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0introdo.htm 12 page printout, pages 1 - 12 Reproducible Electronic Publishing can defeat censorship. This disk, its printout, or copies of either are to be copied and given away, but NOT sold. Bank of Wisdom, Box 926
15persol.htm Date: 15 Apr 93 19:02:09 To: All Subj: 15% Solution _ [cross-posted from the CIVLIB Echo] [Originally posted on 1:363/118] - p
1truegod.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Tue Jul 18 14:56:54 1995 To: ALL Date: 17 Jul 95 21:40:01 Subj: Wanna be a GOD, babe? (SPECIAL OFFER BY FUHCU!-Orde
23rdpsal.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Sat Dec 09 15:42:04 1995 To: All Date: 06 Dec 95 05:32:03 Subj: PC 23rd Psalm Original To : All, 1:2201/38.1 Origi
aai-vsgo.htm Msg # 418 Date: 26 Oct 92 20:10:00 To: All Subj: Bend Over If You Love Bush _ EID:1155 195aa140 PID: RA 1.01 MSGID: 1:102/890
aaosall.htm wcPRO files listing. Date: 12/11/94 16:15 American Atheists AAHIST.ZIP 12K American Atheists: A History AAINTRO.ZIP 8K American Atheists: An Introduction - ZIPPED file AANEWS.htm 3K Am
aaosfile.htm wcPRO files listing. Date: 12/11/94 16:14 American Atheists AAHIST.ZIP 12K American Atheists: A History AAINTRO.ZIP 8K American Atheists: An Introduction - ZIPPED file AANEWS.htm 3K Am
aaosrul.htm - Following message extracted from AAOS @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Mon Jun 03 02:16:57 1996 To: All Date: 01 Jun 96 01:18:27 Subj: AAOS Echo Rules This Echo originates from the headquarters
aars349.htm NEW TESTAMENT FORGERIES by Madalyn O'Hair Reproduced from the "American Atheist Radio Series" department of the August 1989 issue of the _American Atheist_ magazine. SU
aatvfpr.htm AMERICAN ATHEISTS, INC. P O Box 140195 Austin, TX 78714-0195 Voice: (512) 458-1244 FAX: (512) 467-9525 BBS: (512) 302-0223 For Release on or before July 22 AMERICAN ATHEIST TELEVISION FORUM REACHES 9,023,392
abuse7cl.htm In The Name of God Here's a great question for you. Why does God permit people who are obviously unrepentant sinners to assume authority in his church(es)? Some examples: Art Phillips, 43, of Arizona, was
aeons.htm [Captured in full from the FidoNet A_THEIST Echo on 1:374/14,Titusville_FL_USA] Msg # 460 Date: 05 Oct 91 0:09:13 To: Subj: aeonic -ims I _
aids-ihs.htm Msg # 384 Date: 07 Dec 92 08:29:56 To: Scott Brown Subj: AIDS _ G'day Scott: In a msg of , Scott Bro
america.htm RELIGION VS. AMERICA by Leonard Peikoff This lecture was delivered at the Ford Hall Forum on April 20, 1986, and published in "The Objectivist Forum," June 1986. A specter is haunting America-the specter
article1.htm DUNGEONS, DRAGONS, AND ALTAIR IV by James Lewis IV The Temple of Set A recent radio broadcast devoted a bit of its time to some rather hysterical allegations of the anti- Dungeons and Dragons crowd. Every
article2.htm THE POWER OF A WORD James Lewis Magus of the Temple of Set Although the majority of us look with a bit of disfavor on structuring, it remains a fact that each Aeon, this one included, operate within the fram
article3.htm The Devil Made Me Do It! by R. Whitaker Power is a guiding force, one which attracts individuals to Black Magic. What confronts the dilletante -if they find a real school of Black Magic- is not a concepti
article4.htm THE THIRD EARL RUSSELL by James Lewis IV of the Temple of Set 'The secret of happiness,' said Bertrand Russell during a celebration of his 92nd birthday, 'is to face the fact that the world is horrible.' Si
article5.htm The Law of One? - by Priest R. L. Whitaker Once upon a time in the Great Kingdom of the Law of One there arose and asserted a presence which had conceived of itself as something more than the
assaultw.htm One person has asked how could the government control the television picture of the major networks. Another person asked how is it that much of what we know about the assault at Waco is government propag
atheistb.htm Msg # 225 Date: 03 Aug 93 03:23:15 To: Russ Wuertz Subj: Re: skitzoid _ > How can I > become an athiest and not be bothered by
atheistf.htm the alt.atheism FAQs: 1. Overview for New Readers 2. Introduction to Atheism 3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 4. Constructing a Logical Argument 5. Atheist Resources - begin 1 of 8 - Subject: Alt.Atheis
auinf.htm Msg # 219 Kill/Sent Date: 19 Mar 93 18:16:00 To: Larry Borden Subj: JERRY FALWELL _ EID:3310 84FD0001 LB> After years of watchi
auscsinf.htm To: Christopher Baker @ 1:374/14 Date: 24 Sep 94 23:30:05 Subj: Assault on Public Schools SIXTY PERCENT of the American people are not familiar with the Christian Coalition. - survey by People for the
a_echo-a.htm Msg # 465 Date: 08 Mar 92 18:52:03 To: Jim Mason, Cwm, Et Al Subj: A_THEIST Echo Guidelines repost [annotated for comprehension] _
a_theist.htm Date: 14 Dec 93 20:17:01 To: All Subj: [1/7] Atheism FAQ _ Subject: Alt.Atheism FAQ: Introduction to Atheism Archive-name: atheis
bannedbk.htm Date: 02 Oct 92 01:51:42 To: ALL Subj: Banned Books _ Following is a list of books that have been banned or have been the subjec
bergeson.htm Brett J. Vickers Marian Bergeson and Californian Creationism Marian Bergeson, the nominee for California's state school superintendent, was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times on April 11, 1993. Why is t
bergsmor.htm Bruce Salem Apr-16-93 08:31PM More on Bergeson I want to parapharse from an article that appeared in today's San Jose Mercury by Mitchel Benson, of that paper's Sacromento berua
blameday.htm Date: 28 Sep 93 06:40:00 To: All Subj: National Day Of Blame _ Forwarded by Starwyn using SuperBBS 1.17-2 Original message : D
bomarch.htm The following is a reprint of the pamphlet "Archaeology and the Book of Mormon" by Hal Hougey (revised Ed. 6/83-6M). It gives a little insight into how far the Mormon church leaders are willing to go t
bookban.htm Satanic School Books By Tandika Star @Fido 1:308/0.4 Apparently, some people haven't anything better to do than to look for satan in school books. My concern here were: 1. Since when does the
brainwas.htm Date: 02 Oct 93 23:25:00 To: All Subj: brainwashing _ BRAIN WASHING Most people and Government Agencies do not want this infor
bricefa2.htm Version 1.0.1 The Brice Wellington FAQ file Part 2 Version 1.0.1 Compiled and written by Psycho Dave ( With help from the users and sysop of The Boston Bullet BBS (617) 893-1753 2400 b
bricefq1.htm Version 1.0.1 The Brice Wellington FAQ file Part 1 Version 1.0.1 Compiled and written by Psycho Dave ( With help from the users and sysop of The Boston Bullet BBS (617) 893-1753 2400
bsagod.htm POSITION STATEMENT REAFFIRMATION OF THE POSITION OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA ON "DUTY TO GOD" Resolved, that the following reaffirmation of the position of the Boy Scouts of America relating to "Duty to
bush-sez.htm Msg # 401 Date: 24 Jun 91 00:34:50 To: Fredric Rice Subj: GREETINGS _ OK, sounds interesting. For starters, the Bush quote was
bw-raw1f.htm Version 1.0.1 Brice Wellington - RAW! Here it is - the first installment of Brice Wellington RAW! These are quotes from Brice that I've managed to dig up on the Net and on the Boston Bullet BBS. I haven
c-o-r.htm Msg # 481 Date: 02 May 92 02:54:00 To: All Subj: stoned 1 _ MSGID: 1:112/2020 3e02f9c1 A caller sent this to me and I thought
casestdy.htm Public High School Commencement In Church: A Case Study By Charles Cheves Richard and Dianne Lolo, and their children Richard and Michelle, moved to Port Charlotte, Florida, during the summer of 1988. P
catholic.htm Scott Compton Jun-28-93 10:57AM D&D and Catholisicm Results... D&D or known as Dungeons and Dragons came under political fire by many christian groups in the mid-1980's after a few events that happened in
cbshoaxr.htm Date: 8 Jul 93 10:02:15 To: All Subj: Exposing CBS Part 1 of 7 _ By Tom Malone The gospel according to Andy Warhol promises that
cha10dos.htm 28 page printout, page 167 - 194 CHAPTER X Life and Morals in Greece and Rome The Glory That Was Greece - Morals of the Athenians - The Development of Religion - Rise of Philosophy and Skepticism - The
cha11dos.htm 13 page printout, page 195 - 207 CHAPTER XI Phallic Elements in Religion Modern Modesty - phallism in the Old Testament - The Phallic Stage - Phallism Under Christianity MODERN MODESTY SCIENCE enables yo
cha12dos.htm 13 page printout, page 208 - 220 CHAPTER XII Did Jesus Ever Live? The Modern Denial - The Fiction of the Gospels - Jewish and Pagan Witnesses - A Broad View THE MODERN DENIAL THERE were hundreds of Jesus
cha13dos.htm 19 page printout, page 221 - 239 CHAPTER XIII The Sources of Christian Morality Is There a Christian Morality? - The Stolen Parables - The Sermon on the Mount - Golden Rules - Futility of the Christian
cha14dos.htm 13 page printout, page 240 - 252 CHAPTER XIV Pagan Christs Before Jesus The Myth of the Virgin Birth - Christmas Before Christ - Divine Sons and Sages - Christ and Krishna THE MYTH OF THE VIRGIN BIRTH TH
cha15dos.htm 14 page printout, page 253 - 266 CHAPTER XV Legends of Saints and Martyrs Discovery of the Fraud - The Genuine Persecutions - The Manufacture of Martyrs DISCOVERY OF THE FRAUD THERE came a stage in the ev
cha16dos.htm 11 page printout, page 267 - 277 CHAPTER XVI How Christianity "Triumphed" The Legendary Triumph - The "Conversion" of Constantine THE LEGENDARY TRIUMPH IT was the year 312. All the blood of all the martyr
cha17dos.htm 14 page printout, page 278 - 291 CHAPTER XVII The Evolution of Christian Doctrine The Religion of Jesus - The Mists of Gnosticism - Fights Over Formulae - The Evolution of Priestcraft THE RELIGION OF JE
cha18dos.htm 11 page printout, page 292 - 302 CHAPTER XVIII The Degradation of Woman The Claim of the Churches - Women Before Christ - The Greek and Roman Woman - The Clergy and the Modern Struggle THE CLAIM OF THE
cha19dos.htm 10 page printout, page 303 - 312 CHAPTER XIX Christianity and Slavery Paganism and slavery - The Gospel and the Slave - The Churches and the Workers PAGANISM AND SLAVERY ABOUT the year 100 A.D. two remark
cha1dos.htm 19 page printout, page 13 - 31 THE STORY OF RELIGIOUS CONTROVERSY CHAPTER I The Revolt Against Religion The World - Revolt Against Religion - A New Age of Mankind - The Origin of the Rebellion - The Batt
cha20dos.htm 12 page printout, page 313 - 324 CHAPTER XX The Church and the School The Moral Value of Education - The Child Under Paganism - Education in the Roman Empire - What the Church Did - Learning in the Mid
cha21dos.htm 15 page printout, page 325 - 334 CHAPTER XXI The Dark Ages The Making of the Middle Ages - The Morals of the New Europe - The iron Age - The Blight of Life THE MAKING OF THE MIDDLE AGES ONE Sunday mornin
cha22dos.htm 13 page printout, page 335 - 357 CHAPTER XXII New Light on Witchcraft The Witch of Tradition - The Real Witch - The Catholic Massacres - The Secret Cult - The Protestant Massacres THE WITCH OF TRADITION
cha23dos.htm 23 page printout, page 358 - 380 CHAPTER XXIII The Horrors of the Inquisition The Massacre of the Albigenses - The Origin of the Inquisition - The Infamy of Its Procedure - The Roman Inquisition - The
cha24dos.htm 23 page printout, page 381 - 400 CHAPTER XXIV Medieval Art and the Church Art and Religion - Christ and Apollo - The Age of Faith and Ugliness - The Cathedral Builders - The Painters of the Renaissance
cha25dos.htm 21 page printout, page 401 - 421 CHAPTER XXV The Moorish Civilization in Spain The Crescent and the Cross - The Brilliance of the Moors - The City of Light and Love - Moorish Science and Literature - T
cha26dos.htm 24 page printout, page 422 - 445 CHAPTER XXVI The Renaissance: A European Awakening The End of the Nightmare - The Call of Greece - The Papacy and the Renaissance - The Spirit of Humanism - Erasmus and
cha27dos.htm 24 page printout, page 446 - 469 CHAPTER XXVII The Reformation and Protestant Reaction The Disgust of Christendom - Why the Reformation Succeeded - martin Lather - The Catholic Reformation - Humanity C
cha28dos.htm 20 page printout, page 470 - 489 CHAPTER XXVIII The Truth About Galileo and Medieval Science Science and Christianity - Roger Bacon and His Age - Copernicus and Galileo - The Reformation and Science SCI
cha29dos.htm 16 page printout, page 490 - 505 CHAPTER XXIX The Jesuits: Religious Rogues The Sainted Ignatius - The Men of Jesus as Men of Blood - The End and the Means - Two Centuries of Jesuitry THE SAINTED IGNATI
cha2dos.htm 21 page printout, page 32 - 52 CHAPTER II The Origin of Religion Was Religion Revealed? - Modern Theories of Its Origin - The Real Roots of Religion - How Gods Were Made - The Rise of Priesthoods - Th
cha30dos.htm 14 page printout, page 506 - 519 CHAPTER XXX The Conflict Between Science and Religion The Historical Conflict - Is There a Conflict Today? - The Twilight of the Gods THE HISTORICAL CONFLICT SCIENCE has,
cha31dos.htm 17 page printout, page 520 - 536 CHAPTER XXXI Do We Need Religion? The Fear of the Godly - Our Personal Morals - The Nightmare of Sex - Religion and Progress THE FEAR OF THE GODLY THE criticism of religi
cha32end.htm 27 page printout, page 537 - 563; END CHAPTER XXXII The Triumph of Materialism Materialism and Idealism - What Is Matter? - The Supposed Vital Principle - The Human Machine - The Mystery of Consciousne
cha3dos.htm 7 page printout, page 53 - 59 CHAPTER III A Few of the World's Great Religions The Religions of Egypt and Babylon - The Chinese Religions and Confucius - Buddha and the Religions of India THE RELIGIONS O
cha4dos.htm 21 page printout, pages 60 - 80 CHAPTER IV The Myth of Immortality The Law of Death - Evolution and the Soul - Is the Mind a Spirit? - What Is Personality? - Modern Theories of Immortality - The Freed
cha5dos.htm 26 page printout, page 81 - 106 CHAPTER V The Futility of Belief in God The Silence of God - Who Made the World? - Does Evolution Exclude God - The Voice of Conscience - The Religious Instinct - Dispr
cha6dos.htm 17 page printout, page 107 - 123 CHAPTER VI The Human Origin of Morals Theories of Moral Law - Evolution and Morals - Religion and Morals - Moral Eccentricities - The Christian Ethic THEORIES OF MORAL L
cha7dos.htm 16 page printout, page 124 - 139 CHAPTER VII The Forgery of the Old Testament - How We Detect the Forgery - The Priestly Forgers - The Mistakes of Moses - The Mythical History of the Jews - The Truth A
cha8dos.htm 13 page printout, page 140 - 153 CHAPTER VIII Religion and Morals in Ancient Babylon Babylon and Its People - The Code of Laws - Babylonian Prayer Books - The Land of Devils BABYLON AND ITS PEOPLE THE fi
cha9dos.htm 13 page printout, page 154 - 166 CHAPTER IX Religion and Morals in Ancient Egypt Life in Ancient Egypt - The Judgment of the Soul - The Morals of the Egyptians - Isis and Horus LIFE IN ANCIENT EGYPT UNTI
children.htm SHOULD INFIDELS SEND THEIR CHILDREN TO SUNDAY SCHOOL? by Robert G. Ingersoll Reproduced from the "Master of Atheist" feature in the "Amer
churchir.htm Foundation Asks IRS To Require All Churches To Report Income The Internal Revenue Service should require that all churches and church-related religious groups report income by filing 990 forms required o
coinoral.htm Reproduced from the September 1988 issue of the _American Atheist_ magazine. Oral Statement of Jon G. Murray President, American Atheists before
col_amer.htm Colonial America Not That Christian By Neil Nissenbaum Christian apologists and televangelists, bent on proving America a "Christian" nation, generally look to the alleged piety of colonial Americans. Thi
congress.htm Foundation Pursues Congressional Prayer Following a rebuff by Wisconsin Senator Herbert Kohl, the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation has requested that new Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold s
creation.htm Msg # 242 Date: 12 Jun 92 05:28:23 To: Rusty Ward Subj: Re: God _ EID:10ca 14358b87 MSGID: 1:202/323 2a3878df PID: Telegard 2
crelstnu.htm Msg # 423 Date: 10 Sep 91 13:23:36 To: All Subj: Creationists _ EID:b595 172a6af2 The following are cults that promote occulti
crimcult.htm - Following message extracted from ANEWS @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Thu Sep 14 23:40:23 1995 To: All Date: 13 Sep 95 18:52:31 Subj: Scientology's War Against the Internet: Annotated w/ URLs
crimeclt.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Tue Apr 11 15:08:54 1995 To: ALL Date: 09 Apr 95 08:57:00 Subj: Alt.religion.scientology A STATEMENT BY GERALD ARMSTRO
cultques.htm Msg # 481 Date: 05 Jul 91 14:55:30 To: Whoever Subj: the most dangerous cult of all _ - THE DANGEROUS CULT
cultthot.htm Thoughts On The Texas "Cult" By William Edelen You probably were shocked when you read about the nightmare of Waco, Texas and the man who thinks he is Jesus Christ. Four agents dead and several other lawm
cwaf.htm Christian Coalition Presents The Contract With The American Family Introduction In the 1994 midterm elections, the American people elected the first Republican Congress in 40 years in what was the largest
debunked.htm Date: 31 Jul 94 06:10:10 To: All Subj: Frequently debunked claimes list - DFQ.0 _ ³
dnaclues.htm Date: 21 Jul 94 12:38:57 To: All Subj: (fwd) Dna comments _ From an unknown poster on USENET . . . . For many years molecular bio
dominosg.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Sun Mar 26 00:19:03 1995 To: Judith Bandsma Date: 24 Mar 95 12:09:02 Subj: Try God Dry! -=> Quoting Judith Bandsma to
dying.htm Dying Like A Christian by Chapman Cohen (February 1927) Reprinted from "Essays on Freethinking," Vol. 1, published by American Atheist Press, Au
dyslexic.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Sat Aug 06 12:05:14 1994 To: All Date: 04 Aug 94 06:40:53 Subj: The NEW, IMPROVED HolySmoker's Dyslexicon, part 1 of
earth02a.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Age of the Earth Updated: 09/24/92 Overview: (I) How old is the earth, and how do we know? (II) Common creationist "dating methods" (III) Common cre
educated.htm Msg # 20 Date: 14 May 91 21:55:49 To: All Subj: President Bush's contribution to education? _ the following is from Title 3 -
errancy.htm The "Inerrancy" of the Bible (NOTE:- RSV (Revised Standard Version) translation used).
evolfact.htm Author: Larry A. Moran ( Title: Evolution is a Fact and a Theory EVOLUTION AS A FACT AND A THEORY version 2.1 (January 22, 1993) When non-biologists talk about biological evol
fcc-hoax.htm - Following message extracted from AAOS @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Sat Feb 04 19:15:03 1995 To: All Date: 04 Feb 95 16:40:22 Subj: RELIGIOUS BROADCASTING PETITION AMERICAN ATHEIS
fewbible.htm A FEW BIBLICAL CONTRADICTIONS It is a central dogma of all fundamental Christians t
filesset.htm ARTICLE1.SET "Dungeons, Dragons, and Altair IV" ARTICLE2.SET "The Power of a Word" by James Lewis ARTICLE3.SET "The Devil Made Me Do It!" by R. Whitaker ARTICLE4.SET "The Third Earl Russell" by James
flagdayp.htm Msg # 408 Date: 05 Aug 92 23:33:19 To: All Subj: Yet another 'religious' proclamation by George Bush _ Federal Register, Vol.
founders.htm Msg # 489 Date: 24 Oct 92 20:36:00 To: All Subj: Founders Quotes, #1 _ EID:f07b 1958a480 PID: RA 1.01 MSGID: 1:102/890 508851
fundie.htm FUNDAMENTALISM by Madalyn O'Hair The following is the full text of an address delivered
fundyana.htm Msg # 202 Date: 11 Sep 90 15:32:56 To: Camille Lockyer Subj: Re: General Text Files _ EID:1081 027df5b0 MSGID: 1:129/39 958f2b44
fundydef.htm Date: 29 Jul 94 06:15:34 To: Michael Elliot Subj: "Fundy" defined _ J.J. Hitt, crazy about school: a real academia nut, said to
fundymtr.htm Date: 18 Jul 94 20:19:26 To: Christopher Baker Subj: Fundie Martyr Meter _ 16 Jul 94 21:13, Christopher Baker wrote to The Cosmi
gbprayer.htm Msg # 328 Date: 01 Jun 91 08:09:10 To: All Subj: National Day of Prayer proclaimed _ i knew this was somewhere in the house bu
getchoic.htm Msg # 531 Date: 08 Jun 91 10:25:00 To: All Subj: URGENT APPEAL/ABORTIONS/SUPREME CT. _ [crossposted from the ANEWS Echo] Via NY
godsw01d.htm 23 page printout, page 1 - 23 Reproducible Electronic Publishing can defeat censorship. This file, its printout, or copies of either are to be copied and given away, but NOT sold. Bank of Wis
godsw02d.htm 36 page printout, Page 24 - 59 CHAPTER II A SKETCH OF HEBREW SCRIPTURES THE Bible, as all must admit, is the only source of knowledge which we have, of the great questions of miracle and of "revealed relig
godsw03d.htm 19 page printout, page 60 - 78 CHAPTER III THE PATRIARCHS AND THE COVENANTS OF YAHVEH IN the year 1996 B.C. according to the chronology of Bishop Ussher, or just 352 years after Noah's Flood, there was bo
godsw04d.htm 17 page printout, page 79 - 95 CHAPTER IV THE WONDERS OF THE EXODUS THE exodus is so wonderful, and so humanly impossible that its accomplishment by Providence deserves our especial attention. We will ther
godsw05d.htm 19 page printout, page 96 - 114 CHAPTER V THE FORTY YEARS IN THE WILDERNESS IN the third month after the hegira from Egypt the hosts of Yahveh came to the "desert of Sinai, and pitched in the wilderness, a
godsw06d.htm 21 page printout, page 115 - 135 CHAPTER VI THE "TEN COMMANDMENTS" AND THE "LAW" EVERYBODY in Christian communities knows, supposedly, and many can even quote the "ten commandments" given by God to Moses
godsw07d.htm 10 page printout, page 136 - 144 CHAPTER VII THE "CONQUEST" OF THE PROMISED LAND HAVING been duly impressed with the promises reiterated by Yahveh to his Chosen People, let us turn our attention to the won
godsw08d.htm 16 page printout, page 146 - 161 CHAPTER VIII THE HEBREW HEATHEN RELIGION. SEX WORSHIP AND IDOLS THE first that we know of the Hebrew Yahveh, after the fabled Flood of Noah and the fabulous Tower of Babel
godsw09d.htm 17 page printout, page 162 - 178 CHAPTER IX THE PAGAN GOD - AND GODS - OF ISRAEL THERE is (it may be) a God, the Supreme Architect, the Creator of the earth and of the fullness thereof, and of the wondr
godsw10d.htm 16 page printout, page 179 - 194 CHAPTER X YAHVEH - THE "TERRIBLE GOD" OF ISRAEL THE revelation which is made in the inspired pages of the Hebrew Scriptures of the personality and characteristics of the H
godsw11d.htm 21 page printout, page 195 - 215 CHAPTER XI THE HOLY PRIESTS AND PROPHETS OF YAHVEH TURNING from the self-portrait of the Hebrew chief God, let us view the holy priests and prophets of Yahveh, the votarie
godsw12d.htm 15 page printout, page 216 - 230 CHAPTER XII BIBLE THEOLOGY AND MODERN TRUTH BEFORE essaying frankly, for the sake of truth, to "search the scriptures" of the New Testament, wherein, says the Christ, "ye t
godsw13d.htm 28 page printout, page 231 - 258 CHAPTER XIII THE "PROPHECIES" OF JESUS CHRIST THROUGHOUT the four gospel biographies of Jesus, the Christ, there are frequent references to and quotations of sundry passag
godsw14d.htm 47 page printout, page 259 - 305 CHAPTER XIV THE INSPIRED "HARMONY OF THE GOSPELS" OF THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST THE life and times of Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, the King of the Jews, the Savior of the
godsw15d.htm 33 page printout, page 306 - 338 CHAPTER XV MORE "HARMONY OF THE GOSPELS" THE CLOSING SCENES OF THE DRAMA WE have thus reviewed the salient features of the recorded events of the birth and career of the Ma
godsw16d.htm 38 page printout, page 339 - 376 CHAPTER XVI THE SACRED DOCTRINES OF CHRISTIANITY THE creeds, says a poet, are in number some seventy-three. Of Christian sects or denominations, each founded upon chosen t
godsw17d.htm 13 page printout, page 377 - 389 CHAPTER XVII THE CHRISTIAN "PLAN OF SALVATION" ORIGINAL SIN AND ETERNAL DAMNATION "Redemption from the Curse" THE whole philosophy of what is fondly known as the "Sacred sci
godsw18d.htm 16 page printout, page 390 - 405 CHAPTER XVIII REVELATIONS OF THE HEREAFTER HEAVEN, HELL, AND PURGATORY IN the twentieth century after the traditional advent of the Son of Yahveh on earth, the religion whi
godsw19d.htm 22 page printout, page 406 - 427 END CHAPTER XIX CESSET SUPERSTITIO! AND THEN? "But if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, an
haldeman.htm Selections from the American Atheist Press HALDEMAN-JULIUS PUBLICATIONS E. Haldeman-Julius (1889-1951) revolutionized American publishing w
hallween.htm Msg # 203 Date: 26 Sep 92 17:24:42 To: Dan Eastman Subj: The Origins of Halloween _ [this is available as an orange flyer/hand
hammurab.htm 2500 BC The Code of Hammurabi Translated by L. W. King With commentary from Charles F. Horne, Ph.D. (1915) and The Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1910- by the Rev. Claude Hermann Walter Jo
happybdy.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Tue Oct 24 20:36:32 1995 To: All Date: 22 Oct 95 11:41:05 Subj: [1/2] [2/2] Happy Birthday, Dear Universe! Crosspost
hellfire.htm Hell-Fire Copyright c by Joe Crews. All rights reserved. One of the most theologically confused subjects in the Bible is that of hell. It has been fumbled by the clergy and distorted by the laity until
hero.htm A Practical Guide to THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES by Joseph Campbell In the long run, the most influential book of the 20th Century may turn out to be Joseph Campbell's THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES.
hidden23.htm Msg # 434 Date: 30 Apr 92 03:33:27 To: All Subj: THE HIDDEN MEANINGS IN THE TWENTY-THIRD PSALM _ [cross-posted from HOLYSMOKE]
hitlerxt.htm Date: 25 May 93 16:31:59 To: Joe Savelli Subj: Hitler again?! _ JS> "I beg to differ with you." Don't beg. Stand up and debate lik
holocost.htm Holocaust and fascism file index of files which are in Ken McVay's extensive archives. This file describes how to retrieve specific files from the archives and where to go if you don't have direct acces
identity.htm "Identity: A 'Christian' Religion for White Racists" (an article from the Christian Research Journal Cult, Fall 1992, page 20) by Viola Larson. The Editor-in-Chief of the Christian Research Journal Cult
imp-249a.htm _ Institute for Creation Research, PO Box 2667, El Cajon, CA 92021 Voice: (619) 448-0900 FAX: (619) 448-3469 _
info1set.htm Welcome to the NATIONAL SATANIC BBS. Although we are a Satanic religious institution, we do not advocate principles or behaviour contrary to conventional morality. It is rather our purpose to instill in ou
info2set.htm General Information and Admissions Polcies Thank you for your inquiry. The Temple of Set is an institution unlike any you have previously encountered.Before you can make an informed decision concerning poss
info3set.htm Temple Degree Structure Supreme authority in the Temple of Set is held by the Council of Nine, which appoints both the High Priest of Set and the Executive Director. Initiates are Recognized within the T
info4set.htm Temple of Set Reading List Categories The Temple of Set Reading List contains 23 categories of knowledge we have found useful in developing a authentic perspective of the Left-Hand Path. Several hundred
infoset.htm TEMPLE OF SET Post Office Box 7622 Austin, TX 78713 (415) 771-9155 MCI-Mail: 314-3953 Telex: 6503143953 GENERAL INFORMATION AND ADMISSIONS POLICIES - Updated 1/XXIII AES - Thank you for your inquiry. The Temp
inst23.htm DEM BONES, DEM BONES THE NEBRASKA MAN Nebraska Man was discovered in 1922 by Harold Cook in the Pliocene deposits in the Pliocene deposits of Nebraska. A tremendous amount of literature was built around
introlis.htm American Atheist Press P.O. Box 140195 Austin, TX 78714-0195 Telephone: (512) 458-1244
isue11a.htm EVOLUTION IS RELIGION, NOT SCIENCE Institute for Creation Research Dr. Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. Evolutionists often insist that evolution is a proved fact of science, providing the very framework of scienti
isue11b.htm LIFE MAY HAVE BEGUN IN CLAY Mountain View, California: The theory that life arose from a chemical "soup" in the oceans is being challenged by scientists who have found evidence that a common clay possesse
isue11c.htm The Naturalist and God Naturalism: Belief that the final reality is strictly matter and energy. One for whom all gods are dead, for whom all meaning and purpose are human in origin, ungrounded in either
isue11d.htm CARL SAGAN: PROPHET OF SCIENTISM By David N. Menton Carl Sagan has gained international attention through his popular writings on science and especially through his 13 part television series "Cosmos". In
j23pacem.htm PACEM IN TERRIS Encyclical Letter Of Pope John XXIII On Establishing Universal Peace In Truth, Justice, Charity And Liberty To Our Venerable Brothers The Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops And Ot
jacksonc.htm A short electronic catalog from American Atheist Press FROM THE PEN OF JOHN G
jesuspig.htm (Joe Dabrowski) This is a chapter on Jesus taken from the book "Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches - The Riddles of Culture" by Marvin Harris, 1974, Vintage Books Edition. The Sec
jewishwk.htm Msg # 244 Date: 30 May 91 00:37:21 To: All Subj: Presidential documents continue _ [you're going love this one.] Federal Regist
jtc-cri.htm The following is the research statement released in 1978 by Dr Walter Martin's Christian Research Institute, PO Box 500, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693. _
jtc-jtc.htm CHICK PUBLICATIONS June 16, 1978 PO Box 662 Chino, California 91710 To Whom It May Concern: This letter is in regard to my association with John Todd. I first met John in 1973. I found his in
jtc1.htm 1977 The Testimony Of John Todd Collins - WARNING NOTICE _ The material contained within the following document is considered SENSITIVE and may offend some ind
jtc2.htm 1977 To go on, so I don't confuse you too much, since I have already des- troyed your High School History Lesson. I have a habit of doing that. I will destroy more than that before the night is over b
jtc3.htm 1977 I was raised in a Supernatural world. All our lives we had spent listen- ing to Spirit Guides. Now since that Preacher had prayed for me, my Spirit Guides had not said a word to me. I was in a v
jtc4.htm 1977 NEXT QUESTION: It is said that the Communist Party is the Greatest Threat in the World today, and you say that it is the Illuminati. What do you have to say about that? ANSWER: Well, you are talking
jtc5.htm 1977 NEXT QUESTION: What about Christian ROCK Music? - ANSWER: OK! You are talking about Jesus Rock is that right? I mentioned a church earlier that we spent EIGHT MILLION DOL
jtcbook.htm The Following 'Thought - Provoking' Books Are Available through Emissary Publications. ( Address and Phone # given at end of file )
jtcclip.htm From the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, January 25th, 1976: WITCHES EMBROILED by Wes Hills, Daily News Staff Writer The next time there's a meeting of witches and wizzards [sic] in the Dayton area, they will h
jtcfbc.htm FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH 7644 Farralone Avenue Canoga Park June 13, 1978 To Whom It May Concern: Johnny Todd, professed ex-grand druid, is the subject of this letter. Near the first of June, 1977, Brother Jack C
jtcinfo.htm 06-26-85 Ver. 1.3 Ver. 1.3 has all the conventions of Ver. 1.2 with the addition of more spelling corrections and the correction of the date of the Testimony, which was 1977 and not 1975. W A R N I N
jtcltime.htm The following is an article reprinted from the LAST TIMES newspaper, Volume 1, Number 5, March 1979. The paper's address at the time was PO Box 1396, Costa Mesa, CA 98536. John Todd: Severely Disturbed I
jtcsheil.htm P.O. Box 115 Florence, Montana 59833 January, 1979 Dear Brothers and Sisters: Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to start this newsletter by apologizing for it being late. The reason for
jtcswrc.htm the Southwest Radio Church Of the Air L-150 P.O. Box 1144 Oklahoma City, Okla. 73101 TH
jtcwitch.htm The following two reports are reprinted from GREEN EGG, #77: _ OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS ON HIS INVESTIGA
kidtalk2.htm NOTICE: This report is copyrighted 1989 by Robert Hicks and is Licensed to Cassandra-News a news service of the United Wiccan Church a 501(c)(3) California non-profit, tax-exempt religious cor
larouche.htm - Following message extracted from ANEWS @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Tue Oct 04 16:18:01 1994 To: All Date: 03 Oct 94 19:23:48 Subj: [CDR] Larouche and the Cairo Conf. [PNEWS CONFERENC
larson.htm Auth: Jon Trott Srce: CORNERSTONE magazine, vol. 21, iss. 100, pp. 18, 37, 41-42. Date: 1993 Titl: Bob Larson's Ministry Under Scrutiny Note: Italics indicated by guillemets BOB LARSON'S MINISTRY UNDER SCR
larson-3.htm TO: DEANA HOLMES RE: Bob Larson DATE: 02-23-91 I've listened to Talk Back for about 2 years now. It's always been like that. I think to a certain extent, Larson is an emotional masochist. He gets off on ha
larson10.htm = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = any aversion to lyi
larson11.htm = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = any aversion to lyi
larson8b.htm = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = any aversion to lyi
larson9b.htm = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = any aversion to lyi
larsonbo.htm From GARY MOORE to GLEN ORRELL > It's by Bob Larson. Do you really take Bob Larson seriously? If you do, then I suggest you listen to "Talk Back" regularly, and take note of the different people with pr
larsonsa.htm Subject: Larson Symposium BOB LARSON SATANISM SYMPOSIUM NOV. 4, 1989 Number of Attendees - Approximately 500. There were 3 sections of seats, each holding approximately 150 - 170 chairs. Advert
lastpage.htm Msg # 454 Date: 19 Jul 91 22:35:00 To: All Subj: bible - last page _ I have received a number of queries about my mention that
lee-weis.htm Msg # 237 Date: 08 Jul 92 22:10:42 To: All Subj: Lee et al vs Weisman _ MSGID: 1:343/96.1 5f161b2e PID: FM 2.02 SUPREME COURT
logicath.htm Archive-name: atheism/logic Alt-atheism-archive-name: logic Last-modified: 1 February 1993 Version: 1.2 Constructing a Logical Argument Although there is much argument on Usenet, the general quality of arg
ltjonest.htm Date: 8 Jul 93 09:58:39 To: All Subj: Lt. Larry Jones _ Hi folks. The following few messages will cover the Christian hate litera
lundgren.htm UPsw 01/08 2029 Friend says Averys had doubts about Lundgren KIRTLAND, Ohio (UPI) - A friend of the family allegedly slain by reputed "cult" leader Jeffrey Lundgren says the family was upset because Lu
lundgrn2.htm APn 01/09 2148 Cult Deaths Copyright, 1990. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. By DENNIS GEORGATOS Associated Press Writer SAN DIEGO (AP) - A cult leader refused Tuesday to return voluntarily t
lundgrn3.htm APn 01/11 0559 Cult Deaths Copyright, 1990. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. By KRISTI UMBREIT Associated Press Writer KIRTLAND, Ohio (AP) - Neighbors and strangers jammed a memorial service f
lundgrn4.htm UPwe 01/12 0225 Cult-slayings detailed SAN DIEGO (UPI) - A court affidavit gives chilling details of the ritualistic killing and burial of a Kirtland family at the hands of cult leader and self-proclai
mantrack.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Sat Aug 06 12:03:47 1994 To: All Date: 04 Aug 94 06:11:42 Subj: Well, if you liked it once, you'll love it twice. Stev
missrapt.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Tue Sep 13 12:54:32 1994 To: All Date: 12 Sep 94 10:17:41 Subj: Miss The Rapture 1 of 4 "In Case Of Rapture: 1) Break
molestfa.htm Brice the Molester?? What follows is a series of 8 exchanges in alt.atheism between Brice Wellington and others in alt.atheism. The name of the Thread is "Masturbation!!! (What's with you people???)". Br
more-ark.htm Date: 12 Jul 93 12:11:23 To: All Subj: More on Ark Hoaxes, 1 of 2 _ This is some info re the Noah's Ark TV program that was tryin
more-cbs.htm Date: 12 Jul 93 11:50:24 To: All Subj: More CBS Lies, 1 of 3 _ The following is from LA Times TV critic Howard Rosenberg's daily c
motherte.htm Date: 04 Jun 96 19:27:03 To: All Subj: Hitchens on Mother Teresa Cult/Bk Review _ Forwarded from "Alternative News" Originall
muffinse.htm SYSOP'S NOTE: The following file is the complete text of a letter sent by Dr. Michael Aquino to CBS after they aired a made-for-TV movie entitled "Do You Know the Muffin Man?" This movie was a fiction
murray.htm The following was originally issued as a supplement to the July 1988 issue of the _American Atheist_ magazine. THE SCHOOL PRAYER DECISION Just twenty-five years ago, June 17,
myth_ofj.htm Date: 04 Jun 96 14:32:14 To: All Subj: Myths [1/9] _ I thought this might interest some of you... -CUT HERE- HISTORY AND MYTH T
newparty.htm Msg # 356 Date: 21 Sep 91 15:40:53 To: All Subj: CRD TO FORM THIRD PARTY _ N.O.W. COMMISSION VOTES TO RECOMMEND FORMATION OF N
notenure.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Sat Apr 29 22:34:24 1995 To: All Date: 28 Apr 95 05:18:23 Subj: why god didn't get tenure WHY GOD DIDN'T GET A TENURE?
object.htm WHAT IS THE OBJECT OF LIFE? by Grant Allen Reproduced from the "Roots of Atheism" series of the _American Atheist_ magazine. This essay ap
orderaap.htm Mail order to: AMERICAN ATHEIST PRESS P O Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195 Telephone (512) 458-1244 Order/FAX (512) 467-9525 BBS: (512) 302-0223 Ordered by: Name: _
otr.htm THE REAL OLD TIME RELIGION tune: "Old Time Religion" (Chorus): Give me that real old time religion (3X) It's good enough for me! We will have a mighty orgy We will sacrif
pastorgb.htm Msg # 464 Date: 20 Aug 92 17:25:45 To: All Subj: Pastor George reaffirms his anti-atheist attitude _ did you catch it this mor
poetry1s.htm DUST DEVILS - by Aleister Crowley In the Wind of the mind arises the turbulence called I. It breaks; down shower the barren thoughts. All life is choked. This desert is the Abyss wherein is the Un
poetry2s.htm IN HER EYES (Satan's Daughter) by Leon Stevens Thank you for a beautiful tuesday. In her eyes I see the sparks of innermost fire. She paints for me the song of the wind. Smiling she awakens the ravens of r
poetry3s.htm LIGEIA - by Edgar Allen Poe Lo! 'tis a gala night Within the lonesome latter years! An angel throng, bewinged, bedlight In veils, and drowned in tears, Sit in a theatre, to see A play of hopes and fears,
poetry4s.htm IVORY TOWERS - by R. Whitaker How many times have my ivory towers fallen? how many times did I rebuild them? block by block. But, I fear not! lessons are learnt. Each time the foundation grows mor
popepckt.htm Date: 10 Apr 93 15:58:29 To: Brian Henry Subj: Re: Denver Catholic Youth Day _ > Some 200-thousand people are expected to attend
popepick.htm POPE PICKET 1994! Sponsored by American Atheists, Inc. Who said Atheist activism couldn't be fun? Join American Atheists for three days of protests, lectures, and get-togethers October 20, 21, and 22, 1994
popp95.htm - Following message extracted from AAOS @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Wed Jul 19 23:34:22 1995 To: All Date: 18 Jul 95 23:44:00 Subj: Pope Picket 1995! _ _ POPE
pow-dayp.htm Msg # 243 Date: 30 May 91 00:36:34 To: All Subj: more Presidential documents _ Title 3 - Proclamation 6267 of April 3
praynotf.htm - Following message extracted from AAOS @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Wed May 03 14:34:19 1995 Titusville, FL 407-264-2994 [FAXed to local Central FLorida media and cross-posted to FidoNet] To
primetym.htm Msg # 143 Date: 03 May 92 13:34:00 To: All Subj: 1992 ACLU Hootenanny 7/18 _ THAT PRIME TIME RELIGION by Brad Hicks "with a lit
probpray.htm - Following message extracted from AAOS @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Wed May 03 23:38:29 1995 Titusville, FL 407-264-2994 [FAXed to Central FLorida media and cross-posted to FidoNet] To: All D
radiomet.htm To: DAVID BUMP Re: RADIOMETRIC DATING It's been a while since I posted an explanation of radiometric dating here, and it looks like we have enough new readers that it's time to go through the details agai
rational.htm Msg # 408 Kill/Sent Date: 09 Jan 93 20:47:00 To: Kevin Cosmic Subj: Rational recovery rules _ KC> Hello again. Does anybody he
religion.htm Msg # 437 Date: 24 Jun 92 22:17:45 To: All Subj: a shock in the local paper! _ central Florida is sort of bible-beltish; certa
ru-486in.htm Msg # 410 Date: 30 Sep 91 11:55:59 To: All Subj: 1. NOW Article on RU 486 _ EID:6763 173e5ee0 12:45 pm Sep 27, 1991 Source: Pe
sanctimo.htm Msg # 403 Date: 15 Feb 92 18:40:45 To: All Subj: Priest/King George is still at it [sigh] [Part I & Part II] _ nothing like us
scientol.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Wed Apr 12 19:32:03 1995 To: ALL Date: 10 Apr 95 11:20:00 Subj: Scientology protest 5-6 repost where appropria
scolpray.htm School Prayer Fact Sheet What is the law of the land regarding prayers in school? Public schools may not sponsor, supervise, conduct, or encourage any student to lead, conduct or recite bible readings, r
secularc.htm Our Secular Constitution By Neil Nissenbaum Religionists claiming America a "Christian" nation find our secular Constitution a hard pill to swallow. Such is the case with John Eidsmoe's apologist tome Chr
selfabor.htm Msg # 272 Date: 07 Jun 92 18:16:32 To: Everyone Subj: Menstrual Extraction _ EID:f77c 18c79200 MSGID: 1:106/100.16 2a325a39 Fr
sfpdset.htm Tree in the North, Continued On August 14, 1987 CE the San Francisco home of Lilith and myself was raided by San Francisco Police officer Glen Pamfiloff on a search warrant obtained as a consequence of t
sideshw1.htm From CORNERSTONE magazine, volume 18, issue 90, pages 3-8: S A T A N ' S S I D E S H O W Gretchen & Bob Passantino and Jon Trott Step right up! It's Satan's Underground! A hundred thousand copies
skeptics.htm ’WPC< from the American Atheist Press Catalog: SKEPTIC'S BOOKSHELF Atheists. These range from the abortion controversy to thehistory of w
solstice.htm WINTER SOLSTICE READING -a short electronic catalog- from
spermsac.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Mon Mar 20 22:55:23 1995 To: All Date: 18 Mar 95 7:49:59 Subj: Sperm Song EVERY SPERM IS SACRED (Michael Pal
stolen4x.htm Msg # 371 Date: 01 Jun 92 18:55:52 To: All Subj: Wicca Parts 1 & 2 _ [cross-posted from NEW_AGE_ECHO] [originally po
tarot1se.htm THE PURPOSE AND FUNCTION OF A NEW TAROT - by R.L. Whitaker As is the case with all Great Works, this particular one -the redesign and development of an updated Tarot
tarot2se.htm THE INVERTED PENTAGRAM LAYOUT - by R. Whitaker I have never been much for the complicated layouts that are often designed for placing the Tarot cards. Understanding that the sp
tech1set.htm MAGIC AND MACHINES As one begins to study the complex of ideas and concepts pertinent to the interests of legitimite Satanism, one is always surprized AND interested to hear of the utilization of electro
tech2set.htm THE LAW OF THE TRAPEZOID - by R. Whitaker Of central importance to OIT is the study and cataloging of the subjective/objective impressions and manifestations which occur within an "a
tech3set.htm TONAL ANGULARITY MUSICK THAT KILLS - Tonal Angularity (or TA for short) in its most easily understood conceptual sense is the COMMAND TO LOOK applied within the construction of the compone
tech4set.htm WHERE TO GET GEAR! - O.I.T. The following are addresses where scientific machinery may be purchased, and also where books may be obtained perintent to OIT interests. No longer should you s
tech5set.htm BINAURAL BEATS - by Priest R.L. Whitaker Temple of Set In 1839 an independent German experimenter by the name of H.W.Dove discovered a most unusual and fascinating audio phenomena which is cal
tech6set.htm 05 Jan 88 - 11:48 am LAKHOVSKY MULTI-WAVE OSCILLATOR - The MWO (multi wave oscillator) is a unique high voltage electronic device which was invented by the late (1942) Russia
thanksno.htm Msg # 260 Date: 30 May 91 03:02:42 To: All Subj: 'lost' Presidential document from last month's newsletter _ i was just lookin
theologn.htm (Page 2) JESUS' SINLESSNESS. Although some of the NT (New Testament) says Jesus was sinless, eg. 2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 4:l5, elsewhere it is strongly hinted that he had sinned. Why else would he
timescal.htm Msg # 515 Kill/Sent Date: 10 May 94 08:31:14 To: All Subj: The Geological Time Scale, Part 1. _ What with all this "Young Earth
timeslge.htm Msg # 515 Kill/Sent Date: 10 May 94 08:31:14 To: All Subj: The Geological Time Scale, Part 1. _ What with all this "Young Earth
timessay.htm Msg # 403 Date: 02 Sep 92 14:13:19 To: All Subj: 'Time' magazine essay from 7 Sep 92 _ TIME, Vol. 140, No. 10; September 7, 19
toolongb.htm - Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Wed May 18 13:58:12 1994 To: All Date: 16 May 94 07:55:58 Subj: THE TOP FIFTEEN RIDICULOUSLY LONG BIBLICAL NAMES THE T
ulcelvis.htm [from the FidoNet HOLYSMOKE Echo] Date: 03 Apr 93 1:31:00 To: Brian Henry Subj: HAPPY EASTER, BULLWINKLE or WILL STEVE ROSE GET A TITLE OF HERETIC? _
usa-notx.htm The Great Myth - Bible Principles and the U.S. I don't see where the Bible supports much of the basic ideas of the founding of our country. On the contrary, except in two important cases, it opposes them
userelig.htm IS RELIGION OF USE? Reprinted from "Essays on Freethinking," Vol. 1, published by American Atheist Press, Austin, Texas.
walkaway.htm Date: 07 May 93 23:46:52 To: All Subj: Walk Away _ WALK AWAY - During the last year or two, several people have expressed an int
warnke.htm Files in this archive: CONTENTS You're reading it now FORMAT.NOT General notes on composition and structure of textfiles WARNKE.htm main article: "Selling Satan: The Tragic History of
warnke2r.htm = NEW ARTICLE BEGINS HERE = Warnke Ministries Statement July 15, 1992 Recently, , a so-called "avante-garde Christian" publication from Chicago, Illinois, printed
warnke3l.htm Article 7733 (2 more) in Subject: Mike Warnke Exposed in Cornerstone magazine Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1992 04:52:00 GMT Followup-To: In article <1992Jul20.142448.10094@c
wauismin.htm Msg # 160 Kill/Sent Date: 06 Feb 94 14:02:09 To: All Subj: something I found.... _ MSGID: 1:141/ 2d554cc5 PID: CNe
welsh.htm MARK G.A. WELSH, a minor, and ELLIOTT A. WELSH, his father and next friend, Plaintiffs, v. BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA and BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA WEST SUBURBAN COUNCIL #147, Defendants. No. 90 C 1671 UNI
whatmeme.htm Msg # 415 Date: 12 Oct 91 16:49:51 To: All Subj: Memes and MetaMemes _ Tag: Granny Spider Frm: David Rice GS> "Hello, David! I'm
whybeerj.htm - Following message extracted from CHURCH&STATE @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Tue May 31 14:45:42 1994 To: all Date: 30 May 94 10:59:00 Subj: Why beer is better than Jesus Attributes: Kill PID
whycoins.htm [A message capture from the USA_EURLINK Echo Conference] Date: 04 Jan 92 17:29:59 To: KATHY COLLINS Subj: all others pay cash [Was: Re: In God we trust] _
writedmv.htm Msg # 245 Date: 30 May 91 01:02:05 To: All Subj: a call for letters _ Mr Arnold Leo Via has been trying for years to obtain a
xtiantst.htm - Following message extracted from BREVARD_USERS @ 1:374/14 - By Christopher Baker on Tue Jun 04 23:06:59 1996 To: Vick Payne Date: 04 Jun 96 17:20:55 Subj: For your info... TEST THOSE CHRISTIANS: A No
yfundyis.htm Msg # 400 Date: 28 Sep 91 17:17:27 To: All Subj: 'Femicide' in Israel _ EID:89d5 173c8a20 11:30 am Sep 25, 1991 Source: Peacen


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