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Creationist Cults

"All men created equal" VS "Racial supremacy"

As is typical for women-hating cults, the ICR fails to point out that all women are also equal to all men. The fact that almost all human beings are "created" equal is born out in the evolutionary sciences, genetics, anthropology, and paleontology. We are almost all equal because our genome is almost equal.

I say "almost" because it is an observed fact that not everyone is born equal. There are congenital defects that give hundreds of thousands of people hardships and handicaps that most humans do not have to contend with in life. And conversely there are a few people whos personal genetic lottery have paid off big time with superior intellect and ethics (Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, and many others). To assert humans are born equal is to assert a falsehood.

HOWEVER, that does not mean all human beings should not be treated equal. Science does not say otherwise, and the ICR cult knows damn well that it does not. They are asserting a lie when they claim that the evolutionary sciences have as their venue "racial supremacy." If one is looking for arguments in support of "racial supremacy," one need only read the Bible; one need only join one of hundreds of Fundamentalist Christian churches that teach "racial supremacy" as a fact.

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