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0694athd.htm American Atheist Online Services Dial-THE-Atheist 1 June 1994 Dial-THE-Atheist is a telephone message service sponsored by American Atheists, Inc. You can listen to it at (512) 458-5731. Thank you for cal
12fundyc.htm To: All Msg #206, 26-Aug-93 06:21pm Subject: Twelve Commandments Okay, my fine fundamentalist friends. I've helped out your cause immensely by posting the tenet
1700awrd.htm $1,700 In Cash Prizes Offered In 1993 Student Essay Contest The Freedom From Religion Foundation announces its fifteenth annual essay competition for college students. The 1993 topic is "Rejecting Religi
1stamend.htm Separation of Church and State in America: A Short History by Mister Zen Copyleft 1992 - All Rites Reversed This short work is in response to recent statements made on CultWatch to the effect that: a)
20-naked.htm NAKED PREACHER ACCEPTS GIFT OF RV FROM GOD. Associated Press, VINTON, LA The preacher who crashed a carload of naked Pentecostals into a tree pleaded guilty Wednesday and was allowed to leave town. Sammy
20-nudeg.htm Cops Chase Car, Find 20 Nude People Associated Press --08/20/93 Police in Vinton, La, were surprised when a driver wearing only a towel got out of a car they stopped, then got back in and sped off. They w
503ctax.htm Code Sec. 501 Exemptions from Tax on Corporations (c) List of exempt organizations (3) Corporations, and any community chest, fund, or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charita
9million.htm Jury Orders Church To Give Father $9M United Press International A Minneapolis jury Wednesday ordered the Christian Science church to pay $9 million in punitive damages to a birth father whose son died a
a-druggo.htm Sean McCullough 15-Jun-93 06:05am When God Becomes A Drug Hello fellow HolySmokers!! One fringe benefit of watching the "Mysteries Of The Bible" television shows is that we get to find out which recently p
a-jokexi.htm Paul Hogan walks into a public house in Sydney with a 25' Australian crocodile on a chain, and says to the bartender: "Evenin, Mate! Do you serve Christians 'ere?" "Why certainly, no problem at all!" rep
abort02.htm SECOND GROUP CHALLENGES FLORIDA ABORTION CLINIC PROTEST LIMITS ORLANDO, FL (APRIL 14) UPI - A second group has legally challenged a judicial order restricting anti-abortion rights protests at central Fl
abort02g.htm Chicago Tribune, 12/17/93 Caesarean case appeal is rejected by Jan Crawford, Tribune Staff Writer A complex legal battle over a Chicago woman's refusal to undergo a Caesarean section, even though it could
abort03.htm 26/March/1990 The planned invasion of England by anti-abortionists goes "-boink-" Fredric Rice, Utrecht, Nederland, reporting. -=- BBC News Radio's "World News Tonight" carried the odd bits and pieces of
abortion.htm EXODUS 20:13 Thou shalt not kill. DEUTERONOMY 27:25 Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person. And all the people shall say, Amen. JOB 31:15 Did not he that made me in the womb make him?
about_be.htm 01/01/90 Hello my friend... There is a man named Steve Roelke who seems to enjoy spreading his opinion that the Bible has errors. He is spreading the work of Dennis McKinsey, the editor of the B.E. magazi
absolute.htm NO ABSOLUTES IN CHRISTINSANITY I have difficulty in evaluating what Christians say their religion is all about contrasted to the hatred they vent toward people of even the slighest differences from thems
abusings.htm To: All Msg #709, Oct-16-93 21:44:00 Subject: Jumping Jesus on a Pogostick! Hello All, I have been unable to read the message base for the past month because of pro
abusiveg.htm Eric Pepke > Isn't giving one chance and one chance only unnecessarily harsh? I >mean, a parent that gave their child one chance to be generous to >a friend, and then burned their arm off if the kid didn
acadianf.htm An Acadian Dilemma By Sue and Hugo Larsson Acadians today are the descendants of the first French settlers in Canada who settled not in Quebec but in what are now known as the provinces of Nova Scotia, Pr
activist.htm A reproduction of a full page add from "PSYCHIC GUIDE" Sep/Oct/Nov, 1986 Vol. 5 No. 2 " isn't a question of if I win, only when" - Jerry Falwell "We do not want a democracy in this land because, if
addressd.htm >I heard recently of a "Freedomn From Religion League", and I'm wondering >if anyone on the net knows how to get in touch with them. They're called the "Freedom From Religion Foundation". Their address
afa-snld.htm The self-appointed censor Rev. Donald Wildmon and his group is at it again- this time the target is Saturday Night Live. For those who may be unfamiliar with the American Family Association, they are a
afacr.htm The Nature of the Beast Knowing your enemy is one of the fundamental principles of any confrontation. Here in Gainesville, confrontation has been brewing for months in the form of the Alachua County Com
afalettd.htm Wayne Aiken July 30, 1991 PO Box 30904 Raleigh, NC 27622 Chrm. James Near Wendy's International PO Box 256 Dublin, OH 43017 Dear Mr. Near: It has come to my atte
after!ki.htm To : All Subj: They're After Your Children They're after your children. Do you have young children? Do you believe in a particular religion? Do you want to bring your children brought up in your own religi
agendava.htm Found on America OnLine. Note how Clinton/Gore backed off their abortion rights position and how a a fucking religious originization intimidated the entire world. IS THERE A VATICAN AGENDA? Is there a V
agnost2d.htm Subject: Re: Atheism as religion (was Wake Up...) In article <943NETOPRWA@NCSUVM> NETOPRWA@NCSUVM.BITNET (Wayne Aiken) writes: >The more I hear from other atheists, the more I think that there are at >le
agnostdo.htm Paul Duggan: In article <>, speaking of atheists, you write, "I see where their coming from too, for I as a sinner also have the tendnacy to suppres the truth that God has implanted w
aiadoc.htm > Now that the school year is about to start again, let me remind you >of the toll-free number of Accuracy in Academia: > 800-334-9141. > Contrary to widespread disinformation in
aidsgod.htm A DIGRESSION ON THE NATURE OF A.I.D.S. authored by J. Ass, Ph.d. in Absurdity and Folly, M.A. in Blather and Gibberish (presently working on a degree in Bunk, accompanied by a minor in Nonsense, with an op
airtabl.htm AIRTABL.htm The First Great Watchtower; The Great Eastern Quandrant of Air. ___________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | |y | |l | | | | r |
alaskado.htm Subject: Front-door Atheism Date: 6 Sep 90 17:24:37 GMT Sender: (J Random USENET) News-Software: VAX/VMS VNEWS 1.3-4 Jon Murray, director of American Atheists and son of Madaly
albaniaa.htm (from the Chicago Tribune, Sept. 27, 1992) Once-atheist Albania wants pope to visit VATICAN CITY -- Albania has invited Pope John Paul II to visit the Balkan country that called itself the "world's first
allath.htm "I do not find in orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature." --- Jefferson "Question with boldness the existence of God. I do not believe any of the Christian doctrines. The greatest enemies of Jesus
amend2co.htm Discriminating Against "Sin" Gene Ward Smith wrote a version of Colorado's Amendment 2 which was about Jews instead of homosexuals. As may have been expected, this caused a lot of followups. Many who r
amer1993.htm _AMER Intelligence_ Alliance of Magical and Earth Religions Issue: Annual Meeting, 1993 ----- Jonesboro Occult Shop Owners Fighting Discrimination On June 10, 1993, Terry and Amanda Riley, two Jonesboro, A
americac.htm Colonial America Not That Christian By Neil Nissenbaum Christian apologists and televangelists, bent on proving America a "Christian" nation, generally look to the alleged piety of colonial Americans. Thi
americax.htm In article <> (Bill Nelson) writes: >Our society was founded on Christian values but has progressively >moved away from them. I suppose slav
amishwis.htm 10/04 Copyright 1993. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. With Permission. AUGUSTA, Wis. (AP) -- The new schoolhouse is snug and bright. Fifteen desks fill a single room warmed by a wood-burning s
ammend2c.htm Floyd Patterson Amendment 2 and Colorado By now everyone in here knows my views on civil rights for gays. In spite of that I am beginning to think the Colorado boycott over Amendment 2 and all of the furo
ammenddo.htm I am appalled, shocked, and saddened by the recent Colorado amendment which removed current and future civil rights guarantees from a select minority (homosexuals). How do Coloradians morally
angelslo.htm Q: If Lot knew that the Sodomites were homosexuals, why did he offer his *daughters* to the crowd? A: He wanted the angels to himself.
annoyath.htm If you are not a follower of the One True Religion, READ THIS! For it is written that the meek shall inherit the Earth, atheists should plan now for their doom. I shall tell you just what you can and sh
answersm.htm A question that an idiot can answer that a mathematician can't is: "What is the integral of e to the x squared?" The idiot says, "5." The mathematician says, "I don't know." Do we then conclude that be
anthropc.htm I roll a 6 sided die 10 times and get: 4 5 2 1 2 6 3 2 6 2 The probability of getting this is is something like 6^10, or 60466176 to one against. pretty stunning, eh? Lets try it again. This time we get: 1 4
anticrav.htm Anticravatarianism is a religion that is based on the belief that when we die the soul leaves the body through the top of the head. This is the highest area of the body both in a physical sense, and in
ap-may93.htm The following is the ASCII version of the Citizens Project Newsletter| | _Freedom_Watch_ for April/May 1993.
apologyx.htm [cross-posted from CIVLIB Echo] [originally posted on 1:128/105] Dear CIVLIB Correspondents: Certain posts have recently been written by me, in exchanges in a rather heated discussion between myself and c
aprayer4.htm Christopher Baker another example of the use of 'prayer' George Bush has shown us which prayer he used when it was all over [P
aqualung.htm To: Tyler A. Wunder Msg #264, 12-Aug-93 11:36pm Subject: Jethro Tull Quoth Tyler A. Wunder to Fredric Rice thusly: FR> ~*~ If Jesus saves, well he'd better save himself fro
argument.htm Fallacies of Relevance 1. Argumentum ad Baculum (appeal to force). The arguer appeals to force or the threat of force to compel acceptance of the conclusion. 2. Argumentum ad Hominem (abusive). "The phr
asimov2n.htm We will all remember Isaac Asimov in our own way. My tribute will consist of posting the following words of wit and wisdom, "In kindergarten terms the second law of thermodynamics says that all spontaneo
asimovat.htm The following is an excerpt from _Isaac Asimov on Science and the Bible_ which is an interview conducted by Paul Kurtz in the spring of 1982. It first appeared in _Free Inquiry_ magazine somewhere aroun
asimovdo.htm Subject: "How It Happened" Date: 15 Sep 89 23:58:10 GMT Sender: news@pasteur.Berkeley.EDU Just a cute little story by Asimov that relates to something recently being discussed here. Copied with or withou
asimovob.htm Writer Isaac Asimov died yesterday of heart and kidney failure at the age of 72. The following is a rememberance circulated by James Randi, and I don't think he'll mind it being echoed here. The news cam
assaultw.htm One person has asked how could the government control the television picture of the major networks. Another person asked how is it that much of what we know about the assault at Waco is government propag
assometr.htm To: All Msg #51, Feb-04-93 05:41PM Subject: Pain-in-the-assometer Rather than continue the pointless debating of obnoxious jerks on alt.atheism, I have concocted a
ath-evan.htm Evangelistic Atheism: Leading Believers Astray By Dan Barker Freethought is worth sharing with the world. If the conditions are right, it is possible for a freethinker to successfully evangelize a believe
ath01doc.htm >In article <124593@sun.Eng.Sun.COM> perryc@sun.UUCP (Perry Cross) writes >>In article <4572@cps3xx.UUCP> cook@cpsvax.UUCP (Tom Cook) writes: >>>The fact that there are religions without gods does not i
ath02doc.htm Subject: Bush, patriotism, and atheism Some of you may be aware that on August 27, 1988, then presidential candidate George Bush made the following statement: "I don't know that Atheists should be consid
ath03doc.htm Subject: Re: Atheism as religion (was Wake Up...) In article <1228@clmqt.marquette.Mi.US>, scott@clmqt.marquette.Mi.US >I'm assuming you mean any personal god by the capitalization. You're right >again;
ath04doc.htm In article <124820@sun.Eng.Sun.COM> perryc.wheelie.Sun.COM (Perry Cross): >In article <> jmunro@wyse.UUCP (Jim Munro) writes: >Atheists have about as much in common as people who eat C
ath05doc.htm In article <18582@ut-emx.UUCP> paidraig@ut-emx.UUCP (Paidrag Houlahan): >In article <> jmunro@wyse.UUCP (Jim Munro) writes: >-In article <18520@ut-emx.UUCP> padraig@emx.UUCP (Padraig
ath06doc.htm Subject: Re: Honest Questions for an Honest Atheist >Are you being truely honest with yourself with reguards to your claim >that there is no God? Yes. >1. Do you understand probability? There are over 35
ath07doc.htm Subject: Re: Is the Christian God a God of wrath or love? Well here's an atheist viewpoint on this subject: People who's hearts are full of vengeance tend to believe in a God of vengeance. For instance,
ath08doc.htm Subject: Re: GOD???? In article <89306.033243MBT3@PSUVM.BITNET> MBT3@PSUVM.BITNET (Mike Tierney) writes: > THEORETICAL THEOLOGIAN THOUGHTS: > Is there a "God"? No, I don't beleive there is
ath09doc.htm Subject: Re: The Religion of Self-Reliance In article <>, (Charley Wingate) writes: > Doug Linder writes: >> The reason your religion is harmful is because it pro
ath10doc.htm In article <1168@csm9a.UUCP> japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Applegate) writes: >Atheism with it's disregard for a creator and it's embrace of evolutionary >thought leaves only one reason and goal for existanc
ath11doc.htm Subject: Re: God waiting to hear from me?? >In article <9893@ihlpb.ATT.COM>,jcmmaint@ihlpb.ATT.COM (Dene Bebbington) writes: >> >> In article <1366@csm9a.UUCP>, japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Applegate) writes
ath12doc.htm Subject: Re: no evidence of God. In article <16407@mimsy.UUCP>, mangoe@mimsy.UUCP (Charley Wingate) writes: >Dene Bebbington writes: *>>> Uh, Dene... What are you going to do when God doesn't provide th
ath13doc.htm Subject: Re: atheists and mythology [ Wow, I'm flaming my own post. Not that I disagree with it, but I didn't keep within the spirit of the argument in the last half of it. I started responding as an a
ath14doc.htm In article <1395@cbnews.ATT.COM>, pmd@cbnews.ATT.COM (Paul Dubuc) writes: > ... The belief that God > does not exist should affect one's active role in life. And what about a simple lack of belief? Ther
ath15doc.htm Article <14902@mimsy.UUCP> (Charley Wingate) says : >Gary Strand writes: >>You can get an idea of what such a [self-inconsistent] universe would be >>like by listening to a Christian
ath16doc.htm >Though, to me, if I accept the idea of "atheism" as a belief that there is no >God, no spiritual essence which is the source of knowledge and truth, then I >have to accept that morals must depend on hu
ath17doc.htm Subject: Re: Logic and Logic Charley Wingate writes: >Gary Strand writes: >> (BTW, Charley, how did you determine that logic isn't "true" when certain >>topics arise? Did you use some other method than l
ath18doc.htm Subject: Re: Atheism as a religion (Was Re: Bible in the Schools) There has been some real nonsense posted about atheism and its implications. In article <1168@csm9a.UUCP> japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Apple
ath19doc.htm Subject: Atheism (Re: Bible in the Schools) In article <1168@csm9a.UUCP> japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Applegate) writes: >Atheism with it's disregard for a creator and it's embrace of evolutionary >thought l
ath20doc.htm Subject: Prophecy? Ha Ha Ha ha ha haaahaha (was Re: Atheism as a religion) Article <1193@csm9a.UUCP> japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Applegate) says : >Much of this has already been discussed so in a capsule f
ath21doc.htm Subject: Re: Atheism as a religion (Was Re: Bible in the Schools) >> > 1. Existence itself. (Evidence of a creator) >> This is circular reasoning. >The others think so too. But I wonder why. The
ath22doc.htm Subject: What it took (Re: What would it take?) In article <3772@mit-amt> writes: > ... >Christians, what would it take to cause you to >decide that Christianity really isn't
ath23doc.htm Subject: Re: Evidence and the Christian God In article <11545@ut-emx.UUCP> padraig@emx.UUCP (Padraig John Houlahan) writes: :In article <213900012@inmet> jlp@inmet writes: :~ :~The questino has been raise
ath24doc.htm Subject: Re: Atheists mat@emcard.UUCP (W Mat Waites) wrote : > Atheism has nothing to say about anything. It is simply bleak, dry, empty > nothingness. We are all rocks waiting to be smashed by time. > So
ath25doc.htm Subject: Re: Evidence and the Christian God Sorry about the delay in commenting on this very interesting reply to my earlier article. Owing to a disturbance in the net, I did not see it until a few days
ath26doc.htm Subject: Re: Atheists In article <6908@emcard.UUCP> mat@emcard.UUCP (W Mat Waites) writes: ... >Atheism has nothing to say about anything. It is simply bleak, dry, empty >nothingness. We are all rocks wai
ath27doc.htm Subject: Re: Front-door Atheism Date: 9 Sep 90 08:04:37 GMT In article <>, (Florian Hars) writes... > (BOWDEN DON H) writes: >>fine-tune o
ath28doc.htm Subject: Re: Atheism as Religion (was Re: Is anyone a true aethist?) Date: 11 Dec 90 15:37:00 GMT References: <> <12140@milton.u.washington,edu> <F02f?> <19
ath29doc.htm samsung!!!!jewell Subject: Separation of church and state? Ha! Date: 3 Jun 91 03:43:42 GMT I used to believe in the separation of church and stat
ath30doc.htm Subject: Re: Atheism not = moral relativism (Was I tried to mail this but...) Date: 19 Jul 91 12:58:40 GMT References: <> <> In article <1639.288555
athbbsdo.htm ! I have found 4 general types of messaging systems/networks which are available to many computer users: 1. Commercial networks 2. Academic networks 3. Public BBS networks 4. Individual BBS systems Each of
athbookd.htm Subject: Michael Martin's recent book Date: 25 Jul 91 00:00:28 GMT Sender: Originator: Hello. I was just wondering what opinions alt.atheism readers have a
atheism3.htm > Today is the first day I have been on NET NEWS, and what do I see, > ATHIESM. I believe the ones who don't believe in God, don't believe in > Love, Power, and obedience. If you don't believe in God,
atheismn.htm To : Neal Feldman Subj: Atheism G'day Neal: From Michael Martin's _Atheism: A Philosophical Justification_, pp. 463-464. ATHEISM POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE If you look up "atheism" in a dictionary, you will pr
atheisms.htm To: All 13-Sep-93 03:22am Subject: hmm ATHEISM Simply a position that "He" does not exist. "The prefix "a" means "without", so the term "a-theism" literally means
atheist1.htm The following article was first published in the Alaska American Atheist newsletter (Feb. 1991). The subject relates (however tangentially) to recent discussions on alt.atheism and talk.philosophy about
atheist2.htm To : Tom Breuer Subj: athiest or not? On 06-02-94 22:22 Tom Breuer commented on athiest or not?, to which I exclaim: TB> did with the way I truly believed. The more stridently TB> athiests and agnostics
atheist9.htm Do you think we should judge the Branch Davidians by conducting a theological analysis of their ridiculous cult and their mad leader? Pointing out that the Bible is full of holes is one way in which peo
atheista.htm Msg # 9 Date: 07 May 91 02:38:29 To: All Subj: Membership Application for Print-out ____________________________________________________________________________ Membership Application For American Athei
atheistb.htm Here are my postcards to the BSA and UW. Their addresses follow. [To UW:] Dear Sir or Madam, I respect the Boy scouts of America's right to exclude nonbelievers and gays. However, by doing this they make
atheistf.htm the alt.atheism FAQs: 1. Overview for New Readers 2. Introduction to Atheism 3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 4. Constructing a Logical Argument 5. Atheist Resources Subject: Alt.Atheism FAQ: Overview fo
atheistj.htm The Christian Values Coalition Chuckle Channel. JESUS IS LORD! ************************* Q: Why did the atheist cross the road? A: So he could get to Hell faster! Q: Why do Hil
atheistm.htm ATHEIST MAN [begin exciting theme music] [looks tough] Champion of unbelievers! Chastiser of theists! [displays megaphone] Poster on Usenet! [produces SPARCstation from armpit] Resister of Flames! [flameth
atheistn.htm *A_THEIST Echo now available Christopher Baker Rights On! 1:374/14 A_THEIST Echo Available A_theism means free of religion in the way a_political means free of politics or a_sexual means free of sex chara
atheisto.htm CAUSES MISTRIAL Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1993 16:49:34 GMT I have seen a few people mention the case of the Texas atheist who recently caused a mistrial because of his refusal to take the "god" oath. Here's w
atheistq.htm All things dull and ugly, All creatures short and squat, All things rude and nasty, The Lord God made the lot; Each little snake that poisons, Each little wasp that stings, He made their brutish venom, H
atheistr.htm Msg # 2 Date: 06 May 91 23:49:40 To: All Joining The A_theist Echo Subj: A_theist Echo Guidelines ____________________________________________________________________________ Basic Disclaimer: This Echo
atheists.htm %% GOD doesn't believe in ATHEISTS. %% GOD hates ATHEISTS. %% GOD DAMNs ATHEISTS to HELL.
atheistw.htm As to why I am an atheist, it is because god revealed to me that he doesn't exist.
athesim.htm JAMES ROBERT PIERCE Knowledge/Athesim 04-29-91 Knowledge of God Countless Christians have offered me what they consider to be a cogent demonstration of the folly of atheism. In particular, they
athfaqdo.htm Subject: The FAQ File <--<< READ THIS FIRST Summary: C'est ici Keywords: FAQ Date: 23 Jul 91 01:03:02 GMT The Infrequently-Posted Frequently Asked Questions File for Alt.Atheism Yes, finally we have defini
athnrs.htm Msg # 7 Date: 07 May 91 02:00:53 To: All Subj: Dial-an-Atheist American Atheist Chapters across the country offer call-in li
athorgdo.htm Subject: Atheist Organizations/Publications (was: Re: American Atheist journal) Date: 19 Oct 90 14:11:20 GMT References: <130.271E5153@rochgte.FIDONET.ORG> In addition to American Atheists, here are some
athsay.htm This kind of stupid argument only convinces the converted. I just wish that the fundies would actually think about their arguments sometimes before using them: (1) Find out what an atheist is. An atheis
athsig.htm I call this one "ALLAH AND MOHAMMED GANG | | <*o***o*> / | BANGING A SHEEP", but out of respect f
athwhy.htm Jeffrey Clark Feb-18-93 12:24AM All my reasons for being atheist! Attn: Bill Connor Firstly, not all my reasons are purely logical but some are merely subjective evaluations. Fo
atlanta1.htm From Reuter: ATLANTA SUBURB PROTESTS TEN COMMANDMENTS RULING ATLANTA, June 30 (Reuter) - The staunchly conservative Cobb County area of suburban Atlanta will soon be flooded with gold-embossed copies of
atomxin.htm Keith M. Ryan Hilarious Christian Propaganda... I found this while reading one of the various "Books of Truth and Wisdom": As a proof of creationism over evolution: "What is the
attackev.htm To: John Beukema Nov-02-93 21:05:00 Subject: HELLO'S ... BUT ... RC>Then again, it's a lot easier to just ignore them, if at all RC>possible. JB> It may well be easier to ignore
attackwh.htm (Peter Walker) We live in a society that is, nominally at least, Christian, though the United States' law (indeed, the Constitution itself) is highly secular. Why then, does the veno
aug-93cp.htm The following is the ASCII version of the Citizens Project Newsletter| | _Freedom_Watch_ for August 1993.
authorit.htm Stanley Milgram's experiments in obedience to authority were mentioned in several forums recently, impelling me to follow up. Below is a passage from the first chapter of his book, _Obedience to Author
awayteam.htm USA TODAY 5/27/93 Undercover "Away Team" from Distant Space Goes Public with Final Warning The following statements could sound very presumptuous. However, these facts do come into focus or "prove" themsel
aztecgod.htm *reprinted without permission* CHURCHES CONTEST STATUE OF AZTEC GOD SAN JOSE, Calif.,--- In the latest chapter of public art as public controversy, a group of evangelical and charismatic churches in San J
a_lifeje.htm Some quotes from Larry Stammer, ``Not the Stuff of Sermons'', Los Angeles Times Book Review, Sunday, December 20, 1992, pp. 2,4. The article is a review of the book _Jesus: A Life_ by A.N. Wilson (W.W. N
baculuma.htm argumentum ad baculum (Latin for: argument appealing to the cudgel.) An argument employing an implicit or explicit threat. When in The Godfather the mafioso obeys the instruction to "make him an offer he
bakkerdo.htm Subject: Jimmy Swaggart -- a new low I caught "The Swag's" show yesterday on Warner Cable channel 1. It's a weird sort of syndicated cable channel -- lots of home shopping shows and stuff. They were rai
baldilok.htm Baldilocks and the Two Bears ..... Once upon a time, there lived an old man called Baldilocks, well known for his shining bonce, which had once been covered with a thick mat of hair. That was many years
bank-ban.htm ATHEISTS BANNED FROM BANK Mid-State chief stays group doesn't meet guidelines. By Danna Dykstra Coy San Luis Obispo County [California] Telegraph Tribune Tuesday, May 4, 1993 Reproduced without permission.
banned86.htm Censored Books Responding to the Meese commission's official approval of pressure-group censorship, Waldenbooks staged a promotion featuring 52 volumes that had been "challenged, burned or banned somewhe
barkerda.htm To: All Mar-23-94 01:34:04 Subject: "Walk Away" has Dan Barker! Walk Away, the newsletter for ex-fundamentalists, has in its Fall 1993 issue a description by Dan
bastardo.htm INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF OLD BASTARDS, INC. World Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri "Illegitimus Non Carborundum" DIOCESE OF COLORADO ======= == ======== PROCLAMATION AND DECREE OF THE ARCHBASTARD OF C
battlemn.htm Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501 Sponsored by Vangard Sciences PO BOX 1031 Mesquite, TX 75150 THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND by Dick Sutphen -- 22.2 KB Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The
beerbetr.htm Top 10 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Jesus 10. No one will kill you for not drinking Beer. 9. Beer doesn't tell you how to have sex. 8. Beer has never caused a major war. 7. They don't force Beer on
beliefdo.htm Subject: Rejection and lack of belief (was: Some Questions) Summary: Let's not make it too hard ... Date: 19 Jan 90 22:57:08 GMT References: <18522@dartvax.Dartmouth.EDU> <> <1078@dinor
beliefxi.htm THE TEACHING OF PAUL. Apart from Paul teaching a very different theology from the Jesus of the Gospels. It is interesting to note that he recomended celibacy (1 Cor 7:1,7,8,25-26,29,32,
believea.htm Okay, so you're a Christian. Believe in God, the Devil, angels, and demons. Believe in an authority so high above you that you are slime to Him. That is your right as a human being. However, your bel
believeb.htm "What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite." -- _Skeptical Essays_, 1928 Bertrand Russell
bergeson.htm Brett J. Vickers Marian Bergeson and Californian Creationism Marian Bergeson, the nominee for California's state school superintendent, was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times on April 11, 1993. Why is t
bermor.htm Bruce Salem Apr-16-93 08:31PM More on Bergeson I want to parapharse from an article that appeared in today's San Jose Mercury by Mitchel Benson, of that paper's Sacromento berua
betterof.htm Simon Ewins Steve Bedard 15-Sep-93 06:30am Faith And Sheep SB> Do you really believe that Christians would be better off if SB> they gave up their faith? Yes, and so would the entire plan
bib-prob.htm How unfortunate that you don't seem to have read my reply. I do have to wonder why a fine upstanding Christian, such as I imagine the original author to have been, would have felt the need to so serious
bib009.htm The "Inerrancy" of the Bible God creates animals and then man - Gen 1:25-26 God creates man and then the animals - Gen 2:18-19 Arpachshad's son was Shelah - Gen 11:12 Ar
bibl-err.htm >God good to all, or just a few? PSA 145:9 The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. JER 13:14 And I will dash them one against another, even the fa- thers and the sons
biblbone.htm The brain bone is connected to the bible bone The bible bone is connected to the ignorance bone The ignorance bone is connected to the money bone The money bone is connected to the power bone The power bo
bible10d.htm Subject: Group concludes: Jesus didn't say it Keywords: organized religion, religion, lifestyle trends, trends, misc social issues, social issues Date: 4 Mar 91 18:41:20 GMT LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- A controv
bible11d.htm Top Ten uses for a bible: 10. Paper weight 9. Kindling for the fireplace. 8. Book end. 7. Centerpiece of your pagan ritual pentagram (covered with goat skin and virgin blood) 6. Recycle!! (there a
bible2do.htm Subject: Re: Who wrote the Bible? Sender: Followup-To: Keywords: This discussion reminds me of the "discovery" about the hidden names of God in the book of Esther. It seems that the Old Testament book of E
bible3do.htm Subject: The Bible Has Two Creation Stories A close reading of the first few chapters of the Bible reveals not one, but two different -- and contradictory -- stories of creation. These are from two of t
bible4do.htm Subject: More on the Two Biblical Creation Stories I have received the response to my article on the two creation stories in the Bible that one can somehow fit the Adam-and-Eve story into the Sixth Day
bible5do.htm Subject: Religion and creation Topics: }Creationism deserves equal time because evolution is only a theory. }The doctrine of evolution is atheistic and therefore immoral. }Competition for survival implie
bible6do.htm THE BIBLE - RELIGIOUS PORNOGRAPHY Children, as well as adults, can have a traumatic experience reading the Bible. Along side the passages of moral admonishments, one repeatedly finds instructions to hat
bible7do.htm Subject: Re: Walking, Talking Bible Thumpers In article <2282@cadre.dsl.PITTSBURGH.EDU> (Gordon E. Banks) writes: >In a few words, Jesus makes everyone realize that justice u
bible8do.htm Xref: ncsuvx sci.skeptic:1845 talk.religion.misc:22617 In article <4760@imagen.UUCP> isaak@apolling (Mark Isaak) writes: }In article <>, }(David Gudeman
bibledat.htm %% The BIBLE is the HOLY WORD OF GOD and is LITERALLY 100% PROOF TRUE AND ACCURATE! %% There are NO contradictions in the BIBLE! NONE! IS NOT!
bibledoc.htm Subject: Re: The God That Can Remain Silent In article <12093@drutx.ATT.COM> zach@drutx.ATT.COM (Zach Lewis) writes: >In article <122986@sun.Eng.Sun.COM>, perryc@wheelie.Sun.COM (Perry Cross) writes: >>
biblered.htm All School board finally stops Bible <tm> readings. A small news item from the Philadelphia Legal Intelligencier gave me a real start the other day. I guess I must be hopelessly naive. It seems that the W
biblesuf.htm Subject: Re: E.T.'s In a message to Anyone <05-20-90 19:05> Greg Hansen wrote: > Is there any Biblical reason why aliens from outer space > cannot exist? I was talking with a friend briefly and he >
bibleswa.htm Copyright 1992 Freethought Today Reprinted with permission MILITARY ASKED TO HALT BIBLE BUYING The Freedom From Religion Foundation has asked the Pentagon and two Colorado military institutes to stop buyi
biog-01d.htm 11 page printout, page 1 to 11 Reproducible Electronic Publishing can defeat censorship. **** **** This file, its printout, or copies of either are to be copied and given away, but NOT sold. Bank of Wi
biog-02d.htm 9 page printout, page 12 to 20. INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 2. FROM EIGHTEEN FORTY-ONE TO EIGHTEEN FIFTY-SEVEN. Of his boyhood, Ingersoll seldom spoke: it was a subject too reminiscent of
biog-03d.htm 9 page printout, page 21 to 29 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 3 FROM EIGHTEEN FIFTY-EIGHT TO EIGHTEEN SIXTY-SIX. Ingersoll's reputation for brilliancy having preceded him, success in Peoria
biog-04d.htm 18 page printout -- 30 to 47 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 4. FROM EIGHTEEN SIXTY-SEVEN TO EIGHTEEN SEVENTY-SEVEN. On February 28, 1867, Ingersoll became attorney-general of Illinois, servi
biog-05d.htm 17 page printout, page 48 to 64 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 5. FROM EIGHTEEN SEVENTY-EIGHT TO EIGHTEEN EIGHTY-FIVE. In 1878 Ingersoll wrote his Robert Burns, a lecture. It was published p
biog-06d.htm 9 page printout, page 65 to 73 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 6. FROM EIGHTEEN EIGHTY-SIX TO EIGHTEEN EIGHTY-EIGHT. Ingersoll was now in his fifty-third year, when a large majority of genius
biog-07d.htm 12 page printout, page 74 to 85 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 7. FROM EIGHTEEN EIGHTY-NINE TO EIGHTEEN NINETY-TWO. In 1889, the Rationalists of Europe and America having conjointly provided
biog-08d.htm 9 page printout, page 86 to 94 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 8. FROM EIGHTEEN NINETY-THREE TO EIGHTEEN NINETY-SIX. As already evident, Ingersoll was the pronouncer of many eulogies of the d
biog-09d.htm 17 page printout, page 95 to 111 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 9 FROM EIGHTEEN NINETY-SEVEN TO EIGHTEEN NINETY-NINE. Two lectures, The Truth and A Thanksgiving Sermon, were published in 189
biog-10d.htm 15 page printout, page 112 to 126 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 10. THE PHILOSOPHICAL FOUNDATION UPON WHICH HE STOOD. Before attempting an estimate of those views the dissemination of which
biog-12d.htm 33 page printout, page 140 to 172 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 12. WAS HE 'A MERE ICONOCLAST'? Did He 'Tear Down without Building Up'? There is another criticism that is even more frequen
biog-13d.htm 4 page printout, page 173 to 176 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 13. WAS HE 'A MERE ICONOCLAST'? (Continued) WERE HIS TEACHINGS INIMICAL TO LAW AND MORALITY? One of the most serious features
biog-14d.htm 16 page printout, page 177 to 192 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 14. WAS HE 'A MERE ICONOCLAST'? (concluded) Did He Endeavor To Destroy the Hope of Immortality? In dealing with the specific
biog-15d.htm 10 page printout, page 193 to 202 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 15. HIS DOMESTIC TEACHINGS Woman, Love, Marriage, Home. It has been written, that upon the urn inclosing the ashes of our ref
biog-16d.htm 8 page printout, page 203 to 210 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 16. HIS DOMESTIC TEACHINGS (Concluded) Children -- Their Rearing and Education. Since the preceding presentation of Ingersoll
biog-17d.htm 21 page printout, page 211 to 231 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 17. DID HE PRACTISE WHAT HE PREACHED? It is, or rather, it ought to be universally recognized, as a fundamental principle, t
biog-18d.htm 16 page printout, page 232 to 247 INGERSOLL, A BIOGRAPHICAL APPRECIATION CHAPTER 18. HIS FACULTIES OF ARTISTIC AND INTELLECTUAL EXPRESSION He who would rise to the full scope of Ingersoll's art, in its vari
birthjes.htm Most of the material is drawn from Robin Lane Fox's _The Unauthorized Version: Truth and Fiction in the Bible_. All quotes, (except the Biblical ones) are from this book. Another book to check out, for t
blaime2g.htm Eric Sieferman ( wrote: : The question is: if God is to be held blameless for human evil, : not to mention human suffering, should God be held blameless : for human good?
blameday.htm Copyright 1992 Freethought Today Reprinted with permission --A NATIONAL DAY OF BLAME By Norm R. Allen, Jr. During the Thanksgiving season last year, I did a lot of thinking about this special day of than
blodmony.htm To: Steve Bedard Msg #347, 12-Sep-93 03:58pm Subject: Jesus Crust! A pregnant pause ensued as Steve Bedard shared a conception -- Jesus -- with Marilyn Burge on 08 Sep 93
blossomp.htm One beautiful spring Sunday, Father O'Malley took a walk trough the park. The Sun was shining, the skies were blue, the flowers were blooming in rainbow colors... and everything was merry. Father O'Malle
bluelawd.htm Xref: taco talk.politics.misc:80944 Subject: Blue laws (was: Re: Televising executions) Date: 13 Jun 91 17:41:25 GMT References: <> <1991Jun11.141515.
bob-jone.htm >Not that this is anything to do with the above thread, but is this Bob Jones >place for real? I saw an article about it a while ago (I think in _The_Sunday_ >Times_) and I was so amazed that I didn't k
bobbyism.htm To: All Msg #49, Oct-06-93 01:45AM Subject: Bobby quotes!!!!! MOZUMDER'S WORLD Hello everyone, here's the list you've all been waiting for. The collected wisdom (H
bonesjc.htm Some archeologists found the remains of Jesus in a burial cave near Jerusalem. Concerned at the theological import of the find they decided to contact leaders of various churches before publically announ
bookburn.htm PROTESTERS DOUSE BOULDER BOOK ROAST Rocky Mountain News More books were stolen than burned last night at a fundamentalist rally in Boulder that disintegrated into a shouting match between more than 250 su
books02a.htm To: All Dec-12-93 12:10PM Subject: Re: Atheism in Science fiction I never read THE JESUS INCIDENT or the sequels, since I did manage to figure out their connection
booksath.htm "The X-RATED Bible" by Ben Edward Akerley, American Atheist Press - Austin, Texas, 1985, ISBN: 0-910309-19-1. "Robertson: The Pulpit and the Power" by Arthur Frederick Ide, American Atheist Press, 1988,
booksnew.htm New books from Arthur Frederick Ide "Yahweh's Wife"; paperback, 112 pp., Stock #5569, $15.00. Is the Judeo-Christian god male or female? Ide examines the tribal politics that created the god Yahweh as he
boomersb.htm To: Samuel Wagar (cross/ Feminism) 13-Jun-93 01:45pm Subject: From My Body =/= My Prop (Crossposted from FEMINISM by Bob Hirschfeld) Friday June 04 1993, Samuel Wagar writes to Randy Horto
bornagan.htm Being born again increases the chances of birth defects.
bornagin.htm Subject: County Employees Complain of "Born Again" Harassment Date: 15 Nov 90 17:34:01 GMT Officials in Polk County Iowa are investigating complaints that the director of the Information Services Departm
boyscout.htm Subject: United Way branch cuts Scout funds It is the policy of the Boy Scouts of American that nonbelievers may not join. It is the policy the United Way not to distribute money to organizations that di
bquiz2ao.htm Found in America On Line. Reproduced for your amusiment. Complain about the special characters to the author. This may not be the hardest Bible trivia quiz in the world but it is the hardest I'VE ever
bradoc.htm THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND, by Dick Sutphen -- 22.2 KB Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today SUMMARY OF CONTENTS The Birth of Conversion/Brainwashing in Christian Revivalism i
brainwsh.htm BRAIN WASHING Most people and Government Agencies do not want this information generally known. Nor do the Born-Again Christian movement, cults, and many human-potential trainings. Everything I will relat
buddhist.htm %% BUDDHISTS are just ATHEISTS who are too chicken to admit they are SINNERS BOUND FOR HELL!
buggerol.htm To: Derek Clayton Nov-11-93 16:46:56 Subject: hey G'day Derek: Seeing as you don't get email very reliably, I thought I'd send you something which I'm going to submit to the Impri
bullitnf.htm Sentences which actually appeared in church bulletins 1. This afternoon there will be a meeting in the South and North ends of the Church. Children will be baptized on both ends. 2. Tueday at 4 p.m. t
bunylite.htm Bunnies and Light Her saccharine-sweet words presented to me Such a startlingly beautiful painting of Glory That with shaking hand, I wiped back a tear-- I knew without doubt, surely Christ was near. Her w
bush2cia.htm I caught the Jerry Falwell show this Sunday. Yes, the old butter-ball is still alive, kicking, and raking in the money hand-over-fist. This week's installment of prattle had to do with "Standing b
bush2doc.htm In article <17852@paperboy.OSF.ORG> (Jon Taylor) writes: >>> I agree that Bush could show some moral and intellectual spine and >>> be willing to embrace an unpopular opinion - but I hardly
bushath.htm From the Fall 1988 issue of FREE INQUIRY "The following exchange took place at the Chicago airport between Robert Sherman of American Atheist Press and George Bush. The Republican presidential nominee wa
bushcia.htm Stand behind your President. Was: Jerry Does White House Some folks naturally question my assertion that the CIA was in fact involved alto facto with the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbee, Scot
bushdoc.htm Subject: Re: Non-christians go to hell? Date: Tuesday, 11 Jul 1989 20:06:01 EDT In article <835@mmsac.UUCP>, bob@mmsca.UUCP (Bob Brown) asks: >could you please provide a source for the President saying t
buy-god.htm HOSS PEROT BUYS GOD by Bailey Hankins The entire human race was staggered today by the announcement that Dallas Billionaire R. Hoss Perot has purchased the Lord GodAlmighty, believed by many to be the
c-of-god.htm from "el diario/La Prensa," a Spanish language newspaper published in New York City. Translated and edited by Toby Mailman. Uruguay "CHILDREN OF GOD" "CULT" IN ARGENTINA, URUGUAY The religious sect "Child
caesreja.htm To: All Dec-12-93 21:17:44 Subject: An atheist's "Christmas Card" When I first ran across the following text, I thought it might make a cute "Christmas Car" for fe
calendra.htm To: All Msg #65, Jul-22-93 12:35AM Subject: Re: Mystical 7 ? Followup-To:,alt.atheism This thread has reminded me that the seven day week has not alwa
campsist.htm Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn't Fit LESBIANS TAKE ON RIGHT WING By Trudy Rudnick The right wing in this country has carried on a growing assault on the lesbian and gay communit
can-itbe.htm To: All Msg #39, Oct-18-92 07:31AM Subject: Fundamentalist Nightmare,alt.dreams,alt.atheism,alt.censorship,talk.religion.misc,sci.skeptic Hi. Last night I
cannibal.htm CONTRADICTIONS about God Christians should all HONESTLY and thoroughly investigate the CONTRADICTIONS between the Old and New Testaments in terms of their descriptions of God.
cartoona.htm I am a slobbering depraved murdering maniac. I am totally out of control because I totally and willfully refuse to believe in the omnipotent and loving God who constantly and lovingly makes Himself know
castingl.htm To: All Msg #124, Dec-12-93 01:48PM Subject: Re: Gambling in Bible In article <>, ai815@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (greg erwin) writes: |> |> |
catca.htm Msg #530, 27-Jan-93 11:14pm Subject: Clergy abuse 27/Jan/93 - 22:00, A&E Network, "Investigative Reports" Clergy Abuse. "Sins of the fathers. A church in crisis." What's easilly observed by the not-christ
catdoc.htm Subject: Even more Christian intolerance ... Yet another rather enlightening article from the Jan/Feb 1991 issue of "Freethought Today," this being a letter from one Stephen D. Mumford, Ph.D., Center for
catholic.htm From : G. Adam Stanislav To : Psappho > Why just the Protestant? The Catholic church does > equal work at telling lies about its history. It > teaches a total lie in its own church to its children > in r
catun.htm AOL xtians crap on the UN A perfect example of christian conspiracy thinkings found on America On Line. Be sure to check the ending (grin): Little Known Facts About: Russia, the United Nations, and the An
catusa.htm Catholic violations of government. CATHOLICS FOR CHOICE SPEAK OUT Pro-choice Catholics spoke out against the pope's recent statements against abortion in health care reform and abortion policy at the U.N
censored.htm To: ALL Oct-16-94 11:20:00 Subject: AFA wants PBS censored I received a letter from People for the American Way. They say that the Rev. Don Wildmon, a Tupelo, Miss
censorrr.htm Associated press (re-print) Washington A free-speech advocacy group accused the religious right yesterday of waging a national censorship campaign in public schools and said it found 347 attempts last yea
cerullom.htm Observer Magazine, 1992-05-31. Richard Askwith. Extracts from an excellent article reproduced without permission. Dr Morris Cerullo, evangelist, is a little man with big plans. Like Napoleon; except that
cerullos.htm Morris Cerullo's misadventure in India. Last Friday the Indian government banished Cerullo for causing a riot. The riot started as his inability to heal people, contrary to his promises, became apparent;
challeng.htm In article <>, (The_Doge) wrote: The_Doge's Christian Nation Challange! (So far completely ignored) The challange is simply, really; provi
children.htm Choose the 1 billion people from the world's population living in the countries with the lowest standards of living (about 40 countries). This year about 40 million babies will be born to parents among
chr-scid.htm Christian Science Couple's Conviction Overturned Associated Press -- 08/11/1993 Massachusetts' highest court has reversed an involuntary manslaughter conviction against a Christian Science couple whose s
chrishna.htm From <The_World's_Sixteen_Crucified_Saviors> ---Begin-Quote------------------------------------------------------------- Chrishna of India - Crucified 1200 B.C. The history of Chrishna Zeus is contained
christin.htm > -=*<({christianity})>*=- Christianity too deeply nested. Halt process? void main(int argc, char *argv[]) unsigned int christians; for (christians = 1; christians < MAX_NUM_FOOLS; christians++) { if (! p
church2d.htm Subject: Social changes since middle ages. Summary: The moral advances one throws out in stepping back to 13th century. Date: 25 Jul 90 03:49:07 GMT ----- People have always tried to change the things that
churchdo.htm CHURCH SERVICES VIOLATE TRUTH IN ADVERTISING LAWS. If you were a god, would you want the creatures you made to be gathering in churches praying at you and singing hymns to flatter you? Why would a god
churchpo.htm I found this in the local paper. I won't post it verbatim in order to avoid moderator wrath. Church affiliation, politics linked, study finds. Thomas B Edsall The Washington Post David C Leege, professor
circleat.htm (Kalki Dasa) writes: The author of the scriptures is God, and He says the scriptures are fact. You cannot impudently override God's opinion. The scriptures are fact.
circumci.htm The Circumcision Decision by Dave Gross Having a baby boy today means having to face an important decision: Should your son be circumcised. Only 25 years ago, in the United States anyway, it was an easy d
ciyalov.htm To: Brian Moore Oct-26-93 00:49:24 Subject: Ciya Replies On (23 Oct 93) Brian Moore wrote to All... BM> I would like to share with you this LOVING[sic] pamphlet. Thank you.
clergy2d.htm Subject: Clergy Sex Abuse Keywords: sex abuse clergy insurance Date: 28 Nov 90 00:58:37 GMT Further evidence for my claim that religion is harmful. Of course there are those people that claim evidence is
clergydo.htm Clergy and Laity Abuse of People by Alisandra and Ammond Shadowcraft The following newspaper clippings are taken from FREETHOUGHT TODAY, published by The Freedom From Religion Foundation, P.O. Box 750 Mad
clericsa.htm Non-believing cleric sacked! From time to time, creationists assault us along the lines of "Evolution is wrong because Darwin recanted" (this has been said to me), or that some famous scientist believes
clintonb.htm [Here's something interesting from the "Something in the water department." When discussing paranoid conspiracy beliefs one of the most common themes is the claim by the believer that he or she has made
clintong.htm To: All Mar-24-94 00:18:00 Subject: President Clinton and god... 1/2 Salutations All! The following is a transcription I made of an interview on ABC yesterday and t
clintonp.htm Subject: CLINTON: REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AT PRAYER BREAKFAST Date: 4 Feb 93 15:59:20 GMT THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ______________________________________________________________ For
clintonx.htm = The hate group, "Watchman Fellowship, Inc.," has a BBS = = where you may download more of their hate literature. Call = = 6095864847 and download this cult's propaganda.
clonesex.htm Didn't Asimov write something like: Oh give me a clone, Of my own flesh and bone, With its Y chromosome changed to X! And when it is grown, Little clone of my own, It will be of the opposite sex!
club-027.htm May-28-93 05:33PM _The_700_Club_ Followup-To: sci.skeptic In article <> (Robert Broughton) writes: >For clarification purposes, there's a more fundamenta
clubgod.htm Nan....Isis....Blog....Grandmother-Spider....Jehovah....Bob....Lugh.... . /\ . . / \
coin02us.htm this is a download from AAOS [512-302-0247, 1:382/1006]: Reproduced from the September 1988 issue of the _American Atheist_ magazine. ************************************************************ Oral Stat
coinageg.htm How "In God We Trust" was put on all our money (Author unknown--- drice) The Constitution of these United States was ratified in 1789 without a single reference to 'god'. At that time, 4 percent of the p
coinsdoc.htm Xref: taco talk.abortion:49279 talk.religion.misc:44746 Subject: In god we trust (Was Re:A fair reading!) Date: 30 Aug 91 16:00:59 GMT Subject: In god we trust [not] (Was Re: A Fair Reading!) In <9049@spd
coinsusa.htm the Constitution of these United States was ratified in 1789 without a single reference to 'god'. at that time, 4 percent of the populace was church-involved and every major statesman was a deist, inclu
colorado.htm Sean McCullough New Johannesburg Salve, Questore. Benevolentiae! You said: > WHAT HAPPENED? I am so surprised! When I was in Colorado Springs, not > five years ago, I was in a VERY LIBERAL town! Most pe
commandd.htm In article <> tim@charon.Berkeley.EDU (Tim Bessie) writes: >Just a question for all of you religion, society and culture buffs >out there... >In a continuing debate between
compuchr.htm Here is some information on it. Become your own minister! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- So How Do I Become Ordained? Easy. Just fill out the simple form below, or call any
conceptg.htm To: All Oct-17-93 10:35AM Subject: The concept of God I have never been in this group before. I am writing a paper and I would ask for any FRIENDLY critisism that
confesss.htm Anyone heard of the day Father Murray asked the church custodian to handle confession for him while he went to the bathroom? He said "all you need to know is right there on this paper. See, here's lying
confusay.htm Canonical Collection of "CONFUCIUS SAY" Wisdom Last Updated: 1/1/94 CONFUCIUS SAY: 65. "Panties not best thing on earth, but next to it." 64. "Work to become, not to acquire." 63. "Show off
conserv.htm To: Teddy Winstead Msg #49, 06:59pm Dec-03-90 Subject: YOUR KINDA PLACE READING, WRITING AND RIGHT-WINGING Michigan's Hillsdale College, a little-known right-wing campus, is o
conserv2.htm > What's a conservative? >Conservative n. One who is enamored of societies current ills, as opposed >to the liberal who wishes to replace them with new ones. :-) No, no, NO!!!! There are two definitions
conspir!.htm >Good BoB. I was right. This man really must believe it. This man has >no slack. Paul is the first SubG poser I've ever seen. Proof of "Bob's" global empire is everywhere, even your local telephone direc
constitu.htm And the FACT of the matter is that this nation was NOT founded on Christian principles. The bulk of our Constitution was stolen virtually intact from the Pagan Haudenosaunee Native Americans, and the Bil
contdick.htm Is God good to all, or just a few? PSA 145:9 The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. JER 13:14 And I will dash them one against another, even the fathers and the sons toget
contempg.htm To: Paul Murray Jan-25-94 08:26:44 Subject: Re: Laws and Religion Re: Re: Laws and Religion >jw> California Law on swearing oaths specifically identifies a >jw> "Christian"
contempt.htm To: Horst Sommer Jan-31-94 23:17:00 Subject: Contempt of Court Re: Laws and Religion > PM>Note also that once in a courtroom the judge can jail you for any reason a > PM>all
coprnics.htm Several hundred years ago, geocentrism was accepted Church doctrine. When Copernicus published his thoery in "De Revolutionibus Orbeum Coelestium" (1543), he was more at fear from disfavor from religiou
cornflak.htm To: Russ Lopez 13-Sep-93 11:46pm Subject: Corn flakes Corn flakes. Try 'em again, for the first time. Be a born again consumer of scientifically cultivated foodstuffs. Did God invent "Grap
cos_chri.htm NLNS Packet 2.9 - 11 May 1992 Christian Hate Groups Take Root in Colorado Fundamentalist Christians Mount Attack Against Gays & Lesbians Jerry White, NLNS COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO (NLNS)--Set in one of
courtban.htm WASHINGTON (AP) -- A Denver elementary school teacher who challenged orders that he remove two religious books from his classroom and not keep a Bible on his desk lost a Supreme Court appeal Monday. The
crapsg.htm During the year after my graduation the Moonies were having a big recruitment drive in Cambridge, under the name of the "Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles", or "CARP". Saint Richard
creatcon.htm Subject: Boycott Creation Cons! Just something I got from a BITNET mailing list. Anyone who goes to conventions should read it, as CREATION is trying to monopolize the market and drive the (better, IMHO)
creatora.htm "All men hate the wretched; how then must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things! Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature, to whom thou art bound by ties only dissoluble by t
crechedo.htm Subject: Harassment, Christian style Date: 23 Mar 91 16:57:03 GMT From the Jan/Feb 1991 issue of the freethinker newspaper "Freethought Today," a rather disturbing example of Christian intolerance and dow
creedsda.htm To: All Msg #184, Apr-25-93 06:10PM Subject: 27 fundamental beliefs of SDA I was asked to post list of the SDA Church's basic beliefs. The SDA church has always b
creevoda.htm %% GOD created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. To say otherwise is BLASPHEMY and WRONG! %% EVOLUTION is the Devil's Work. It is written by DEMONS and read by SINNING DAMNED LIARS! %% I'll
cretinat.htm >From _You English Words, A Book About Them_, by John Moore: speaking of >"my old schoolmaster", Moore writes: > "Cretin" was another of his favourite terms of abuse, especially > when we we
crimeisu.htm The following is part of a report from the American Physical Society's "What's New" weekly report. Article #205 (207 is last): Subject: APS "What's new" file - 25 June Date: Fri Jun 25 21:10:52 1993 WHAT'S
criminal.htm Looking back at the history of the church you find you are a member of one of the world's greatest criminal organizations. Witch-hunts, six million women burnt, genocide, religious wars, crusades, oppres
crucifym.htm Damned if I know
crystalp.htm POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and CRYSTAL WEENIES or WHAT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS *REALLY* IS Political much we've all heard on this subject!! But what is it, really?? The American conservativ
cult017.htm Prescript: This silliness was downloaded from the Nazi-4-christ network. 99% of it is completely WRONG in its "facts" and should be taken with a large chunk of salt. August 31, 1990, David rice FID:A1020
cult021.htm Prescript: This silliness was downloaded from the Nazi-4-christ network. It appears to be a christian ritual to summon their god "Satan," near as I can tell. Satanists do not sacrifice living
cumbyna.htm To: All Subject: eh?? CONSTANCE CUMBY "CLEANSED" IN "HARMONIC CONVERGENCE" SPEAKS THROUGH "TRANCE CHANNEL" Acapulco, Mexico (EPA), June 23, 1993 Spectators in this popular resort area were shocked yesterd
cut-guns.htm Tuesday, July 11, 1989 Miles City Star (Montana), Page 7 "CUT" official faces charges SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - The purported security chief of a controversial Montana religious sect was arrested for illegal
cwadoc.htm Lora > But I keep hearing the great feminist myth of the great male conspiracy to enslave women, and it is a dandy myth. MAKS-----------
cynicism.htm Message #8226 - HolySmoke Date : 16-May-93 04:34 From : Sean McCullough To : All *conferees* Subject : Cynicism v. Christianity Location: FidoNet's HOLYSMOKE Echo Hail, HolySmokers! One question which ha
dadabort.htm The following article is from the Spring/Summer 1988 issue of CIVIL LIBERTIES, a newspaper published by the American Civil Liberties Union. It is presented for the purpose of editorial critique. The o
dahmerxi.htm "Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners... But for that very reason, I was shown mercy so that in me... Jesus Christ might display Hi
damascus.htm (Eric Rescorla) writes: >In article <> > (Gene E. Johannsen) writes: >> (Tony Lez
danieltr.htm To: Steve Bedard Subject: Truth Oh, Steve!! SB>You have yet to show any evidence that Daniel was written after the facts. SB>You seemed to indicate that Daniel was written during the exile yet there S
dark-age.htm From a somewhat conservative newspaper in Newport News, VA: attributed to George W. Cornell, "Association Press" -- I assume "Associated Press", but that's what the byline says. Titled "Religions Fightin
darwinfs.htm < D A R W I N ><
daysofwe.htm I had heard that the days of the week came from the names of the Titans. This corresponds to the "planet names" idea, since that's what the Titans were mapped to. Look at the day names: Sunday (Sun Day
dcmbag.htm Austin Miles, in his book "Don't Call Me Brother," talks about homosexuality and child molestations within the christian religion; to be specific, homosexuality and child molestations by clergy. Book cov
dead-6re.htm ** READER NOTICE ** The news story on the next page is very sad. If you do not want to have your entire day ruined by the complete waste of it all do not proceed past this page. It must be said however th
dead-god.htm "Then one day he was double-crossed Perhaps his powers failed? They caught him praying in the park And this time he was nailed But his followers wouldn't let him die 'A god can't die!' they said So instead
dead02do.htm Woman Held for Shooting Doctor Associated Press 08/20/93 Rachelle Renae Shannon remains jailed in Wichita, Kan, today on an attempted murder charge after allegedly shooting Dr. George Tiller outside his ab
dead03do.htm Even *MORE* on Xtian Terrorism Abortion MD Returns To Work Day After Shooting Associated Press -- 08/20/93 An abortion [provider] doctor returned to work Friday less than 12 hours after being shot, and hi
dead04do.htm Suspect to Suspect: "I Know You Did the Right Thing" Associated Press -- 08/21/93 The Pensacola (Fla) News Journal has obtained copies of 25 admiring letters sent by the suspect in Friday's shooting of a
deaddoc.htm Phila. Inquirer 8/16/93 MOBILE, Ala - A Roman Catholic priest wants to place an ad that labels the slaying of abortion doctors "justifiable homicide," a newspaper reported yesterday. The Rev. David Trosch
deathdoc.htm Xref: ncsuvx talk.politics.misc:51605 soc.rights.human:1977 talk.philosophy.misc:3363 talk.religion.misc:25037 Subject: Re: Is There Biblical Justification For Capital Punishment? Keywords: Christian, J
deathjes.htm To: All Msg #916, Oct-23-93 13:02:00 Subject: The Jesus Crutch Do I have something COOL for YOU! In the high school that I use to attend, a group of "born again"
deathqot.htm The Week in Death: Dec 3-9 :1/2 QUOTE OF THE DAY ``We continue to share with our remotest ancestors the most tangled and evasive attitudes about death, despite the great distance we have come in understan
debateer.htm The following will appear in the next (vol. 4, no. 3, Summer 1993) issue of _The Skeptical Review_. It may be redistributed freely. Copies of the text of all articles published in _The Skeptical Rev
declarea.htm THE EDGEWOOD DECLARATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF AUTONOMOUS CHAPTERS OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT We are the American Indian Movement. AIM. We walk into the future in the footsteps of our
deityff.htm "I do not find in orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature." --- Jefferson "Question with boldness the existence of God. I do not believe any of the Christian doctrines. The greatest enemies of Jesus
deityno.htm "There was no deity involved. It was my cross-circuiting to 'B' that saved them." - Science Officer Spock, operating the transporter
demogdoc.htm Subject: Demographics of Atheism In article <> (Jeff Sicherman) asks: > Are there any reliable figures on the demographics of atheism ? >Tha
demonsdo.htm Doctors And Demons By James W. Williamson, M.D. The progress of science in general and medicine in particular has been greatly hindered by religion. A historical overview will show the negative relationsh
demonsno.htm To: Frederic Rice Oct-04-93 00:02:00 Subject: Witchcraft I forwarded this from another echo, this missive is between Mr. Stacey and myself...laugh away! MM> SB> My point is t
denialxi.htm To: Jesse C. Jones 01-Jul-93 05:45pm Subject: Re: Salvation JC> JCJ> From loneliness. From the emptiness inside. From JC> ourselves. JCJ> From the despair at staring into the abyss of JC>
descarte.htm Subject: A difference that makes no difference is no difference Summary: When a parapsycological hypotheses becomes religious Date: 24 Jan 91 00:47:24 GMT ----- Descartes, in wondering what we can know, c
destroye.htm Warren Vonroeschlaub CONTRACT: Destroying the Earth PURPOSE This contract is to achieve the destruction of the earth by allowing it to enter the Sun's corona. This will be done by slow
determin.htm Vital signs of a thinking person. Neil Peart is God. "Those who know what's best for us must rise and save us from ourselves." "A planet of playthings we dance on the strings of powers we cannot perceive" "F
diagath.htm What's a Diagnostic? Someone who is not sure if they believe in two Gods!
dial-aa0.htm Dial-THE-Atheist is a free, recorded message service sponsored by American Atheists and available at (512) 458-5731 24 hours a day. Narrated by Madalyn O'Hair, founder of American Atheists, it features s
diaryor.htm Michael Swanson, 1:264/611 (Wednesday October 20 1993 20:56) DIARY of an OPERATION RESCUE NUT ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ October 6 - Today I marched against those devil books in school. October 7
dictator.htm Roman Catholic Dictators of the 20th Century [compiled by Hugo Borreson, Virgina] Leon Degrelle, Belgium Ngo Dinh Diem, Vietnam Engelbert Dollfuss, Austria Francisco Franco, Spain Emil Hacha, Bohemia-Moravi
dictinry.htm From The Devil's Dictionary: Air, n. A nutritious substance supplied by a bountiful Providence for the fattening of the poor. Christian One who believes that the New Testament is a divinely inspired boo
didache.htm Date : 11-Nov-90 16:53 From : Bill Carlson Subject : Didache DIDACHE (M'shacheeym/Natzratim Version) The Teaching Of The L-rd To The Goyim-<Gentiles> By The Twelve Emissar
disbelif.htm "Disbelief in god does not constitute a religion any more than disbelief in flying saucers constitutes a space program."
do-sinsx.htm "Most christians hold it as a fundamental tenet of their faith that Christ died for their sins; as a consequence, many are determined to commit at least a few atrocities against their fellow humans to m
dogmadoc.htm DOGMA AND TRUTH Herbert Spencer said that "Science is the classified common knowledge of the common people." Then we note from Hubbard that "All that which is simply assumed, believed, conjectured, take
dogmaroc.htm Msg # 304 Date: 21 Jun 92 08:51:05 Did you ever see this song I wrote a few years back? (I can't remember if I showed it to you or not) DOGMA ROCK - Styx Allum 9/15/89 This mantis doesn't pray. The
doomsday.htm From Monday 15 November Washington Post: NO DOOMSDAY FOR JAILED CULTISTS Kiev, Ukraine---Confounding the prophesies of a Ukranian doomsday cult and its imprisoned "living God," the world failed to end ye
doorchat.htm  Special Remote keys: HOME(CTRL-A)/END(CTRL-Z): Start/end of current line PGUP(CTRL-W)/PGDN(CTRL-E): Top/bottom of window INS(CTRL-X)/DEL(CTRL-D): Insert space/delete char at curso
doubtfey.htm "I can live with doubt and uncertainty, I think it is much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I don't feel frightened by not knowing things, by being lost in
drugdoc.htm Many people have described to me what their personal experience is with religion that identifies to them it is true. Some LDS friends point to the "burning in the bosom", other Christians have mentione
easter05.htm Gerry Palo Feb-18-93 08:53AM Reconciling (religious) holidays Last night I got an e-mail response to my post suggesting a rational celebration of Easter by a non-believer, for
easter2d.htm Subject: The Original Easter Date: 20 Jul 90 15:01:34 GMT From "Freethinker" magazine: A Babylonian Passion Play - R.J.Condon There was a time when it was fairly easy to acquire old books of biblical criti
easterdo.htm EASTER The most joyous of Christian festivals, and one of the first celebrated by the Christians, commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, on the first Sunday after the full moon following the vern
easterjo.htm Three guys die and are transported to the Pearly Gates, where St. Peter greets them warmly, explaining that there's just one brief formality before they can be admitted to heaven. Each will have to answ
echonuts.htm To: All Msg #582, 26-Sep-93 08:02pm Subject: Walnuts vs. cashews * Forwarded by Steve Quarrella (1:124/9005) * Area : ECHO_REQ (ECHO_REQ) * From : Bart Henderson,
eco-theo.htm This article appeared in The Oregonian on Sat. April 10, 1993. I provide some excerpts for your examination and consideration. FAITH, HOPE & ECOLOGY....American religious denominations have discovered th
educatio.htm %% EDUCATION is vastly overrated. Educated men almost always go to HELL. %% SCHOOLS are the domain of SATAN since PRAYER was banned from them by those lily-livered AGENTS of LUCIFER LORD OF THE FLIES the
einat2.htm This is from _Albert Einstein: The Human Side_ which is a collection of snippets from his archives. Edited by Helen Dukas and Banesh Hoffman. Published by Princeton University Press. Here's a few mor
einath.htm "The mystical trend of our time, which shows itself particularly in the rampant growth of the so-called Theosophy and Spiritualism, is for me no more than a symptom of weakness and confusion. Since our i
eindoc.htm Subject: Albert Einstein's Religious Beliefs What were Albert Einstein's religious beliefs? That is an interesting question because he used the word "God" a lot. As Carl Sagan so truly points out (check
eingod.htm Now here is a longer but I think more revealing quote from Einstein. It may be too long for the FAQ, but it is clearer than the reference to Spinoza's god. I have found that few people I know have read
einstein.htm In 1954, only thirteen months before Einstien's death, he answered a letter he had recieved from a man inquiring about his religious beliefs: "It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious co
einsten0.htm This is from _Albert Einstein: The Human Side_ which is a collection of snippets from his archives. Edited by Helen Dukas and Banesh Hoffman. Published by Princeton University Press. Here's a few mor
einsten3.htm Sorry, spiritual truth is beyond comprehension [cut] who1: (Loren I. Petrich) ID1: <20vm2b$> ID2: <> Who2: ID3:
elvisjc.htm Some thoughts on Jesus and Elvis: Jesus said: "Love thy neighbor." (Matthew 22:39) Elvis said: "Don't be cruel." (RCA, 1956) Jesus is the Lord's shepherd. Elvis dated Cybill Shepherd. Jesus was part of th
encountr.htm To: All Jul-13-93 06:28AM Subject: A Jehova's Witness encounter (long) Well, the weather's warm and the JWs are out. One brave young JW stopped by Sunday to sprea
end-wrld.htm 18-Apr-93 22:00 Don Funderburg Get ready for "1994?" Well fellow Atheist get ready for another "end of the world" insurgence. There is another book out called "1994?" Written by (since I didn't waste my mo
environd.htm Conservationist Enlist Help of Faiths New York Times, Tuesday 23 May 1989 By Paul Lewis, Special to New York Times UNITED NATIONS, May 22- A plan to translate the world's most sacred texts into English in
errors2b.htm The bat is a bird (Lev 11:13, 19, Deut 14:11, 18) Some fowls are four footed (Lev 11:20-21) Some creeping insects have four legs (Lev 11:22-23) Hares chew the cud (Lev 11:6) Conies chew the cud (Lev 11:5)
erthtabl.htm ERTHTABL.htm The Third Great Watchtower; The Great Northern Quandrant of Earth ___________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | b
evidenc2.htm Subject: Re: no evidence of God. In Charley Mangoe's first posting on this subject <16387@mimsy.UUCP>, he responded to Dene: > Really, now: you are making demands upon God about how to run the world > pro
evidenc3.htm Subject: Religious evidence (was: Carl Sagan) Summary: Testimony does not provide the same quality of evidence as direct observation. Date: 21 Dec 89 02:51:36 GMT References: <> <21366@m
evidence.htm Subject: Re: There Is No Test In article <16710@mimsy.UUCP> writes: ~Padraig John Houlahan writes: ~>But your word does not constitute extraordinary evidence. All I can do is ~>put yo
evilxtia.htm %% The INQUISITION had the right idea but they weren't THOROUGH enough. %% The CRUSADES were the high point of CHRISITIAN TIMES.
evolutio.htm %% Evolutionary theory, that Devil's work, is FALSE FALSE FALSE. IS NOT, DAMMIT! PROOF! -> I am not a monkey and never was! <- PROOF! %% There is recorded evidence that Darwin, the Devil's Playmate,
ew.htm Anybody that can swallow Marx, Engels & Lenin shouldn't have any trouble with Father, Son & Holy Ghost. After all, the "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" ain't all THAT much different from the "Perpetual
ex-coppr.htm ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP), Friday Novemvber 12, 1993 Ex-Policeman, Priest Charged In Heist A retired police officer and a priest were among three mem charged Friday in connection with the robbery Jan 5 of $7.
existnot.htm Time to post what Martin called "the Scriven extension principle" (though in the hardback edition of "Atheism", this is misprinted on p.283 - I have corrected it to be consistent with earlier versions):
exorcism.htm I don't know if anyone has mentioned this already, but here's a little news snippet which may be of interest. A woman died in western Victoria last week when her husband and two other men tried to driv
exorcize.htm Fredric Rice I've got an intellectual exercise for everyone -- though doubtless some among us will find it less than amusing. "<snif> We are not amused." Pay attention, please: 000 00000 00000 00000
expelled.htm ST LOUIS POST DISPATCH TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 1993 SECTION C, PAGE 1 CHRISTIAN SCIENTIST HERE EXPEL DISSENTER The Christian Science church has expelled a forth-generation member because she criticized the chu
exposedo.htm Several weeks ago ABC TV's program Prime Time Live exposed the dirty doings of three televangelists. One of these televangelists was Larry Lea, and in the Lea segment they exposed Eric Pryor. As a resul
factsgod.htm To: Paul Dry Msg #523, 19-Jun-93 09:17pm Subject: Re: GOD G'day Paul: In a msg of <Thursday June 17 1993>, Paul Dry writes to Tyler A. Wunder: TA>> Atheists (at least
faithdat.htm %% FAITH in GOD is the ONLY thing that will SAVE you from HELL. %% No matter how absurd it may sound, if I say 1 + 1 = 1, until proven wrong I am right. So it is with GOD; until proven wrong about His exi
faithfac.htm Faith and Fact in the Creation-Evolution Controversy by Dr. David N. Menton St. Louis, 1986 (rev. 7-17-92) (c) 1992 by the Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. It is said that Isaac Newton once chall
faithiii.htm "Paul Kurtz's _The_Transcendental_Temptation_." ___________________________________________________________________________ Faith Type | Nickname | Concept TYPE I | "Intransigent
fallenxt.htm %% Jimmy Swaggert just had a couple of setbacks, you know. HE'LL BE BACK. %% Jim and Tammy were railroaded. They are innocent! %% GOD would have taken Oral home, that's a fact. 900-foot-tall JESUSes do N
falwella.htm They saved Hitler's brain--it's living in Jerry Falwell!
falwellt.htm This article appeared in The Oregonian on Sat. April 10, 1993: RELIGION AND POLITICS - Some observers say the IRS' decision to fine Jerry Falwell's group for political involvement is a move in the right
familyda.htm %% The loss of FAMILY VALUES is the biggest reason for all the SIN and CORRUPTION in this modern HELLBOUND world.
fear-day.htm To: All May-07-94 02:37:12 Subject: 05-may-94 Nat'l Day of Fear Well, how did you all spend your National Day of Fear? I spent the day holed up in my underground b
fear-god.htm I don't need to fear you or your God. Neither of you exist!
fearsay.htm Religion will survive as long as there is fear, conflict, and ignorance. Fear is a part of us. "There are no atheists in foxholes." Conflict comes from diversity, which is, on a peaceful level, desirabl
february.htm ATHEIST MILESTONES FOR FEBRUARY An Atheist Calendar Compiled by Gipson Arnold, President, Atheist Network. Feb. 2, 1859 - H. Havelock Ellis was born - Ellis was a pioneer psychologist and sex researcher.
fertileg.htm To: All Msg #93, Apr-18-93 02:56PM Subject: from fertilized egg to Albert Sabin In the final lab I taught this semester the subject matter was animal development.
ffrfdoc.htm Subject: Freethought Today Date: 23 Mar 91 17:00:09 GMT In two previous postings, I referred to the paper "Freethought Today." This periodical is published 10 times annually by the Freedom From Religion
fidonetd.htm %% FIDONET! That blasphemous network that houses HOLYSMOKE, the echo HELLBOUND ATHEISTS use to torment those of us who LOVE the LORD! %% BAH! FIDONET is the Devil's Workshop!
fightgod.htm "Onward, Christian soldiers; forward, Buddha's priests; Fight the sons of Islam 'till you're all deceased! Onward into Battle; forward to the Fray, For the Greater Glory, Of Dis-Cor-Die-Yay!!" :) Ad
firetabl.htm FIRETABL.htm The Fourth Great Watchtower; The Great Southern Quandrant of Fire. ___________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | d
flood2do.htm Subject: More on those fossils, etc. About those fossils and the question of Noah's Flood, I pointed out that the flood hypothesis had become discredited in the early nineteenth century. Before that, of
flood3do.htm Subject: The Flood and creation Topics: }Religion's views }Science's views }Parallel myths }Subject: Noah's Ark - the construction problems }What to leave behind }Subject: the issue of marine animals being
floodbul.htm %% Ideas by themself can never stand alone. They are always built on a series of other ides... or theories. Let's say for example I build a pyramid out of building blocks. Now, there are a series of blo
flooddat.htm %% The world DID flood to the highest mountains, you heathen SCUM! %% The world is NOT millions of years old. IS NOT! IS NOT! %% God opened the windows of heaven, and the water in the great deep came down
flooddoc.htm Subject: Fossils on Mountains, etc. Someone posted an article wondering how fish fossils got onto high mountains. At first sight, it does seem that the mountain might have once been under water. But a di
foolgod.htm "God was created by the first rogue who saw the first fool!" --- The author of this quote is either Voltaire or Rousseau
fortunec.htm To: All Msg #7, Dec-12-93 07:07PM Subject: Atheist Fortune Cookie quotes Following is the DIFF script between v1.0 and v1.1 of the new Alt.Atheism Fortune Cookie Q
fou006.htm "What influence, in fact, have ecclesiastical establishments had on society? In some instances they have been seen to erect a spiritual tyranny on the ruins of the civil authority; on many instances the
fougod.htm "The New Testament, they tell us, is founded upon the prophecies of the Old; if so, it must follow the fate of its foundation.'' [Thomas Paine] "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just."
founddoc.htm Subject: Religion and America's Founding Fathers (Re: Re^2: Fundy juries) Date: 3 May 90 01:57:18 GMT I think that "btiffany@pbs.uucp" has been unfair to Thomas Jefferson and some others of our Founding
founder5.htm As for the right to suicide..if this is a "Christian Nation", then only God theoretically has the right to take a life. It's a touchy issue. I personally believe you have every right to suicide, but only
founders.htm "What influence, in fact, have ecclesiastical establishments had on society? In some instances they have been seen to erect a spiritual tyranny on the ruins of the civil authority; on many instances they
foundqt.htm Subject: Re: On Jefferson, Xtianity and History In article <>, (Andrew F. Hampe) writes... >If Jefferson does not buy into the Miracles, and Hence >in
foundr0g.htm George Washington: "The United States is in no sense founded upon Christian Doctrine" Thomas Jefferson: "It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks m
freedom1.htm To: Styx Allum Oct-12-93 22:15:02 Subject: A Christian nation? Nope. Hello, Styx!! You were telling us: > THOMAS JEFFERSON: >
freedoms.htm "Freedom of speech means that you shall not do something to people either for the views they have, or the views they express, or the words they speak or write." -- Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black (1963
freevill.htm Xref: ncsuvx talk.religion.misc:31241 talk.religion.newage:8098 Subject: RFI - Freedom Village Date: 18 Sep 90 15:21:52 GMT Sender: (Admin) Disclaimer: The opinions expressed ar
freewill.htm There are those who think that life has nothing left to chance; a holy host of horrors do direct our aimless dance. A planet of playthings, we dance on the strings of powers we cannot perceive. You can choos
friendly.htm Hail, hail, fire and snow For the Angel, we shall go Far away, far to see Friendly Angel come to me
fristrt2.htm Brian Kendig May-28-93 08:06AM Subject: Why Christians frustrate me [long] (Robert) writes: R> "SINNER, YOU TREMBLE AT THIS INCIDENT, BUT BELIEVE ME, YOURS [sic] R> IS A GREATER
from-god.htm Jim Mooney ---------- I have received a number of queries about my mention that the last page of the Bible - which states that it was all a joke - is routinely torn out at the bible factory. Here is
fromhell.htm To whom it may concern, We in Hell would like to issue the following disclaimer: Jimmy Swaggart has never been in the employ of, or associated in any way with the minions of Hell. All of Mr. Swaggart's di
fromzen.htm =-=-=-=-=-=-= To: Robert Lee Message #: 5213 >5639 Subject: Sturm und Drang Status: Public Received: No Group: CULT_WATCH (20) >What yo
frustrat.htm In article <> (Mark Schnitzius) writes: >an atheist who became an atheist for this reason. How 'bout it, people -- >is this a reason any of you bec
fundamnt.htm Susan Naidoff This article appeared in the New York Times on Tuesday, April 06, 1993. FUNDAMENTALISM: A SPASM IN THE 90' Peter Steinfels Scholars used to dismiss fundamentalism as a
fundidef.htm A short while ago, someone queried: "Just what is a fundy?". To end all the confusion, here follows a brief description: FUNDIE (fun'dee) n. and adj. (Var. Fundy; pls. Fundies, Fundys), A member of an Am
fundie2d.htm Xref: ncsuvx talk.religion.misc:26299 talk.politics.misc:54629 alt.pagan:729 Subject: Re: Religious Right in Politics Date: 23 Mar 90 04:04:50 GMT References: <133319@sun.Eng.Sun.COM> Sender: usenet@lll-w
fundiedo.htm Xref: ncsuvx talk.religion.misc:26281 talk.politics.misc:54574 alt.pagan:711 Subject: Religious Right in Politics Date: 22 Mar 90 16:53:28 GMT Sender: news@sun.Eng.Sun.COM Saw this and it is yet more of a
fundiesd.htm %% My fundamentalist brethren spit in your atheistic face.
fundor3d.htm Christianity is suffering because our consumerist and materialistic society revels in an orgy of individualism that tells us we don't need God. The prophets of old pronounced eschatological judgment on t
fundybmw.htm All Fundie news From _Bucks Herald_, 10/6/93 "It is not our wish that the Garage be punished, it is God's" said Malcom Heap, founder of the Fundamentalist Christian group "Midnight Ministries". Heap went be
fundydef.htm To: David Rice Oct-27-93 06:04:24 Subject: HOLYSMOKE FAQ, An Addition David Rice, caught in the Deccan Traps, said to All: 10^3 cheers for you, sir for providing these FA
fundydor.htm To: Steve Quarrella Msg #391, 18-Aug-93 12:11am Subject: Re: An offer for all not-fund SQ>And if Hector would implement a logging function, we could share all SQ>sorts of fu
fundyhlp.htm This is the Fundy Door's main menu, you SINNING FOOL. While you're trying to use your filthy heathen's brain to figure out which capitalized, bracketed key to press, REPENT OR GO TO HELL. "Fundy" is sho
fundyina.htm Unknown
fundymas.htm To: Tim Tyler Subject: Re: Bible -=> Quoting Tim Tyler to Carl Wilson <=- CW> Is there some law of nature that states that fundies are always CW> ignorant, or does it just seem to always work out th
fundyme.htm Unknown
fundyqiz.htm To: CONRAD KNUDSON Oct-21-93 18:06:00 Subject: Keep your Jesus Crutch In a message to MARTY LEIPZIG <10-18-93 13:11> CONRAD KNUDSON wrote: CK> The only question I have about
funis.htm To: All Apr-12-94 18:04:00 Subject: Fundy Islamics Saw this news paper article: CLERIC CLIP MAN'S EFFORT TO AID WOMEN An API Press report (Don't have the paper's d
galaxyou.htm "Just remember that you're standing on a planet that evolving, Revolving at 900 miles an hour. It's orbiting at 19 miles a second, So it's reckoned, A sun that is the source of all our power. The sun and y
galileoc.htm Since the subject of Galileo has come up, I should like to try to clear up some misunderstandings. My chief reference here is THE CRIME OF GALILEO, by Giorgio Santillana, Professor of the History of Scie
galileor.htm A while I ago, I did some studying upon the role of religious institutions upon science. Galileo was persucuted and hidered by the church. However, after this event, ( and after the reformation ), the
galileos.htm "In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." Galileo Galilei
galluppo.htm From the July 17, 1993 issue of the _San Jose Mercury News_: Poll finds views on th Bible changing By Georage Gallup, Jr. and Rober Bezilla Princeton Religion Research Center One of the most dramatic shif
gaywrong.htm A truthful statement.... an outcry of concern: I currently live in Irvine... and I voted yes on measure "N", to keep discrimination out of Irvine. In my opinion... everyone is already protected against
gendergo.htm Subject: God and Gender A subject that I find intriguing is the whole question of a gender for God. Science, as we have known it since the Renaissance, has discovered that gender is a particular strategy
genesisd.htm Subject: Scientific Errors in the Bible Date: 21 Feb 90 02:16:23 GMT Sender: usenet@lll-winken.LLNL.GOV A close reading of the first few chapters of the Bible reveals not one, but two different -- and con
genesiso.htm the speed of light is known to AT LEAST one part in a trillion (10**12) and so is the inverse square law. Therefore, the chances of BOTH laws being wrong, necessary to show Genesis to be right, are at mo
genocide.htm Here is a selection from my Biblical Satanic Verses (available by e-mail), which should give you people a lot to flame over: Genocide -- After concluding that most of humanity is wicked beyond redemption
germanya.htm Enclosed below is the latest newsletter of the BUND GEGEN ANPASSUNG (Alliance against Conformism), an atheist group in Germany. If you thought that the German government has learned anything from pre
gideonff.htm Allen Berger Wins Indiana Lawsuit Gideon Bible Handouts In Schools Ruled Unconstitutional The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago ruled on January 5 in favor of Allen Berger's challenge of bibl
gidionsc.htm = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = = any aversion to lyi
ginsburg.htm Bob Hirschfeld Jun-17-93 02:36PM Ruth Bader Ginsburg Several hours ago, I crossposted Richard Donovan's much-appreciated five posts, regarding Supreme Court Nominee Ruth Bader Ginsburg, from the LAW Echo,
ginsc.htm June 14, 1993 The White House Office of the Press Secretary The following material was released today by the White House. This releases includes a biography of Judge Ginsburg, fact sheet and letters of sup
give$bib.htm Ron Stringfellow Luke 6:30: ??> "Give to every man who asks of thee and of him who taketh ??> away thy goods, ask him not again." Ron. Please give me $500.00 in twenty-dollar US bills. You may mail it to 9
givedeth.htm Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, almighty god! I know not what course others may take; but, as for me, give me liberty, or give me dea
god.htm "Everyday, people are straying from the church and going back to God." To: Lord Borgon Msg #181, 14-Nov-90 08:55am Subject: No, sir! All religions are *not* true! This
god-004b.htm Chicago Tribune (Sept 25, 1990) says: "'On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country,' goes the Boy Scout oath. The Boy Scout law also invokes the deity. A Scout, it says, is 'revere
god-kill.htm Why Did God Kill Jesus? The Scandal Of The Cross By Robert Gorham Davis PART I A few blocks after its departure from Harvard Square, the bus that goes from Cambridge to Symphony Hall in Boston runs past St
god-myth.htm Mithra, Dionysus, Orpheus were saviour-gods which pre-date Christianity. Mithraism was one of the major religions in the Roman Empire before Christianity stamped it out due to its intolerance. Mithra w
god-plan.htm "Every time I hear about 'God's plan' in relation to things like AIDS and the Black Plague, I become more convinced that the Mormons are right. Our God is just some twit who happened to be full of faith
god-said.htm Peter Sutcliffe was better known as the Yorkshire Ripper who killed women he thought were prostitutes "because God told him to". He is incarcerated for the rest of his life in a special hospital for the
god2doc.htm to be made of a pearly substance. An older gentleman in a white smock sits alongside one of the columns on a bench made of the same substance. A large gold key hangs ponderously fron his neck almost tota
god3doc.htm GOD AND THE EVANGELICAL TWO STEP - ROUND I of light, GOD sits on a bench next to a grassy lawn tennis court, a bottle of Gatoraid clutched in one hand. HE is dressed in sparkling tennis whites, a Spauldi
god4doc.htm You want God to SAVE you? Let's see where and how the wonderful being has helped people in the past... From 1347 to 1351, 75,000,000 people died from the plague. A good percentage probably offered up pr
god5doc.htm Subject: Re: God waiting to hear from me?? >>But for me the word of the bible isn't enough, I want tangible proof, where is >>it? >Uh, Dene... What are you going to do when God doesn't provide this proo
god6doc.htm Subject: God's Football Team [LONG] This is going to be rather disjointed and boring. You have been warned! Question: It appears to me that God is normally assumed to be on the side of the good and the h
godclaim.htm ??> Bottom line: Why does the theist have to be placed in an unfair ??> position by having to do something that the evidentialist doesn't? It's not an unfair claim. In closing, I offer part of my thesis
goddat.htm %% GOD (not gawd, not ghod, CAPITALIZED, you silly DAMNed human) is the Master of All. GOD will send you to the pits of HELL if you don't accept His gift of LOVE.
goddoc.htm Subject: This is one REAL odd dude... In answer to the question: "What is God like", the follwing extracts from God's true word are provided: Why he cursed, and use to slap animals down! Genesis: 8:21 And
godkills.htm Genesis 9:6 Whosoever sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed... Exodus 21:12 He that smiteth a man, so that he die, shall surely be put to death. Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to
godlyvid.htm Scorecard for _America's Godly Heritage_ video Claim 1: "The Supreme Court ruled that Secular Humanism is a viable First Amendment Religion. Cases cited: Torcaso v. Watkins (367 U.S. 488), 1961, and an un
godoathb.htm Now that I'm back at my parent's house for Christmas vacation, I'm able to look up some things in the Boy Scout Handbook. My copy is the 9th edition, and I doubt anything from the sections I'm about to
godsas.htm From Ammond Shadowcraft: "Man is certainly stark mad. He cannot make a worm an yet he will be making Gods by the dozens." Montaigne (1553-1592 CE) But something else is at this core... "He was a wise man
godslove.htm dsf3g@faraday.clas.Virginia.EDU (David Salvador Flores) ID: <> The other day I was flipping through a photography magazine and it had a picture of a starving child in s
goingnot.htm "What do you care about what goes on in heaven? You don't believe it exists, and, you're not going." --- Ralph Stokes
golfjoke.htm Jesus, Moses and an elderly gentleman were playing golf. Jesus steps up to the tee, swings, and hits the ball onto the water. Jesus walks out onto the water and knocks the ball into the hole. Moses steps
goodaclu.htm Here are some short excerpts on this topics from another ACLU briefing paper, "Church and State": 'Nevertheless, the principle of separation has been regularly tested. In early America, even after church
goodwork.htm To: Jesse C. Jones Dec-09-93 08:27:22 Subject: Scripture Quoth Jesse C. Jones thusly: JCJ> This cliched response masks the undeniable fact that evangelical JCJ> atheists have
gospels.htm THE ACCURACY OF THE GOSPELS (1). On examination of passages arising in the four Gospels, it can be seen that the narrative is composed to suit the theological viewpoint of the evangelist. When com
gospelsd.htm Subject: Richard Helms's _Gospel Fictions_ Date: 21 Feb 90 01:18:02 GMT I have read Randel Helms's book _Gospel Fictions_ (available from Prometheus Books). He proposes that much of the four canonical Gos
gov-hunt.htm Copyright 1992 Freethought Today Reprinted with permission GOVERNOR HUNT PROBE WIDENS An ethics review of Alabama Gov. Guy Hunt's use of state transportation for paid preaching engagements around the coun
graduatn.htm Xref: taco talk.religion.misc:38624 alt.atheism:9341!!!tait Subject: Re: Atheism and prayer at graduation Date: 10 Apr 91 05:13:21 GMT References:
greek.htm Subject: The Classical World's Religious Tolerance The question was brought up here some weeks back on the question of the level of religious tolerance in the classical Greek and Roman world. I believe th
grossans.htm "God is a gross answer, an indelicacy against us thinkers-- at bottom merely a gross prohibition for us: you shall not think!" -Nietzsche, Ecce Homo
grtemyth.htm The Great Myth - Bible Principles and the U.S. I don't see where the Bible supports much of the basic ideas of the founding of our country. On the contrary, except in two important cases, it opposes them
grumetny.htm The U.S. Supreme Court on June 27 announced its decision on an important church-state issue. The case, Board of Education of Kiryas Joel v. Grumet, involves a 1989 New York state law passed to create a
gurudoc.htm The following is quoted in its entirety, without permission, from the v8#44 issue of the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, available now at your local 7-11: REVENGE OF THE GOOFY GURU Motorcycling swami mows down pilgri
gwennypo.htm Divine Justice 11-17-1978 The Bible tells us that Woman was deceived by Snake And for this Snake was cruelly punished, And Woman made to hate him-- For this ONE offense. While Man, who not once,
hallowen.htm Subject: Prayer Warriors to Zap SF Date: 6 Sep 90 13:34:26 GMT The following is from the S.F. Chronicle's front page, 9/1/90 and is reprinted without permission. I have picked it up from a posting w
harassed.htm The AMER Guide to Handling Religious Harassment at Work. Some Day You May Be Harassed Because of Your Religion. Someday you may be fired from a job because someone doesn't like your religion. You may hav
hasidics.htm SUPREME COURT TO HEAR APPEAL BY HASIDIC COMMUNITY -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- WASHINGTON (UPI) -- In what could be another test of
hassch.htm Sunday, March 27, 1994 The Times Herald Record page 3 Reconciling church and state by Edward F. Moltzen, Staff Writer Ten years ago, Nathan Lewin tried to convice the U.S. Supreme Court that a Jewish airma
hate-god.htm To: Mike Salva 02-Apr-93 12:24pm MS> Just one question: just what is it that the folks here have against MS> Bible-believing Christians? Suppose that the majority of Americans were Satanists. Eve
heavenda.htm %% HEAVEN is GOD'S promise to those who think the TRUTH like ME!
hedonism.htm >In article <1898@borealis.UUCP> barry@borealis.UUCP (Kenn Barry) writes: >>From: pmk@prometheus.UUCP (Paul M Koloc): >>>In article <4584@mit-eddie.MIT.EDU> fh@mit-eddie.MIT.EDU (Foothead) writes: >>>>[.
heinlein.htm I found an old (1973) book by Robert Heinlein called 'Time Enough For Love'. About 250 pages in Robert attributes a set of sayings to the central character in the book, Lazarus Long. I can't say I agre
hellbull.htm %% For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD. You are HELLBOUND, sinner, unless you REPENT! %% For GOD so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, the son of Mary, the carpenter
helldat.htm %% HELL is the place reserved for ATHEISTS, JEWS, CATHOLICS and HUMASEKSHULS!
helldoc.htm The following article appeared in the February 1990 edition of the Trinity Broadcasting Network monthly newsletter to its supporters: THE GATES OF HELL OPENED? Scientists are afraid that they have opened
heratich.htm Once I was found, but now am gone Away from the faithful fold. The ones who teach that holiness Is to do what you are told. Though law and scripture, Priest and prayer Have all instructed me. My skin, my bon
hindudoc.htm Subject: Churchianity vs. The True Religion of Christ The following is from a small publication entitled _Why_A_ Hindu_Accepts_Christ_And_Rejects_Christianity_, by Swami Abhedananda, a great soul who liv
hindugod.htm To: Ray Osborne Re: CAN, SCP REFERENCES... > When I read your message I envisioned all > the poverty, starvation of masses of poor people in the > country of India. Your religion teaches people not to ask
historyb.htm Brian Ceccarelli 602/621-9615 ( wrote: : You don't think a lifetime is enough time? Do you believe in : Abraham Lincoln? Why? He doesn't exist today. What claims that were made a
historyd.htm Subject: Fallacies in historical thought (was: What criteria?) Summary: We do NOT have 500 witnesses. Date: 19 Sep 90 05:42:39 GMT ----- In article <>,
historyx.htm Paul Harvey Christian history [Septuagint to Lib. of Alexandria] BCE [Before Conversion Era]: 264-241: First Punic War 255: Septuagint translation (Hebrew -> Greek) begun in Alexandria, Egypt 250: Ecclesia
hitlerdo.htm Xref: taco alt.atheism:11794 talk.religion.misc:41560 Subject: Hitler the atheist? Date: 24 Jun 91 20:53:48 GMT Sender: (USENET posting account) We've recently undergone another of t
hollown1.htm To: Dan Eastman Msg #203, 26-Sep-92 05:24pm Subject: The Origins of Halloween [this is available as an orange flyer/handout from American Atheist Press as their stock #8
holocaus.htm To: All Message #: 4723 From: Charles Nemo Submitted: 10 Oct 91 22:04:00 Subject: Holocaust Revisionism Status: Public Received: No
holocstd.htm Note: There has been much talk recently about groups which cast doubt on the Holocaust during WWII. Specifically, these groups have placed ads in many college newspapers, which has renewed debate on fr
holywar.htm Holy War For Cash Fredric Rice "What are we going to do, brother Igno? Our membership is already down 23 percent and so our revenus are also down. The recession has hit us rather hard further a
homosexd.htm %% AIDS is GOD'S VENGEANCE against those depraved HUMASEKSHULS!
horrhous.htm The following appeared as the front-page headline story in the October 27, 1993 issue of the Palm Beach (Florida) Post. I have uploaded it verbatim; hope this is an appropriate echo for it. HORROR HOUSE
horrorsh.htm If anyone is interested in atrocities committed in the name of God, then check out this book: Holy Horrors An illustrated history of religious murder and madness By James A. Haught (c) 1990, Prometheus Boo
houseofs.htm Friends, are you tired of paying through the nose for spiritual peace, both temporal and eternal? Do you pay FOUR, EIGHT, up to TEN PERCENT of your wealth to someone who "claims" to be on the side of th
huckfinn.htm Mark Patterson @ 916/1008 DF> "Lord of the Flies" - for sexual references. DF> "Of Mice and Men" - for profanity. DF> "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" - for profanity. DF> "Little House on the Prairie" -
humanism.htm (Copied from Free Inquiry, Spring 1993, Vol. 13, No. 2, without permission) The Affirmations of Humanism: A Statement of Principles -- We are committed to the application of reason and science to the unde
humia.htm The following letter is a membership invitation from the AHA, written by AHA President Isaac Asimov. It contains a definition of Humanism, a rundown of some of the activities of the Association, and an
hunt-eth.htm Freethought Complaint Ends in Rev.-Gov. Hunt's Indictment The Headlines Tell The Story [This is excerpted from a panel talk by Roger Cleveland on Dec. 5, 1992 at the Freedom From Religion Foundation con
hypatiam.htm Re: Christian Martyrs better? (Hypatia) appears to be going off at a tangent, forgive me. Here's some info and sources on Hypatia so you can check things out yourself, from the nearest book I had to hand
hypothes.htm Short Lecture About Science For Marc Colten Yesterday I tried to answer a posting in the "CSICOP; origins and problems with" thread, but the news server refused to do anything. Now the discussion has gon
iceburga.htm The gods are mutually exclusive, and even the touchy-feely philosophy that worship of any god is really worship of the Christian god in a veiled form holds up to scrutiny about as well as the Titanic hel
in-newsf.htm In The News . . . Woman Dies In Exorcism An Australian woman died in January after her husband and other members of a fundamentalist Christian sect had imprisoned her during a four-day rite to rid her bod
indexdoc.htm ATHEISM.ZIP: ABSOLUTE DOC 4348 4-13-88 No absolutes in Christianity - Dale Clark ADDRESS DOC 1103 11-19-89 Address of Atheist, Humanist, Skeptic groups AGNOST DOC 3804 7-24-89 Orig
inerrist.htm Copyright 1992 by Mark Isaak. [Further details at end of posting.] What Inerrists Believe by Mark Isaak The secular scientists say it's apparent That mankind evolved up from goo, But since we all know th
infidel!.htm * Forwarded by Shelby Sherman (1:123/67) * Area : ECHOMAIL028 (HOLY BIBLE) * From : Steve Winter, 1:18/98 (10 Jun 93 19:24) * To : All * Subj : Glenn Ritter Glenn has returned to me the equipment that I
injustic.htm INJUSTICE OF CHRISTIANITY By: Robert Ingersoll "The instant we admit that a book is too sacred to be doubted, or even reasoned about, we are mental serfs. It is infintely absurd to suppose that a god wou
inschool.htm To : all Subj: Bible In School I live in a suburb of Rochester, NY: the Town of Greece. The Rochester area contains every religious group you can imagine and plenty of atheists, but there are certain
introath.htm Followup-To: alt.atheism Archive-name: atheism/introduction Alt-atheism-archive-name: introduction Last-modified: 29 April 1993 Version: 1.2 An Introduction to Atheism by mathew <> This ar
introwat.htm These are the four Tablets, or Watchtowers that Dee and Kelly made. I included a text, WT.htm, so that you can make your own if you wish. WATCHTOW.ZIP includes: AIRTABL.htm The First Great Watch
is-god.htm JAMES ROBERT PIERCE 05-03-91 A Brief Inquiry Into The Concept of God The concept of God, as presented in the Christian theological tradition, includes such essential properties as perfect love, per
is-right.htm (Dan Day) ID: <27gs54$> alt.atheism >> (S.N. Mozumder ) writes: >> Which is why atheism is wrong. What responsibility is there >> for one's actions?
isaacdoc.htm Subject: Isaac Asimov on Christian Science Date: 14 Feb 90 04:11:34 GMT This is something that some of you people may find amusing -- Isaac Asimov's encounter with some Christian Science. In _Of Matters G
isherego.htm * * * * G O D H A S C O M E * * * * IS THIS YOUR LAST BIRTH? There is an incarnation of God here now in human form. He is currently residing in San Diego with a core of followers. His name is G
isithate.htm To: Steve Bedard 05-Jul-93 02:08pm Subject: The Second Cuming SQ>>We have no problem with Jesus or Christians. SB> What echo have you been reading? This one. I've been here almost since the beginnin
islam05l.htm Murder for a mythical "Heaven" Terror Suspect: Muslims Are Commanded To Kill United Press International -- 08/29/93 A suspect in an alleged terrorist plot to blow up targets in New York, including the UN
islam2do.htm Subject: Re: Islam Summary: Personal observations of its practice. Date: 1 Nov 90 11:19:32 GMT I'm an athiest, a former Catholic, and a silent reader of this group for the past few months. I've been work
islam6la.htm UPI> "In Teheran, Iran, morals police began a crackdown UPI> against infractions of the Islamic dress code by UPI> arresting over 800 women for wearing sunglasses." S> When it comes to discriminating aga
islam8la.htm _The Times of India_, 9/5/92 "Saudi executed for 'slandering Koran'" DHAHRAN (Saudi Arabia), September 4 (AP): A Saudi citizen was beheaded in public yesterday after he was convicted of slandering God, t
islamdoc.htm Subject: Re: Some thoughts on atheists (really islamic treatment thereof) Summary: Koranic dictates about non-muslims = disbelievers are pooh Date: 1 Feb 90 22:00:19 GMT References: <#BS9D@masalla.fulcru
islamfal.htm ISLAM IS FALSE (Part Deux) Wadded Balls of Plastic Wrappings From the Glorious Saran (as revealed to R.H. Mofoker, Allah's Massager) Part I What is Islam Islam provides no evidence of there being an Allah,
islamic2.htm [LONG POST ON MOSLEM BEHAVIOR - HOPEFULLY MY LAST - WHICH IS A REPLY to Fred Rice (] Since Islam had its origins in Saudi Arabia and the Koran is written in Arabic I would th
islamic3.htm To: All Msg #48, Feb-19-93 10:26PM Subject: Re: Atheism is False In article <> (S.N. Mozumder ) wr
islamicl.htm Leonard Newnham Feb-15-93 10:00AM Islamic Law >In <> (SER) writes: >>Doesn't your religion also condone enforcing your beliefs by the sword, >>i.e. ki
islamkil.htm To: All Msg #113, Dec-23-92 09:24AM Subject: Merry Christmas Saudi Arabian Style (from s.r.i) Thought y'all might find this article, culled from soc.religion.isla
israelon.htm Isaaci Asimov himself was discriminated against because he was a Jew. In spite of his immense talent, he was refused admittance to medical school because there was a quota on Jews. I myself would take
jamesmat.htm The settled opinion here is that religion is essentially distinct from Civil Govt and exempt from its cognizance; that a connexion between them is injurious to both; ...that a legal establishment of relig
jed2doc.htm This file collects the best stories about Brother Jed, Sister Cindy, Max Lynch, Jim Gilles, Holy Hubert and Brother Rick. For those not familiar with the aforementioned individuals, these people are tr
jeddoc.htm Brother Jed visits Stanford Brother Jed and Sister Pat talked in our White Plaza from about 12:30 to about 4:30, and then he started calling some other witnesses in. Sister Cindy wasn't there--she was at
jefferdo.htm Subject: Thomas Jefferson's Religious Beliefs, etc. What were Thomas Jefferson's religious beliefs? I mention this because this issue came up recently in this newsgroup. He was a "Deist," an eighteenth-c
jehovahd.htm Subject: Dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses Date: 20 Jan 90 19:35:07 GMT Title->Dealing with Jehovah's Witlesses. 31/31: Ahhh, YESSSS. Name: Major Matt Mason #7 Date: 10:23 am Sat Jun 18, 1988 Saturday morni
jes-died.htm "Jesus died for my sins and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."
jesumyth.htm Foundation's Protest May End Ottawa Abuse The Mayor of Ottawa, Illinois is considering a move to end the city's "public forum" in Washington Park, following the erection of a "Jesus Christ Is A Myth" ban
jesus2do.htm Original: Christians will point out that the Bible conatins its own corroboration: the four gospels were written independently, fro
jesusdat.htm %% You filthy HEATHEN, you aren't worthy to breathe JESUS' name! %% JESUS CHRIST is the only way to SALVATION, you ignorant little human! %% DO NOT MOCK THE NAME OF JESUS, HELLBOUND SINNER!
jesusdoc.htm!samsung!!rice!uw-beaver!milton!blake!mrc@Tomobiki-Cho.CAC.Washington.EDU Subject: "historical evidence" for JC Date: 28 Feb 90 01:37:17 GMT Sender: news@blake.acs.w
jesushst.htm To: Steve Bedard Oct-18-93 13:20:06 Subject: Historicity Of Jesus Quoth Steve Bedard thusly: SB> There is historical evidence that Jesus existed. You refuse to accept SB> t
jesusle2.htm As Christians go on about this Jesus character, it is interesting to see rather than what Christians say about him, what the Bible says. and this is it........... The Jesus of the Gospels is hardly the c
jesuslie.htm The historicity of Jesus (1) The church has failed to show any proof that the Gospels were in existence before 125 CE. This is demonstrated if one looks at the second century Christi
jesusnop.htm > 034:020 He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken. > 022:013 They gaped upon me with their mouths, as a ravening and a > roaring lion. > 022:014 I am poured out like water, and all my
jesusnut.htm Most see him as just the son of Joseph and Mary (John 6:42, Romans 1:3). His own family thinks that he is mad (Mark 3:21). They seem to be unaware of his virgin birth or his divinity as the son of god (J
jesuspig.htm (Joe Dabrowski) This is a chapter on Jesus taken from the book "Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches - The Riddles of Culture" by Marvin Harris, 1974, Vintage Books Edition. The Sec
jesusrok.htm Seems jesus walked into town one day just in time to see the women of the town ready to stone the local whore to death. So jesus says "ye that hath not sin cast the first stone". Well the women were su
jesusuzi.htm To: Questor Thews 02-Jul-93 11:22pm Subject: Gay obituary Hello Questor! QT> Thank you. It's true; the gay community HAS been ravaged by QT> AIDS. The people like Paul Blowdryer that like to think
jewsdat.htm %% The JEWS are GOD's CHOSEN PEOPLE, and they're ALL GOING TO HELL if they don't accept JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR! %% JESUS was NOT a Jew. WAS NOT, IS NOT!
jihadath.htm Al Jihad (was: Islamic Law) Today on _Background_Briefing_ the topic was religious nationalism in the Islamic nations. The guest speaker wished to emphasize that people like Bobby here on alt.atheist (fi
job-godl.htm JOB 13 [4] But ye are forgers of lies, ye are all physicians of no value. [5] O that ye would altogether hold your peace! and it should be your wisdom. [6] Hear now my reasoning, and hearken to the pleadi
joe2doc.htm Subject: Denver Pastor assulted by Demonic Feminists Keywords: NOW Pro-Life Over 400 militant feminists protested at the Colorado State capitol Saturday in suuport of the right of Women to murder their u
joe3doc.htm Subject: Re: Dominoes Pizza Delivers? In article <>, (Joel Abbott) writes: > In article <9741@burdvax.PRC.Unisys.COM> dowding@macbeth.PRC.Unisys.COM (John Dowding) wr
joedoc.htm Subject: Re: Dominoes Pizza Delivers? In article <2339@cps3xx.UUCP>, usenet@cps3xx.UUCP (Usenet file owner) writes: > Reprinted without permission from "Ms.", March 1989: > Domino's is also embroiled in
johnerr.htm > People (atheists) assert there are numerous errors in the Bible > and I was just wondering if someone could point out to me the errors > in the Book of John. Thanks OK. Let's concentrate on the Crucifi
jokexin.htm Q: How do you brainwash a Christian ? A: Give him an enema.
jonesdoc.htm SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY / CALDENDAR MAGAZINE / DECEMBER 1-15, 1988 The Unanswered Questions of Jonestown, by Art Silverman - - - - - - - Outside of the war it was the greatest mass murder in American histor
josephus.htm Agapius's "Book of the Title," a history of the world from its beginning to 941/942 C.E. Agapius was a tenth century Christian Arab and Melkite bishop of Hierapolis. Here is a tranlation by S. Pines who
judaismj.htm To: All Msg #396, 04-Aug-93 11:26pm Subject: "Jesus Within Judaism" Hi All! I am part-way through an extremely good book and as I mentioned it in a previous missi
judas.htm Len Bucuvalas x5363 The Talmud as Given by Judas Iscariot I was sent this by a friend to post. I find it challanging and believeable in light of how the bible has been edited over the years from the ori
kalovita.htm So you thought Amway had bad morals, eh? Well here is an article from the Oregonian about the latest miscegnated birth from the Oregon Citizens Alliance [for you non-Oregonians, they are the cult respon
kemerlin.htm From Don Kemerling This is an excerpt from THE BEST OF ROBERT INGERSOLL, edited by Roger E. Greeley and published by Prometheus Books. If I had the power to produce exactly what I want for next Christma
keplerdo.htm Subject: Kepler (Re: lost in translation) Date: 15 Mar 90 05:56:46 GMT From article <1990Mar14.134617.23071@santra.uucp>, by (Aki Tapani Taskinen): > Would you call Kepler a blind th
killdoc.htm Subject: Why not kill if you believe in God Date: 11 Dec 90 18:08:14 GMT He did not mind in the slightest telling OTHERS to do the deed: Genesis 9:6 Whosoever sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood
killer2g.htm DEU 20:10 When thou comest nigh unto a city to fight against it, then proclaim peace unto it. DEU 20:11 And it shall be, if it make thee answer of peace, and open unto thee, then it shall be, that all
killergo.htm God tells us to kill people: Genesis 9:6 Whosoever sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed... Exodus 21:12 He that smiteth a man, so that he die, shall surely be put to death. Exodus 22:18 Thou
killfile.htm Dan Day >The question I have is What emotional and psychological needs are served >by announcing to the entire group that you have placed certain people in >a kill-file? Who cares who you choose not to
killgirl.htm Steve Bedard said: SB> Where abouts does it say that prostitutes should be burned SB> alive? I don't remember there being a death penalty for SB> prostitution. SB> SB> However, if that was the law, let me
killingg.htm "Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known men by lying with them. But all the women children, that hath not known a man by lying with them, keep alive for
kiryasde.htm Kiryas Joel Decision Supreme Court Nixes Religious School District By a 6 to 3 margin, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled June 27 that a 1989 New York State law setting up a separate public school district fo
kiryasny.htm NEWS RELEASE - JULY 16, 1994 KIRYAS JOEL: IS GOVERNMENT FOR SPECIAL INTERESTS? Quick action by Governor Mario Cuomo signed into law pieces of legislation designed to counteract the United States Supreme
kkkdoc.htm Subject: White Supremacy Groups in the US (was Re: Anti-German Bigotry) My husband and I were angered to read an article that said that Germany is building a factory in Iraq that could support a huge pie
kosherdi.htm Quoting directly from "Freethought Today" -- "RAINBOW MAN" OUT OF LIMELIGHT The religious zealot known for waving "John 3:16" signs before national cameras at sports events while wearing a colorful wig wa
krishnak.htm FROM KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS TO KILLING: A REPORTER TELLS THE TALE Scripps Howard News Service Release date: 12-1-88 With review, bc-krishnas(sh) By MARK WOOD Scripps Howard News Service John Hubner reme
laughwhy.htm Robert Curry Excerpts from "Why We Laugh" I was once asked why we Freethinkers took a delight in laughing at the religious beliefs of other people. As a matter of fact, I was not at the time laughing at r
lawdoc.htm Comments: Gated by NETNEWS@AUVM.AMERICAN.EDU Date: Mon, 22 Jul 91 21:17:21 EDT Sender: CHRISTIA@ASUACAD Subject: American Center For Law and Justice Subject: American Center For Law and
lawsuits.htm To: All Dec-09-93 11:53PM Subject: Re: American Atheists lawsuit >DATE: 9 Dec 1993 02:24:32 -0500 >FROM: Scott Horne <> >In article <2964
legislat.htm Important legislation in Washington. . . HR 796, FREEDOM OF ACCESS TO CLINIC ENTRANCES - Bill would effectively outlaw anti-choice protests at abortion clinics. HR 25/S 25, FREEDOM OF CHOICE ACT - Pro-ch
let-uspr.htm Michael R. Burhans - Out Of My Mind * * A Weekly Electronic Column * * March 24, 1994 * ********************************
levitics.htm The OCA cult has done well in enacting Leviticus 20:13 ("If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination..."). I wonder when they are going to start g
liberalm.htm To: Chris Ferree Apr-11-94 14:40:30 Subject: Re: question CF> One-sided shows? Come on.. Nearly all of the television media is CF> dominated by liberal producers [gasp..
libertdo.htm Subject: Libertarianism vs. Christianity Date: 4 Aug 90 17:29:42 GMT [My apologies to Mr. Rosenblatt et al for taking so long to respond to this. Also, I realize that maybe this should go into talk.polit
liemoral.htm For centuries, the battle of morality was fought between those who claimed that your life belongs to God and those who claimed that it belongs to your neighbors--between those who preached that the goo
lies-by7.htm Today's _The_700_Club_ was an eye-popping expose of Halloween and its role as a door into New Age occultism. It began with a historical background by "occult researcher" David Brown. He says it came to t
lilbook.htm TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN... writinç froí thå bottoí oæ mù heart...pleaså helð      me® É feeì aó iæ É aí closeä off¬ completelù separateä froí      what is reality in this lifetime
limbaugh.htm FAIR REPORT DOCUMENTS "LIMBAUGH'S REIGN OF ERROR" Responding to President Clinton, Rush Limbaugh recently declared himself a "truth detector." In a FAIR report that went to the printer well before the Li
lincolng.htm "My earlier views of the unsoundness of the Christian scheme of salvation and the human origin of the Scriptures have become clearer and stronger with advancing years and I see no reason for thinking I s
lionchow.htm To: Paul Boyer Msg #433, 31-Aug-93 04:36pm Subject: Lion Feeding Salve, Paulo!! Benevolentiae!! You were saying: > I take my pet lion to church every Sunday. He has to
liosmc.htm to: David Worrell DW> ... So many Christians; so few lions. What have you got against perfectly good lions? What has a Lion ever done to you, that you would take vengeance on it by feeding it such nutriti
lippardd.htm Xref: ncsuvx sci.skeptic:2707 talk.religion.misc:25137 samsung!!!!ists!yunexus!gall Subject: Satanism Research Keywords: for someone else Date
literlst.htm Wednesday's (June 16) "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon: Calvin and Suzie are looking at clouds, and Suzie asks Calvin what he thinks one cloud looks like. He replies, "A bunch of suspended water and ice parti
livesww2.htm Casualties and Expenditures In loss of lives, World War II was the costliest war in history. No adequate figures exist, and estimates can be only roughly approximate. Probably between 15 and 20 million m
logicala.htm Followup-To: alt.atheism Archive-name: atheism/logic Alt-atheism-archive-name: logic Last-modified: 29 April 1993 Version: 1.5 Constructing a Logical Argument Although there is much argument on Usenet, the
logicalf.htm Subject: Alt.Atheism FAQ: Constructing a Logical Argument Date: 24 May 1994 10:00:06 +0100 Summary: Includes a list of logical fallacies Keywords: FAQ, atheism, argument, fallacies, logic Archive-name: at
logicha!.htm "BUT... if I told you that 1+1=1, as idiotic as it seems, until I am proven wrong I am right." -- Zach Webb, HOLYSMOKE FidoNet
logichp.htm "There are enough holes in your 'logic' to drive a truck full of Jehovah's Witnesses through." --- Hector Plasmic, HOLYSMOKE
lordbugs.htm BUGS BUNNY IS GOD There is a spiritual reformation going on today! People are abandoning their old, narrow, crusty realities! People are adopting a new, enlightening, fresh religion! And that religion is
lordpray.htm (With eyes shut tight against cold reality, and head bowed toward unworthy genitals) Yes, Jesus, we thank you, for you are the son of God, and we thank you for bestowing this fayeth upon us, so that we
lordwork.htm >DATE: 16 Jan 93 20:12:01 -0600 >FROM: David Nye <> >I heard on NPR the other day that Bush praised the pilots who attacked >Iraq, saying they were "doing the Lord's work". Afte
lottoge.htm Derek Maddox I don't know if such things make the news anywhere but Georgia, but we're currently in the middle of one of the hottest political/religious battles in the history of the state. For years, t
lowmoral.htm All Do as I say, not as I do At the bottom is an article that appeared in the "Living" section of the 9/11/93 edition of the _San Jose Mercury News_. It is a summary of a soon-to-be-published study which
lucretiu.htm While I agree that ancient humans couldn't have understood the details of evolutionary theory, I certainly disagree that they couldn't have understood a general evolutionary worldview--that the species
m-cuomor.htm SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (EP) -- Who will Bill Clinton name to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Byron White? Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry believes the odds favor Mario Cuomo. Terry said, "It may
madison1.htm The preservation of a free Government requires not merely, that the metes and bounds which separate each department [Religion and Government] of power be invariably maintained; but more especially that
magiccar.htm "Using religion for answers is like telling a child a car runs by magic." --- John Musselwhite
makebibl.htm To: Liz Saunders Msg #793, 21-Jul-93 10:57am Subject: Re: Bible Promise Hi Liz! Thursday July 15 1993, Liz Saunders writes to Tyler A. Wunder: LS> Okay, you've got me on t
makerwc.htm "I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting -me- is another matter." --- Sir Winston Churchill
makewill.htm To: Georgene Harkness Msg #61, Nov-06-93 00:46:10 Subject: Wills On (02 Nov 93) Georgene Harkness wrote to Marilyn Burge... GH> Obviously, this is the sensible and most courteou
makingme.htm Robert Sheaffer Box 10441 San Jose, CA 95157 The Making of the Messiah New Book Confronts Christianity with its Greatest Challenge in Decades A new book published in November, 1991 Prometheus Book
makingof.htm Robert Sheaffer Box 10441 San Jose, CA 95157 May, 1991 The Making of the Messiah New Book Confronts Christianity with its Greatest Challenge in Decades A new book scheduled for November, 1991 publication
maodoc.htm Subject: Me, Her, Mao and God Date: 20 Apr 90 10:42:00 GMT Howdy! My wife, who is from the Peoples Republic of China, and I have been discuusing Maoism and communism vs Democracy and Capitalism. She is a
marinesh.htm "And now today, we grieve for four young men [Marines murdered in El Salvador] taken from us too soon. And we receive them in death as they were on the last night of their lives together, and followin
marriage.htm Subject: Re: Goodbye Marriage and Morals! In article <2571@lindy.Stanford.EDU>, (Charlie Channel, Jr.) writes: > While in college many, many moons ago, I read... > "Marriage
marxdoc.htm Subject: Is Marxism a Secular Religion? Date: 16 Feb 90 02:13:18 GMT Many critics of Marxist theory have noticed many analogies with various religions. This is even though Marxism is not a religion in the
masadads.htm Masada is a mountain about 30 miles south of Jerusalem where Herod the Great had his "summer palace" (more of a fortress). When Jerusalem was sacked by the Romans and the X Legion was storming around th
mcdowell.htm Nov-20-93 07:36PM NT Reliability and Josh McDowell's Tests for Historical Documents Most of the Christians I have known have been fundamentalist Christians. They believe in a literal Resurrect
measlesx.htm Rowan Moonstone on 93:9660/0 "Christian Students Die" another article from "Walkaway" Spring 1991 "Christian Students Die "Five students who attended a school operated by the Faith Tabernacle Congregation
memedoc.htm Xref: ncsuvx alt.atheism:4930 talk.religion.misc:31371 Subject: Re: Barbaric Theists Date: 25 Sep 90 13:42:32 GMT Sender: (News) In article <1990Sep24.060256.529@zorch.SF-Bay.ORG>, xanthi
memesdef.htm E. Moritz - The Institute for Memetic Research, FL Memetic Science is the name of a new field that deals with the quantitative analysis of cultural transfer. The units of cultural transfer are entities
memesrel.htm >> Have you considered the possibility that religion might a >> biological trait of _Homo sapiens_ instead of some cultural >> artifact? If not, I suggest that you read _The Biology of God_ >> by Aliste
menckend.htm Subject: Food for thought Date: 28 May 90 03:18:23 GMT The following is an excerpt from an essay by H. L. Menken titled "Poetry of Christianity". I hope that this provides some food for thought for the r
mid-east.htm Fundies say that atheists never point to the good things that churches do. In the interest of fairness, I offer the following, forwarded from ANEWS: CHURCHES FOR MIDDLE EAST PEACE (CMEP) LETTER TO LEE H
mileston.htm ATHEIST MILESTONES FOR JULY An Atheist Calendar Compiled by Gipson Arnold, President, Atheist Network. Jul. 1, 1876 - Mikhail Bakunin died - Bakunin was a Russian Atheist, anarchist, and revolutionary. "
milmar.htm ATHEIST MILESTONES FOR MARCH An Atheist Calendar Compiled by Gipson Arnold, President, Atheist Network. Mar. 5, 1935 - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. died. see Mar. 8, 1841. Mar. 7, 1849 - Luther Burbank was b
mind-bib.htm Subject: THE MIND OF THE BIBLE BELIEVER ...[A] propensity to religious extremism does not require explanation since it is entirely consistent with basic religious tenets and authentic religious orientati
miracled.htm Miracles, Prayer and Prophets - the very idea! If there is a God, it certainly isn't a mysterious and strange thing. Awesome perhaps, but not fogged in the unknown. God would hold the keys to the unive
missingb.htm To: Steve Bedard 2-Sep-93 12:33pm Quoth Steve Bedard to Simon Ewins thusly: SB> Do you have proof of this? The proofs tend to get a bit thick but, yes, there are many ind
mithrals.htm To: Paul Dry 02-Jul-93 11:41am Subject: Mithraism: Reading list Thus spake Paul Dry to Simon Ewins: SE> Mithras was one of the biggest at the time and the early christians SE> borrowe
mohairat.htm Madalyn Murray O'Hair (a fanatic?) "Robert Knowles" <> Fanatic: A person possesseed by an excessive and irrational zeal, especially for a religious or political cause. - American Heri
monktril.htm "Ronnie Fundar Robot better watch his metallic back when he posts his babble nonsense in here. Someone will easily slip a Monkey-Trial wench into him." -- Steve Rose
monsters.htm "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you." Beyond Good and Evil. Friedrich Nietz
moralist.htm "The infliction of cruelty with a good conscience is a delight to moralists -- that is why they invented hell." - Bertrand Russell
morality.htm Dan Cook Actually, I prefer my own brand of morality to any form of morality derived from religion. My morality does not depend on the existence of a higher power than myself. If God died tomorrow, what w
morals.htm "Frank is a Christian who believes in God and follows the morals and ethics taught by his religion. Doug is an atheist who does not believe in Frank's God. Therefore, Doug does not have morals and eth
morepowr.htm To: All May-18-94 18:47:26 Subject: More power... PROVIDENCE, RI - Local FM radio station, 94.3 WHJY, is under fire. What is being contested? Could it be shock joc
mormon43.htm Subject: RELIGION I have been reading several posts about the Mormon Church, and I ran across this article by Norman Hancock. Norman and Muriel, his wife had been members of the Mormon Church and had rai
mormon5h.htm Doctrin and Covenants 29:36-41. Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under th
mormonca.htm I'm a 3rd generation Cantonese-American and have pretty much forgotten the language. Hey, I wasn't even raised with it spoken in my household, but I live in a predominantly Asian neighborhood anyway. We
mormonki.htm To: Conrad Knudson Oct-20-93 09:15:00 Subject: Mormons are Christian David Rice waxed eloquent to Conrad Knudson about Mormons are Christian CK> Have you ever been to Church
moslemsd.htm %% Moslems worship the false god ALLAH and will go to HELL for it! %% Mohammed was the DEVIL in a turban!
muddledg.htm The Muddled Kingdom Of God By Michael Hakeem, Ph.D. Last year, Easter was marked here by taking note of the "Last Days" and the "Second Coming." It was found that those ideas could not have been in a grea
murdermy.htm News from the Pagan Passage on The Gaia Hypothesis BBS 904-383-3301 * * * The recent tempest over creationism promoted by fundamentalist Christians in Lake County, Florida raises an opportunity for th
muschild.htm All Moslem men and child prostitution in Thailand Gee, it seems that every time BM comes back to alt.atheism, his secret obsession with child prostitution in Thailand always reappears. I've seen no less t
muslim6l.htm Pickthall translation, Surah IV, verse 34 Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So
muslimra.htm Q: How many Moslem men does it take to rape a woman? A: Five, one to commit the act, and four to witness the penetration. At least this is what is stated by David Lamb in _The Arabs - Journeys Beyond t
must-bem.htm "If one were to take the bible seriously one would go mad. But to take the bible seriously, one must be already mad." --- Aleister Crowley
mysteryb.htm LET THE MYSTERY BE (Iris DeMent) CHORUS: Everybody is wondering' what and where they all came from Everybody is worryin' where they're gonna go When the whole thing's done But no one knows for certain And so
mystics0.htm 1. Fundamentalists are the most "scientific" of all believers. They need their facts straight, and they all have to fit scripture, which is why they are so concerned about proving evolution wrong. There
m_kamphb.htm The bible is much like _Mein_Kampf_ with the only difference being Hitler existed. - David Rice
naturalg.htm There's a very good reason for preferring naturalistic explanations of the world and everything in it -- such assumption leads to useful science and technology. I remind Mr. Cote that "Divine Providence"
nazidoc.htm Subject: Re: Islamic Terrorism Summary: No apology needed, but a history lesson is. In article <12010@reed.UUCP> hampton@reed.UUCP (Catherine Hampton) writes: >In article <91746@sun.uucp> falk@sun.uucp (
negative.htm The following is from the _Skeptical Inquirer_, Spring'84. PROVING NEGATIVES AND THE PARANORMAL Is it really impossible to prove a negative, or is that often-heard statement merely a platitude that happe
new-deal.htm Sean McCullough 13 Oct 92 03:26:00 RA> "Just imagine a base of Wiccans, Neopagans, and Occultists RA> (a group which is as large, I would guess, as the Evangelical RA> Bible-Thumper group, albeit more
new-god!.htm * Forwarded by Sal Hardin (1:396/11.4) * Area : POLITICS (POLITICS) * From : Matt Giwer, 1:3603/326 (Monday June 14 1993 14:36) * To : All * Subj : A draft release Draft Memorandum 1 January 2000 To: Hu
new-godh.htm Damien Sullivan I believe I've seen articles in this news-group discussing why and how natural it was for gods to be thought of. I thought I would offer my own presonal experience for what it is worth:
new-sin9.htm Catholic Church redefines sin for the '90s From Patricia Clough in Rome for the "Independent" EVADING TAXES, taking bribes, speculating on prices, and wrecking the environment are grave sins and those who
newsgrpd.htm Subject: Call for VOTES on talk.atheism Date: 31 Dec 88 21:50:57 GMT In article <1350@cps3xx.UUCP> cook@cpsvax.UUCP (Tom Cook) writes: >Is there a news group in which issues important to atheists can be >
newyears.htm Re: My New Year's Destitution Just some random thoughts that might (or might not) be of interest to our discussions: Winter is upon us, and this is often considered the season to reflect on our lives. Chr
nicemole.htm Subject: Nice Mole, Lady WASHINGTON - Karl and Rita Girshman showered, then stretched naked on their bed at Big Bend National Park in Texas. They had spent the day March 4, 1992, hiking and were restin
no-ath.htm By Peter Walker As to the issue of independant records of Jesus and the alleged events of the New Testament, there is only one contemperaneous source that even discusses this.
no-bush!.htm By my calculation, 2.2 million atheists Americans fought in American wars from World War Two onward. Tens of thousands have died "for America." George would have these men and women stripped of their cit
no-cloth.htm We should not wear any clothes. It is described in Genesis that Adam and Eve did not wear anything before they ate the apple. God created them that way, and that (they being naked) was what God likes. It
no-cross.htm No More Crosses To Bear? [Foundation member Ro Ellis spoke at a panel as a plaintiff named in a state/church case recently brought in Alabama. This is excerpted from her talk at the December, 1992 Freedo
no-feara.htm P. I. Arasu Fear is the key! We humans claim to be the most intelligent of all beings on Earth. We have proof of our cabability to think: the incredibly complex societies we have built. According
no-feart.htm "Prohibit the taking of omens, and do away with superstitious doubts. Then, until death itself comes, no calamity need be feared." -- Sun Tzu
no-god07.htm > I am really interested in hearing some of the evidence that a particular > deity doesn't exist. As you have stated, the evidence is variable from > person to person, but I am really intrigued as to ho
no-godst.htm To: All Msg #217, Apr-13-93 12:45PM Subject: Bayesian Statistics, theism and atheism This is a cut-down version (believe it or not) of part of a file I'm in the pr
no-jesus.htm ::I would be willing to grant you that there was an actual person named ::Jesus who was crucified in Palestine... Robert Sheaffer (and others) would question whether he was crucified; he may have been st
no-logic.htm "It has to do with the fact that I find logic and rigid formal reasoning to be an impediment, when intuition is so much quicker and direct." --- Kenneth Werneburg on HOLYSMOKE
no-morex.htm To: Joe Savelli Msg #132, 29-Jul-93 11:39pm Subject: No More... > Well for all of you who criticize Mr. Robertson, I can say this. Judge > yourself before judging others. > You might make
no-preys.htm Christopher Baker the 5-4 Supreme Court decision in favor of Daniel Weisman and his daughter, Deborah, breaks down this way: For state/church separation - Blackmun [expected]; Stevens [expected]; O'Connor
no-preyw.htm 23-Apr-93 10:18 from : Tyler A. Wunder To : Paul Brouillette Subject : School Prayer alert G'day Paul: In a msg of <Tuesday April 20 1993>, Paul Brouillette writes to Susan Naidoff: PB> On judgement day, Sus
no-tru.htm The following is unabashedly copied without permission of the author. I grabbed this article from alt.atheism; it directly concerns the nature of OT prophecy concerning Jesus. The author of the origina
nogodgrw.htm From gj student 156879 To: All Msg #49, Oct-07-92 10:43AM Subject: How I lost God and Grew as a person. My parents raised me as an agnosti
nogodssi.htm --------- / /----/ . \ / / / \ \ ( ( G O/ /D S ) ) \ \ / / / / \ . /----/ / ---------
non-theq.htm "The biggest child abuse case ever was God the Dad allowing his only son to be Crucified because Eve gobbled an apple that god was teasing her with to begin with." -- Henry Mcgrattan
non-xian.htm (Tobias Click) 50 FUN THINGS FOR NON-CHRISTIANS TO DO IN CHURCH 1. Pull aside an unruly child in a preschool Sunday School class and say: "If you're bad in here, you'll go to Hell." 2. A
nonbelif.htm Martin's _Atheism: A Philosophical Justification_: "The number of nonbelievers in the world today [1990] is surprisingly large. The _World Christian Encyclopedia_, perhaps the most comprehensive source
nonbib.htm I thought some of my fellow freethinkers would appreciate this handy list of Bible quotes that I've just drawn up. Mark Humphrys research student Trinity Hall Cambridge The Bible In Its Own Words An unbeliev
norsecre.htm Subject: Theory of Creation and Proof Many times recently, I've heard various posters complain that no one has ever posted a theory of creation to Now, the fact of the matter is that this
not-answ.htm Some great refutations of prayer from an essay by Robert Gorham Davis: "I continued to examine, however, the claim that God answered prayers -- not now with words, though he did this occasionally in bot
nothingd.htm %% An idle tongue is the Devil's Playground. REPENT, PAGAN SCUM! %% What's wrong, SATAN GOT YOUR TONGUE? %% I see you are too awed by my intellect and BIBLE KNOWLEDGE to speak. %% Do try to defend yourself,
nude-200.htm Naked Preacher Pleads Guilty VINTON, La., August 25 (AP) -- The preacher who crashed a carload of naked Pentecostals into a tree pleaded guilty to misdemeanor traffic charges Wednesday and was allowed to
o'hairaa.htm To: Anatasia Books Msg #49, Dec-12-93 02:00:48 Subject: American Atheists No problem at all. Our address is P. O. Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195, Voice: 512-458-1244, FAX:
o-letter.htm Message #8229 - HolySmoke Date : 16-May-93 06:03 From : Sean McCullough To : All *conferees* Subject : Open Letter to Jesus Christ. Location: FidoNet's HOLYSMOKE Echo NOTE: The following does not descri
oathdoc.htm Xref: taco alt.atheism:13761 talk.religion.misc:44768 Subject: "Court Rules Atheist Don't Have to Take Oath" Date: 31 Aug 91 18:20:33 GMT Sender: (News Database (admin
obetz-oh.htm This story appeared in the May 19, 1993 issue of the _Columbus Guardian_ newspaper and is reproduced here with the permission of the Editor. Note: Obetz Ohio is a very small town southeast of Col
obscened.htm Subject: Justice Brennan & Obscenity (a brief history lesson) Summary: The Roth, Memoirs and Miller standards and Justice Brennan's change of heart on the issue (long) In article <1201@unix386.Convergent
obscureb.htm Hagbard Celine 23-Jun-93 09:51pm Obscure Bible stuff *********************************************** June 1993 I make no claims of being a Biblical scholar. However, through my experiences in a class at San
occult04.htm Chicago Tribune February 22, 1994 New York Times News Service 'Moment of reflection' laws gain School prayer advocates using federal court loophole ATLANTA -- In the latest example of a slow but unmistakeab
occulted.htm Deborah Weisman graduated from Nathan Bishop Middle School, a public school in Providence, at a formal ceremony in June 1989. She was about 14 years old. For many years it has been the policy of the Prov
odenmth.htm Oden is the patron father. Actually he has 3 sons, Tor, Balder and Loke (I spell it swedish). Tor was god of thunder and lightning. When there was thunder it was Tor who rode the skies with his wagon dra
old-jews.htm =-=-=-=-=-=-= Finally Available To ALL Americans Absolute Historical Proof Research Proves "Jews" are non-Israelite Asiatics! DATELINE U.S.A. (1977) -- In 1976 Random House published a book tha
oldermth.htm To: Jesse C. Jones Subject: Disciples of Christ [sic] On (20 Jun 93) Jesse C. Jones wrote to Marilyn Burge... JC> -=> Quoting Marilyn Burge to Jesse C. Jones <=- JC> JC> MB> Some anthropologists thi
omnidef.htm With all the talk of Omniscience on this group I did some research and discovered some other 'features' of god tha the religious don't talk about often enough. -Corey Minter Om
oprescue.htm Subject: My experiences with Operation Rescue I've just waded through about 600 articles in this newsgroup... quite a lot to digest. I didn't notice much from anyone who has been part of OR blockades or
ordinate.htm To: All Msg #169, 30-May-93 01:04pm Subject: Netmail Ordinations ONLINE ORDINATIONS The numbers of people calling and writing to CompuChurch get ordained as minis
organize.htm ADDITIONAL ATHEIST ORGANIZATIONS "Robert Knowles" <> I am posting the addresses of the other Atheist organizations which I receive as a result of my request. These are in addition to t
outlivei.htm "Ideas that have outlived their day may hobble about the world for | | years, but it is hard for them ever to lead and dominate lif
ozonerl.htm Ozone Action, Inc. PRESS RELEASE 1621 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington, DC 20009 For Immediate Release: Contact: Susan Pollack (202) 265-6738 June 29, 1994 RUSH LIMBAUGH AWARDED FLAT EARTH AWARD
pacifica.htm Propaganda Review 2 Start,"Speak No Evil", by Michael Miley, (Part 1 of 3) MICHAEL MILEY, former anchor for Radio Free Chicago on Loyola University of Chicago radio station WLUW, was twice thrown off the
pagandoc.htm Subject: The Seamier Side of Paleo-paganism Date: 3 Apr 90 15:13:53 GMT With all due respect to all you neo-pagans, it really must be said that there was a rather seamy side to paleo-paganism. Animal sacr
paganrul.htm John Jay, First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation [sic]
pagansda.htm %% You PAGAN SCUM who worship your FALSE gods make me sick. THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD. %% Witches should be BURNED. Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!
painetho.htm There never did, there never will, and there never can exist a parliment, or any description of men, or any generation of men, in any country, possessed of the right or the power of binding and controlli
painetom.htm "It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason as to administer medication to the dead." ---- Thomas Paine
pamphlet.htm If you accept that: 1) God is a myth. Humankind's future is in its own hands. 2) Prayers are what you say to yourself. Success in life depends on human effort. 3) Humans are a part of nature and develop
parodydo.htm Subject: Don't give up on books Dene, you have been insisting that "quotes from old books" are not convincing, so I have taken the trouble to type in the following sermon. I hope it will help you see th
pascalgo.htm "The universe *might* be the work of a huge blue banana hiding in a higher dimension inaccessible to us and thus untestable!!". "Shit, better build *another* church." The intellectual consequences are a
pascalma.htm "Pascal's Wager is the equivalent of taking out homeowner's insurance that only covers fires started by one particular match. --- Hector Plasmic, HOLYSMOKE
pauldoc.htm Subject: Re: Paul & Jesus (was:Re: Attention Anglicans) Date: 24 Jun 90 16:41:20 GMT In article <>, (robert.j.brown) writes... >> >> Paulianity
pauliani.htm To: Steve Bedard Oct-18-93 13:14:04 Subject: Church Quoth Marilyn Burge to Steve Bedard thusly: SB> Since the church existed before Paul's conversion, I doubt that. MB> No i
paulisma.htm To: Jack Kilmon 17-Feb-93 02:47am Hello Jack! Sunday February 14 1993, Jack Kilmon writes to John Musselwhite: JK> I have always considered Paul as the inventor of Pagan Christianity. JK> W
pay4sexx.htm Public message # 1711 CULT_WATCH ECHO Entered 10:17 Friday 18-Jan-91 To: Chris Anderson Re: Pastor Robs Banks to Pay for Sex!! Chris seems fond of claiming that I am obsessed by sex I'll le
paynetom.htm Thomas Paine's "The Age of Reason." He wrote the first part while a political prisoner awaiting execution in France and he wrote the remainder while recuperating at the house of the US ambasador to Franc
penguinx.htm From the Portland Oregonian, Tuesday Nov. 17, 1992 Page D2: A teenager sent home from school in Colorado CIty, Ariz., for wearing a Penguin T-shirt from this summer's "Batman Returns" movie got some supp
pennygod.htm >> "I tell you, it is the power of God's Spirit." I'd like to share with you a little story, Malcolm. When I was a little boy, I was scared to death of speaking in front of people. My knees would go weak
pentacst.htm DEPRESSION MORE LIKELY IN PENTACOSTAL CULTS The rate of major depression among Pentacostal Christians is three times higher than among members of other religious groups, according to a study of 2,850 Nor
percent1.htm Ever hear of the 15 percent solution? How the Christian Right is building from below to take over from above... Greg Goldin did his research in part with a grant from the Fund for Constitutional Governmen
percentl.htm Baptists Take Heat On Estimate BIRMINGHAM, Ala., September 17 (AP) -- God only knows who gets to heaven, but the Southern Baptists estimate 46.1 percent of people in Alabama risk going to hell. Since the
perotxin.htm "In over twenty years, it is estimated that Father Perot, of the New Mexico Arch Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church has sexually molested over a hundred boys. Despite numerous complaints, including le
persecut.htm Thomas Arnold The GoatDamned Church is at it again... Greetings... I don't post here much although my name should be recognised by a few. I run the Sysabend BBS, an Occult / General-Weirdness BBS here in G
peyote.htm Subject: Sup. Court and Peyote (1 of 13) The following 13 messages, retrieved from PeaceNet, discuss the recent Supreme Court ruling permitting states to prohibit sacramental use of peyote. Supreme Cou
phillis.htm "Women have babies and men provide the support. If you don't like the way we're made you've got to take it up with God." -- Phyllis Schlafly, hypocrite.
phoneygo.htm MIKE PRATHER 22 Jun 94 10:41 Consider for yourself what kind of God *you* would dream up if you were to create a *phony* God, and a *phony* religion, and set yourse
phrasemo.htm Introducing... P H R A S E M O N G E R the FASTEST way to FLAME! Yes, PHRASEMONGER, the latest in a series of USEFUL yet HARMFUL products from the creative cesspools of BLAZEMONGER INCORPORATED. PHRASEMONG
planneds.htm [cross-posted from ANEWS Echo] [originally posted on 1:128/105] Via The NY Transfer News Service 718-448-2358, 718-448-2683 Subject: Casey v Planned Parenthood From bit.listserv.gaynet Tue Jun 30 21:11:54
pledgedo.htm Subject: The Strange Origin of the Pledge of Allegiance Summary: Speaking of the flag... Date: 14 Jun 90 22:16:57 GMT In light of the happenings and discussions surrounding the Constitution Desecration (o
pledgefl.htm Jim Gifford 03-Jul-93 10:17am Rep. Henry Gonzalez Here's another one: In 1988, Bush challenged Dukakis for vetoing a bill that would have made the Pledge of Allegiance mandatory in Massachusetts. The House
poemdoc.htm A LITTLE BOY LOST "Nought loves another as itself, Nor venerates another so, Nor is it possible to thought A greater than itself to know: "And Father, how can I love you Or any of my brothers more? I love yo
poemsba.htm ------- Tensile Strength When my opponent makes his case With fact and logic strong, I must consider, could it be That my position's wrong? If I accede to greater force, Will that then make it seem That I'm d
poemxin.htm A pretty maid, a Protestant, was to a Catholic wed; To love all Bible truths and tales, quite early she'd been bred It sorley grieved her husband's heart that she would not comply, And join the Mother Ch
politics.htm %% All good Christians vote Republican. Democrats are spawn of Satan. %% Reagan was good. Bush was good. Clinton is EVIL.
poodledo.htm The following is an excerpt from Tammy Bakker's autobiography "I Gotta Be me" (I swear, it really is - check out the December, 1986 issue of Harper's magazine). I wanted a child so very much, but Jim sti
pork-bul.htm = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = = any aversion to lyi
porn2doc.htm Following are abstracts taken from psychology journals, 1981-89 on the effeccts of porn on behavior. Read 'em, use 'em---BUT STOP ARGUING WITHOUT SOME DATA! Pornography, erotica, and attitudes toward wom
porndoc.htm Here's the paper you asked for (complete with bibliography). I wrote this paper for a Human Sexuality class that I took last semester. I'm not the best writer in the world, but I did get a good grade
pornodoc.htm The "other side" of the Pornography Debate Is opposition to pornography itself harmful and immoral? There is an alternative angle to this question; a different approach from the usual debate between "it'
powerrel.htm When political privilege is founded on notions that cannot be challenged by reason, or which pit group against group, or which allow one group to seek domination over another group, then violence is more
praisego.htm ___ !___/ \___! | \_G_/ | | | | ) ( | | /(\,,,/)\ |
prayday.htm Christopher Baker, 374/14 National Day of Prayer proclaimed i knew this was somewhere in the house but couldn't find it. it is the ultimate insult to the Constitution in George Bush's continuing and vali
prayer2a.htm ACLU WARNS SCHOOLS AGAINST STUDENT PRAYER The American Civil Liberties Union said it has sent a letter to 15,000 public-school superintendents warning them that the law forbids student sponsored prayer a
prayertn.htm = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = = any aversion to lyi
preacher.htm The news:- TV Evangelist Jack Conman caught in bed with girl, 18 ....and now a message to the viewers :- Thousand of viewers are angry at Jack The TV preacher's been caught in the sack Wa
preachin.htm %% Maybe if you try reading Matthew chapter 8, verse 29 you will see that the demons called Jesus thou son of God. %% April 21st, 1993 the FBI told us that some of the 17 children and at least two adults a
preyersc.htm From : Susan Naidoff To : All Subject : School prayer alert Replies : -> #297 This article appeared in the New York Times on Fri. April 16, 1993: ROBERTSON TRYING AGAIN TO PUT PRAYER IN SCHOOLS by Michael d
priestsb.htm "Here are priests; and though they are my enemies, pass by them silently and with sleeping swords...My blood is related to theirs." [Nietzsche: 90-91]
priestse.htm Phila Inquirer 8/27 A catholic priest assigned to a Havertown parish has been accused of soliciting oral sex from an undercover park ranger at Tyler State Park in Newtown Township, Bucks County. He was re
prisondo.htm Atheists Supply Less Than 1% Of Prison Populations It's suprising how many people say to me, "You're an Atheist? You must have no conscience about commiting crime then." Nothing could be further from t
probable.htm >Let's see, if I flip a coin 10000 times in one session and then flip it >10000 times in another session, what are the odds that I will have the >exact same run of heads and tails for both sessions? It
problemr.htm There are many problems caused by religion, but let's consider one that is very directly related. Let's consider the problem of how there is something inherent in many religions which cause their followe
profaned.htm %% How DARE you use such language to a MAN of GOD like myself?!? %% I AM GOD'S EARTHLY SERVANT! Do not use such language to me! Fear the lightning! Fear the thunder! Retribution is near!!
promethe.htm Subject: Prometheian Generations The Prometheian Generations I think that ours are the Prometheian generations. But to explain why we will need to know a little about Prometheus. TITLE(s): Prom
proofbur.htm >I am curious about something. Why do "atheists" have to prove >anything at all to "theists"? >Isn't the burden of proof on them? >I'd be interested to hear what you think. We don't have to prove anythin
proofipu.htm Diagram of Invisible Pink Unicorn, going invisible, with proof. -- fig.1 fig.2 fig.3 | ,--; _ ___/ /\| ,;`( )__, ) ~ // // '--; \ | / ' \
proofssp.htm %% PROOF OF JESUS' DIVINITY: If Jesus wasn't who He said He was, how come we date things from B.C.? %% PROOF GOD EXISTS: Trees, flowers, chirping birds. %% PROOF GOD EXISTS: The Bible says GOD exists, therefo
prosltze.htm I spent the first 24 years of my life surrounded by YOUR religion. I moved beyond that belief set 20 years ago. I am a fully grown adult who has made certain decisions about my per
protestf.htm ATHIESTS PROTEST N.O. GRANTS TO BAPTISTS AND ASK FOR ONE TOO New Orleans - A national organization of atheists has asked New Orleans officials to rescind a $20,000 grant to a convention of Baptists mee
proveit!.htm Fredric Rice Oh I wanted to convert some atheists today and tell them all that the gods had to say but the atheists and agnostics just got in my way and demanded of me that I prove it. I said
psalm23.htm THE HIDDEN MEANINGS IN THE TWENTY-THIRD PSALM [purloined from the Apr 1992 issue of Integra, the Journal of Intertel] True Believers need to exercise great caution in reading certain passages of the Bibl
psycholo.htm usc!jarthur!!decwrl!!!csc32!morgan Subject: Comments on Clergy Abuse article... Date: 23 Feb 90 18:11:31 GMT Sender: Today's
pulpitpo.htm Although this article was written about politics in Georgia, I feel it is relevant to the country as a whole. Everywhere it says Georgia, insert the name of YOUR state! Also, there are some interestin
pumsydoc.htm Subject: Fundies Attack Hand-Puppet Date: 25 Mar 91 20:53:32 GMT From the 25 March 1991 San Jose Mercury News... PUMSY IGNITES PROTEST (there is a picture of a dragon hand-puppet with the caption: "Pumsy,
question.htm +-----------------------+----I think that when the aliens come,----+ | Ben Liddicott | they will look like us, talk like us and | | | think like us. We'd better have som
quotesgo.htm I've never understood how God could expect his creatures to pick the one true religion by faith - it strikes me as a sloppy way to run a universe. ---- Robert Heinlen Many a sober Christian would rat
quotexin.htm Not only is it un-Christian to oppress people, it is un-Christian to oppose the free operation of will. I've always been amused by contorted, sweating ministers screaming about "fornication" and "sodom
radioban.htm = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = = any aversion to lyi
ragnarok.htm From First Axe While juicing cranberries in preparation for brewing the Ceremonial Beer this evening, I was once again struck by the Beauty of Ragnarok. Consider the cranberries. Some met their doom in
rapnut.htm RAPTURE FEVER Today, this is happening in Korea. According to 1 Thess. 4:16-17 at the time of the second coming, the dead in Christ will rise, then the saints who are living at that time will also b
rapture2.htm RAPTURE - OCTOBER 28, 1992 WHAT TO DO IN CASE YOU MISS THE RAPTURE I. STAY CALM AND DO NOT PANIC Your natural reaction once you realize what has just occurred is to panic. But to do so is absolutely usel
rapturen.htm From Salt Lake City's Deseret News, November 2, 1992, page A3: CHURCH DISBANDS, APOLOGIZES FOR MISINTERPRETING THE BIBLE (Associated Press) Seoul, South Korea - The largest of the churches that were pred
ratfath.htm The phone number of Ritual Abuse Task Force head, Ms. Riddell, is (818) 843-7195.
realcos.htm To: ALL Subj: SCIENTOLOGY REAL PROPERTY Scientology, as most of you are probably well aware, hides much of its extensive wealth and assets behind 'front' businesses that can be difficult to connect direct
realgood.htm Why Not Some Really Good Prophecies? (Loren I. Petrich) I confess I find a lot of the "prophecies" in the Bible and elsewhere to be distastefully vague. Why not some detailed ones? Short of giv
realityh.htm "If only his fear were of the eternal flames of hell perhaps he would open his mind up to reality." -- Dennis Bednarek on talk.religion.misc, 16 Dec 1992
realityr.htm "Reality doesn't give a shit what you'd rather." -- Robert Curry
rearanga.htm "So the universe is not quite as you thought it was. You'd better rearrange your beliefs, then. Because you certainly can't rearrange the universe." -- Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg, _Nightfall_
reason2d.htm Subject: How faith is private (was: Newton's religion) Summary: In how it causes belief, not in outward signs. Date: 29 Aug 90 18:44:59 GMT ----- In article <>, (Ch
reasondo.htm Subject: Re: Atheists' ethics, if any djoslin@BBN.COM (David Joslin) wrote : > Just give me *your* complete derivation. We can do it step-by-step if you > like. I'll agree that "existence exists." What
reconsdo.htm!!cleveland.Freenet.Edu!au138 Subject: Christian Reconstructionism Date: 1 Sep 91 05:19:19 GMT Sender: I finally have some substantive
reconstr.htm Christian Reconstructionism is to the 1990's what the Moral Majority was to the mid-1970's and mid-1080's. Local politics is now the major focus. One group, the National Association of Christian Educator
reincarn.htm Christian Reincarnation The following is a copy of some quotes found in the Bible and elsewhere related to Reincarnation in Christianity. A part of this I put in about 2 years ago for John Emery,
rel-exte.htm = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = = any aversion to lyi
rel-stat.htm To : Christopher Baker Subj: Re: ATHEIST? FR> The majority of the planet's population do not believe in gods BF> So then why do some 90 or more percent of Americans say they belong to BF> some religion?
relatego.htm Joke seen on alt.atheist: God wants to have a personal relationship with you and has gone to great lengths to establish it. --
relbad.htm To: David Rice Msg #28, May-07-92 03:51PM Subject: Re: Modern Myths From ucivax!!!e7-fb To: Date: Thu,
reldrg.htm Michigan Daily, Sept. 21 1993 DRUGS, RELIGION OFFER AN ESCAPE By Ian Lester Religion continues along its precarious spiral downwards in the United States as more and more of our educated colleagues s
relfl.htm [cross-posted from A_THEIST Echo] central Florida is sort of bible-beltish; certainly more than the metropolis of Miami from which i so recently escaped. [grin] so, imagine my surprise to open up the loc
relig02d.htm Subject: Re: Religion in Schools In article <> tookey@rocky.CS.WISC.EDU (Keith Tookey) writes: >This article was forwarded to me by a friend. >I thought this would spark an interest
relig03d.htm Subject: Re: Religion in Schools This article was forwarded to me by a friend. I thought this would spark an interesting discussion on prayer in schools, and related issues. A Thundering Silence by Hans W.
relig04d.htm Subject: Re: Burn a flag to promote communism and slavery, not freedom. In article <852@pyuxe.UUCP> wwd@pyuxe.UUCP (Bill Donahue) writes: >In article <34164@bu-cs.BU.EDU>, bzs@bu-cs.BU.EDU (Barry Shein)
relig05d.htm Subject: Re: religion is fair ground In article <>, writes: > I am new to the news server and just recently discovered this newsgroup. > I read a
relig06d.htm A curiosity has come to my attention. Someone pointed out (The New Republic, April 17, 1989) that the question of the proper place of Jesus Christ in rock music has reared its head again. The reviewer po
relig07d.htm scott@clmqt.marquette.Mi.US (Scott Reynolds): >NETOPRWA@NCSUVM.BITNET (Wayne Aiken) writes: >>Incorrect. Atheism, by definition, is the absence of religion. >Please state your references. I'll show you
relig08d.htm Article 1574 of sci.skeptic: Subject: Skeptics and Religion Date: 27 Oct 89 20:39:43 GMT Article-I.D.: fidogate.1550.2548ED1A Posted: Fri Oct 27 16:39:43 1989 Following is an article from the May 1986 "BAS
relig09d.htm Subject: Re: Atheism as religion (was Wake Up...) Taoism is a belief system with no supreme being, so I think a few Chinese >might take exception to your opinion. What about Confucists? I think >the pr
relig10d.htm Subject: Re: Christianity Question In article <>, (David Cruz-Uribe) writes: > In article <>
relig11d.htm Subject: Re: why jhpb@lancia.ATT.COM (Joseph H. Buehler) writes: >In article <> (Jim Meritt) writes: > }It amounts to a denial that there is any ultimate reas
relig12d.htm In article <> (Ed Carp) writes: >Are YOU doomed? Only God can say. It's my opinion, yes, but that's only >my opinion. And it's my opinion, and that's only my opini
relig13d.htm shouse@macomw.ARPA (claude shouse) writes: >> Atheists are under-represented in U.S. prisons. I don't know why this >> is; I don't think that Christianity causes people to commit crimes. > I will tell y
relig14d.htm Subject: Re: Atheism as a religion In article <> tookey@puff.WISC.EDU (Keith Tookey) writes: >How about if I restate my beliefs this way: >When a new religion appears in the world, i
relig15d.htm In article <1452@tekfdi.TEK.COM>, bobb@tekfdi.TEK.COM (Robert Bales) writes: >> Let's not forget the big one, Job, who was doing his "God-damned" best >> (ha ha) and being tortured for it. > Also, don't
relig16d.htm Try to imagine this scenario if you would. Imagine that you live in a neighborhood overrun by a gang of extortionists. The leader of this gang demands a number of things from the residents of the neighbo
relig17d.htm Preacher's wife gets heavenly message of doom, and ... THE FLOCK IS STILL WAITIN' FOR GOD'S TORNADO by Pete Cooke Faithful will maintain vigil at church until divine twister blows them away! For months Pa
relig18d.htm In article <16502@andante.uucp>, prem@andante.UUCP (Swami Devanbu) writes: > The things [Yakim] would have said about Christianity ! My goodness, he would > probably be arguing vociferously that Christi
relig19d.htm In article <528@macomw.ARPA> shouse@macomw.ARPA (claude shouse) writes: >the issue--it was civilization. There will be criminals even in a >barbaric society. But what is the operation that civilizes a
relig20d.htm I would like to endorse the idea of religious time in schools. Allow me to tell my story. Back in the sixties, when I attended Huntsville (Texas) High School, there was, at first, a "religious council" o
relig21d.htm Subject: Belief and the Universe And now for something entirely different. How many people realize that religion has been the root of most of cruelty that is inflicted on the world? I wonder when humans w
relig22d.htm Subject: Re: Atheism as a religion In article <> tookey@puff.WISC.EDU (Keith Tookey) writes: >In article <> jmunro@wyse.UUCP (Jim Munro) writes: >>It is education a
relig23d.htm Subject: Re: sin vs. no sin Richard "ether" Schaut writes: >Carl Johnson writes: >>Spiritual laws are like the ether. I may believe that the ether exists, but >>I can't prove that it does. Best just to
relig24d.htm Subject: Re: Why War In article <> (Dennis Kriz) writes: >Reducing Western culture and heritage to velcro, bikini underwear and >french fries is not only a gross over-sim
relig25d.htm Subject: Re: atheists and mythology Charley Wingate apparently forgets what he or I write. So, in another post of his he probably will end up forgetting, he writes: >Carl Johnson writes: >>Okay, a believ
relig26d.htm Subject: Re: no evidence of God. In article <16407@mimsy.UUCP> writes: >Several people responded to my article, in essentially the same vein. For >reasons of my own I choose to resp
relig27d.htm Subject: Re: My supposed prejudice. In article <16684@mimsy.UUCP>, mangoe@mimsy.UUCP (Charley Wingate) writes: > Dene Bebbington writes: > >I wasn't using this as an argument against faith, I was just po
relig28d.htm Subject: Re: Non-christians go to hell? In article <1558@csm9a.UUCP> japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Applegate) writes: [---] I don't believe my eyes. This is incredible. I have absolutely no idea what to say. W
relig29d.htm In article <6961@emcard.UUCP> mat@emcard.UUCP (W Mat Waites) writes: >In article <651NETOPRWA@NCSUVM> NETOPRWA@NCSUVM.BITNET (Wayne Aiken) writes: >In article <6943@emcard.UUCP>, mat@emcard.UUCP (W Mat
relig30d.htm Subject: Re: no evidence of God. In article <11714@ut-emx.UUCP> padraig@emx.UUCP (Padraig John Houlahan) writes: >In article <16659@mimsy.UUCP> writes: >~Padraig John Houlahan writes
relig31d.htm Subject: Re: THe Elder Con Jobs In article <16628@mimsy.UUCP> writes: >Jim Munro writes: >> Religion is the oldest con job. >Says right here in Genesis that skepticism is the o
relig32d.htm Subject: Re: Is religion different from the other disiplines? Summary: Getting down to the real issues, Mr Wingate (seems to) grant my points. Date: 1 Jan 90 21:22:27 GMT References: <8121@cbnewsm.ATT.COM
relig33d.htm Subject: Normative aspects of belief (was: religion different?) Summary: Why not believe whatever you want? Date: 1 Jan 90 22:32:03 GMT References: <8121@cbnewsm.ATT.COM> <> <21567@mims
relig34d.htm Subject: Re: Is religion different from the other disiplines? Summary: It is practiced like literary criticism, and that is the problem. Date: 2 Jan 90 05:18:04 GMT References: <8121@cbnewsm.ATT.COM> <747
relig35d.htm Subject: Re: Whither Religion Summary: Why I would feel sorry for our descendants. Date: 11 Jan 90 21:22:33 GMT References: <> In article <>, chee1a1@jane
relig36d.htm Subject: Atheism/Agnosticism (was Re: Myth is an empirical necessity) Keywords: religion atheism Date: 13 Dec 89 03:14:19 GMT References: <6531@pbhyf.PacBell.COM> <> <6669@tank
relig37d.htm Subject: Re: Normative aspects of belief Summary: More on religious arguments in response to Mr Wingate. Date: 12 Jan 90 03:38:43 GMT References: <> <> <7500@cs.utexas
relig38d.htm Subject: Is Religion Desirable as the Opium of the People? Date: 4 Dec 89 21:06:15 GMT Sender: usenet@lll-winken.LLNL.GOV There is a large school of thought that states that religion is desirable to have
relig39d.htm Subject: Re: The Difference Between Free Expression and Imposing Religion Date: Saturday, 13 Jan 1990 20:51:15 EST In article <13114@cbnews.ATT.COM> pmd@cbnews.ATT.COM (Paul Dubuc): > In Schuylervi
relig40d.htm Subject: Why care about truth? Summary: Was: Normative aspects of belief Date: 16 Jan 90 05:17:42 GMT References: <> <> <> <> ----
relig41d.htm Subject: Re: Atheism in America Date: 14 Feb 90 02:56:23 GMT References: <90042.232945NETOPRWA@NCSUVM.BITNET> Sender: usenet@lll-winken.LLNL.GOV In article <90042.232945NETOPRWA@NCSUVM.BITNET> NETOPRWA@nc
relig42d.htm Subject: Another Christian Nation resolution Date: 29 Jan 90 16:42:55 GMT This weekend, my local paper (the Phoenix Gaxette) published several articles as a result of the activities of a group of Arizona
relig43d.htm Subject: Re: Declaring natioanl religious "days" Date: 11 May 90 15:14:27 GMT (Keith Jackson) expresses the sentiment that we react to "national prayer day" because we wan
relig44d.htm Subject: Re: Taking Christianity Seriously Date: 3 Aug 90 03:01:12 GMT ----- Regarding the success of Christianity, Peter Mutsaers ( writes: > The Truth is much easier to defend than
relig45d.htm Subject: How It (Religion) All Started! Hi All! I have been reading this group for a while and feel I should contribute something. So, I have written a little parady for you. Atheists have Evolution and
relig46d.htm In article <1990May18.213118.14747@acd4.UUCP> wdo@acd4.UUCP (Bill Overpeck): >......If atheists represent a >small minority, maybe we should examine the paranoid ideation that >seems to be symptomatic of
relig47d.htm Subject: Re: Religion as barbarism Summary: Look to the beam in your own eye! Date: 24 Aug 90 16:38:27 GMT ----- Follow-ups to talk.religion.misc. ----- William December Starr writes: >> The closest I've bee
relig48d.htm Subject: 'America, a Godless State' and 'Barbaric Theists' merged. Date: 7 Oct 90 01:09:37 GMT bbs@bluemoon.UUCP (BBS login) writes: > (house ron) writes: >> (Mi
relig49d.htm Subject: Commonly Asked Questions: Some of My Hints Date: 22 Dec 90 00:31:31 GMT The Argument from the First Cause: Although this argument probably cannot be directly falsified, it can be shown to be a _n
relig50d.htm Subject: Re: Being Afraid of Death Summary: Religious Vomit Date: 4 Mar 91 00:42:00 GMT In <12866@helios.TAMU.EDU>, STEIN, ERIC WAYNE writes: > I was an atheist for many years. In fact I actually prided m
relig51d.htm Subject: Drugs as Origin of Religion Keywords: addiction drugs religion legalization Date: 17 Feb 91 22:20:12 GMT >Traditional society (i.e., >Christian America) is VERY threatened by psychoactive drugs -
relig52d.htm Subject: Inventing A Religion - a few hints In article <> (Mark Robert Thorson) writes: >So what suggestions can you give me for starting my own religion? Encourage
relig53d.htm Xref: taco alt.atheism:9921 talk.religion.misc:39059 Subject: Re: THEORY--HEAVEN/HELL Date: 25 Apr 91 19:13:38 GMT References: <> <> <TOW
relig54d.htm Subject: All things bright and beautiful? Date: 8 Aug 91 13:58:02 GMT Sender: (Network News) All things dull and u-g-ly, all creatures short and squat. All things rude and nasty; the L
religadd.htm RELIGION ADDICTION 'SOUL MURDERING,' AUTHORS CHARGE The Denver Post Sunday, November 3, 1991 By Virginia Culver Denver Post Religion Writer Religion can be harmful to your health, say three new books about
religdoc.htm Subject: Re: Religion in Schools In article <122562@sun.Eng.Sun.COM>, perryc@wheelie.Sun.COM (Perry Cross) writ >In article <> tookey@rocky.CS.WISC.EDU (Keith Tookey) >> >> Article
religion.htm The purpose of a legitimate religious organization is to assist its petitioners to a better life as taught by that religion. There ARE, however, some pretty reliable and agreed upon things that constitu
religios.htm The Case for Religious Atheism The following is excerpted from Bradford Greely, a U.U. minister who is an atheist: Religion And The Atheist Prejudices against atheism, which are rooted in our culture, ob
religiq2.htm Paraphrased from The Effect of Intelligence on Religious Faith, Burnham P. Beckwith, _Free Inquiry_, Spring 1986: 1. William S. Ament, 1927 C. C. Little, president U. of Michigan, checked persons liste
religons.htm 1994 World Almanac, 1992 numbers: Northern America World Christians 239,004m 85.4% 1,833,022m 33.45% Moslems 2,847m 1.0% 971,329m 17.72%
reliq.htm Scott Bodarky IQ and religious belief. I think the crux of the biscuit is that divine conceptions do not really stem from intellect, but from individual psychology and cultural logos. As human civilization
reliq2.htm Subject: Re: Why intelligent people believe: one man's opinion > From: (Jim Perry) > From: house@helios.usq.EDU.AU (ron house) > From: (Douglas S Hiwiller) > From
reliq7.htm Here is a brief summary of some studies, which I am sure will interest no one on this thread. For every study there is the counterargument that it proves nothing. 1. Thomas Howells, 1927 Study of 461 s
reliq9.htm >The latest issue of _NCSE Reports_ (from the National Center for Science >Education, P.O. Box 9477, Berkeley, CA 94709) discusses a December 1991 >Gallup Poll which asked Americans whether or not they
rellaw.htm court rulings dealing with religion Keith Allan Schneider Here are some court cases that dealt with religion: Cases ruled against religion: Engel v. Vitate (1962) and Abington Township v. Schempp (1963) -
relno!.htm Lou Dripkin 16-Sep-93 10:25pm Never Again I used to be a Regular Joe, just like you. I never thought that I was the sort of guy that could get addicted to anything. Yeah, I did go to a political ra
relnot.htm "Disbelief in religions does not constitute a religion any more than disbelief in UFOs constitutes a space program." (Larry Haftl, Sysop FidoNet Node 1:152/11)
relnum.htm All census figures taken from 1991 _World Almanac_ Estimated Followers, Hinduism.............: 718 million Judaism______________: 19 million Zoroastrianism.......: 100 thousand Confucianism_________:
relright.htm To : all Subj: the truth comes out * Original Message Posted via CIVLIB * Date: 11 Jul 94 10:00:11 * From: Tom Pardue @ 1:260/338.4 * To: all * Forwarded by: Christopher Baker @ 1:374/14 * Message text was
relsh.htm RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD Taoism: Shit Happens. Hare Krishna: Shit Happens Rama Rama Ding Ding. Hinduism: This Shit Happened Before. Islam: If Shit Happens, Take A Hostage. Zen: What Is The Sound Of
repented.htm To: Chuck Sandnes Msg #482, 11-Jul-93 07:33am Subject: Re: Bible Inconsitencies I just ran into a doozie in the Bible. God can and did do evil things, then he repented.
resisttj.htm "And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms ... The tree of liberty must be refres
resource.htm Subject: Alt.Atheism FAQ: Atheist Resources Date: 27 May 1994 10:00:09 +0100 Summary: Books, addresses, music -- anything related to atheism Keywords: FAQ, atheism, books, music, fiction, addresses, cont
respects.htm To: Scott Robert Ladd 30-Jul-93 12:12am Subject: Darwin Fish >MF> I love that idea! Let me know where you get them...I >MF> would like to do that also! > Seems awfully childis
ressnt.htm The following two articles are from, respectively, _The Skeptical Review_, vol. 3, no. 1 (Winter 1992) and vol. 3, no. 3 (Summer 1992). These articles may be freely redistributed. Copies of the text
resumego.htm Resume for GOD --- God, creator and sustainer of all life, has an eternity of experience in every aspect of everything, including systems design and integration and local ar
resurect.htm This is the MS. of my Easter Submission to the _Touchstone_ newspaper (Bryan/College Station, TX). informed comments welcomed privately. Resurrecting an Old Debate By Doubting John Lenz _Is_ there a God?
resurrec.htm [the following is excerpted from THE SKEPTICAL REVIEW. TSR is a quarterly newsletter published by Farrell Till, a former church Of Christ pastor, dedicated to exposing the absurdity of Biblical inerrancy
rev-jone.htm All Have some Kool-Aid, dearie The last large-scale test of Mark 16 took place 15 years ago today (Nov. 18, 1978) in Jonestown, Guyana. Needless to say, it was a miserable failure. 909 persons died- -so
rev-moon.htm DOES THE UNIFICATION CHURCH (MOONIES) TEACH THAT MOON IS THE MESSIAH? For a long time the Unification Church has been denying that they teach that their leader, Sun Myung Moon, is the Messiah or Christ.
revealtp.htm The most detestable wickedness, the most horrid cruelties, and the greatest miseries that have afflicted the human race have had their origin in this thing called revelation, or revealed religion. It has b
reverntb.htm reverent (a.) feeling or showing reverence. reverence (n.) revering or being revered; deep respect. revere (v.t.) regard with deep and affectionate or religious respect. respect (n.) deferential esteem.
revivloc.htm Subject: Where do we go from here? By Pete Carroll Occult revivals occur when the social, economic or intellectual status quo is disturbed by the unexpected. Affluence combined with the collapse of the R
rico2to.htm Court could curb Fundie Terrorism Top Court To Consider Applying RICO to Abortion Protestors The Supreme Court, returning to the controversy over abortion, said Monday it will decide whether anti-abortio
ricoor.htm Fundies & Abortion & RICO Government Seeks RICO-Abortion Rule The Clinton administration is siding with "abortion rights" supporters who want the Supreme Court to let them use a federal anti-racketeering
rightno!.htm TIME, Vol. 140, No. 10; September 7, 1992: Why the Religious Right is Wrong by Barbara Ehrenreich That low moaning sound in the background just might be the Founding Fathers protesting from beyond the g
risenbun.htm with: Jesse C. Jones Foolish Fundies Location: FidoNet's HOLYSMOKE JCJ> instead follow the Risen Christ. Ummmmmm! That's the signal, gang! Time for another piping hot plate of fresh risen Hot Christ Buns
rob-bank.htm Preamble: Among the Skeptical community, there are those of us who have had to counter contentions made by religious people that there is a huge and well organized conspiracy; the so-called Satanic Consp
roberson.htm Via The NY Transfer News Service 718-448-2358, 718-448-2683 Title: PAT ROBERTSON'S GROWING MEDIA EMPIRE Pat Robertson's Growing Media Empire By Michael C. Burton When Pat Robertson bid $6 million for the
robertn3.htm Gimme Some Money -- Pat Robertson Style ** AN ATHEIST COMMUNITY WARNING ** Many people are used to the Rev. Pat Robertson, begging for money in telethon format on his 700 Club TV show to help him in his
roberts2.htm Summary: Pat Robertson's faith healing from _Salvation for Sale_ In a very good article, <>, (Charles Reader) writes about fa
roberts3.htm Subject: The Economics of Anti-choice Was: Bopping Date: 12 Nov 89 22:14:02 GMT Article-I.D.: wpg.1611 Posted: Sun Nov 12 17:14:02 1989 In article <2240@cbnewse.ATT.COM>, Scott T. Grant writes: > (I know,
roberts4.htm Subject: Pat Robertson's "The Rising Storm" crusade Date: 9 May 90 07:03:58 GMT Pat Robertson is having a telethon on his TV network, called "The Rising Storm." He's complaining about the usual "enemies
roberts5.htm From Church & State magizine, June 1991 Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition Aims For Power Pat Robertson's political action organization, the Christian Coalition, has formed 125 chapters in 43 states, ac
robertsd.htm Re-broadcasting the True Pat Robertson Edmund S. Cohen Free Inquiry, Winter 1987/88 Vol 8. No. 1 [Some introductory material omitted] In the late 1970s, Robertson was obsessed with an end-of-the-world sce
robertup.htm Robertson Pushes for UPI in Name Only Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson is seeking a court order to force United Press Intl to let him buy the rights to its name while effectively shutting down the 85-
robinsir.htm Brave Sir Robin ran away Bravely ran away away When danger reared its ugly head, He bravely turned his tail and fled Yes Brave Sir Robin turned about And gallantly he chickened out Bravely taking to his fee
rock1doc.htm Approved: NETNEWS@PSUVM.bitnet gateway Date: Thu, 9 Aug 90 19:46:41 EDT Sender: CHRISTI+@FINHUTC.HUT.FI Subject: Rock 7-1 Subject: Rock 7-1 This series talked about rock and "the occult"
rock2doc.htm Approved: NETNEWS@PSUVM.bitnet gateway Date: Thu, 9 Aug 90 19:47:47 EDT Sender: CHRISTI+@FINHUTC.HUT.FI Subject: Rock 7-2 Subject: Rock 7-2 This series talked about rock and "the occult"
rock3doc.htm Approved: NETNEWS@PSUVM.bitnet gateway Date: Thu, 9 Aug 90 19:48:58 EDT Sender: CHRISTI+@FINHUTC.HUT.FI Subject: Rock 7-3 Subject: Rock 7-3 This series talked about rock and "the occult"
ronderth.htm From J. B. Bury, _History of the Later Roman Empire_, vol. 2, p. 321: [General setting: 6th century Byzantium; Christianity has been the state religion for ~200 years, Greek science is still preserved] "
rotflpic.htm ROFL
rotweill.htm ... 9 out of 10 rotweillers prefer Jehovah's Witnesses.
rrightdo.htm Subject: Re: Homosexuality & Public Policy - Gas 'em! Date: 29 Mar 90 18:57:55 GMT There have been several related threads going here over the past couple of weeks: AIDS/Christian Response; Homosexuality
rudeness.htm A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day. - Calvin
rumordoc.htm Subject: Re: American Family Association censors this is in response to a somewhat meandering message thread posted to misc.consumers a few weeks ago. Specific charges were made, and I have researched t
rushdied.htm Background: Salman Rushdie is an Indian-born British citizen and author of several novels on (among other things) various aspects of of recent Indian and Pakistani history. _The_Satanic_Verses_ is spec
russiaba.htm The below is an article reprinted from the Omaha World Herald on July 15, 1993 in the "World News" section. Permission was not given, and the views it represents are not my own. Russian Lawmakers Vote
russiaxi.htm Copyright 1992 Freethought Today Reprinted with Permission Christian Roots Of The Holocaust (Part 2) By Michael Hakeem, Ph.D. To summarize for newcomers, response is being made to the contention often hea
salvarmy.htm Summary: How do you cook a missionary? In article <969@esquire.UUCP> roger@esquire.UUCP (Ro Reid) writes: >Eric Pepke: >> Yes, and there are places for alcoholics to go. I give money to the >> Salvation
same-old.htm In article <> (Roger Lee Walburn) writes: >Michael Loomis recently posted someone's opinions of the Pascal argument >thing, and I had an observation.
santadoc.htm I recently found this leaflet while cleaning out a drawer, and thought it was appropriate to both the season and talk.bizarre. It had been shoved into my hand at a Christmas Shopping Season Kick-Off Pa
santawhy.htm In article <> uhschreg@cip.informatik.uni- (Ulrich Schreglmann) writes: > (S J Bale) writes: >You know what I always find funny? Right up to here a
satan5wh.htm To: Steve Bedard Msg #240, 29-Jun-93 12:47pm Subject: Satanists' Doctrines Hello Steve! You said (with Steve Quarrella): > SQ> SB> I believe that there are a lot more Sata
satandoc.htm >One source I would like to obtain is an article exposing falsehoods in >Lauren Stratford's book _Satan's Underground_ which was >apparently published in the January 1990 issue of _Cornerstone_ >magazine
satanicd.htm WARNING! The following is an unflattering look at the contents of the Bible. If you do not enjoy reading such things, then you shouldn't complain that I didn't warn you. Back by popular demand, here they
satanjud.htm LEWIS RICZKO ??> The Jewish view is that Satan is one of the angels of G-d, ??> as is clear from Job. That may be the wishy washy sanitized view but even the modern Orthodox Hasidic Jews have a different
satanvrs.htm My Biblical Satanic Verses Well, here's my most recent edition. Most of it was in earlier editions, but I do have some new stuff: The Ten Commandments, the plunder of conquered towns, and an incongruity;
sataxian.htm Don Martin The pattern is the same as tetotallers and drunks: they appear the opposite sides of the issue of drinking, but the lives of both are controlled to a greater or lesser degree by the bottle. C
satmarny.htm Subj: Living in a Theocracy What is it like to live in a theocracy? It was time to elect members of the public school board. The religious leader named enough candidates to fill the board. Another perso
saulpaul.htm David Nicholls Ian Harper IH> With reference to Acts 9:1-8 and Galatians1:16 I take it that IH> Saul is Paul? Why the change of name? What is the part that I am IH> looking for in Gal
sav4sale.htm The ISBN # for Straub, "Salvation for Sale: An Insider's View of Pat Robertson's Ministry," is ISBN 0-87975-357-9.
saved!ag.htm To: All 20-Aug-93 08:28pm Subject: I apologize It was mid June 1976, in a VW Bug parked in front of a house in central California, I was in deep conversation wit
savesoul.htm "People are always concerned with saving my soul; I'm more concerned with saving their minds." - Mitchell Harding
sayingsa.htm I think that in philosophical strictness at the level where one doubts the existence of material objects and holds that the world may have existed for only five minutes, I ought to call myself an agnosti
sayingsg.htm God is the immemorial refuge of the incompetent, the helpless, the miserable. They find not only sanctuary in his arms, but also a kind of superiority, soothing to their macetated egos; he will set them
sayingsk.htm I am not a paranoid schizophrenic, I am a devotee of Krishna. --- Kalki Dasa
schlprar.htm PRESS RELEASE ISSUED FEBRUARY 4, 1994 ********************************************************* American Atheists, Inc. P O Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195 (512) 458-1244 BBS: (512) 302-0223 *************
school2p.htm from ACLU Briefing Paper Number 3 "Church and State" Is prayer in public schools constitutional if it is optional? Officially-sponsored school prayer violates several of the constitutional requirements c
schooldo.htm Subject: Bible Reading in Public School Date: 15 Nov 90 16:33:38 GMT A federal district court in Florida has ordered a public school district to discontinue daily Bible readings in a fifth-grade class. Ci
schoolpr.htm Nobody is proposing to forbid students from praying, yet supporters of teacher-led prayer in public schools habitually misrepresent the issue in terms that imply this. Gerry Palo writes that prayer will
schoolsd.htm "In Defense of the Public Schools" By Paul Kurtz, Editor, _Free Inquiry_ magazine, professor of philosophy Editorial, Fall 1992, Copyright 1992. Powerful forces in America are seeking to privatize the pu
schoolse.htm Msg # 6 Date: 07 May 91 01:39:45 To: All Subj: How You Can Help Keep the Public Schools Secular ____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Every school district in
schoolsu.htm ACLU Suing to Keep Religion out of schools 05/24/1994 PITTSBURGH (AP) -- The American Civil Liberties Union is suing a suburban school district on behalf of two students, alleging a school employee taught
scidoc.htm Subject: Re: Religions vs Science Keywords: religion, secular humanism, anarchy In article <283@cbnewsm.ATT.COM> mls@cbnewsm.ATT.COM (michael.l.siemon) writes: >In article <>,
scolbord.htm LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD SUPPORTS AND ENCOURAGES CHRISTIAN COALITION CONTROL OF PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION IN DUVAL COUNTY. The sexuality curriculum developed locally for grades K-12 and approved by local educatio
secularh.htm In a previous article, (Doug Holtsinger) says: > Torcaso v. Watkins, 367 US at 495 (1961) > "We repeat and again reaffirm that neither a State nor > the Federal Government can con
senator1.htm Honorable David Price U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 Wayne Aiken PO Box 30904 Raleigh, NC 27622 Dear Representative: I am aware that many right-wing religious groups, such as Dr. D. James
sep-5mth.htm To : All Subj: Myth 5 MYTH 5: The Supreme Court has declared that the United States is a Christian nation. In the Supreme Court's 1892 Holy Trinity Church v. United States decision Justice David Brewer wr
sep-6mth.htm MYTH 6: The First Amendment's religion clauses were intended only to prevent the establishment of a national church. If all the framers wanted to do was ban a national church, they had plenty of opportun
sepcon.htm >> I just saw an editorial in my CMU paper that mentioned that >> the separation of church and state, saying that he could not >> find it in the constitution. He said that the only thing you >> will f
sepcs.htm CHURCH AND STATE: GROUP WAGES GRASS-ROOTS WAR Citizens for Excellence in Education, an organization geared toward restoring prayer in the classroom, banishing anti-biblical language and teaching the sto
seper2mt.htm To : All Subj: Myth 3 MYTH 3: Separation of church and state is not an American principle but is found in Article 53 of the constitution of the Soviet Union. This lie about separation of church and state
seper8mt.htm MYTH 8: Madalyn Murray O'Hair, an atheist, single-handedly removed God, the Bible and prayer from public schools in 1962. Atheist leader Madalyn Murray O'Hair played no role in the Supreme Court's school
seperat2.htm Bryan G. Olson Feb-18-93 09:56AM Separation of Church and State |> In article, rhuss+@EDRC.CMU.EDU (Robert Huss) writes: |> I thought that the separation of church and state was pretty well
seperat6.htm To : All Subj: Myth 6 MYTH 6: The First Amendment's religion clauses were intended only to prevent the establishment of a national church. If all the framers wanted to do was ban a national church, they h
seperat8.htm James Madison's _Memorial and Remonstrance_ (1784) was circulated in response to a bill in the Virginia legislature to levy a tax to support "Teachers of the Christian Religion." In it, Madison argues f
seperatc.htm The following is a letter to the Editor from the 7/28/93 Chicago Tribune: BARRINGTON--George Heinemann (Voice, July 12) argues that because the phrase "separation between church and state" is not in the C
seperate.htm This is a letter to the editor that will soon be published in the Danville Commercial-News sometime in the next 2 weeks. Comments & Opinions welcome -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Larry Smith Opini
sepert7m.htm MYTH 7: The First Amendment was intended to keep the state from interfering with the church, not to bar religious groups from co- opting the government. Jefferson and Madison held an expansive view of th
serbrape.htm Serb Learnt Rape and Murder - A Report by Richard Beeston The Times (UK) Borislav Herak delivered his gruesome confession of murder, rape and butchery in a clipped and awkward monotone which is as painf
setterc.htm To: All Msg #63, Dec-10-92 09:29AM Subject: Speed of light Unfortunately, I lost the attribution to this recent post: It was on sci.skeptic, and I am posting this
sexdat.htm %% AIDS is GOD'S vengeance against rutting SINNERS like yourself.
sexdoc.htm the walkways. A fountain cheerfully splashes water into a large basin which causes a wonderful melody of sound. Alongside the fountain on a marble bench a young girl sits next to a young man holding hand
sexgod.htm >Kenneth D. Johnson) writes: >What an idiotic argument. You didn't create them, though you seem to so >foolishly think you did. God is the Creator. You have just brought them >into the world. I get it no
shafleyd.htm Subject: Re: Religious Right in Politics Date: 28 Apr 90 11:57:40 GMT In article <>, jfklab@codon4 (The Kirsch Lab;330 Barker;x2-7373) writes... > ... I have heard
sheolxin.htm Publius Ancient rabbinical writings generally divide Sheol into two sections - the pleasant section, called 'Abraham's bosom' by the ancient rabbis, is the place of the righteous souls; while the rest of
sherman1.htm To: All Msg #200, 06-Sep-93 09:42pm Subject: Rob Sherman's article I will forwarn you all that this will take about 5 posts, so get out your screen traps or what
shilts02.htm To: Fredric Rice Mar-30-94 23:56:00 Subject: The love of Jesus in action.... > jv> To sum it up, Reverend (hack, spit) Phelps' "protest" lasted about > jv> twenty seconds.
shiltsra.htm To: jonny vee Mar-27-94 13:28:08 Subject: The love of Jesus in action.... #include jonny vee #include all jv> Yes, [Phelps & crew] flew 2000 miles to show the world the l
shitlist.htm WORLD RELIGIONS, PHILOSOPHY AND OTHER THINGS THE COMPLETE AND UNCENSORED SHIT LIST ##### ### ## # ####### ### # ##### ####### ### ### ## ## ####### ### ## ### ### ### ### ## ##
shut-upg.htm If the theists all shut up, the gods would be speechless. - Robert Curry
silencel.htm Styx Allum Martin Goldberg Msg #277, 24-Feb-93 10:18pm New Products! > RS> myth created by men in rebellion to God. > I hate to say this Ron, but you have no idea of w
silencem.htm To : Neal Feldman Subj: Georgia Law NF->Which means, I guess, that if I were a child there and I chose to hum, NF->sing, or so whatever during that period, I must be allowed to do so, eh? The author of t
sillyide.htm "I have seen a lot of silly ideas come from your keyboard, but the notion that evolution would produce only one individual (of only one sex, naturally) at a time sinks far below your usual imbecility to
silverjh.htm SILVER JOHN tune: Rosin the Beau 1) You ask me what my name is and what I'm a-doin here they call me John the Wanderer or John the Balladeer Long is the road on which I fare Over the world afar The mountains
sin-taxb.htm THE FATAL FLAW OF THE SIN TAX FIX By Jon Carroll Taxing cigarettes is fine with me; I don't smoke. Also, I hate the marketing practices of cigarette companies, so anything that can be done to make them s
skep-rev.htm FREE SUBSCRIPTION: A free one-year subscription to The Skeptical Review can be obtained by writing to P. O. Box 617, Canton, IL 61520-0617. Front Page: winter 1990 WHY ANOTHER RELIGIOUS PUBLICATION? If t
skepticd.htm Article 1632 of sci.skeptic: Subject: Astronomy and Origins Date: 1 Nov 89 18:49:51 GMT Article-I.D.: aplstar.8911011849.AA05397 Posted: Wed Nov 1 13:49:51 1989 Sender: daemon@ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU Topics: }
slaveryd.htm Subject: Another Joke (was: Christianity = Biblical Fundamentalism?) Date: 12 Mar 91 01:12:38 GMT I saw another one of those joke articles from this Dave Rassmussen. In that article, he first said that
slavexin.htm Re: "Fundamentalist Charged w/Slavery The following article is taken from "Walkaway" Spring, 1991 "Fundamentalist Charged with Child Slavery" Eldridge Broussard, Jr., the 38-year-old founder of Ecclesia
snath.htm SN> "I now believe that the main focus of educators must be SN> to 'overeducate' the planetary populace in the sciences SN> and mathemathics, and this may eventually be the needed SN> 'antidote' to relig
socrates.htm Subject: Re: Creation & Evolution (1/5) Date: 30 May 90 01:47:06 GMT In article <> hakim@bigq.enet.DEC.COM writes: >Loren Petrich writes: >> Glad you admit the plag
somethin.htm %% What kind of DRIVEL is that you're spewing? %% Say WHAT? Haven't you READ the BIBLE GOD'S HOLY WORD? %% Oh, please, you can do better than that... %% You must be mad!
souldoc.htm READING THE BIBLE CAN GIVE YOU THE "WIND" SOMETHING FIERCE Have you ever wondered why poeple believe in spirits, souls, and ghosts? It turns out that the very idea has sprung from a biological misunders
soundoff.htm I found the following article in the summer 1991 edition of Free Inquiry magazine. It is written by Skipp Porteous. Several months ago, I appeared as a guest on "Sound Off," hosted by Paul Gonzales on W
sourcesa.htm Archive-name: atheism-resource Last-modified: 27 October 1992 Version: 0.1 Editor: mathew <> ******** BETA VERSION -- DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE ******** Copyright (c) mathew 1992. Atheist Resou
spankme!.htm To: All Msg #14, Mar-28-93 02:03PM Subject: Don't spank me, Lord I was handed this flyer in the parking lot of the local Wal-Mart. I guess it's geared towards chil
spellgod.htm Has anybody else out there read "Spelling God with the Wrong Blocks" by James Morrow? I recommend it to all. It's a short SF story which turns the tables on the Creationists in a hysterically funny way
spidersh.htm The following article is from _The Skeptical Review_, vol. 4, no. 3 (Summer 1993). It may be freely redistributed. Copies of the text of all articles published in _The Skeptical Review_ may be obtained
spinozad.htm Xref: taco alt.atheism:10074 talk.religion.misc:39170 Subject: How the arguments went in 1675 Date: 28 Apr 91 11:13:06 GMT Sender: Spinoza's name crops up every now and then in these groups,
staffjes.htm In the New International Version (NIV) of the bible, Jesus is telling his deciples to spread his occult dogma: Matt 10:10 "take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic, or sandals or a staff; for the wor
standrdu.htm Msg #675, 13-Aug-93 09:52pm Subject: UPC Debunking Here's another beaut. It's a bit longer, but it represents the most outrageous part of the UPC. There is a tenet of the UPC, Int. called "standards of H
starvewh.htm "Why are the people starving? Because the rulers eat up the money in taxes. Therefore the people are starving. Why are the people rebellious? Because the rulers interfere too much. Therefore they are reb
stations.htm The following is a listing, in alphabetical order by state, of cable companies currently running the American Atheist Forum on their access channel(s). Please bear in mind that air times change frequent
sticker2.htm my favorite bumper sticker is ancient history... "Honk if You're Jesus" "I Found Jesus Very Boring" "No Gods on Board" "Why Does God Need Your Money? Think First Before Giving." "God's Never There When Yo
stickera.htm >I had a license plate frame >custom made which reads "My Boss is a Double Helix" in response to those >stupid "My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter" things. >Oh, yeah, the company Set Free (in the >FAQ, I think
stickers.htm I have seen two clever atheist bumper stickers: Blasphemy is a Victimless Crime Atheists ARE moral...just not stupid.
stokesfu.htm To: Alan Jennings Msg #125, 21-May-93 12:17pm Subject: A Christian? >> Heaven or hell? Which for you? > Tell me more about each. Hell is in the heart of the earth. It's a place created by God f
stonejes.htm >Robert> Of course, an angry crowd of Jews would shout "stone him!", not >Robert> "crucify him!". Surely they would not cry out for a Jewish man >Robert> to be executed by the Roman enemy in a manner in
storkthe.htm "Scientific Storkism" Or "Ovulation versus cretinism" Two different theories exist concerning the origin of children: the theory of sexual reproduction, and the theory of the stork. Many people believe in
string2r.htm "Religious puppets are often known as string fellows." --- Seen on HOLYSMOKE
stringro.htm There once was a Ron quite Stringfellow Who ranted, who raved and who'd bellow "It all happened, you know! 'Cause God told me it's so!" The pills that they give him are yellow. --- Fredric Rice, HOLYSMOKE
strongat.htm Here are seme snippets from volume 1 of the Clipingdale Collection. I don't get much time to read and post here lately (I hear and appreciate your cries of grief and horror) but I felt compelled to respo
stupidfv.htm Cross-posted from the newsgroup alt.atheism Hello folks, I just read a story in the Albuquerque Journal today (12-18-92) syndicated from a newspaper in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The story was about the
stupidty.htm --- "Is stupidity the norm in your church...or are you just an exception?" -- Steve Rose
styxsay.htm Science is education of facts. Religion is merely a means of dealing with questions which have not yet been answered.
supersti.htm poetry from American Atheist [A Journal of Atheist News and Thought] from Vol. 33, No. 6.: The Missionary The Missionary is a man To view with some suspicion, He spends his time in foreign lands Denouncing s
supersts.htm Ironic Statement of the Month Club, Winning August/93 Entry: "God has been around much longer than superstition." --- Steve Bedard, FidoNet HOLYSMOKE echo
surveyre.htm Re: New Religion Survey stats the results are out on the survey commissioned by the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York and conducted by the ICR Survey Research Group
suspecte.htm "But the thing is, you don't have many suspects who are innocent of a crime. That's contradictory. If a person is innocent of a crime, then he is not a suspect." Ed Meese, US News & World Report, 10-15-8
swaggard.htm Jimmy Swaggard, 9/22/85: "We should not make any agreements with the Soviet Union... they can sign all the peace treaties they want. They won't do any good. There are dark days coming... It's going to ge
swaggrtw.htm Update On Swaggart - Walk Away, Spring 1989 Hard times have fallen on former Assemblies of Gawd evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. His ministry plummeted after the world learned that he paid a New Orleans prosti
takeamnd.htm When they came for the 4th amendment, I kept silent because I am not a drug user. When they came for the 5th amendment, I kept silent because I am innocent. When they came for the 2nd amendment, I kept sil
takemony.htm Cultural War on _The_700_Club_ Pat had a great little fundraiser the other day as I was channel surfing. He talked about a couple who was very down and out but they sent 10 or 20 bucks anyway. Soon, the
takinovr.htm Editor: I would like to respond to the letter printed in The Commercial-News last Thursday by Lille Delva of Westville. Mrs. Delva's letter was encaptioned "Atheists seem to be taking over control of ou
taxdoc.htm Subject: Religious tax exemptions Date: 29 Mar 91 20:37:02 GMT (Pardon the several-day time lag. I only read news every week or so.) A previous poster asked about the effect of tax exemption of religious
teacherf.htm Chicago Tribune, 9/23: Teacher fired for ignoring imposed silence LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga.-- A county school board Tuesday fired a high school teacher who refused to honor a new state-mandated moment of silen
teethxin.htm --- As Seen In talk.religion.misc: Just for information, if one wants to question wisdom teeth, as mentioned in another post, we are not functioning completely to design, because we are under judgment (a
televang.htm *Televangelist, Bread and Circuses If you're one of those unfortunate people who can sit down on Sunday afternoon, or late at night, and tolerate almost any program that happens to come across your telev
tenurego.htm Why God Never Received Tenure at the University 1. Because He had only one major publication. 2. And it was in Hebrew. 3. And it had no references. 4. And it wasn't published in a refereed journal. 5. He d
terrorsm.htm "Successful terrorism is called revolution, and is admired by history. Unsuccessful terrorism is just lowly, cowardly terrorism." - Phil Trodwell on alt.atheism
testgod.htm all testing God >>"Don't test the Lord your God" -- Holy Bible >Why not? Not to be a smartass, but what happens if you test God? >Does s/he refuse to comply? What? I tested God and I got: parameter
thank2go.htm To: Fredric Rice Subject: hmph! FR> It's disgusting to see a well-trained competition runner FR> who's up at 5 am every morning running 20 miles before a FR> day of school and exercise win a race
thankgod.htm Father, We Thank Thee For the rattlesnake and polio, Father, we thank thee. For defective embryo, Father, we thank thee. For poison oak and killer bee, Father, we thank thee. For nuclear capability, Father in
thankgvn.htm To: Jesse C. Jones Nov-30-93 23:12:54 Subject: Thanksgiving greetings Hwaet, Jesse! 25 Nov 93, dixit Jesse C. Jones ad All: JC> I recall my wife many years ago telling a
thanksgv.htm Whom shall we thank? Standing here at the close of the nineteenth century- amid the trophies of thought - the triumphs of genius - here under the flag of the Great Republic - knowing something of the h
the-acne.htm "The Christian church has left nothing untouched by its corruption; it has turned every value into an un-value, every truth into a lie, every integrity into a vileness of the soul... "Parasitism as the o
the-cc.htm The following appeared in "Church & State", published monthly by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to the constitutional principle of chur
the-cult.htm Michael A. Persinger, Normand J. Carrey, and Lynn Suess, _TM and Cult Mania_, The Christopher Publishing Houes, North Quincy Mass., 1980. "Claims of the TM effects are neither unique nor special but are
the-fact.htm To: All Msg #666, 12-Apr-93 01:48pm Subject: Geo"science" "Research" Institute Here's the scoop: The "Geoscience Research Institute" is located on the grounds of Loma Linda Univers
the-gods.htm __ ARTICLE IX. POLICIES AND DEFINITIONS (POLICIES) - CHARTER AND BYLAWS __ Section 1 Declaration of Religious Principle Clause 1. The Boy Scouts of America maintains that no member can grow into the best k
the-wall.htm "Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach
the-xian.htm If the Christian Hell exists, who would you expect to find there? Hitler or maybe Al Capone? Probably. But because the first Christian requirement to get into Heaven is to accept that Jesus died for o
theist05.htm Subject: Is there a god? It doesn't matter ... In <> Iain Jameson argues: >I have `rejected' religion and my life is not hopeless. Explain that >if you can! It's trivial. An
theistiq.htm Okay, here's the report we did on youth and religion. Before you read it, you should know a few things: 1) We were under severe time restraints. The paper was written in a marathon writing session over a
theograt.htm From : Susan Naidoff Subject : Could it happen here? This article appeared in the New York Times on Thurs., April 22, 1993 POLISH CHURCH WINS COURT FIT ON SCHOOL Jane Perlez WARSAW, April 21
thoath.htm This is my nature Here is my nature and thought Which you will be taught: First was the One, the begining. Then came the two, who learned sining. After were masses, following their programming, And God made
thoughta.htm To: All Msg #183, Aug-13-93 10:57AM Subject: Thought Experiment: SWI This is a thought experiment on the subject of "Sex While Intoxicated: Seduction or Rape?" Th
thoughts.htm ************************ * THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY * ************************ "There is no evidence for the theory that God is a moral being; what we observe of his laws and operations here indicates strongly
thoughtt.htm Statues of marble or brass will perish; and statues made in imitation of them are not the same statues... But print and reprint a thought a thousand times over, and that with materials of any kind... th
thoughtx.htm TWAS THE THOUGHT BEFORE X-MAS by: Don Funderburg Twas the night before Christmas and all over the Earth, Christian are celebrating Jesus Christ and his birth. "The true meaning of Christmas" all the Chris
thumpers.htm Kelsey Bjarnason Here's one related to me by an acquaintance, in regards to the (as I recall) Morons. One fine afternoon, two of them came knocking at the door. Ken, being the generally convivial sort th
timeline.htm Here's my latest BCE timeline update, see if you can spot the Greeks. BCE [Before Conversion Era]: 10,000: Neolithic Age, (domestication of plants and animals, the earth and even human beings, i.e. "civi
tin-goda.htm From 'Little Tin God': "Well the cowboy's name was Jingo, and he heard that there was trouble, so in a blaze of glory, he rode out in the west, Nobody was certain what it was that he was saying, but they l
titanite.htm From William Brown to Steve Bedard: SB> Correct! And I would take that further to say if there is SB> no proof that something does not exist, saying that it does SB> is not lying. But it doesn't *prove*
tjdoc.htm Subject: Re: Libertarianism vs. Christianity Date: 11 Aug 90 07:31:20 GMT References: <> <> Sender: (Mr Background) In-Repl
to-hella.htm All Going to Hell (what to bring?) Hi, everyone! Since I'm going to hell, I've been wondering just what to pack for the trip. One can't plan too much for a trip that will last an eternity, I always sa
to-homea.htm A young child and her godfather (both atheists) are sitting outside one cloudy summer day, watching the ducks swim by in a nearby pond. The girl has a passion for lollipops, and has finished her first o
toiletgo.htm To: All Oct-29-93 22:59:00 Subject: god... God appeared to me the other day. I don't know if you know, but god frequently appears in my holey toilet brush to ask
toiletma.htm Thyagi Morgoth NagaSiva FOR SERIOUS READERS ONLY _______________________________________________________ NEWELLIN GNU TYMZ, 9304.10 e.v. Special Edition Your Spiritual Search Is about to
toleranc.htm Xref: taco alt.atheism:13259 alt.pagan:8492 talk.religion.misc:44201 Subject: Tolerance in Religion (Was Re: GIVE ME A BREAK!!) Date: 12 Aug 91 16:45:59 GMT References: <> <165101
treatedb.htm To: Martin Goldberg Oct-07-93 15:13:00 Subject: ANY SATANISTS?... mg> My viewpoint is that religious trainign should be the teaching mg> of "treat every living thing the way y
trian-er.htm Trial and Error - The American Controversy over Creation and Evolution Edward J. Larson Oxford University Press 1989 pp. 243 This is a history of the legal debate over the teaching of evolution and creatio
tripolij.htm Message #1884 - HolySmoke Date : 25-Apr-93 10:13 From : Bruce Baugh To : All Subject : Christianity and Government As long as we're slinging quotes about the relationship between Christianity and the US go
troopera.htm To : All Subj: State Trooper & Abortion I heard something this evening on CBC Radio's "As It Happens," which really flabbergasted me. As their first story of the evening, they spoke to the attorney for a
truexian.htm To: Joe Savelli 26-May-93 04:43pm Subject: Re: A "debate..." JS> Steve, the man in Florida who committed murder was not a JS> Christian, Funny. He SAID he was a Christian. He even plans to u
truthbli.htm --- "Please don't be blinded by the truth!" -- Mike Salva in HOLYSMOKE
truthgod.htm Claudia Slate Reminds me of a something a Seneca Chief, Red Jacket, once said to a missionary named Cram who was trying to force the white man's religion on the red nations. Red Jacket said he understo
try-god!.htm Tiffany's used to buy a couple of lines of space (in agate type) at the bottom of the columns on the first page of the New York Times to advertise "TRY GOD". I always wanted (but was chicken, cheap, and
tshirtdo.htm Subject: nothing important Date: 6 Aug 91 06:58:57 GMT I was just looking around the office tonight, and I found an old (1960-ish) copy of the student newspaper. Inside, there was a neat "joke" ad that c
turkishf.htm It's not THIS bad here.... At Least 40 Killed in Rioting by Turkish Fundamentalists Associated Press - 07/02/93 At least 40 people were killed and scores were injured Friday when rampaging Muslim fundamen
twas.htm 'Twas the night before Jesus came and all through the house, Not a creature was praying, not one in the house. Their Bibles were lain on the shelf without care In hopes that Jesus would not come there. Th
ugaritbi.htm _History of the Jewish People_, Ben-Sasson, ISBN:0-674-39731-2, p. 11-12: [text in brackets my addition, H numbers are Strong's] The extensive literary documents written at Ugarit, in a dialect closely a
ulc_min9.htm * Forwarded by Steve Quarrella (1:124/9005) * Area : ULC_MINISTERS (ULC_MINISTERS) * From : Alan Jennings, 1:3800/6 (Saturni dies November 13 1993 19:54) * To : All * Subj : Report on the 1993 Fall Gene
undergod.htm In 1955, our scoutmaster stood before the Flaming Arrow Patrol and told us we would add the words "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance from now on. Of course, it wasn't the "real" POA, because the "
unquestd.htm Say what you will about the sweet miracle of unquestioning faith. I consider the capacity for it terrifying. -- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
untabl.htm UNTABL.htm The Tablet of the Union. The Black Cross : Quandrant p Quandrant of . of Air h Water m o t i b . . a t n a n . n a n t a . . b i t o m Qua
updateaa.htm The following is from _The Match!_ no. 88, Summer 1993, p. 28 (P.O. Box 3488, Tucson, AZ 85722, $2.50; Fred Woodworth's _The Atheist Cult_ [sic] is available for $2 from the same address): Update on Amer
urgencyd.htm The Urgency of Atheist Activity Now by Jon G. Murray On May 6, 1982, President Reagan held a combination press conference and prayer meeting in the Rose Garden outside the White House with about 120 relig
us-const.htm all Constitution Inspired by God. (But not the Bible?) If, as the title of this thread implies, the Constitution was inspired by God, then the Bible must NOT have been inspired by God. For there are many
ussrdoc.htm Subject: Atheism in USSR (was Re: Why are you an atheist?) Date: 14 Feb 90 00:13:52 GMT Sender: (USENET Posting) In article <90041.184959NETOPRWA@NCSUVM.BITNET> NETOPRWA@ncsuvm.ncsu.ed
uwbsa.htm United Way dumps Boy Scouts of america Copyright 1992 by UPI. Reposted with permission from the ClariNet Electronic Newspaper newsgroup For more info on ClariNet, write to info@clarinet
valuesfo.htm _Wichita Eagle_. This article by David Awbrey, editor of the editorial page, was entitled "Civil society victim of culture war," and was accompanied by a two panel cartoon. The first panel shows Lady
vanished.htm To: Don Geser Oct-09-93 08:41:26 Subject: We really don't need this!! So there. Don Geser, who thinks fumaroles are a real gas, said to All: DG> After reading assorted p
verdict.htm Public message # 4096 CULT_WATCH ECHO Entered 15:58 Thursday 16-May-91 To: All Re: Evidence??? Evidence That Demands a Verdict? The Christian invertibly remarks that the "eyewitness" testimonies cont
verdictn.htm cu067@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Darren Charles Smith) writes: >For an excellent treatise on the flawlessness of the Bible, read >"EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT vols. 1 & 2" by Josh McDowell. >You may have
victorst.htm St. Victor of Python And it came to pass that Saint Victor was taken from this place to another place, where he was lain to rest himself amongst sheets of muslin and velvet. And there stroked was he by ma
videoacl.htm To: All May-19-94 19:43:32 Subject: Religion in Schools * Original Message Posted via CHURCH&STATE * Date: 17 May 94 17:14:00 * From: Charles Sumner @ 1:2613/240 *
violentb.htm The following ignorance was published in the Edmonton Sunday Sun and represents the views of a prominent fascist Canadian of right-wing persausions. It seems timely so I thought some of you might find fo
virbir.htm Jesse C. Jones Virgin Birth -=> Quoting MOSHE SHULMAN to STEVE BEDARD <=- SB>If this is true why would the Apostles claim that Jesus was born of Virgin SB>Birth and quote Isaiah also? Surely they and the
virbirth.htm "You make belief in virgin birth sound incredible but if there is already belief in God, virgin birth does not sound so ludicrous." -- Steve Bedard
virgbrth.htm To: Steve Bedard Subject: Prophesy Thus spake Steve Bedard to Tyler A. Wunder: TA> In other words, could you please produce these prophecies (e.g. c TA>and verse) instead of doing as so many Chri
virgin02.htm From _The Book of Lists 2_ by Irving Wallace, David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace, and Sylvia Wallace: William Morrow & Co., 1980. Reprinted without permission. p. 260, "11 Unusual Births" 11. THE MOST UNUS
virginbi.htm VIRGIN BIRTH. Christians have always argued for Jesus' virgin birth, but also argue he was descended from David. This overlooks that if virgin born, Jesus' 'father' Joseph, albeit descended from David, w
virginda.htm %% Mary was a virgin. Always a virgin. Is still a virgin. %% Joseph was struck infertile to ensure Mary's continued virginity.
virgindo.htm Subject: Re: God revealing himself Date: 10 Feb 90 04:17:38 GMT References: <11142@attctc.Dallas.TX.US> <> <> <11345@attctc.Dallas.TX.US> <4266@daffy.cs.wi Sender
virginey.htm Associated Press, June 20, 1993: FAITHFUL INJURE EYES LOOKING FOR MIRACLE Madrid, Spain - More than 30 people suffered eye injuries when they stared at the sun awaiting an appearance of the Virgin Mary p
virginia.htm Saddly, this works for God, too. As well as The Boogie Man, Pink invisible unicorns, and the Mutant Star Goat: From the <New York Sun> of September 21, 1897 IS THERE A SANTA CLAUS? Francis Pharcellus Chur
virginjc.htm "To assert that the earth revolves around the sun is as erroneous as to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin." - Cardinal Bellarmine 1615, during the trial of Galileo.
virginki.htm Associated Press, 25-05-93, ELLICOTT, Md - SCULPTURE KILLS BOY, 4 A four-year-old boy was killed when a small statue of the Virgin Mary fell on him. Cooper Williams was playing on the 60-cm-tall (24-inch
virginsc.htm To live with scores, yet never score, As years go by, must be a bore. In painful spite of hormones' urgin' Amidst such wealth to stay a virgin? 'Tis beyond me quite to comprehend The destiny that shapes yo
virgmry.htm To: All Msg #71, Dec-13-91 10:17AM Subject: Re: Sightings of Virgin Mary in Denver area III From the Friday, 13 December 1991, _Rocky Mountain News_: (Sorry for the extremely long quote, but I fee
vista05c.htm Quoted from the San Francisco Chronicle, Saturday, 19 March 94: FUNDAMENTALIST SCHOOL BOARD ADOPTS ITS OWN SEX EDUCATION Los Angeles Times Vista, San Diego County This city's school board voted yesterday
vote-1oz.htm To: All Dec-03-93 11:54:02 Subject: Vote 1. Recently received an election pamphlet from a national Xn party, "Call To Australia". (Headed by the all-purpose joke,
voucher0.htm MYTHS ABOUT PAROCHIAID The self-interest groups who would benefit from tax aid to parochial schools have been successful in building a mythology about the benefits to the general public of such aid. We
voucher2.htm To: All Msg #164, Sep-08-93 05:07AM Subject: Re: Voucher System. Excuuuuusssssseeeee me, Bruce, I want a piece of this. In article <> rigg
vouchern.htm Extra Credit: Turn Your Classmate Into A Newt Also out in California, and also reported by the _Chicago Tribune_ (August 10), school vouchers are being put to a vote. These would, among other things, a
wac003.htm I just pulled two articles off the AP feed about "cults" in Oregon and Montana. In both cases these folks bother no one, have not been charged with any crime, etc, etc. In both cases some of the locals a
wac004.htm * Forwarded by Tom Lane (1:382/91) * Area : RA_SUPPORT (RA Support) * From : Joseph Emmanuel, 1:301/4.1 (Monday April 26 1993 02:52) I apologize for this off topic message. But we are trying to reach as
wac005.htm From ucivax!!syserror To: Date: Mon, 3 May 93 11:02:58 -0500 In article <> you write: > Now that I'm "thinking" about the s
wac006.htm Dallas Morning News 4/22/93 "Cultist's" lawyer criticizes Tarrant medical examiner Fort Worth - Tarrant County Chief Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani, responsible for investigating the deaths of the Branc
wac007.htm To: All Dec-26-93 05:52PM Subject: Re: Waco Shootout Evokes Memory of Warsaw '43 wrote: : Well, I don't have a fancy mailer, so I can't denounce
wac008.htm Well...some good news...this morning's New York Times reports that Steven Higgins, Director of the BATF will be asked to resign due to his handling of the Waco incident and conflicting reports issued by
wac009.htm To: All Dec-27-93 01:16PM Subject: Re: FEARLESS FOSDICK RIDES TO THE WACO RESCUE In article <>, uh754@freenet.Victoria.BC.CA (Michae
wac010.htm According to an Associated Press article, of May 5, 1993, investigators found 200 firearms in the ruins of Mt. Carmel. That's about two weapons per person in the compound. According to the Houston Post,
wac011.htm To: All Msg #122, Dec-28-93 01:50PM Subject: waco... parallels to the lindy chamberlain case the story with waco and various people's reactions justifying the deat
wac012.htm FEARLESS FOSDICK RIDES TO THE WACO RESCUE (Bobby Martin) writes: > It was not targetted at six year olds. It was targetted at >adults. Had the adults left the compound the six
wac013.htm Bobby Martin ( wrote: : I saw no VIDEO at all. I saw live feeds from all four news : services, from at least four different camera positions, probably more. : It seems that yo
wac014.htm Don't you just hate those Bleeding-heart Atheists who are not only liberal as all hell, but advocates of collectivism, gun banning, and discrimination AGAINST religion? The people in Waco were the victim
wacfer.htm RE: Column from Suzanne Fields From the Albany, NY Times-Union, Monday, April 26: FEARLESS FOSDICK RIDES TO THE WACO RESCUE (by columnist Suzanne Fields) What do we tell our children? After the fire and br
waco-fbi.htm Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn't Fit MORE COVERUP OF MURDEROUS FBI RAID IN WACO, TEXAS By Gary Wilson The official report is in on the massacre of the Branch Davidian sect in Wa
waco-fed.htm AFTER WACO FEDS DEFINE "CULT" By Steve Forsmann Following the violent destruction by Federal agents of the Branch Davidian Compound near Waco, Texas officials of the Clinton government set out to define w
waco-gun.htm AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN June 15, 1994 Wed Pg B2 Davidian Case Juror Asks Judge To Be Lenient -Associated Press The jury foreman in the murder conspiracy case against 11 Branch Davidians has asked the
waco-lrn.htm The following article is under submission. Reproduction on computer bulletin boards is permitted for informational purposes only. Copyright (c) 1993 by J. Neil Schulman. All other rights reserved. WHAT
waco-rep.htm To: All Msg #68, Dec-25-93 01:39AM Subject: Re: FEARLESS FOSDICK RIDES TO THE WACO RESCUE Michael van Abbema <uh754@freenet.Victoria.BC.CA> wrote: > Check you fact
waco-sex.htm To: All Dec-11-93 08:21PM Subject: Re: Excommunicards and Mormon Gods In article <>, Suzanne Cook ( writ
waco-why.htm "Cult Label Caused Waco Trouble" COPYRIGHT PACIFIC NEWS SERVICE 450 Mission Street, Room 506 San Francisco, CA 94105 415-243-4364 OPINION AND ANALYSIS -- 775 WORDS CULT LABEL MADE WACO VIOLENCE INEVITABLE
wacoday.htm AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN WEDNESDAY APRIL 20 PG B1 & B5 PROTESTS MARK "CULT" ANNIVERSARY 'We Can't Let It Go,' Austin Demonstrator Says Amid Calls For A New Investigation Groups Seek Investigation of Waco
wacopres.htm RE: Posse Comitatus Act Violation? The text reproduced below is cut from a full transcript of a speech given by President Clinton. It would appear to be a confession of a violation of the Posse Comitatu
wacorip.htm AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN Tuesday March 1 Pg B3 "CULT" TRIAL JURORS RIP GOVERNMENT'S ACTION IN RAID Associated Press San Antonio - Jurors in the Branch Davidian trial said they quickly rejected murder an
wacoshot.htm THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Letters, 3/17/93, A13. Waco Shootout Evokes Memory of Warsaw '43 On Feb. 27, black-uniformed men of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms wearing "coal scuttle" helmets and
wacotril.htm The following is a more detailed version of a post submitted by Carol Moore a couple of weeks back. I'm posting it here as a favor to its author, Nancy Ross. Post it everywhere you can think of; it lo
wacrad.htm Subject: Thompson interview Here are some excerpts from a radio interview of Linda Thompson on Bill Cooper's "Hour Of The Time" broadcast. I heard the program on shortwave radio, at 5.810, on December 31
warrentw.htm Unpeaceful Service by Matt Giwer (c) 1994 <2/21> As time passes old defenses of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms return as though newly discovered rather than long discounted. The one before us
waterwak.htm (The Herald-Sun, Friday 29th October) Nine Tanzanian pupils and a priest who tried to walk on water like [alledged] Jesus Christ drowned in Lake Victoria , police said. The members of the Seventh Day Adv
waterwlk.htm "Walking on water is easy. It is what we do for a living. You just have to know where the rocks are. Step from rock to rock, and those on the shore will think you are performing a miracle."
watrtabl.htm WATRTABL.htm The Second Great Watchtower; The Great Western Quadrant of Water ___________________________________________________________ | | | | | |u | | | | | | | | T
wauistbo.htm The Book of Wau D.A. LeTang 115 15th St. W#3 Mpls, MN 55403 [72657,216] July 8, 1990 Dear Friendly Friend: How many times have you wanted to fill that yawning spiritual void in your life but just weren't ab
wcc32.htm Item 1: What Americans Believe According to a report by Farna Research Group in Glendale, CA: 65% of Americans say that Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists all pray to the same god although called by
wcfields.htm Subject: a sad story to keep firmly in mind Date: 11 Sep 90 22:58:56 GMT [From the Philadelphia Chapter of American Atheists:] In 1946, Claude William Dukenfield, at age 65 died of a stomach hemmorage and
weakgod.htm Yahweh not all-powerful: (Judges 1:19): ===== ===== And the LORD was with Judah; and he drave out the inhabitants ===== of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of ===== the
weatherg.htm Creating Faith in Weather Forecasters and the Existence of God Marshall Lev Dermer, Department of Psychology University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI 53201 Copyright 4/18/88, dermer@convex.csd.uwm
weedgod.htm The story of how Man Came to Be, by Michael Charles Smith One day God created Marajuana. Later that week he decided to try it. God: (Puff..) Hehehehehehehehe! I love this stuff! Hey, Gabe, why doncha try
weeniesn.htm To: All Msg #176, 07-Sep-93 10:14am Subject: Your daily chuckle We've long believed that the fundies were amongst the weirdest people on the planet. Now there i
werewolf.htm An atheist doesn't have to be someone who thinks he has a proof that there can't be a God. He has only to be someone who believes that the evidence on the God question is at a similar level to the eviden
what-is7.htm To: Anadi Dasa 93-06-14 20:33:00 Subject: Evolutionary knowledge test > I think the above questionaire's creation is mainly a reaction > to the fundamentalist Christians
whatharm.htm from Sean McCullough To Steve Bedard Hello Steve! You asked: > How does the fact that I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour > harm anyone? By several means. Religions that use the terms "personal sa
whitmale.htm Let's take a good look now at what 150 years of white, male, heterosexual Christian control of this country has gotten us: History's BLOODIEST per-capita war, and the one with the WORST per-capita suffer
who-said.htm "Who do Men say that I Am?" by Cullen Murphy The Atlantic Monthly, December 1986, p. 37 This article discusses recent research by biblical scholars using source/form/literary/redaction criticism (as well
who-wrot.htm To: All Jan-28-94 22:35:10 Subject: WHO WROTE THE BIBLE? BIBLE INTRO. The Bible is said to be the "least known best-seller of all times". It continuous to be sold b
whoreofb.htm She runs around wif bikers, She cheats, she steals, she lies! She hang around in bar-rooms Lookin' fo' crazy highs! Ah gots de blues, Dem Whore o' Babylon Blues! She's Satan's mistress, buddy, But you an' me
why-iam2.htm To: ALL Feb-16-94 07:55:00 Subject: Closet Atheist Hello, My name is Piet (pronounced Pete) and I am an atheist. I have been recently monitoring this conference, an
why-kill.htm In article <> (S.N. Mozumder ) writes: >Don't deceive yourself. You know that people kill only because of the >lack of religion. You know
why-post.htm Null Cypher Jan-17-93 09:28PM Why Xians Post in Alt.Atheism --- Why Do Christians Post in Alt.Atheism? --- As any frequent reader of alt.atheism knows, it is common to find thei
why-waco.htm To: All Msg #237, Apr-19-93 11:54PM Subject: Faith and Dogma In light of what happened in Waco, I need to get something of my chest. Faith and dogma are dangerous.
winterda.htm %% Steve Winter, that TRUE CHRISTIAN, is assured a seat at the right hand of GOD! %% How DARE you mention STEVE WINTER or his PRIME network, that goeth before GOD in righteousness?
winterss.htm An Open Letter to Steve Winter An Open Letter to Steve Winter by James Jenks, Sysop of The Hermes BBS, 1:232/310 Dear Mr. Winter, I realize that your search for truth makes you a very busy person. Obviousl
wise-man.htm This is the story of the wise hermit who was invited to address the village and impart wisdom to its occupants. He laboriously made his way down the mountain and surveyed the gathering, saying "Do you kn
wishingf.htm "BEWARE! Recreational hoping can lead to the harder stuff -- wishing, and even prayer. Withdrawl from hoping can bring on acute attacks of anxiety and dread. Best not to dabble with it." Dave Jones
witchesb.htm "It is estimated that in Germany 1450-1550, one hundred thousand alleged witches were put to other areas, where the supply of firewood proved inadequate for individual burnings, large ovens w
witchesd.htm THE KILLINGS OF "WITCHES" The following are all documented incidents in the killings of "witches." ONLY incidents solely relating to witchcraft accusations have been included. Bear in mind that this is
witchold.htm The word "Witch." The earliest reference I could find in recognisable English was dated A.D.1225 from a work called Juliana of unknown authorship: "Ich hit am spat spec spur simunes much be wicche" Follo
withdraw.htm To: Steve Bedard 09-Jul-93 02:13am Subject: A Debate... Hello Steve!! You were saying: > Society has been turning its back on Christianity for the last thirty > years or so. Yet things do not se
witness1.htm Hello my friend!... I am presently studying in the medical profession... which has required that I take many classes involving a science of one form or another. I would like to share what I have been lea
witness2.htm I agree that this is my faith and that everyone has a choice as to what they believe... Yet what I am being taught in school is against knowledge! Are the absence of absolutes evidenced in nature? Unle
witness3.htm Can you imagine getting ten of the famous writers in our history together... and ask them to write down what they think about life? And then bury those works? What you would dig up is 10 very different
wizarddo.htm Subject: Re: Milpitas, CA -- A Satan-Free Zone !!! Date: 12 Sep 90 18:23:35 GMT From San Jose Mercury-News, 9/12/90: TRUSTEES STAND BEHIND BAN ON FANTASY GAME by Rich Ramirez (Mercury News Staff Writer) Mi
worldend.htm It should be pointed out that in the Biblical way of counting, the 6000th anniversay [of Creation] will occur in 1996 (that is, the first and last are both counted). Furthermore, as the date of October
wt.htm Unknown
xian-hst.htm To: Jonathan Defabritis Re: Nature of Christianity-- 300-1000 C.E. Jonathan -- It has come to my attention that you claim that there were Christians, during the time period from approximately 250 to 10
xian-nut.htm "We have twenty Christians nuts for every one Muslim pistaschio." --- Don Martin, FidoNet HOLYSMOKE echo
xian-see.htm To: Thomas Frost Subject: Re: Talking To Fundamentalists Your points are interesting. I'd like to "chill out and wait", but fundies make me VERY nervous. They actually LUST for Armageddon and bitte
xian-sex.htm What I cannot understand in these hypothetical arguments is that God would rather have us dying of AIDS than committing extra-marital or homosexual sex. Why is God so caught up on sex? What is this cosmo
xiance.htm CE [Conversion Era]: 6: Herod Archelaus deposed by Augustus of Rome; Samaria, Judea and Idumea annexed as province Iudaea under direct Roman administration, cap. Caesarea 6-9: Coponius, Roman Prefect of
xianclt.htm Subject: Xianity as a cult A CULT-HUNTER LOOKS AT CHRISTIANITY 1- When you enter some Catholic churches, you are confronted by a graphic representation of Jesus, nailed to a cross, bleeding, suffering, a
xiancrim.htm Bill, how can you say that Christianity is not even indirecxtly responsible for the greatest atrocities know to mankind. 1. Crusades - the senseless slaughter of Arabic peoples defending their lands aga
xiancult.htm To: Harvey Smith Re: Terms of disrespect Let's face reality, dude. The most destructive cult of all time has been the xtian church, withs its execution of countless heretics from at least 1000 A.D. to 18
xiangod0.htm The Christian god. The Bible presents an interesting picture of God, ie. a god who never changes (Malachi 3:6) but actually does frequently change his mind and even regrets what he's done ("repents
xianholf.htm The Christian Roots Of The Holocaust (Part 4): The Catholic Reaction (From "The Unreasoning Clergy By Michael Hakeem, Ph.D. in Freethought Today) The specter of Martin Luther was a haunting presence in
xianityj.htm ON CHRISTIANITY Janardana Dasa "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth. I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man at variance with his father, and the daughter against
xianlove.htm The Christian God....All forms of life destroyed because of one imperfect species - Gen 6:5,7, 7:23 Human sacrifice commanded by God - Leviticus 27:28,29. Under inspira
xiansee.htm To: Hugh Read Msg #186, 22-Nov-90 11:21am Subject: Re: Talking To Fundamentalists You don't understand. They MUST be attacked by anyone and everyone at all times. Ot
xianstat.htm Jim Gifford 11-Jul-93 12:32pm Debate analysis A user in my local net recently posted a Pat Robertson "action letter," making the usual list of nonsense claims about the Evil Leftist Conspiracy and its effo
xiatid.htm Christian Coalit. Tidbits The Christian Coalition has been much in the news the last few days because of its recent convention, held in Washington, D.C. on September 15, 16, and 17. Here are a few tidbit
xtian2do.htm Xref: ncsuvx talk.religion.misc:23617 talk.religion.newage:6111 Subject: MORE TESTS FOR BIBLIOLATORS... Date: 14 Dec 89 16:23:58 GMT Ammond sent this to me... Mikie? For the folks who have requested more..
xtiandoc.htm Subject: Non-believers Guide to Testing Christians. TEST THOSE CHRISTIANS: A Non-believer's Guide For Testing The True Christian. The Event There I was busily working at my desk when the interruption occur
xtiansda.htm %% CHRISTIANS are the only people going to Heaven. And I don't mean those FALSE CHRISTIAN SCUM you see around, either, only TRUE CHRISTIANS who BELIEVE EXACTLY WHAT I TELL THEM, AS IT'S WRITTEN INT HE H
yahwehba.htm Jeremiah 48: Concerning Moab: This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: ...A curse on him who is lax in doing the Lord's work! A curse on him who keeps his sword from bloodshed! (Here Yahwe
zappavot.htm There was an article in the DALLAS MORNING NEWS on June 26 titled ZAPPING THE PARTIES: which follows: Rock singer Frank Zappa says he's thinking of running for president of the United States. In an inter
zappawrn.htm This is the contents of Frank Zappa's "warning label", inspired by the Tipper Gore witch trials. I still roll every time I read it...have a might make your day. :) === WARNING/GUARANTEE This alb
zenlyr.htm Zen and the art of religious righteousness (soon to be on B. Dylan's new album _Infidels II_) See the clouds... Watch the river...(flow) Expect the expected. Disregard everything else. No matter who you are
zenodoc.htm Subject: Xenophanes: people create gods in their likeness Date: 20 Sep 90 03:43:26 GMT I post this again because someone had asked who it was who had claimed that people tend to make gods in their own li
zygotego.htm From _American Atheist Magazine_, January 1989, p. 33. A Roman Catholic member of the mandatory motherhood movement recently was asked what happens when a single zygote (fertilized egg) splits and turns


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