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We Get Letters: Regarding The ICR Cult. #006

From: "Robert Curry" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: I get Letters....
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 22:42:05 -0500

>I am really , really, ticked off at you. This page

Interesting. I just took a look at it myself. Why does that web page tick you off?

>I am desgusted by the way you said what you said....

I wonder if you might be more specific, please.

>The least you could do would be to act respectfully
>of others. No matter what they believe, it is the
>moral thing to do.

Your opinion is noted, but I have to differ. The reason I differ is because I give respect to those ideas which earn it, not to just any crackpot notion that someone invents or repeats in pious ignorance.

To grant equal respect to every idea without exception would truly be to disrespect those ideas that are worthy enough to be taken seriously. I for one refuse to disrespect others out of a misdirected sense of pseudo-equality that grants illegitimate respect to nonsense.

Let's face it. The dogmas of creationism have failed to gain any scientific respect because they are nothing more than fairy tales and make believe. That is why they do not deserve respect, and I'm sick and tired of the crybaby creationists who demand unearned equality for their false beliefs.

No, there is NOTHING moral about respecting the false beliefs of creationist fairy tales.

>You on the other hand, present your-self as a racist,

I read the web page in question and found no mention whatsoever of race.

>I'm just tring to tell you the truth.

Maybe you could tell me the truth about where you get the strange idea that the web page referenced above is somehow "racist." I don't see it. Where did you see it?

>Please respond, in a non-rasist form, to my
>letter, Thank you for your time.

You're quite welcome.

I look forward to hearing a reply to my question, and if I may be of any further assistance, please feel free to let me know.

Robert Curry
St. Petersburg, Florida

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