In 1995, the Church of Scientology killed Lisa McPherson. In 2000, the Church of Scientology filed a motion with the Clearwater court to have the two felony indictments against them dismissed on grounds that the Church has the Constitutional right to kill its followers as a matter of religious freedom. In the motion, the Church of Scientology cited the receintly-passed "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" which, in all other States where this Act was balloted, was found to be unconstitutional.

Among the text of the motion that the Church of Scientology filed was the claim that, while the Church has the religious right to kill its followers on religious grounds, the "technology" that was applied that killed Lisa was in any event contrary to the Church of Scientology's "scriptures" which, they claim, are inviolate. Indeed, it is considered a "High Crime" to alter any of L. Ron Hubbard's writings.

The Church of Scientology claims both sides of the fence: On the one hand, they claim that Lisa died as a result of following her religious rituals according to her Constitutional rights as a United States citizen. On the other hand, they claim that the rituals Lisa was subjected to did not adhear to their supposedly inviolate policies.

Mr. Safe -- an unsinkable, long time Scientologist who has worked tirelessly to fix the Church of Scientology -- has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the Church's claim -- that their scriptures and technology are inviolate and can never be changed -- have in fact been widly changed. Comparing Scientology publications from many years ago against the current versions, Mr. Safe has uncovered a bewildering number of "squirreled" texts which the Church of Scientology sells today, but which are altered version of what L. Ron Hubbard actually wrote.

The Chuch of Scientology has armed and fortified compounds and bunkers hear Hemet, California. Within the bunkers, the Church stores copies of L. Ron Hubbard's writings in the form of audio recordings stored on metal disks that can be played with solar-powered photographs also stored in these bunkers. One has to ask which versions are being stored: Hubbards or the squirreled David Miscavage versions.

Mr. Safe wants some answers. The Church is afraid to communicate with him.

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