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Creationist Cults

Were you there?

By Frank Steiger <>

A favorite creationist argument is to challenge evidence for evolution by asking "Were you there?" The faulty logic behind this approach is the assumption that unless evolution (assumed to be evolution in the distant past) was observed and recorded by human beings, there is no evidence to support it. Of course evolution proceeded, and is still proceeding, much too slowly for any large changes to be observed in a single lifetime. The "were you there?" argument is especially espoused by Kent Hovind, who coaches young persons to challenge their science teachers by demanding in class "Were you there, teacher?" Of course, one could counter by asking if the student if he believes that the Titanic hit an iceberg, and then asking "were you there?" [Or asking the student if her parents had sex when they conceived her: if she was not there, how can she claim her parents copulated? The answer for that is the same as the answer for evolution.--- ed]

Kent Hovind has published on the internet a list of 20 questions that he claims evolutionists can't answer. In fact, these evolutionist claims have been refuted over and over again in the past. The information is readily available in the newsgroup, and also in my website: A specific debunking of Hovind's 20 questions and other creationist falsehoods can be obtained in book form: "How Good Are Those Young-Earth Arguments" from Dave Matson, P.O. Box 61274, Pasadena, CA 91116. I believe the cost is $16.50.

The creationist mindset is such that any response to creationist claims that doesn't conform to their beliefs is judged to be a non-response. Persons tempted to give credence to creationist claims should bear this in mind and check out the evolutionist counter argument before accepting creationist propaganda as factual.

What motivates creationists to continuously resort to falsehoods to discredit science? The answer is simple: they believe that evolution is the root of all evil. You see this claim over and over again in their publications and public statements. This belief is based fundamentally on bigotry towards any beliefs not their own.

Kent Hovind uses the title of "Dr." Kent Hovind, implying that he is a scientist. His Ph.D. "degree" was awarded by Patriot University, which is located in the College Heights Baptist Church in Alamosa, Colorado. There is no faculty, no actual casework, and they offer credit for "life experience and ministry evaluation." Classes can be paid for with a monthly "freewill offering." Each course is designed to be completed in 2 to 4 weeks. It is "accredited" only by the American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions. Hovind's "Ph.D." is actually a Doctorate in Christian Education, and a totally worthless one at that.

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"You can lie about ICR all you want." -- Jason Daniel Henderson

"Thank you for your permission however there's never any need to. Creationist propaganda is already self-debunking." -- Fredric L. Rice


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