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Creationist Cults


ICR Cult's "Back to Genesis"

Throughout this essay I assert that the reverends Morris, Gish, Phillips, etc., are either liars, madmen, incompetent, evil, or combinations of these things. The reader may object to my opinions: however, the evidence that the ICR Reverends have lied repeatedly is so vast that to assert otherwise is to assert an absurdity. I have a right to express that opinion: if you do not like me exercising that right, you may jump up and down and thrash your arms about, or you may run to your nearest public library and look up something called "The First Amendment / Free Speach."

The ICR Cult's Lies:

Reverend Gish has often taken the writings of real scientists out of context, making these scientists' writings say the exact opposite of what they have actually written, and presenting the result as if it were the scientists' own words. Reverend Gish has often taken the sentences of scientists writings and removed words to make their sentences say the exact opposite of what was actually written, sometimes without even adding ellipses to show words have been removed. Reverend Gish has often truncated the written sentences of scientists by removing the endings and appending periods, thus making the scientists' words say the exact opposite of what was actually written. This activity represents the bulk of what passes for "research" at the ICR cult.

The cult's members often fabricate their Ph.D.s. May of their "doctorates" come from unaccredited diploma mills or from occult organizations that grant "degrees." There are several real doctors on staff at the ICR cult, though a check of various scientific journals show that they do not, for the most part, work as real scientists.

Reverend Gish once asserted, on a radio interview, that the cult has never funded expeditions to Mount Ararat to find Utnapishtim's ark (that is, Noah's ark). However, the cult sells a video of Reverend John Morris doing just that.

The ICR cult consistently lies when it asserts there are no known transitional and intermediary fossils.

The lists of lies by the ICR cult is vast. Only a few have been included as links to the main essay.


It takes a very bent and twisted intellectualism and emotionalism to lie consistently and repeatedly to tens of thousands of people, day after day, year after year. While I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, I think it is often obvious when someone is barking mad / insane. Looking for "Noah's Ark" is an act of a madman, equal to looking for Santa's flying sleigh and eight tiny flying reindeer. The belief that Earth is only a few thousand years old, ignoring the conclusive, uncontroversial evidence to the contrary, is the belief of a madman.

The ICR cult believes that the ignorant savages who wrote the books of Genesis knew more about the universe and Earth than contemporary scientists do: that is the belief of madmen. The ICR cult has taken an oath to believe what the Bible teaches: that Earth is a disk that rests upon a sea of water, with a solid brass dome overhead that rests upon four pillars; this dome has gates that the gods open and close to let down rain and hail upon Earth--- beliefs that only madmen in this age would hold and defend.


The ICR cult's reverends constantly make authoritative statements upon subjects they know absolutely nothing about. This is vastly substantiated in their writings. They confuse astrophysics with biology; geochronology with paleontology; anthropology with genetics. They consistently confuse evolution with biopoesis; they consistently misstate the known laws of physics, motion, and thermodynamics; they consistently confuse scientific explanations for why humans behave the way we do with how we "ought" to behave. There is no scientific discipline that the ICR cult has not misrepresented.


The reverends at the ICR cult blasphemy when they assert that God wrote the Bible, and that the Bible's Genesis accounts of creation are scientifically inerrant. Lying in the name of God is the act of an evil, unrepentant, reprobate, rebellious mind. Asserting, as the ICR cult does, that God had once destroyed almost all of humanity (men, women, children, infants at their mother's breasts) and most of the other animals, and most of the plants, is the assertion that God is an evil, despicable, demonic, wicked, contemptible, fiendish, nefarious, sinister, vile, villainous monster, unworthy of the title "God." The authors of the creation accounts in Genesis were evil, savage, barbarous, brutal Barbarians who made their Genesis god in their own image. Only evil men would defend such a belief.

Any text written by the creationist cult which may be quoted within this criticial examination of the creationist cult is provided according to U. S. Code Title 17 "Fair Use" dictates which may be reviewed at

"You can lie about ICR all you want." -- Jason Daniel Henderson

"Thank you for your permission however there's never any need to. Creationist propaganda is already self-debunking." -- Fredric L. Rice


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