STOP INSURANCE REDLINING: SUPPORT H.R. 1257 Insurance discrimination and +quot;redlining,+

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STOP INSURANCE REDLINING: SUPPORT H.R. 1257 Insurance discrimination and "redlining," the practice of denying or providing inferior insurance to whole neighborhoods, is a significant barrier to the creation of affordable housing and often has a discriminatory impact based on race and ethnicity. The Insurance Consumer Protection Act, H.R. 1188, will require major insurance companies to report to the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development information regarding the availability of insurance in neighborhoods of different racial and income profiles. Unfortunately, the bill as it is currently written is quite weak. It does not require insurance companies to report the race and ethnic background of applicants. it requires companies to submit data by zip code, and not census track, making the data more difficult to interpret for purposes of attacking race discrimination. Finally, it does not require the reporting of loss data which is necessary to counter arguments by insurance companies that certain neighborhoods have higher losses and therefore should have higher rates. Efforts will be made to strengthen this bill when it is voted on by the full House of Representatives. Write or call your Members of Congress. Ask your Representative to pass meaningful insurance redlining legislation by supporting amendments to strengthen H.R. 118. Ask your Senators to support legislation to ban insurance redlining when it reaches the Senate. All Americans have a right to fair, non-discriminatory insurance practices. ============================================================= ACLU Free Reading Room | A publications and information resource of the gopher:// | American Civil Liberties Union National Office | | "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"


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