Have you noticed how strangely your parents have been acting lately? Are you beginning to suspect that your loved ones have all been replaced by THEM? And are you really sure there are no pods in your back yard?

When you find that you've been anally probed, we here at The Skeptic Tank can help you find out who's responsible! (It's the IRS. Trust me.) Most intelligent lifeforms in the galaxy agree that The Skeptic Tank is the place to go on the Internet for the truth behind the conspiracies. All of the conspiracies!


Flying saucers, crop circles, alien abductions, sunken continents, astrology, ESP, Bigfoot, Tarot cards, channeling, dowsing, key-bending, levitation, speaking with the dead, government conspiracies, secret medical experiments, and everyone's favorite: anal probes -- The Skeptic Tank exposes the truth about all of them; and much, much more!

The Skeptic Tank's web site maintains hundreds of web pages which are constantly being updated and added to. Additionally, we have hundreds of thousands of text files on a broad spectrum of topics which you may request through filling out forms -- for free! It's no conspiracy! Requested files come right to your inbound E-Mail address. Ain't technology wonderful?

And we promise not to probe you during your visit!

Our staff of helpful volunteers will assist you in answering any questions regarding claims of the paranormal. Just send us an E-Mail and we'll research your question and forward to you whatever we find on the subject. And if we can't find what you're looking for, we'll send your request down the line. If you're looking for Elvis, we've got him! Just ask. That's what we're here for. Really. Trust us.

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