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Creationist Cults

Creationists' Phony "Doctorates"

From: Dave Hamilton
To: Laurie Appleton

About a message of Laurie Appleton to Karl Schneider:

LA> Did your mates in the ACLU "fix" that one up for you? Sort
LA> of like lots of Americans become Ph.D.s at some phoney
LA> University!

Only creationists, that we know of:

-- "Dr" Richard Bliss, who develops curriculum materials for the Institute for Creation Research, has a doctorate in education from the University of Sarisota in Florida, an unaccredited diploma mill that is located in a hotel.

-- "Dr" Kelly Segraves, a co-founder of the Creation Science Research Center, claims to have an MA and DSc degree. The doctorate is supposed to be an honorary degree from "Christian University", but no such place exists in the United States. Segraves dropped the "Dr" from his name in 1981. His Masters is supposed to come from "Sequoia University", but this doesn't exist either. There is a Sequoia College in California, but it has no record of a student named Segraves.

-- "Dr" Harold Slusher, a co-founder of the Creation Research Society, claims to have an earned PhD from Columbia Pacific University and an honorary DSc from Indiana Christian University. Indiana Christian is a Bible college, while Columbia Pacific is an unaccredited diploma mill.

-- "Dr" Clifford Burdick of the Creation Research Society got his doctorate from the University of Physical Sciences in Arizona, which consists of a post office box at an unaccredited institute in Phoenix.

-- "Dr" Carl Baugh, of the Creation Evidences Museum near Glen Rose, Texas,has a PhD in anthropology from the College of Advanced Education, an unaccredited Bible college on the grounds of the Sherwood Park Baptist Church. He has another PhD from the California Graduate School of Theology, an unaccredited college in California.

You should also know that all members of ICR must sign an oath before God swearing that they will uphold the tenets of "scientific" creationism NO MATTER WHAT THE EVIDENCE OR DATA SHOWS.

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"You can lie about ICR all you want." -- Jason Daniel Henderson

"Thank you for your permission however there's never any need to. Creationist propaganda is already self-debunking." -- Fredric L. Rice


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