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attack.htm Message #7472 - CULT_WATCH Date : 21-Nov-90 03:04 From : Janardana Dasa To : Rowan Moonstone Subject : Can, Scp References... Replies : #7471 <--> #7473 > You bet I want to know more. Spill the beans.
attack6.htm To: Jaranada Dasa Well, Mr. Dasa, I found your message rather interesting. Let's take a few of your comments one by one. First, your two hundred or so pictures you all took. Was your photographer th
attak3.htm To: Intruder One Re: CAN, ETC > "connection' with CAN. In fact you were not in on any "deprogrammings" > but was taken in by an elderly lady in CA that thought you wan't out > of your group. Then you repa
blaming.htm BLAMING THE VICTIM by Monica Pignotti Ex-Cult Member Speaks Out The term "victim" is not very popular in some circles, particularly the new age philosophies which are seeping into universities and other i
can-5.htm Subject: Re: Picture > Yo, dude. I caught your picture (and article) today. > Let me say that I was pleased to no end, and am > honered to have your aquaintance, however ephemeral > it may be. There is
can-6.htm Public message # 1828 CULTWATC ECHO Entered 05:01 Monday 26-Nov-90 To: David Rice Re: CAN, SCP REFERENCES... > Hi, and a BIG welcome to HARVEY_BASH, er, I mean, CULT_WATCH echo. > Allways remember,
can-bad.htm RELIGIOUS FREEDOM PROJECT - S P E C I A L Chicago, IL - CONSIDERING A DEPROGRAMMING? Consider This... Rev. Michael Rokos, a Vicar in the Episcopal Church, President of the Board of Cult Awarene
court.htm Re: Supreme Court Alert Perhaps the leading contender for Justice Thurgood Marshal's seat on the Supreme Court is the Clarence Thomas, a conservative African-American and a judge on the U.S. Court of App
emorse.htm TRANSCRIPTION Keynote Speech Panel Discussion Blackhawk College, Moline, Ill April 20, 1986 Dr. Edwin L. Morse Clinical Psychologist, Madison, WIs. B.S., Wittenberg College M.S. & Ph.D., Ohio State, Docto
fairfair.htm To: Martin Smolensky Re: FAIR IS FAIR Dear Mr. Smolenski, Although I have stated I would not post here further, I am inspired by your recent posts, and the posts of others, to comment on the attacks I'm re
pagan.htm CAN (Cult Awareness Network) is the largest and most visible organ of the so-called "anti-cult" movement. These people got started in the early 1970s when Ted Partick began "de-programming" young adults


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