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adl-arme.htm ARMED & DANGEROUS: MILITIAS TAKE AIM AT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AN ADL FACT FINDING REPORT Anti-Defamation League, 1994 _________________________________________________________________ ANTI-DEFAMATION LEA
adl-emba.htm SPECIAL REPORT Embattled Bigots: A Split in the Ranks of the Holocaust Denial Movement ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE 1994 Printed in the United States of America Anti-Defamation League David EI. Strassler, National
adl-klan.htm Law Enforcement Bulletin, Issue #14 Winter 1995 A periodic update from the Anti-Defamation League Page 6 ------ Recent defections from the Arkansas-based Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the nation's largest K
adl-libe.htm Subject: Paranoia as Patriotism: Liberty Lobby and _The Spotlight_ Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/adl/paranoia-as-patriotism/liberty-lobby Last-Modified: 1995/08/22 Liberty Lobby and _The Spotlight_ Libe
adl-metz.htm Special Edition - A periodic update from the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith - Civil Rights Division. June 1993 W.A.R. Veteran Tom Metzger's Long March of Hate Tom Metzger, a 54-year-old television
adl-phon.htm Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/adl/adl-phonelist Last-Modified: 1995/07/17 Anti-Defamation League USA National Office 212-490-2525 Washington Office 202-453-8320 REGIONAL OFFICES Albuquerque 505-823
anatn89.htm From Fri Aug 18 15:57:47 PDT 1995 Article: 12733 of alt.politics.nationalism.white Subject: Aryan Nations now online Date: 18 Aug 1995 02:59:44 -0400 Sender: Gre
armyisr.htm Archive/File: orgs/american/christian.identity army.of.israel Last-Modified: 1993/11/02 From oneb!!!!!!news.delphi.
aryan-na.htm Subject: Paranoia as Patriotism: Aryan Nations Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/adl/paranoia-as-patriotism/aryan-nations Last-Modified: 1995/08/18 Aryan Nations Headquartered near Hayden Lake, Idaho, Aryan
chriden0.htm Archive/File: orgs/american/christian.identity chr-iden.01 Last-Modified: 1993/11/02 Date: 19 Sep 92 22:00 PDT Subject: Growth of Christian Identity Nf-ID: #N:cdp:1299600066:000:8918 Nf-From: cdp.UUCP!cber
chriden2.htm Archive/File: orgs/american/christian.identity chr-iden.02 Last-Modified: 1993/11/02 THE BOSTON GLOBE, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 7, 1992 WHITE CHRISTIANITY ESPOUSED BY GROUP JDL disrupts Mansfield meeting; member
chriden3.htm Archive/File: orgs/american/christian.identity chr-iden.03 Last-Modified: 1993/11/02 This is a transcription of a Xerox copy I received recently regarding Christian Identity. Typos mine. [Editor's note: s
chriden4.htm Archive/File: orgs/american/christian.identity chr-iden.04 Last-modified: 1993/05/02 Sanctifying Racism Identity Christianity is a home-grown U.S. version of an older, aberrant form of Christianity called
chriden5.htm Subject: Christian Identity: Founded in Lunacy Summary: Followup-To: alt.revisionism Keywords: Archive/File: orgs/american/christian.identity chr-iden.05 Last-modified: 1993/05/04 "...Christian Identity
chriden6.htm Archive/File: orgs/american/christian.identity chr-iden.06 Last-Modified: 1994/06/19 Subject: "Identity: A Religion for White Racists" (fwd) Sender: (Network News Administrator)
citizens.htm Subject: Paranoia as Patriotism: Jack Mohr & the CPDL Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/adl/paranoia-as-patriotism//mohr-cpdl Last-Modified: 1995/08/22 Colonel Gordon "Jack" Mohr and the Christian Patriots
committe.htm Subject: Paranoia as Patriotism: Committee of the States Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/adl/paranoia-as-patriotism/ committee-of-the-states Last-Modified: 1995/08/19 Committee of the States The Committee
david-la.htm Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/aryan-nations/david-lane-profile Last-Modified: 1995/08/17 Law Enforcement Bulletin, Issue #14 Winter 1995 A periodic update from the Anti-Defamation League Page 6 ------ Ext
dduke69.htm Archive/File: orgs/american/kkk/usenet david-duke-kkk.0692 From!utcsri!torn!!sun-barr!olivea!!wupost!!!uunet!brunix!brunix!dzk Tue Oct 6
gainsevi.htm Archive/File: orgs/american/kkk/press gainseville-iguana people/b/bullock.jack/press gainseville-iguana Klan Rally in Florida is a "Wake Up Call" Jenny Brown, The Gainesville Iguana An urgent messag
hoffsuit.htm Subject: Klan release Contact: Stephen Steiner For Immediate Release Director of Communications August 14, 1995 212-360-1540 COURT UPHOLDS AJCONGRESS CLAIM THAT
mc.htm file 315923 Oct 4 09:07 INDEX dir 1024 Sep 10 07:15 bibliographies dir 2048 Oct 4 03:39 camps dir 96 Sep 24 14:37 documents dir 2048 Sep 10 09:07 fascism dir
minut1pa.htm MILITIA - HISTORY AND LAW FAQ 1/6 version 1.01 July, 1995 Part 1 - Introduction & Summary Material Part 2. - Quick Reference and List of Questions Answered Part 3. - History of the Militia in America P
minut2pa.htm MILITIA - HISTORY AND LAW FAQ 2/6 version 1.01 July, 1995 Part 3. - History of the Militia in America 3.1 Standard Sources Some standard works on the militia and the American military are: Cress, Lawrenc
minut3pa.htm MILITIA - HISTORY AND LAW FAQ 3/6 version 1.01 July, 1995 3.29 Some sections from the 1792 Uniform Militia Act The entire Act is less than four pages long. "Section 1. MILITIA HOW AND BY WHOM TO BE ENRO
minut4pa.htm MILITIA - HISTORY AND LAW FAQ 4/6 version 1.01 July, 1995 3.48 What happened as opposition to the compulsory militia grew? Did the individual states take action? A. "In 1831 Delaware abolished its [mili
minut5pa.htm MILITIA - HISTORY AND LAW FAQ 5/6 version 1.01 July, 1995 3.65 The 1990 U.S. Supreme Court decision of Perpich v. Department of Defense provides an excellent summary of the history of the militia from 17
minut6pa.htm MILITIA - HISTORY AND LAW FAQ 6/6 version 1.01 July, 1995 4.26 It is the fact that the citizenry are considered militia, although unorganized, that gives the federal government the power to enact the draf
mohr-cpd.htm Subject: Paranoia as Patriotism: Jack Mohr & the CPDL Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/adl/paranoia-as-patriotism//mohr-cpdl Last-Modified: 1995/08/22 Colonel Gordon "Jack" Mohr and the Christian Patriots
nstateme.htm Article 18315 of talk.politics.guns: Xref: alt.society.civil-liberty:3361 talk.politics.guns:18315 Subject: The Proposed Constitution for the 'Newstates of America',
ntpress.htm Archive/File: orgs/american/liberty.lobby Noontide Press - reportedly the publishing arm of the Liberty Lobby. Ref: Brandon, Lewis ; office mgr until 1981 Carto ; Willy Carto's wife was
reutr33.htm Archive/File: fascism/usa reuter.033095u Last-Modified: 1995/04/02 Hate-motivated assaults rose sharply in 1994 MONTGOMERY, Ala, March 30 (Reuter) - The annual tally of bias-motivated assaults in the Unit
skins-sw.htm Subject: ADL: Skinhead International; Sweden Summary: The ADL's "Skinhead International: A Worldwide Survey of Neo-Nazi Skinheads" Followup-To: alt.skinheads Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/adl/skinhead-i
the-orde.htm Subject: Paranoia as Patriotism: The Order Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/adl/paranoia-as-patriotism/the-order Last-Modified: 1995/08/22 The Order The Order was the most violent and notorious domestic ter
thompson.htm Archive/File: holocaust/usa/ihr thompson.suit Last-Modified: 1995/04/30 STATE OF INDIANA IN THE MARION COUNTY ________ COURT CIVIL DIVISION COUNTY OF MARION CAUSE
upi109.htm Archive/File: orgs/american/aryan.liberation.front/press upi.1093 Archive/File: pub/orgs/aryan.liberation.front/press/upi.1093 Last-Modified: 1994/06/19 >From: (DION NISSENBAUM) >Ne
wlanwatc.htm From ubc-cs!destroyer!uunet!!nyx!dsegard Fri Jul 17 09:15:51 PDT 1992 Article: 854 of alt.revisionism Subject: Re: Klanwatch address sought X-Disclaimer: Nyx is a public access Unix sy


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