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May 17, 1988
7:30 P.M.
Northland Public Library


Dr. Stephen E. Rodabaugh


Youngstown State University


Three Questions in
Radiometric Dating

This month you get to hear an interesting discussion of various radiometric dating methods. Dr. Stephen E. Rodabaugh has spoken to us before and always presents a subject in a provocative and atypical way.

Dr. Rodabaugh's talk will be in three parts. In the first part he will describe the mathematical models behind radiometric dating and in this way introduce the problems besetting any at tempt to date events in the unobservable past.

In the second part of the talk Dr. Rodabaugh will discuss ex- trapolation error terms, a relatively unknown question which must be satisfactorily answered for a given dating scheme to be meaning- ful.

And in the third part he will summarize a paper of Robert L. Whitelaw on the implications of C-14 dating for the creation-flood model of origins. Whitelaw's paper,1 despite its "old age," is not commonly known and raises many questions. The thesis of this paper proposes that man arose abruptly in the Near East, expanded greatly to fill the world, underwent a catastrophe 4,500 - 5,000 years ago, and then repopulated beginning in the Near East. If the facts support this idea, and Dr. Whitelaw contends that it does, then the whole context of the argument about the age of the earth as derived from radiometric dating must be reevaluated.


I. David Nelson's talk in April about the Nature of Nature was excellent. Thirty-five of us jammed packed into one of the smaller rooms at the library to hear Mr. Nelson. He clearly expressed to all of us the work remaining: that we must represent the facts of life hear on earth in a coherent manner for the secular world to understand without imputing to God an evil nature just because there is now evil in his creation.

II. ELECTIONS Elections for the CSF Executive Committee will take place at this meeting. The nominating committee has renominated Dennis Blackburn and Henry Jackson. CSF members will be able to place nominations from the floor. Your membership must be up to date to vote. You can check on your status on the top line of your mailing label. The date is the month and year when you are no longer a member. If it shows you overdue or due now, you should renew or join. Just send a check for $12 and indicate whether you want to be a member or only a subscriber. A member must agree with our statement of principles. For this meeting you should bring your annual dues with you.

III. Please remember that those of you who expressed an interest in a one-time talk or in a series of lectures on creation/evolution to be presented to their churches can contact Bob Walsh (364-9324) to work out the details.

IV. We want you to know about this series on creation. It is very good. So remember to watch ORIGINS on Channel 40 WPCB-TV; on Fridays at 10:30 AM; on Saturdays at 6:30 PM; and on Wednesdays at 10:30 PM. This show is the finest on the subject country wide!

V. Robert Walsh (CSF Chairman) will be speaking at the North Side Christian Missionary Alliance (CMA) on Friday evening May 20, 1988, on the creation model.

VI. On Thursday morning, April 28, Henry Jackson (the CSF Secre- tary) spoke to an Advanced Biology class at Keystone Oaks High School. Three different classes got together for two periods to debate the issue of creation and evolution. Mr. Jackson and Francis Arduini each had twenty minutes to present their cases and then rebut the other, followed by questions from the students. The students raised many good questions showing they were considering the subject seriously. If the CSF can just raise questions in enough minds, both young and old, then we are making progress.

VII. Mr. Glenn R. Morton, a geologist and one of the speakers at the ICC '86 conference was in town recently and met with many of the members of our group for a luncheon. He believes the earth is neither old nor young. A mid-earther? He spoke to many of us about his thesis that many of the earth's features we see today are caused by an expanding earth, including continental drift. The general consensus is that his model is actually age independent, it doesn't require either an old or young earth.

VIII. Robert Walsh was out to visit the ICR headquarters in San Diego this past month. And Jane L. Gormley, a very active CSF member, went on the ICR raft trip with Dr. Stephen E. Austin down the Grand Canyon's Colorado River to both view and study the geology of this most famous canyon.

1 "Radiocarbon Confirms Biblical Creation," Robert L. Whitelaw, Creation Research Society Quarterly, Vol. 5, October, 1968.

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