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Kansas Board Votes To Bar Evolution From Classroom

George Rudzinski

Anyone watch the debate on Hannity and Colmes about Kansas?

The good Rev. Falwell stated that the ICR was doing good "creation 'science'" that had nothing to do with promoting any religious beliefs.

Can any or all of us prove that wrong?

The good Reverand stated that the folks at the ICR have shown conclusively from their "scientific" studies that evolution is "false."

Can any or all of us prove that wrong?

I am telling you people, WE ARE TO BLAME.

And that includes me. How many of us have written letters to the editor of any newspaper?

How many of us have gotten local kids interested in science? How many of us have checked out the local science curriculum taught in our public schools?

We are paying for that education, shouldn't we know what it is?

My son got tomato seeds from LDEF. How many other parents can say that? My son's teacher didn't know a thing about the LDEF program. I as a parent, had to do that.

Here is a good example of what we are doing wrong.

Two years ago I went to a parent teacher conference. It just so happens that my son went to the same highschool I did. While walking around I checked out my old biology room. They had a great collection of Great Lakes fishes.

While examining the collection it took me a minute to realize what I was looking at.

I collected those fishes over twenty years ago. Not one student added to the collection, I didn't get them all, and not one student questioned my classification.

We need to get back into the science classrooms big time!

We are failing our children.

It is easy to tell a child that blood circulates. It takes a bit of effort to let a child watch blood cells course through a fish's tail.

How many kids get to find a paramecium? Or an amoeba?

How many kids get to find and look at a diatom?

Kids can't just read about science, they have to DO science.

Our kids have to learn how to do science. Our kids have to be allowed to do science.

Unfortunately we don't have enough science teachers to do that anymore.

So either we do it, or it doesn't get done.

Do we really want a person that is qualified to teach, to teach science?

Sorry, but I've had some really great history teachers, shop teachers, and English teachers. None of them could teach science.

Do you know if your child, or anybody else's child is being taught science by somebody that knows anything about science?


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