walsh will examine in understandable terms how this Carbon 14 process works and how very important it is to the creation model. If the clock for Carbon 14 dating in the atmosphere isn't constant, then we shouldn't let evolutionists use it to say the earth is extremely old rather than the young ages that a normal reading of scripture demonstrates.


I. Mr. Dennis Blackburn was elected to the board and chosen to fill a three year term and Mr. Henry A. Jackson to the two year term in the elections last month. I encourage any of you to run for the board next year if you are interested in the local CSF and the national issue of creation/evolution.

II. This fall the we are planning a Creation Science Fellowship dinner. We are planning for September, the week before the monthly meeting. This dinner will enable us to get to know one another better, then the "Fellowship" in our CSF name will become more meaningful. A special program for the evening will be announced later. This evening will be open only to current members of the CSF, so renew now to be in on this event.

III. As a sidelight you may be interested to know that at the election meeting last month, of the 33 people who attended, only three weren't members (or subscribers) to the CSF. That shows that we have done well in building our base of active and interested people. All involved with the CSF thank you for your support and ask that you continue to strengthen us in the future both as members and with whatever financial support seems appropriate.

IV. The CSF/ICC computer is up and operational. Just use your computer modem communications program to connect. The phone number is 243-0675. (8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit) You will know what that all means when you get set up. Basically that is the electronic communications protocol that the two computers need to know to talk to each other. We will be including articles and other items of interest about creation/evolution.

V. Dr. Stephen E. Rodabaugh spoke to a large group at the May meeting. He described the mathematical models behind radiometric dating. In this way he showed the problems with any attempt to date events in the unobservable past. Dr. Rodabaugh also discussed the extrapolation error term. And he summarized a paper of Robert L. Whitelaw on the implications of Carbon 14 dating for the creation-flood model of origins.

VI. The CSF can present lectures on creation-evolution to your group. Contact Bob Walsh (364-9324) to work out the details. If you want to be involved in the planning for these talks or work up of the materials, let him know also.

VII. Don't Forget: You want to be sure to watch the only television show dealing with the subject of Creation and Evolution that is available anywhere in the country. It is always very interesting and informative. And R. Russell Bixler, CTV President, keeps the technical level of the show in the understandable range for the non-professional.

ORIGINS on WPCB-TV Channel 40 Days and times: Fridays at 10:30 AM Saturdays at 6:30 PM Wednesdays at 10:30 PM

VIII. Robert Walsh spoke to the North Side Christian Missionary Alliance on May 20. His talk went exceptionally well. He spoke on the earth's vapor canopy. There were four interested individuals whom we added to our CSF list and you could see in the future.

IX. The CSF and the ICC have begun work on the 1990 International Conference on Creation. We will be needing and requesting the help of many of you. Already we have new people on the ICC committee helping to plan for this conference. Recently we received approval from Duquesne University to have the conference there. The dates and details will be provided in the next months. Be thinking now about your time both in this very important week in the summer of '90 and your commitment to us before then as we plan and work to bring it about.

Henry A. Jackson III
362 Ashland Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15228-2213
(412) 341-4908


Origins Talk RBBS * (314) 821-1078

Missouri Association for Creation, Inc.
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Also call: Students for Origins Research CREVO BBS
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