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By: Speaker to Fundies
To: Michael Hardy
Re: Hitler was a Christian - fin

As we see, not only was Hitler a True Christian -- just like Jim Jones, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, David Duke, et al. -- Hitler enjoyed the official sanction of the majority of the Christanic death cult at the time.


If you would admit that Christianity is a death cult specifically designed to allow tyrants to exploit the ignorant and the superstitious, Hitler and his like couldn't use the death cult as justification for their deeds. Instead you, as do all you death cultists, _must_like_ what your death cult stands for. You _must_like_ the rape, torture, and murder of little children; you _must_like_ the thought of six million innocent Jews being gased (tell me if I'm wrong.)

There is no _valid_ reason to stick with the death cult than if you agree with what it stands for and what it has done, Mike. No good reason whatsoever. One doesn't demand thay're not a racist bigot and then join the KKK to prove it, Mike.

Hitler was a True Christian by every standard of the term -- right up until the death cultists learned that he was going to loose his "good works" campaign. Then death cultists tried (and continue to try) to distance themselves from him -- just as they have done for all of the Christian horses they've backed which lost. 'Just as you're trying to do.

The better educated aren't going to allow people to forget that Hitler was one of _your_ well and trusted cult members. We're not going to let it be forgoten so that we -- all of us; death cultist and better educated together -- don't have to relive it.

* Origin: Mary _had_ a little lamb. (1:102/890.666)

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