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Creationist Cults

"God's word" VS "Man's opinion"

Unfortunately, no one knows what "god's word" is: no gods have ever bothered to speak or write to us. I personally consider this a great shame, as I would love for there to be a god or gods up in the heavens who are out there looking upon us benevolently and who care for us. It is a sad but true fact that wishing something were so does not make that something so. If we had the word of some god(s), perhaps human life would be better off.

Then again perhaps not. Who is to say that the words of god(s) are the ones humans should heed or otherwise live by? What if those words are evil? What if those words cause pain, suffering, and misery to our neighbors, our loved ones, and ourselves? Why should the words from the gods be morally and ethically superior to ones' own conscience? The answer is, obviously, that they do not automatically have to be just because a god or gods spoke them. Indeed, we may actually be fortunate that we do not have "a word of god."

As for "man's opinion" (and you will find that the ICR cult, being a misogynist, misoneist cult, seldom mention women), who says that a person's opinions are not morally and ethically superior to some as-yet-unknown alternative?

The ICR cult is therefore wrong in both counts.

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"You can lie about ICR all you want." -- Jason Daniel Henderson

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