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Kansas, Land of Idiots

I thought this state couldn't get much worse. Boy was I wrong. I take a little trip to Japan only to come back and find that all of a sudden there are certain ideas that are no longer required as part of our state's school curriculum. What is that idea? Evolution, which has become some sort of foul beast in the minds of Christians, never mind that proving evolution wrong does not make creation right. First of all lets get some facts straight. Biological Evolution is a scientific fact. I know that you creationists out there, if you even made it this far, are now shitting bricks trying to find my e-mail address or my guest book. Let me save you some time. Biological Evolution is also a theory. Let me explain.

The idea that evolution occurs, i.e. that organisms have come from common ancestors and that they continue to change over time, is a scientific fact. It has been proven in our everyday lives and in the fossil and historical records. Anyone who disagrees with this is not studying the facts, they are making up their own. Scientist consider this part of evolution a fact, and after much study, so do I.

The Theory of Evolution is the theory of how this works, not the idea itself. I know this is hard to believe because every idiot on the planet has been screaming, "It's just a theory" since this whole stupid mess started but it is in fact the truth. The mechanism most often accepted as the most viable one for the process of evolution is Natural Selection. This is the theory part, but don't let the word theory fool you (a coherent group of general propositions used as principles of explanation for a class of phenomena. Nothing in that definition about that being an inadequate thing). There is tons of evidence of this and I can give you a modern, common example straight from the front page of your newspaper. There are now strains of malaria that are completely resistant to all modern cures, some of which were only developed ten years ago. This is a perfect example of Natural Selection because these strains of malaria resisted our drugs and survived to spread their genes while the others died off. Because of this the species has changed slightly, giving it resistance and making the species more likely to survive. This is all natural selection is, a reaction to the environment that allows better chances of survival and thus better chances that this trait is passed on. Now imagine this taking place over millions of years, over endless expanses of time, think of the change possible. That is the theory.

Any rational human being that denies these ideas has a screw loose. Instead of embracing something that is logically viable, they hold onto their outdated and foolish religious dogma. Why? Because the church has spent so long trying to prove that the world needs it, when something comes along that sheds some light on something they have been lying about , they have to protect themselves, and like a wild animal they lash out without thinking first. What has evolution tread on? Adam and Eve. Here is the problem, you need Adam and Eve to have Original Sin (which is so problematic in its own right and wasn't even thought of until Augustine anyway) and you need Original Sin to have Jesus the savior. Without Jesus as savior you don't have Christianity, and without Christianity preachers can't make money. Therefore the church targets Evolution, because as we should all know by now, the truth is dangerous.

Let's talk about the abyss. Everyone hates the abyss but I love to bring it up because everyone hates it so much. Everybody wants to rule the world as the song goes. Everybody wants to be special, and everyone wants to be important. Evolution gives us a peek into a different world. Not the idea itself, but what that idea means for modern man. There is a chance that we are here totally by chance, well that is a simplification and an incorrect one at that, but let's just say chance to make it easy. I would say that there is a good chance that we are here totally by chance. Only by the laws of nature do we exist and am I alive to think and to write these words. That one thought , the one thought that in this seemingly endless universe, out amongst the cosmic gases and the clouds of dust and the space, the sheer vast space, the thought emerges that in this blackness, we are alone. That my friends is a penetrating thought, and one that people can't handle. That is the abyss, you look in and it just looks right back at you, it stares straight into your soul and frankly that scares the shit out of some people. Those insecure people partially make up the Christian creed. They need their old man in the sky to reassure themselves that they are important, that their lives count for something and when something bad happens, they can call out to someone, and expect an answer. Okay Christians, relax. Just because evolution happened doesn't mean there isn't any god. Maybe you should rethink how you think about god, that's all. Try peering into that abyss my friends and ask yourself, is it your brain that makes you believe in creation, or your fear?

Now about Kansas. I love politics, it might be second in line behind supposition as the mother of all fuck ups. Even the creationists have just fucked themselves royally and I think they never realized it. They fucked themselves two ways. First they just gave every evolutionist and scientist within a six thousand mile radius a rallying cry. It goes something like this, "Remember Kansas!" So it isn't as catchy as the Alamo, but it's still a slogan, and there is blood in the water. But really it is the second reason that I think is the most sad. Kansas school children may be getting the short end of the stick because of some dipshit with a cause. All of a sudden it is taboo to talk about evolution, and why? Has the exchange of ideas become so controlled? I have nothing wrong with people believing in Y.E. Creationism or talking about it in class, if you want to remain ignorant your whole life go ahead. But this is the problem. Right now evolution is THE accepted idea involving origins of life in science. Why not learn it? What is the reason that people should not learn it? Even if you don't believe in it, you should know why you don't and you should know about it so that you can work to disprove it. Thousands of scientists around the country at this very minute are trying to prove the theory wrong, trying to find what doesn't fit and either fix it or throw the thing out. Let these people who don't believe join in that search, that is how knowledge progresses. Galileo spent the last eight years of his life under house arrest because the church felt like burying the truth, a truth they didn't believe. Now the church is trying to do the same thing. They don't confront it, they make it go away. It does not go away so easily.

I could go on for hours, but I am fucking tired and this pisses me off so much I really don't care to write about it anymore. Besides this is supposed to be a rant full of cussing and shit, but it is turning into poetry hour. But I will say this in closing. You can believe anything you want, you can believe that little seed people from the island of Crete became gods and spread their semen all over the island of Delos which birthed two people who populated the Earth, or you can believe that some Chinese goddess made people by forming them from mud or you can believe that little green Lucky Charms looking leprechauns jumped out of my ass in the future and went back in time and created the universe. I don't care what you believe but teach your kids about it at home or in the church. Don't bring it to school and try to pass it off as science, because we both know it's not science, and really do you want science in your religion? I hope not, because this organization is a good example of how fucked up things get when you try to mix these things (even though it itself is a joke). While you are at it, since the Bible is the infallible word of God, you might want to remind him that rabbits don't chew cud (Lev. 11:6) and insects don't have four feet (Lev. 11:21-23). See what happens when you mix science and religion? Shit starts falling apart.

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