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Rev Henry Morris' Falsehood Explained:
Array of Organisms

Rev Gish claims to believe that all life on Earth reflect that they are all the result of some basic "kinds." Since the word "kind" is without meaning, Rev Gish's claim cannot be evaluated, and thus cannot be true or false. Once Rev Gish scientifically defines "kind," and only then, can his claim be scrutinized.

However, it is an observed fact that life exists on a continuum. The line between life and non-life is very thin, and no one knows where to draw it: some organisms seem to be both. The line between plant and animal is just as thin: some organisms are both. All of life shows its evolutionary ancestorship with past life and current life. Rev Gish doesn't want his gullible victims to learn these facts (that would cut into his book sales and political powermongering), but these facts are readily accessible to anyone who wishes to learn them.

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"You can lie about ICR all you want." -- Jason Daniel Henderson

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