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Creationist Cults


Advanced Children's Programs / CFC

Age of the Earth: Dating Methods. 40 min.; Geological Formations: Young or Old? 28 min.

American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science Symposium, June 1982
Confrontation--Biology. Pt. 1, Duane Gish, 55 min.
Confrontation--Physics. Pt. 2, Robert Gentry, 50 min.

Dr. Steve Austin

Mt. St. Helens: Evidence for Catastrophe. 1989, 62 min.
Mt. St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe. 1993 revised ed., 58 min.

Back To Genesis / I.C.R.

Long War Against God. Henry Morris, 56 min.

Dinosaur Mystery Solved. John Morris, 53 min.

Genesis 1-11: The Most-Asked Questions On Genesis Answered. Ken Ham, 60 min.

Creation Evangelism. Ham, 60 min.

What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs. Ham, 40 min.

Ape-Men: Monkey Business Falsely Called Science. Michael Girouard, 48 min.

Is Life Just Chemistry? Girouard, 48 min.

Fascinating Design: Evidence for Creation. Girouard, 50 min.

Why Death and Suffering--and Six Other Questions Christians Must Answer. Girouard, 56 min.

Ayers Rock and Other Exciting Evidences for the Flood in Australia. Andrew Snelling, 108 min.

Genesis and the Decay of Nation: The Relevance of Creation. Ham, 46 min.

Dr. Thomas Barnes

Age of the Earth.

Carl Baugh

Enemies Survived Together...For a While. 120 min.

Dr. Richard Bliss

Origin: Two Models--Evolution or Creation. 40 min.
What Is True Science? 36 min.
Menace of Humanism. 40 min.
Origins: Two Models--Evolution or Creation. 40 min.

Dr. Walter T. Brown, Jr.

God's Power & Scripture's Authority. 49 min. In the Beginning seminar.

Children's Programs

Animal Architects: The Beavers. 28 min.; Dinosaur Puzzle. 10 min.; I'm
Somebody Special! 15 min.; What's In An Egg? 15 min. Winged Royalty:
Monarch Butterfly. 20 min.

Crossroads Creation, Crossroad Video Series
4 prgms per tape, 25 min. each

Origin of Man: Dinosaurs and Man; Those Missing Links; Fossil Man; The Population of Man.

Scientific Evidences: Beginnings of Life; Origin of Species; Canyons and Columns; Is There Extra-Terrestrial Life?

Social Darwinism: Nature or Nurture?; Darwin's Legacy; Darwin Without Excuse; Humanism and Evolution.

Geoscience Research Institute

Evidences: The Record and the Flood. 45 min. Filmed at the Grand Canyon, the Alps, New Zealand, and even the bottom of the ocean.See geological features that are best explained by a global flood.

Dr. Duane Gish

Challenge of Creation Science. Pt. 1, 60 min.
Challenge of Creation Science. Pt. 2, 60 min.
Origin of Man. 45 min.
Facts of Life: Creation and Evolution in Biology. 45 min.
Debate: Gish--Awbrey. 2 hrs.
Debate: Gish--Doolittle. 60 min.
Debate:Gish--Phil Donahue. 60 min.
Special Evidence for the Theory of Special Creation. Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO. Origin of Man. Basic Creation series, 50 min.
Evolution: Challenge of the Fossil Record. 50 min.

Ken Ham

Relevance of Creation. 60 min.
Creation and the Last Days. 52 min.
D Is for Dinosaur: An Animated Rhyme Book. 15 min.

Jeremiah Films

Evolution: Hoax of the Century. 48 min.
Evolution Conspiracy. 48 min.

Professor Phillip E. Johnson

Darwinism On Trial. 111 min.
How I Got Into the Critique. 60 min.
What Is Evolution and Why Does It Matter? 77 min.

John Mackay

Case Against Evolution-Case For Creation. With Ken Ham, 60 min.
History of Man. 60 min.
Debate: Time & Chance or Plan & Purpose. 120 min.
World of Living Fossils. 60 min.
Evidence for Noah's Flood: An Evening at Oxford. 2 hrs.
Chaos or Creation: Summer School Video. Is There Life In Outer Space by
Mackay; Evolution or Chaos by Dr. French; The Wonderful Body God Made
by Dr. Eager. 120 min.
Introducing Creation Research. Pt. 1, 50 min.
Introducing Creation Research. Pt. 2, 50 min. Origin of Races. Pt. 1, 45 min.

Dr. David N. Menton

Confluence. KMOV-TV, with Dr. Michael Girouard.
Evolutionary Fundamentalism: the New McCarthyism.
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Bones, A Study in Design.
Formed to Fly: The Origin of Birds.
Inherently Wind: A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial. 2 hrs.
Inherit the Wind: A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial.
Is Theistic Evolution an Option for the Biblical Christian?
Teacher's Workshop Seminar. 4-29-89

Moody Science Adventures
3 prgms per tape, 10 min each

Power In Plants; Busy As a Bee; It's A Small World.
Clown-Faced Carpenter; Journey to the Stars; Water, Water Everywhere.
Treasure Hunt; Animals Move; Eight-Legged Engineer.
Wonder of You; A Mystery Story; A Matter of Taste.

Dr. Henry Morris

Genesis Record. 50 min.
Evolution In Turmoil. 30 min.

Dr. John D. Morris

Search for Noah's Ark. 59 min.
Deluge: The Genesis Flood. 32 min.
A Geologist Looks at Noah's Flood. 48 min.
Age of the Earth: A Geological Perspective. 44 min.
Natural Selection vs Supernatural Design. 43 min.

Dr. Gary Parker

Strange Case of the Woodpecker. 40 min.

Quadrus Ministries

Creation-Evolution: Weighing the Evidence. 40 min.

Luther D. Sunderland

Darwin's Enigma. Evolution: What Do the Fossils Say?

Teenager to Adult / CFC

Design In Nature. 25 min.; Dinosaur Hunt. 32 min.; In the Beginning. 25 min.; It's A Horse of Course. 27 min.

Junior High to Teenager / CFC

Miracle of It All. Pt. 1 & 2, 22 & 24 min.; Mystery of Early Man. 22 min.; Rocks Reveal Noah's Flood. 28 min.; Whose World? 23 min.

Understanding Genesis / I.C.R.

Creation: Facts and Biases. Ken Ham, 50 min.
Why Does Genesis Matter? Ham, 45 min.
Evidence for Creation. Gary Parker, 50 min.
What's Wrong With Evolution? Parker, 55 min.
Fossils: What Do They Mean? Parker, 50 min.
True History of the World: Pt. 1. Ham, 50 min.
True History of the World: Pt. 2. Ham, 55 min.
Ape-man: Fact or Fiction? Parker, 55 min.
From Evolution to Creation. Parker, 45 min.
Creation Evangelism for a Pagan World. Ham, 50 min.

Dr. John C. Whitcomb

Dinosaurs and Man. Biblical Creation series, Pt. 1 & 2, 32 min. & 29 min.

Dr. A. E. Wilder-Smith

Origin of Life: Necessity of Extrinsic Information. 33 min.
Interview with A. Wilder-Smith on Dutch Television. 25 min.

Peter Wilders

Evolution: Fact or Belief? 60 min.

Dr. Clifford Wilson

Bible and Archaeology.

Dr. Kurt Wise
Fossil Record: The Ultimate Test Case for Young Earth Creationism.

Because of licensing agreements the following
may only be show in your home:

Origins: How the World Came To Be
Dr. A. E. Wilder-Smith, 30 min. each

Origin of the Universe
Did the universe originate in a Big Bang? Is the universe too complex and well-designed to have originated by time and chance? What about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics?

Earth, A Young Planet?
Is the earth really billions of years old? Although the general public does not realize it, there are actually many reliable scientific dating techniques which indicate the Earth is relatively young. Discusses radioactive dating techniques.

Origin of Life
Could life have come into being by chance? What do experiments attempting to produce life in a test tube prove? The incredible complexity of all living things. Mathematical impossibility of evolution. DNA and other molecules.

Origin of Species
Can time and chance create new species? Did all life gradually evolve from a single original cell? Do mutations produce evolution? Evidence of creation. Partially filmed in Darwin's home.

Origin of Mankind
Did man evolve from ape-like ancestors? Examines evidence presented by evolutionists for each of the most important supposed missing links in history of man. Reveals evidence that totally human man has existed from the beginning.

Fossil Record
Does the Earth's geologic strata and fossils prove evolution? Or does it provide clear evidence of Creation and a worldwide flood catastrophe? Also: the geological column, missing links, and the origin of coal. Partially filmed in the Grand Canyon.

Case for Creation / Dr. D. James Kennedy, 45 min.
Genesis Solution / Ken Ham, 45 min.
Great Dinosaur Mystery, 20 min.
World That Perished, 35 min.


The Missouri Association for Creation's Life Origins Library is the result of over 20 years of collecting literature and resources on the origins controversy. The Library consists of hundreds of books, video and audio tapes, slides, filmstrips, journals, and other material on science and the origins controversy. Much of the literature in our collection is rarely found in public schools and libraries. We gladly make these resources available to students, teachers, parents, pastors and others interested in discovering the abundance evidence for creation and against evolution.

Also, there's no "controversy." Scientists speaking within their own venue don't debate the fact that evolution happens. What they debate is how evolution happens. Religious occultism such as Creationist crap doesn't factor into controversy since science doesn't concern itself with the untestable. Creationist cults like to pretend that there's some big "controversy among scientists and creationists" wherein creationist cult followers argue that the observed facts of evolution doesn't happen some how. In fact that's another creationist lie; no scientist in the venue would pretend to presume that evolution doesn't happen. - flr

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