Speaking Out - From the Pioneer Fund The source of this document is Almanac. +quot;/pennin

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Speaking Out - From the Pioneer Fund The source of this document is Almanac. "/penninfo-srv.upenn.edu/9000/25338/info" Speaking Out From the Pioneer Fund ===================== The Pioneer Fund has never sought publicity, but Almanac (3/28 and 4/14) and the Daily Pennsylvanian have printed stories or letters about us. Unfortunately, these reflect the circulation on your campus of misinformation. Please permit me to correct this. The Pioneer Fund does not suggest research projects, it makes grants only after requests originate from the universities, it does not monitor the research or even ask for reports, it does not comment on the results even in cases where it learns of them, it does not have any publications, it does not makes grants to individual scientists but only to responsible institutions which do monitor their own scientists, and it does not take positions on political issues of any kind. The Fund stays strictly and totally hands off. Pioneer strives for excellence in research, and Pioneer-funded science itself is the mainstream, as confirmed by the statement "Mainstream Science on Intelligence" (Wall St. Journal editorial page, December 13, 1994) signed by 52 of the nation's leading experts on the subject from our leading institutions (15 of whom had received Pioneer support). Indeed the 23 researchers who received Pioneer grants in the past 10 years are among the most eminent scientists in their respective fields. Two are among the five most-cited living psychologists in the world. Most have won awards and honors for research from, among others, the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Mensa, Phi Beta Kappa, and the American Psychological Association. All nine who are members of the APA (and who received two-thirds of all Pioneer money grants in the past decade) have been elected to fellow status in that organization for their "outstanding and unusual contributions" to psychology (an honor held by less than 7% of the APA's 80,000 members). These nine individuals alone have published more than 100 scholarly books and 1,000 scientific articles. Three are on the editorial board of the academic journal Intelligence. Sixteen Pioneer grantees are listed in the references of a major current college text on intelligence. Also a Pioneer scientist won a Nobel prize, another was elected president of the APA, and still another was selected to give "The Galton Lecture" at the 1995 Symposium on Intelligence at the University of Cambridge. The foregoing is fact. The rumors to the contrary are hogwash. - Harry F. Weyher, President


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