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Creationism's Dud From Their Arsenal:
Atmospheric Helium


"All naturally occurring families of radioactive elements generate helium as they decay. If such decay took place for billions of years, as alleged by evolutionists [there go the creationists assertion evolutionary scientists are also geophysicists], much helium should have found its way into the earth's atmosphere. Taking into account the slow rate of escape of helium from the atmosphere into space, and assuming no helium was in the atmosphere to begin with, it would take less than two million years to accumulate the small amount of helium in the air today." --- Vardiman, L.
"There is no evidence at all that Helium 4 either does, or can, escape from the exosphere in significant amounts." --- Morris, 1974, p. 151


"Banks and Holzer [1] have shown that the polar wind can account for an escape of 2 to 4 x 106 ions / cm2.sec of 4He, which is nearly identical to the estimated production flux of (2.5 +- 1.5) x 106 atoms / cm2.sec. Calculations for 3He lead to similar results, i.e., a rate virtually identical to the estimated production flux. Another possible escape mechanism is direct interaction of the solar wind with the upper atmosphere during the short periods of lower magnetic-field intensity while the field is reversing. Sheldon and Kern estimated that 20 geomagnetic-field reversals over the past 3.5 million years would have assured a balance between helium production and loss." --- Dalrymple, 1984, p. 112

[1] Banks, P. M. & T. E. Holzer. 1969. High-latitude plasma transport: the polar wind. Geophys. Res. J. 74: 6317-6332.

[2] Sheldon, W. R. & J. W. Kern. 1972. Atmospheric helium and geomagnetic field reversals. Geophys. Res. J. 77: 6194-6201.

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