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"Dr." Kent Hovind

From: Karl Schneider
Subj: "Dr." Kent Hovind

I happened upon a website quoting "the 'famous' 'Dr.' Kent Hovind" (a well-known cretinist) and sent some feedback to the owner (don't have the URL handy right now), one Tom Weaver who claims to be a butt-buddy of Hovind. I asked him about Hovind's bogus 'degree' (from "Patriot University of -long ago- Colorado Springs...but now er, 'relocated' to another CO city, and which was 'accredited' by an accreditation mill who will grant it to anyone for a hundred bucks).

He of course took umbrage at my claim and forwarded my question to Hovind who just today responded as follows. ROTFLMGDAO!!!

Note: I added the KS> and KH> to clarify the paste-up from Email...

Subject: RE: Just wondering
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 23:27:01 -0600
From: "Dr. Kent Hovind" <>
To: "'Karl Schneider'" <>

KS> if you ever got a real degree of any sort from a legitimate
KS> institution as opposed to the diploma-mill "Patriot University",
KS> 'accredited' by yet another phony organization.

KH> What difference does it make? Deal with the subject please.

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