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Rev Henry Morris' Falsehood Explained:
Galactic Universe

Rev Gish believes that the "Galactic Universe" (a phrase that has no meaning) is "constant." This is directly contradicted by direct observation. Why would Rev Gish make a claim that is fundamentally false? And why would he pretend to speak authoritatively upon a subject he does not know anything about? Perhaps it was the oath he took to always lie when the evidence contradicts the Babylonian / Assyrian / Sumerian mythology found in Genesis. Pretty pathetic, ain't it?

The universe is observed to be changing. It is expanding much like a balloon expands. This expansion is at a very great speed for the far distant galaxies. This is due to the Big Bang--- the event that marks the start of the universe (and indeed, it is still "banging"). Rev Gish doesn't like this fact because the Babylonian gods in Genesis said that the creation of the universe has already been completed and found to be "good."

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