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Most of the mainstream denominations in Germany expressed support for Hitler and for his regime at some time or other.

The Catholic Bishops conference in 1933 "expressed joy that through the new state Christianity had been promoted, morality improved, and and the struggle against Bolshevism and godlessness condicted with energy and success"

In the same year, 1933 "The Catholic Students Union hails the National Socialist revolution as the greatest spiritual breakthrough of our time".

In 1934, responding to an enquiry from the Ministry for Church affairs, the Catholic Seamen's Mission listed the books and papers they provided to seamen. The list included Hitler's own anti- semitic Mein Kampf, and the newspaper Volkischer Beobachter.

In 1936, the Bishops of Hannover, Wurtemburg and Bavaria signed a statement that said in part "We, together with the Reich Church Committee, stand behind the Fuhrer in the life-struggle of the German people against Bolshevism. In this struggle, the Church mobilizes the forces of christian belief against unbelief."

In 1939, The Bishop of Hannover, Marahans, was one of the signers of a statement that explained the need for the foundation of an institute to "dejudaize" the Church. "The foundation of this institute is based on the conviction that Jewish influence in all areas of German life, including therefore that of the Church and religon, must be brought to light and eliminated."

At the outbreak of war, the Protestant bishops signed a statement which read in part "So at this hour too we join with our nation in intercession for the Fuhrer and the Reich...."

In November 1941, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Rottenburg wrote "The fact that so many believing soldiers are among the lists of the fallen justifies the conclusion that it is above all those soldiers with true Christian belief who have helped to win the great victories."

It is also true that many individual Christians and Priests resisted Hitler. However, the Churches themselves gave their followers a highly ambiguous and collaborationist message.

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