Civil Liberties The National Newsletter of the ACLU #380, Spring 1994 (c) 1994 American Ci

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Civil Liberties The National Newsletter of the ACLU #380, Spring 1994 (c) 1994 American Civil Liberties Union Membership Lists The ACLU obtains the names of potential new members by renting its membership/subscriber lists to, or exchanging them with, other non-profit organizations and publications. Sometimes the ACLU defrays the cost of its new member recruitment program by renting its lists to selected organizations. We do not make our lists available to partisan political groups or to groups whose programs are incompatible with ACLU policies. All lists are rented or exchanged according to strict privacy procedures recommended by the U.S. Privacy Study Commission. We never give one of our lists directly to any organization. Instead, we send the list to a mailing house that prints labels on the envelopes of the organization that is participating in the rental or exchange. Thus, that organization never sees our lists and never knows what names are on it unless an individual responds to the organization's mailing. In addition, the ACLU always honors a members request not to make his or her name available -- we are well aware that receiving solicitations from many groups can be irritating. If you do not wish to receive materials from other organizations, write to the ACLU Membership Department, and we will see to it that your name is eliminated from lists that are rented or exchanged. Many members who have received multiple invitations to join the ACLU have written to us deploring such wastefulness. Please understand that the electronic scanning device we use to eliminate multiple solicitations does significantly reduce their number, but it is not perfect. For example, if a member's name appears on our list as John J. Jones, and on a rented prospect list as J. J. Jones, the scanner will not eliminate that duplication. If you receive two copies of our newsletter at your home and/or office, please remove both address labels and send them to us so we can consolidate the two listings. We don't want to waste money on duplicate mailings any more than you want to receive them! We remain grateful to ACLU members who understand that rentals and exchanges of lists -- transacted under strict privacy guidelines -- are the cornerstone of our new member acquisition program, which in turn is key to the growth that increases our civil liberties impact and influence. -- Denise Hantman, Membership Director ============================================================= ACLU Free Reading Room | A publications and information resource of the gopher:// | American Civil Liberties Union National Office | | "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"


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