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PAX TV: The Quest for Noah's Ark.

10888 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1500
Los Angeles, California

February 09, 1999 CE

On Sunday the 7th I watched, with utter astonishment, the bizarre show "The Quest for Noah’s Ark." This abomination against reason and sanity was presented as "scientific," even though it was filled with occult nonsense, physical impossibilities, gross inanities, hear-say anecdotes, and repetitions of debunked hoaxes. Is KPXN in the business of grievously insulting its viewers with such crap? It is a disservice to the community to air insane gibberish just because you are paid to do so.

What do you plan on airing next? The "Discovery of Santa’s Flying Sleigh?" A "Quest to find Zeus’s Chariot?"

The irrational, anti-scientific, anti-science occult indoctrination you aired was a gross disservice to people who may have watched the show and who are ignorant about how science works. Chiefly abused by your show will have been the children who watched it and who do not have the intellectual and educational experience to know they were not only being lied to, but being grossly insulted at the same time.

BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! At the very least you owe your viewers an apology and a promise that you will never air such a despicable show again. If you ever feel the urge to do so, please either bang your heads together until the feeling passes, or consult some scientists before hand.

Thank you for your time.

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