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Creationist Cults

I went, I saw, I got sick.

By Jitender, 10-12-98

DR> In a few days my "ICR Cult's 'Back to Genesis' Scam" WWW
DR> page will be up at and
DR> it will include some RealAudio files. I thought I would
DR> just convert the first and last "lecture."

I went, I saw, I got sick.

How any human being having the least amount of self respect can stoop so low as this Gish creature is beyond my understanding. It might have been different if he were merely acting out of ignorance. What I mean is the kind of ignorance that is not deliberate. When someone proves you that you are wrong and you go ahead and ignore it because the alternative doesn't fit in with your warped 'beliefs'. To deliberately misquote other people. To have absolutely no shame to lie openly in full public view. To contradict yourself and never explain.

Words fail me. All I am aware of is a deep feeling in my guts that someone ought to strike this person in the head using a large, economy-sized sledgehammer and feed the residue to dogs, vultures, hyenas and those sort of creatures.

The next thing that further infuriates me is that sick, immoral, inconsiderate, blot-on-humanity, fat-heads like him actually get support from other, educated, people whom most of human society declares as being sane and rational. If this is sanity, give me rank lunacy every time, any time.

What, I ask myself, goes on inside the heads of people who go on to lend support to a person who violates several - if not all - laws laid down in the very book they consider sacred? Is there no limit to how disgusting a hypocrite someone can become?

That he and Laurie should have been born to the human species is enough for me to wish for a red button that will annihilate the world. This world, where foul pieces of flesh called 'believers', like Gish, are forgiven all their faults and another man is taken to trial for having an uncontrollable urge to have sex with an intern. Perhaps there is more to the phrase, topsy-turvy, than I had originally understood.

Utterly disgusted. (That is to say, a tad more than normal, which is bad enough as it is).

Jitender Saan

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