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Speaking Out-Vining- Rodin's Welcome Back The source of this document is Almanac. /penninfo-srv.upenn.edu/9000/23803/info" Speaking Out ------------ `The Last Straw' ================ I'm writing in response to Judith Rodin's "Welcome Back," Almanac January 17, 1995, page 1. She has made more than one remark on my relationship to Pioneer, and this, frankly, is the last straw. I have to speak out, which I have not done hitherto. Rodin refers to a foundation "accused of supporting neo-Nazi and racist agendas." The foundation is the Pioneer Fund, and the recipient of its funds is me. Who is the accuser? One Harlan Gerard, an alumnus of this university, in a letter to the trustees dated July 21, 1994. The letter was forwarded to President Rodin, who responded to the trustees on August 23, 1994, in a one and a half page single-spaced memo. Where did Gerard get his information? From a book called The Nazi Connection, written by a Stefan Kuhl, published by the Oxford University Press in 1994. By the way, I have received about $200,000 from the Pioneer Fund over about a 15-year period. In her fifth paragraph, President Rodin writes that "We `permit' these events [e.g., the funding of me by the Pioneer Fund] because ..., in truth, we can never wholly prevent them." She also writes of "tolerating the intolerable," "[h]earing the hateful," as a good way "to identify and educate the hater," and allowing "offensive" and "distasteful" ideas, all in the name of academic freedom. So, why is a chill running down my back? One is. In the first place, why are Gerard and this book, The Nazi Connection, authorities on anything? How can we be sure that the latter is not full of errors, despite its being accurate about me regarding the amount of funding I received in 1992? That information can be gotten from the IRS; we don't need a book to tell us how much the Pioneer Fund gave me in 1992. In the second place, am I a hater? I have been called a "professor of hate." Whom do I hate: the Jews, blacks, the Chinese? Finally, are my ideas "offensive," "distasteful," "racist"? I have gotten no clear answers to these questions from the administration or from anyone for that matter, just platitudes about "academic freedom" and "peer institutions." What if the latter were to disappear tomorrow? Would the former disappear, too? Let me tell you what I have received. No support whatsoever from either the administration or the faculty. College presidents, ours definitely included, editors, and faculty members have been running around scared out of their wits. Literally. They can mouth the terms, "academic freedom," "peer institutions," "racism," "Nazi Germany," "IQ," "the Holocaust," and "eugenics." Then they are struck dumb and fade away. One lesson the administration/faculty have learned from all of this: don't ever, ever hire a weirdo like me again and certainly don't give him/her tenure. By no means give him/her a forum. Which brings us to the media, the Almanac included. Doubtlessly, you have read or heard about the "Great Ivy League Nude Photo Scandal," The New York Times Magazine, Jan. 15, pp. 25 ff. It was a dead give-away. All the key words were there: "pseudoscience," "racism," "Nazi Germany," "IQ," and "eugenics." It was all very titillating but they stooped very low and not a few errors were committed (my analysis of this particular article in the media is available to anyone free: just contact me at 215-898-7750 or at the Population Studies Center, 239 McNeil/6298 - Ext. 8-6441). But it's getting tiresome. What next, media? The break-up of Russia? Of course, we have floods, earthquakes, fires, mudslides, hurricanes, the Menendez brothers, the Bobbitts, Dahmer, etc. to keep us distracted. And there's always O.J. Simpson (do you remember the white Bronco scene? It was a little long and the revolver held at the temple and those cheering crowds were a little bizarre, but it was a good ad nonetheless) and Susan Smith, the sniveling Smith, ads that go on and on... But there is a serious point to be made here about the media. It's doing serious damage. The Pioneer Fund has about 5 million dollars in assets (actually, considerably less, 3.5 million, but let's round it up to 5 million to keep things interesting). The Ford Foundation has about 5 billion dollars in assets or is 1000 times the size of the Pioneer Fund. The Ford Foundation has a beautiful headquarters building in New York and branches, with well-paid staff, all over the globe, in almost all the important cities of Africa (Cairo, Khartoum, Dakar, Johannesburg, Windhoek, Lagos, Nairobi and Harare), Delhi, Dhaka, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, and Mexico City, whereas Pioneer has none of these things, to my knowledge. The Ford Foundation has paid out over $10,000,000 to something called the National Council of La Raza between 1968 and 1992. What does "La Raza" mean in English? The Race. What is The Race? It is that special blend of Spanish and Indian, with bronze skin, straight black hair, and brown eyes (the so- called mestizo) that predominates in Mexico and Central America. And yet there has not been a peep from the media about this disgraceful state of affairs. But what if The Race meant the White Race? The media would have a story about this for weeks on end. There have been (and probably still are) Ford Foundation grant recipients on this campus for years. The silence of our President, Judith Rodin, and of our faculty is deafening. No recipients of Ford Foundation monies are ever harassed, ever spoken ill of. It is clear to me, at any rate, that, as they say, "money talks." But, wait, there's more and worse. Henry Ford, whose fortune founded the Ford Foundation, not only authored the book, The International Jew, a profoundly anti-Semitic book that Hitler greatly admired and that sold millions and millions of copies all over the world, but also received in 1938 the highest award, the Supreme Order of the German Eagle, that the Third Reich could bestow on a non-German, was the only American cited by name in Mein Kampf, and had a full-length portrait of himself in Nazi party headquarters in Munich. Speaking of a Nazi connection! Wickliffe Draper, whose fortune founded the Pioneer Fund, on the other hand, was and did none of these things, to my knowledge. The hypocrisy of Judith Rodin and of the faculty is mind- boggling. I think I deserve, at the very least, an apology and retraction. I'm not holding my breath, by the way, waiting for one. I know it will not come. But don't think that people are not watching the universities now because of these hypocrisies; they're too blatant for them to ignore. In her ninth paragraph, President Rodin writes the following: "It is my hope that, in the future, those who know they may offend ... will, as a matter of simple courtesy, open a dialogue ahead of time with groups or individuals they know will be affected by their [speech]." God knows I've tried. I've applied for a column in the DP four times in the last four years and been turned down every time. I wrote to a Dr. Rick Sims, faculty master of the DuBois House, in Feb. 1993 offering to give a seminar entitled, "Blacks and Whites: Cousins, Racially Speaking." No answer. Then, last winter, I wrote to a Ms. Robyn Kent, President of the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association, offering to give the same seminar. Again, no answer. Finally, last winter, I wrote to a Dr. Jeremy Brochin, the head of Hillel, expressing the desire to discuss with some students there my paper, "Reflections on the Jewish Holocaust after Watching Schindler's List," and enclosed the paper. Brochin did write back, saying he disagreed with almost everything I had written and, later, supplied me with the address of Elie Weisel, whom I had criticized in the paper. But Brochin steadfastly protected the students at Hillel. He never let me near them. He just ignored my pleas. I think it fair to say that the onus of opening a dialogue lies elsewhere than with me. The trustees and President Rodin have been badly fooled. Neither cares. - Daniel R. Vining, Jr. Associate Professor of Population Studies


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