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By: Fredric Rice
To: Michael Hardy
Re: HITLER was a Christian. Get over it.

FR> Why don't you have even the small amount of honesty
FR> to admit that Hitler was a Christian?

mh> Because, Freddie, HE WASN'T!

Your attempt to insult me by calling me "Freddie" merely serves to evidence your desperation at being unable to successfully argue against the undeniable fact, Mike. Hitler was a Christian who employed the tools of Christianity to advance his agenda -- exactly as Christianity has done for the past 2,000 years.

mh> If Hitler was such a good Christian, how come his 30-point program
mh> for the "National Reich Church" included points such as:

A religion which took only the convenient pieces of the Christanic death cult's operating ideologies and its mythologies. A religion which would have become just another variation of the Christanic religion. Just another brand name like Mormonism, Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Southern Baptism et al.

Argument in my favor, Mike. Evidence that world history is correct and your revisionism is a lie.

mh> 13. The National Church demands immediate cessation of
mh> the publishing and dissemination of the Bible in Germany.

That's very dishonest, as usual. _Which_ version of the Christanic mythologies did Hitler dictate not be published? More to the point, which versions did Hitler support and use personally? Even more to the point, which version did he revize and push into publication for his own brand of Christianity?

All Christanics have versions that they find embarrassing and inconvienient to their agenda and _ALL_ Christian brand names would love to exercise enough control over the populace to dictate the end of production of all versions of the mythologies that can't be easilly twisted to support their agenda. (Witness the so-called "infant" books about the so-called "Jesus" mythos. You don't see those in wide-spread distribution today.)

That's very Christian, Mike. Censorship and burning of embarrassing books is just another aspect of the Christian religion. Suppression of old versions of the Christanic myths in favor of new versions which are useful is typically Christian, Mike.

Argument in my favor.

mh> 18. The National Church will clear away from its altars
mh> all crucifixes, Bibles and pictures of saints.

Nearly like the Pentecostal brand of Christianity. All those idols and such just doesn't help keep the focus of worship directed toward the one deity -- and his chosen leader on Earth, Adolf Hitler.

Again, doing away with idols is typical of the minority of Christianity. Catholicism, being the majority, is just a brand which employs idols -- something Hitler didn't find conducive to his agenda.

Argument in my favor.

mh> 19. On the altars their must be nothing but "Mein Kampf."

"Kampf" was written by the Christian gods' chosen leader on Earth, Mike. The Priesthood will carefully explain all of the gods' will to the populace; there is no need for them to read their mythologies when the priesthood is far better enlightened and can explain it more accurately. (Something that Hitler found in Catholicism which was useful to his agenda.)

Which is exactly what Christianity did for many hundreds of years.

Again, you debunk yourself. Argument in my favor.

mh> 30. The Christian Cross must be removed from all churches,
mh> cathedrals and chapels, and it must be superseded by the swastika.

A symbol of death and destruction replacing a symbol of death and destruction. A confirmation of the political might of the power elite. A new ___CHRISTIAN___ symbol of piety towards which Christians must bow down to to show their fealty to the ___CHRISTIAN___ gods.

Argument in my favor.

mh> (Source: The Rise And Fall of the Third Reich, by William Shirer, p.
mh> 240 (hardcover). C. 1959, published by Simon and Schuster.)

Next time chose a source which supports your position rather than mine.

mh> On July 25 (1933) ... the German government promulgated a
mh> sterilization law, which particularly offended the Catholic Church.

Which was patterned after CHRISTIAN racism here in the United States. Doubt it? Call my bluff.

mh> In short, Fredric, the better-educated know that
mh> Hitler and the church were not friends.

A large segment Christianity don't like the Catholic brand of Christianity, Mike. You're being dishonest by trying to equate Hitler's Christianity with Catholicism.

Hitler was a Christian. If he didn't like the Catholic brand and if Catholic masters didn't like Hitler's brand of Christianity, that, too, is very typical of Christians today.

Catholics and Protestants also "are not friends." That doesn't make them any less Christians, Mike.

Again, you debunk yourself. Argument in my favor.

mh> Only proud fools who refuse to admit when they're
mh> wrong would say otherwise.

"...proud fools..." Interesting. Thus with two words to form a label you may discount all the evidence, all the hurtful truth, and cling to your wishful thinking, not having to weigh the overpowering evidence which debunks you because it's all presented by "proud fools."

That's something else decidedly Christianic.

FR> Is it so terrible for you to admit _to_yourself_ that
FR> Christianity doesn't keep bad people from inflicting
FR> tyranny upon the innocent?

mh> Not when it's true.

And since Hitler's Christianity is very embarrassing to you, you get to pretend that he wasn't a Christian.

mh> There have been instances, sadly, when it was true.

All of the world's bloody history, in fact. Christianity is nothing if not an evil tool used by evil men.

mh> Hitler is not one of them.

Provide some evidence to back up that outrageous assertion. I have produced his own words. You have produced his programs which are entirely Christian.

FR> All of history shows what Christianity is
FR> all about, Mike. Don't ignore it.

mh> Don't you misread it. Christianity is "all about" love and
mh> compassion, and the times when Christians haven't practiced
mh> those values are times when they have violated -- not
mh> fulfilled -- their calling.

Your denial of what Christianity is and what it allows men to justify is exactly what allows Christians like Hitler to succeed and multiply. If followers of the Christanic death cult would mature enough to the point where they recognize what their religion has historically been rather than what its contemporary followers wish it was then the world would be a far better place to live.

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