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acceptcl.htm A VISION FOR AMERICA: A NEW COVENANT GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION NEW YORK CITY 7/16/92 Governor Richards, Chairman Brown, Mayor Dinkins, our great host, and my fellow Americans. I am
amdream.htm THE AMERICAN DREAM It's been awhile but can you remember what the American dream has always been? For a man and wife to own their own home, with or without the proverbial white picket fence, and to o
amnesty.htm "Open your newspaper any day of the week and you will find a story from somewhere of someone being imprisoned, tortured or executed because his opinions are unacceptable to his government...The newspa
anti-bod.htm RE: Guns as antibodies in the body politic [82 lines; essay; medium heat, but abstract, not directed at anyone specific] I've been reading about some aspects of the mammalian immune system recently. In p
antihunt.htm Article taken from the Maryland - Delaware - Virginia - West Virginia FISH FINDER & Hunting News - October 1990. Some Thoughts for an Anti-Hunter You've been pretty quiet recently. At least at the local
aquith.htm MY LORD AQUITH By Yves Barbero My Lord Aquith directs me to place these words on paper. He insists that I identify myself as the scribe. Men call me Piplerian Q'Norcail Veni. My Lord Aquith laughs as he rol
argus.htm Published by The Argus Environmental Trust (UK). @ ARGUS_II_OPUS (+44-91-490-0327) 2:256/ The Electronic Eyes of Argus or Atomic Energy and Computers by Nane Jurgensen (in German) translated
arsenalm.htm Afraid of an Arsenal by Matt Giwer (c) 1994 <7/3> This is a bit ahead of schedule. I find it more fun to respond to things before they happen rather than after they happen. It is good to find my chosen o
b1.htm June 26, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON WELFARE REFORM "It's time to replace the assumptions of the welfare state and help reform the welfare system. States throughout the country are beginning to operate with n
b2.htm July 15, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON VETERANS "I renew my pledge do all that's humanly possible to account for our comrades that are missing from the past wars. As long as I am President, we will ne
b3.htm April 29, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON TRADE "We will work to break down the walls that stop world trade. We will work to open markets everywhere....In our major trade negotiations I will continue pushing to e
b4.htm April 14, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON THE RIGHT TO LIFE "Faith, family -- these are the values that sustain the greatest nation on Earth. And to these values we must add the infinitely precious value of life
b5.htm April 2, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON REGULATORY REFORM "I won't neglect my responsibility for sound regulations that serve the public good, but regulatory overkill must be stopped." -- President George Bush St
b6.htm April 29, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON THE NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT "The United States will continue to lead the world toward a system of free trade and open markets... Trade means economic growth. T
b7.htm July 20, 1992 PRESIDENT & MRS. BUSH: WORKING FOR LITERACY "Literacy opens the door to the realm of ideas and enables us to enjoy the rewards of lifelong learning... That is why we will continue to reac
b8.htm May 12, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON LEGAL REFORM "America has become the most litigious society on Earth. Frivolous lawsuits are exhausting our ability to compete. If we were as good at rewarding success as
b9.htm August 6, 1992 HELPING THE MIDDLE CLASS: INCOME GROWTH AND TAX FAIRNESS UNDER REAGAN/BUSH "We must keep opportunity alive in this country. Federal income tax rates are lower, flatter and fairer than they
b10.htm March 13, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON IMMIGRATION "Immigration reform began in 1986 with an effort to close the back door on illegal immigration. And now as we open the front door to increased legal immigrati
b11.htm August 6, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON HEAD START "Many children need a Head Start, and we're going to make sure they get it...[I]n Head Start we found a government program that strengthen families a
b12.htm March 13, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON GUN CONTROL "Our sworn duty to 'ensure domestic Tranquility' is as old as the Republic, placed in the Constitution's preamble even before the common defense and the genera
b13.htm June 26, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH'S GI BILL FOR CHILDREN "Forty-eight years ago, the original GI Bill opened educational doors for our war vets by giving them dollars to spend at any school they choose -- publ
b14.htm April 29, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON THE URUGUAY ROUND NEGOTIATIONS OF THE GATT "The Uruguay Round offers a vital opportunity to eliminate barriers to our goods, investment, services, and ideas." President Geo
b15.htm August 6, 1992 THE PRESIDENT'S MEASURES TO STRENGTHEN FAMILIES Economic Security: o $500 increase in the per child tax exemption. o penalty-free IRA withdrawals for first-time homebuyers. o $5,
b16.htm August 6, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON THE ENVIRONMENT "I am here to make a case I feel very strongly about -- and that is the case for a cleaner environment. It
b17.htm June 10, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH'S NATIONAL ENERGY STRATEGY "The driving force behind [our National Energy Strategy] is straightforward. It relies on the power of the marketplace, the common sense of the Ame
b18.htm August 6, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON ENERGY: ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND INITIATIVES "The driving force behind [our National Energy Strategy] is straightforward. It relies on the power of the marketplace, the common
b19.htm August 5, 1992 EXPANDING OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL AMERICANS "I believe in an America where we measure success not in dollars and lawsuits -- but in opportunity, prosperity and harmony. I believe in the ideals
b20.htm August 6, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON CHILD CARE "Our challenge today is to take this democratic system of ours -- a system second to none -- and make it better, a better America...[w]here women working outsid
b21.htm July 7, 1992 IMPLEMENTING THE BECK DECISION "No worker should be forced to have money taken out of his paycheck to fund politicians [with whom] he disagrees." President George Bush March 20, 1992 Summary o
b22.htm August 6, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH ON AGRICULTURE "The quantity and variety of goods that fill our Nation's grocery stores are unparalleled -- a shining testament to the ingenuity and productivity of the Ameri
b27.htm August 20, 1992 A VISION FOR THE 1990S: THE PRESIDENT'S AGENDA FOR A BETTER AMERICA President Bush has proposed an aggressive agenda for economic growth and reforms to build a better America. The Presi
b28.htm August 12, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH: HELPING SMALL BUSINESSES TO GROW AND CREATE JOBS "Through their willingness to take risks and to do the hard work that is necessary to improve existing products and service
b29.htm August 15, 1992 THE REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM: A SHARED VISION FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE A. Family Values, Education and Health Care: This section discusses President Bush's child care, education, and healt
b30.htm PLATFORM SUMMARIES: FAITH IN INDIVIDUALS VERSUS FAITH IN GOVERNMENT August 28, 1992 FAMILY VALUES, EDUCATION, AND HEALTH CARE The 1992 Republican Party Platform reaffirms the central role of the family and t
b31.htm August 17, 1992 THE BENEFITS OF FREE TRADE IN NORTH AMERICA "By building together the largest free trading region in the world, Mexico, the United States and Canada are working to ensure that the future w
b33.htm August 19, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH: PROTECTING AMERICAN FAMILIES "We must do everything in our power to preserve the institution that nurtures faith, the family. And I am firmly convinced that our greatest
b34.htm August 18, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH'S PLAN TO REVITALIZE AMERICA'S SCHOOLS "Because we believe in responsibility we believe in education reform. We've laid out a strategy called AMERICA 2000. It literally rev
b35.htm August 18, 1992 PRESIDENT BUSH'S DOMESTIC AGENDA: PRINCIPLES AND POLICIES President Bush's domestic initiatives are built on his commitment to: o Promote individuals' choices through decentralization. o
b36.htm August 22, 1992 RESPONSE TO CLINTON CHARGES IN DETROIT SPEECH I. Response to Clinton on the Bush Record Deficits and Debt: "The ten largest deficits in the history of the United States occurred during the
baghdadp.htm To: All Msg #94, 08:37pm Mar-29-91 Subject: Poem: Baghdad on My Mind [Cross posted from Peacenet:] Baghdad on My Mind The war came gaily wra
bbsting.htm downloaded from The NY Transfer BBS 718-448-2358 Jan 1990 POLICE SET UP BULLETIN BOARD STINGS By Jim Forbes Infoworld Staff AUSTIN, TX - Law enforcement officials here have joined a growing number of polic
bccidoc.htm The following is part one of a two-part series on BCCI that recently appeared in "In These Times". Reprinted with permission of "In These Times." During World War II the United States had emerged as the
betray1d.htm The following is a transcript of the video, "A NATION BETRAYED". It documents alleged CIA involvement in covert drug running activities and how they supposedly interfered with the nation's attempts to
betray2d.htm (this is part 2 of 2 in a series on alleged cia involvement in drug trafficking and pow/mia problems) Narrator: The Christic Institute's charges against The Enterprise were featured briefly in the Iran-Co
beyondwr.htm "The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe." Albert Einstein, 1946 The development, deployment and use of nu
big-brow.htm BIG BROTHER SPIES ON WHOM? For nearly a half century a primary influence upon all our lives has been the fact that Russia exist as an implacable, unswervable danger to our way of life. Thus we justify co
biotec.htm Science's opponents want a return to the Dark Ages by Ron Kagan (UCLA Daily Bruin, Aug. 19, 1991; uploaded by author) In 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the struc- ture of DNA, the mol
blackbud.htm To: All Msg #12, Jun-08-93 01:15AM Subject: follow up on black budget -- lots of info! NOTE: the following article contains material extracted from public document
bo-gritz.htm BO GRITZ AND GOVERNMENT SECRECY Date: 12 Oct 92 Col. James 'Bo' Gritz is was an independent candidate for President and n was on the ballot in a couple dozen or so states. The following is an excerpt fro
bor2doc.htm Feel free to copy this article far and wide, but please keep my name and this sentence on it. The Bill of Rights, a Status Report by Eric Postpischil 4 September 1990 6 Hamlett Drive, Apt. 17 Nashua, NH 03
bosniale.htm To: All Msg #89, May-29-93 04:29PM Subject: Troops to bosnia? Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congressman Ron Dellums, Enclosed is a copy of a lette
br-lopez.htm Subject: PERU: Abuse of the Rights of Women 4:38 pm Sep 12, 1991 Source: Peacenet (Fido:250/222) igc:aicoord Conf:ai.general Teachers in Peru: BERTHA ROJAS LOPEZ Amnesty International is concerned about th
campaign.htm Several years ago the National Public Telecomputing Network began looking at ways in which this new medium of telecomputing could be used to enhance the democratic process. To explore this area we creat
cancercl.htm Press release from Clinton/Gore Campaign Text of Clinton's Remarks to National Breast Cancer Organization To: National Desk, Political Writer Contact: Jeff Eller of Clinton for President, 501-399-3840
cbc0925.htm Subject: Oka: brief report for Monday, 24 September Date: 25 Sep 90 10:39:35 GMT There wasn't as much coverage of the Oka situation Monday as I might have expected, what with the reconvening of Parliamen
censorbb.htm To: All Mar-21-94 18:25:54 Subject: Censors Subj : SB#040194 Computer Censors The April issue of _PC Computing_ magazine has an article on page 88 by John C. Dv
cia-s&ld.htm Subject: more S&L links CIA money laundering Keywords: more of Pete Brewton's uncovering of CIA-MOB-S&L connections The following article appeared in the August edition of "The Monthly Planet, a public
ciadoc.htm In article <> writes: > I am seeking information on the CIA and drug smuggling. I was >wondering if anybody on the net could point me in th
cia_jfk.htm EX-CIA OFFICIAL SPEAKS OUT By Greg Kaza This article is reprinted from Full Disclosure. Copyright (c) 1986 Capitol Information Association. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to reprint
clintonb.htm BIOGRAPHY: WILLIAM CLINTON BORN: August 19, 1946, Hope AR MARTIAL STATUS: married (Hillary in 1975) RELIGION: Baptist EDUCATION: Georgetown Univ, BS, FS 1968 Rhodes Scholar, Oxford Univ., 1968-70 Yale U
clintoni.htm CLINTON INDEX ABOUT.NPTN.htm About the National Public Telecomputing Network CAMPAIGN.92.htm About the Campaign '92 program BIOGRAPHY: Bill Clinton c1.htm DEMOCRATIC PART
conspire.htm What if there were a conspiracy, and nobody knew about it? What if nobody could know about it because the conspirators removed all evidence of its existence? What if it was part of a sinister br
copsav.htm FALSEHOOD, INNUENDO & COP-SAVER BULLETS (Reprinted with permission from NRAction, May 1990) Does the NRA support unrestricted sale of "cop-killer bullets? Many people think so. In her Dec. 16 "Weekend Edi
copsdoc.htm >>>>>> W H Y C O P S H A T E Y O U <<<<<< -if you have to ask get out of the way- Have you ever been stopped by a traffic cop and, while he was writing a ticket or giving you a warning, yo
covertdo.htm Subject: Interview with FBI CISPES infiltrator Frank Varelli (Reproduced with the permission of the FUND FOR OPEN INFORMATION AND ACCOUNTABILITY, Inc). EXCERPTS FROM INTERVIEW WITH FRANK VARELLI FORMER F
crimecln.htm "MAKING OUR STREETS SAFER" GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON CITY HALL JULY 23, 1992 HOUSTON, TEXAS Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, I am so honored to be here today, grateful to all these men and women in un
crimewar.htm L. Baron, M. Straus, and D. Jaffee in _Legitimate Violence, Violent Attitudes, and Rape: A Test of the Cultural Spillover Theory_ in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences vol 528 (1988). The spi
cuddoc.htm This is a forwarded copy of Computer Underground Digest #4.57, and includes copies of articles from the commercial news service NewsBytes. If you repost this article to anywhere, please post it in its e
deathpcl.htm To: Subject: Clinton on Death Penalty Date: Sat, 1 Aug 92 20:35:01 EST Posted to alt.politics.clinton by Michael Lax ( 1 Aug 92 23:00:24 GMT Dear Friend: I appreci
democrat.htm Sometime during May there was a thread about the evil effects of evolution, and creationist claims that belief in evolution was at the bottom of the moral decay of Western society. Shortly after this thr
doi.htm Declaration of Intransigence WHEREAS we the people, being sleek of lip and glib of life do declare that WHEREAS the current "government" of the entity and environs comprising the United States and her col
dollarsg.htm Magazine: Reason Issue: February 1994 Title: Where Have All the Dollars Gone? Author: James L. Payne Where Have All the Dollars Gone? How the government robs Peter to pay him back. By James L. Payne On the
dquayleb.htm OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY OF VICE PRESIDENT DAN QUAYLE On January 20, 1989, Dan Quayle was sworn in as the 44th Vice President of the United States. Mr. Quayle was born on February 4, 1947 in Indianapolis, Indi
drug-war.htm Linda Thompson 21-Feb-93 01:59pm [cross-posted from AEN_NEWS Echo] To All Patriots: It is clear that even with the so-called "pro-civil liberties" stance of Bill Clinton that it
drugs10d.htm *************** War on Drugs Information File **************** Contents: "The Myths of the Drug War" Part 1, The economics of the Drug war by Darrell Fuhriman "The Myths of the Drug War" Part 2 -- The
drugs11d.htm Subject: WoD: Frontlines report -- 26-Feb-93 Pod people, Daylight Savings Time, and other surreality. 26-Feb-1993 Since leaving the world of independent contractordom, I've been managing a group of softwa
drugs2do.htm Subject: Amicus brief - Drug criminalization Summary: Strong Arguments against the War On Drugs -- Referenced The following letter was written by Associate Professor of Law Jeffrey M. Blum of the Univers
drugs3do.htm Subject: civil rights, hassle, High Times I rarely read this group so forgive me if this has been discussed before. I read this in the local paper and thought you might find it interesting. Karen Lynn Wh
drugs4do.htm Subject: Victories and Losses I heard on one of the news programs last night that Hulk Hogan has been implicated in an alleged scheme to purchase steroids. The doctor (whose name I don't remember) who s
drugs5do.htm ----- PITCH Kansas City's News and Arts Weekly Week Of Nov 27-Dec 3, Issue 187, pp. 10-12 ----- The Drug War's Dirty Secrets: What Warriors Won't Tell You by Richard Lawrence Miller ----- Drugs do strange thi
drugs6do.htm Subject: My interview will air Oct 7, on Ch. 18, West Lafayette, IN Date: 14 Sep 92 05:45:42 GMT The title says it all. I was interviewed for the "Dealing with Drugs" segment of the Ch. 18 news. I spok
drugs7do.htm Subject: Wash Post: Student Drug Use Rises Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1992 00:43:47 GMT The following article appeared in the Washington Post on 10/19/92. It is reprinted without permission. DRUG SURVEY SHOWS RIS
drugs8do.htm Subject: "War on Drugs and Media" Paper (LONG) Date: 11 Dec 91 00:52:13 GMT Representation of the "War on Drugs" in "Time" and "Newsweek" By David Hirmes ( December, 1991 The Big
drugs9do.htm ********* War on Drugs Information File *************** Contents: Drug strategy issues proposed to Pres. Clinton Sex, Ecstacy and Psychedelic Drugs, from Playboy, Nov. 1967 American Drug Policy: What's
drugsdoc.htm The Hartford Courant "Untruths, unreliable data create obstacles in war on drugs." It is a stark message designed to persuade youths to stay away from marijuana. And it is a lie. The narrator tells televis
drugtst2.htm Following is a position paper I prepared in support of a Bill that would prohibit companies from drug testing their employees without having "probable cause". This Bill is being introduced in the Indian
drugward.htm The following article is reprinted from the Wall Street Journal, 3/7/91, editorial page. I've attempted to reproduce the graph as best as possible using ascii graphics. Sorry I didn't get around to typi
economic.htm CLINTON UNVEILS NATIONAL ECONOMIC STRATEGY TO PUT PEOPLE FIRST June 21, 1992 Governor Bill Clinton today unveiled a "National Economic Strategy for America" that will create economic growth and put Americ
educatio.htm STATEMENT BY GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON THE "EDUCATION PRESIDENT" RETURNS -- FOUR YEARS LATER July 23, 1992 Three months before the election, George Bush is trying to become the Education President he never wa
emergen.htm FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10-07-91 1400HRS. CDT INCREASING VIOLENCE AGAINST EMERGENCY WORKERS Chicago,IL. A rising wave of violence and murder continues to overtake our nation's cities. In man
env_rept.htm Via The N.Y. Transfer News Service 718-448-2358, 718-448-2683 by (Harel Barzilai) Phil Shabecoff, who covered the environment for the _New York Times_ for 14 years, left the paper
excessgo.htm From _Soldier of Fortune_ This may sound familiar: Operating on a "tip", flack-jacketed federal Treasury agents with assault rifles at the ready, plus heavily armed state and local officials, stormed t
expertsj.htm This leap of faith, from "an expert says that...." to "it is true that ..." is what I call the "emporer's new clothes effect." Rather than being allowed to examine the evidence to make up your own mind,
exp_myth.htm ** Written 7:28 am May 1, 1992 by witness in cdp:native.1492 ** Witness for Peace 1492-1992 Expose the Myths: Calling for a Just World Order Myth of the Month--May 1992/Debt Crisis and Structural Adju
f-the-fb.htm The following is from The Province, Friday Apr. 19, 1991: I consider this a good example of "reversal," but it is definitely not for the squeamish. Or the anxious. :-) [begin quote] Disgusting stuff but .
faye-wil.htm Subject: How the media trashed Faye Williams Source: People's Daily World (212) 924-2523 235 West 23 St., New York, NY 10011 (Available at the super-low subscription price of $15 per year, for more
fbi.htm "I regret to say that we of the FBI are powerless to act in cases of oral-genital intimacy, unless it has in some way obstructed interstate commerce."-- J. Edgar Hoover
fbi-2.htm Message base NORCAL Subboard Msg #: 582 Security: 1 NORCAL Subboard To: ALL Rcvd: 11-25-90 02:00 Re: FBI & YOUR BBS The FBI Comes Rapping, Rapping At Your BBS Brock N. Me
fbi_bbs.htm To: ALL Date: 11-25-90 02:00 Re: FBI & YOUR BBS The FBI Comes Rapping, Rapping At Your BBS Brock N. Meeks The dog-eared manila envelope spilled a coffee stained report onto my clutt
fda.htm FOOD & DRUGS? A friend of mine suffered minor heart damage during the influenza season a few years ago. Today, he is having trouble breathing properly. I received a report which showed a Japanes
fedjust.htm PEOPLE CONTROL The General Accounting Office released a report a while back revealing that federal prisons are now at 56 percent above capacity. The GAO also pointed out that federal prison populati
fil18nws.htm FILE 18 NEWSLETTER CONFIDENTIAL - RESTRICTED ACCESS INFORMATION FOR OFFICIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY. Edited by: Lt. Larry M. Jones, Boise P.D., 7200 Barrister Dr., Boise, Idaho, 83704, (208) 377-67
file1881.htm FILE 18 NEWSLETTER Cult Crime Impact Network, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL-- RESTRICTED ACCESS INFORMATION FOR OFFICIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY. Edited by: Larry M. Jones, Cult Crime Impact Network, Inc., 222 N.
file1886.htm FILE 18 NEWSLETTER CONFIDENTIAL. RESTRICTED ACCESS INFORMATION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY. Edited By: Lieutenant Larry Jones, Boise Police Department, 7200 Barrister Drive, Boise, Idaho, 837
file1887.htm FILE 18 NEWSLETTER Cult Crime Impact Network, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL-- RESTRICTED ACCESS INFORMATION FOR OFFICIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY. Edited by: Larry M. Jones, Cult Crime Impact Network, Inc., 222 N.
files188.htm The following is taken from File 18 Newsletter Vol. II #87-1, dated February 22, 1987, item 14: F18> 14. THE SEVEN W.I.C.C.A. LETTERS: The Witches F18> International Coven Council Associate, a coalitio
fleming.htm Robert A. Hirschfeld #010003 4723 N. 44th St. Phoenix AZ 85018 (602) 840-0342 Attorney for Respondent BENJAMIN FLEMING IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MARICOPA IMA STEP
forfeitd.htm The following story appeared in the _Texas_Observer_, a monthly primarily political publication, (c)1991 by the _Texas_Observer_ reprinted here on the USENET by permission. Any other reprinting or reprod
freecoke.htm Ok. First of all, I have tried every single file I could find on how to rip off coin changers, candy machines, etc. etc. None of them worked. Believe me, I tried every one. I don't know if these article
garybook.htm Gary Stollman Copyright (C) 1991 446 Conradi St. Apt. A328 Gary Stollman Tallahassee, Fl. 32304 The Invasion of the Human Race
gas.htm The Petroleum Institute's Top 10 Reasons for the increase in gasoline prices: 10. Hussein threatened to invade Houston if we didn't raise prices. 9. We're doing our part to reduce global warming. 8. De
gassedpo.htm DULCE ET DECORUM EST Wilfred Owen circa 1918 Bent double, like old beggars under sacks, Knock-kneed,coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge, Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs, And towar
gatesdoc.htm Disclaimer: I do not believe the U.S. has yet become a fascist dictatorship. What, then, is the historical context of Chief Daryl Gates' call for the elimination of all casual users of drugs on the basis
georbush.htm Here is the text of President Bush's acceptance speech prepared for delivery to the Republican National Convention on Thursday: Thank you. Thank you, thank you very much. I am proud to receive, and I
geraford.htm Here is the text of a speech prepared for delivery to the Republican National Convention Thursday by former President Gerald R. Ford: Thank you, Lynne, for your warm and generous words. As Will Rogers
ghwbushb.htm GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH (Republican) BORN: June 12, 1924, Milton, MA MARTIAL STATUS: Married to Barbara Pierce, 1945 RELIGION: Episcopal EDUCATION: Yale Univ., BA 1948; Delta Kappa Epsilon POLITICAL
ghwbushi.htm BUSH INDEX ABOUT.NPTN.htm About the National Public Telecomputing Network CAMPAIGN.92.htm About the Campaign '92 program BIOGRAPHY: George Bush b1.htm WEL
gloriamo.htm Press release from the Clinton/Gore Campaign Clinton Announces Top Latina Leader As Campaign Co-Chair SAN FRANCISCO, July 28 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Gov. Bill Clinton announced today the appointment of Los
governfu.htm Subject: Intelligent Government... (From the Washington Realtor) One of the best examples of how ridiculous government paperwork can be is illustrated in a recent case in Louisiana: A company pre
green.htm To: Peter Miller Msg #4, 01-Nov-88 07:44pm Subject: Membership Green Party of Canada There are two parties. Membership in the federal party should be directed to Treasur
greengia.htm Msg # 86 Date: 05 Jun 91 15:04:00 To: All Subj: GREEN GIANT RELOCATES TO MEXICO ____________________________________________________________________________ Via NY Transfer News Service 718-448-2358, 7
gritzbo.htm James "Bo" Gritz "Bo" has announced his canidancy for President of the United States. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and this great country, to look and listen to what Bo has to say and
guatai.htm Subject: GUAT: Abuse of Rights of Women 6:14 pm Sep 13, 1991 Source: Peacenet (Fido:250/222) igc:aicoord Conf:ai.general Human Rights Workers: Guatemala Members and leaders of the Coordinadora Nacional de
guatemal.htm Subject: GUATEMALA: MARIA TIU TOJIN 6:24 pm Sep 12, 1991 Source: Peacenet (Fido:250/222) igc:aicoord Conf:ai.general Indigenous People: Guatemala MARIA TIU TOJIN Maria Tiu Tojin and her one-month-old daught
guineapg.htm [On this veteran's day, it's not only important to remember the veterans who saved the world during WWII, but also to remember that our nation's war machine is an *offensive* weapon which is both destru
gulf-war.htm +--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | CRTNET | | January 28, 1991
gulf2doc.htm [Forward from AML (ACTIV-L) -- see bottom for more info] A better title for this article, despite its rhetoric that "Taking the official at his word, the only possible explanation of the Bush administrat
gulfanal.htm SPIN DOCTORS AND DERVISHES by Yves Barbero It was a British general who pointed out just before the ground war got under way that SADDAM HUSSEIN was willing to use "the currency of human life" to advance
gulfdoc.htm A GULF WAR - How did we get there? By Robert Springboard War in the Persian Gulf between Iraq and the US and its allies seems increasingly likely. The immediate future of the Gulf crisis seems much cle
gun1doc.htm Gun Information Archive #1 Contents: California Legal code regarding police protection The Myth of Police Protection: who is responsible for your safety? Language Expert says 2nd Amendment still guarantee
gun2doc.htm Gun Information Archive #2 Contents: Want Gun Control? Enforce the 2nd Amendment!, by Robert J. Cottrol Data on civilian armed resistance to crime Specific examples of people defending themselves with gu
gunmyths.htm Subject: 10 Myths of Gun Control from NRA-ILA This is the piece I was asking about a while back. I hope this will help serve in lieu of a FAQ for this group. I noticed a couple of claims I would challeng
gunquote.htm A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. [United States Constitution, Second Amendment, 1789] ----
hardingd.htm From Bob Hirschfeld Two events impacted Arizonans on Sunday, April 5, 1992. A good friend of mine, who is a prominent Civil Liberties advocate, was a marcher in Sunday's Washington DC Abortion Rights
hcidoc.htm Subject: Bluemoon -- HCI Master Plan Date: Fri, 28 Jan 1994 04:53:00 GMT This was posted on Bluemoon by Dennis Carney, where he got it I don't know. -- Larry Cipriani, or attmail!lcip
health.htm HEALTH INSURANCE? There has been a great display of smoke and mirrors out of the rats' nest called Washington in the past months. Everyone wants onto the band wagon to set up health insurance for a
health2c.htm To: All Feb-02-94 22:27:08 Subject: WAFC Report 01/31/94 Date: 02 Feb 94 15:58 PST Congress Returns to Health Care and Crime Bills On Tuesday, January 25, the 103rd
healthcl.htm BILL CLINTON: HEALTH CARE FOR EVERY AMERICAN In the first year of a Clinton Administration, we'll deliver quality, affordable health care to all Americans. If we're going to fundamentally change governm
heisdead.htm How about this: A lengthy editorial prepended to an L. A. newspaper story about another L. A. Police department shooting. The editorial can be bypassed as I'm sure you will either get very angry with my
homolkab.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ eye WEEKLY May 19 1994 Toronto's arts newspaper every Thursday ~~~~~
hr4079.htm 101st Congress 2d Session H.R. 4079 To provide swift and certain punishment for criminals in order to deter violent crime and rid America of illegal drug use. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES February 22, 19
hussein.htm Hussein: We made him, we broke him, we'll build him up again if we want to, we're the US.
i-death.htm People's News Service PO box 3074 Madison Wi. 53704 According to C. C. Jones a recent news report said that despite the oil boycott of Iraq the US has imported 830,000 barrels of oil a day from that cou
intell.htm INTELLIGENCE? "What was the name of that last agent who decided that he was going to expose our operation? Well, his name's unimportant . . . get him!" "Get him, Chief?" "Yes, I said g
intro.htm INTRODUCTION This is volume 2 of The Traitor Within The Gates. It is not an updated version of volume 1 but in fact is an addition to the first book. It's new information. You are encouraged to read
iraqwa.htm ANALYSIS OF EVENTS AND CAUSES LEADING TO THE IRAQ CRISIS March 6, 1991 Copyright 1991 Transcript by Laurence L. Miller The following is a transcript of a letter written to the c
jackkemp.htm Here is the text of a speech prepared for delivery to the Republican National Convention on Tuesday by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Jack Kemp: Thank you, Roger Staubach. It's an honor to be i
judges.htm HIS HONOR? The new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was speaking to the bar association in New Orleans. One of the more potent remarks was, "It will not do to regard the Constitu- tion signed
justice.htm JUSTICE BLIND? Hamilton also pointed out that the "judiciary will have neither FORCE nor WILL but merely judgments and that there would be no liberty if the power of judging is not separated from th
k-rougeg.htm The following is from Sydney Schanberg's column in NEW YORK NEWSDAY, March 1: Now that the war with former friend Iraq is over, I got to wondering whether President George Bush would ride the
kaboom!b.htm BTW, here's that list I promised...unedited from the files.bbs including the standard disclaimer that I have at the top...enjoy, and let me know what you want... *** WARNING *** The following material is
keepsgun.htm From the Report of the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 97th Congress, Second Session (February 1982): The conclusion is thus inescapable that the
killeent.htm FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10-16-91 2200HRS. CDT MADMAN KILLS TWENTY THREE, WOUNDS 20 MORE Killeen, TX. An angry man with a semiautomatic 9mm pistol crashed his pickup truck into a Killeen, Texa
knoxdoc.htm This material was download June 20, 1990 from the: FIREARMS COALITION BULLET'N BOARD 1-703-971-4491 (2400,N,8,1) Whither White House? By NEAL KNOX WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nov. 1) -- The late Sen. Everett McKin
kr91part.htm [Reprinted by permission from IMPRIMIS, the monthly journal of Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan 492242. Subscription free upon request.] ``SAVE THE PLANET, SACRIFICE THE PEOPLE: THE EN
lapdhurt.htm LAPD Retaliating Against Dissidents, Officers Say By Andrea Ford and Richard A Serrano Times Staff Writers Los Angeles Times July 22, 1991 Page A1 A number of Los Angeles police officers, some of whom testi
larouche.htm /* Written 9:20 pm Sep 19, 1992 by cberlet in cdp:publiceye */ /* ---------- "Wit & Wisdom of Fascist LaRouche" ---------- */ This "LaRouche Sampler" of LaRouchian quotes was first published in the Chi
legalaa.htm Date: Sat, 23 Jul 94 15:31:03 PDT Subject: File 5--Summary of Amateur Action BBS Trial (Days 1-3) ((MODERATORS NOTE: The Amateur Action BBS trial has started, and Keith Henson reports on the proceedings
liberald.htm liberal (adj.) 1. Favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs. 2. Noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform. 3. Of, pertaining
liberty1.htm LIBERTYGATE The coverup uncovered, in three parts. It has been twenty-two years since the military forces of the State of Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty. It has been 43 years since Hitler's atrocitie
liberty2.htm LIBERTYGATE Part Two It has been twenty-two years since the military forces of the State of Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty. It has been 43 years since Hitler's atrocities. If Congress can spend our mo
liberty3.htm I wrote the following little essay for the Amateur Radio Forum to commemorate USS Liberty Memorial Day on June 8. Unfortunately, the U S Congress decided to declare June 8, Snow White Day, so the word on
licencep.htm ARTICLES Time to license those evil computer programmers! Gary Vedvik 1:102/1006 New Jersey, that state which has lately proved to be "the toughest in the nation" by trampling on its residents is once aga
logicwar.htm THE "LOGIC" OF THE GULF WAR U.S. MOTIVES IN THE GULF 1) Does the U.S. oppose aggression? NO. * Aggression is fine if its in U.S. interests. It's bad only if it is opposed to U.S. interests. The U.S. invad
lostptrl.htm -- L O S T o n P A T R O L -- Anyone can get lost on patrol from time to time, it happens to the best of us...Veteran and rookie alike. Even Daniel Boone, while exploring the unknown forests
lotusbad.htm LOTUS program possible privacy violation L---T+---T----T----T----T----T----T----T----T----T----T----T----T----R RE: Personal Privacy Violations This was forwarded out of EGGNET but has implications that
lynnmart.htm Here is the text of a speech prepared for delivery to the Republican National Convention Wednesday by Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin: Delegates of the Republican Convention. And all Americans, those of
martiall.htm MARTIAL LAW The radio and TV had been carrying news bulletins all day. The President was going to make an emergency announce- ment in place of the evening news. Speculation was high as to what th
merovian.htm TO: ROBERT LEE RE: Merovingians DATE: 04-12-91 AREA: 14 Here is a file from this BBS that you might want to comment on: THE GREAT MEROVINGIAN CONSPIRACY! TO: Thomas McCullock FROM: Patrick Leight
mid-east.htm Sean McCullough on 1:128/64 People-- Regarding my last post hher: It is a well documented fact that I am NOT a believer in the deity of Abraham. My opinion is that when Shem, Ham, and Japheth went thei
mirancps.htm =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CASEWORKERS ORDERED TO GIVE MIRANDA WARNINGS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Article From Nati
mismanag.htm PENTAGON MISMANAGES ITS MONEY, GAO BOSS SAYS Aspin told problem involves billions by Richard H.P. Sia Baltimore Sun (30 April 1993) WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon is increasingly unable to "safeguard, manage a
morehate.htm Msg#: 3146 *CULT_WATCH* 11/00/88 22:05:00 (Read 2 Times) To: ALL Subj: CULTS, SECTS AND DEVIANT MOVEMENTS CULTS, SECTS AND DEVIANT MOVEMENTS OVERVIEW AND HISTORICAL BACKDROP There is a vast variety of diff
morgfort.htm MORGAN V. FORETICH EDITORIAL/CRITICAL COMMENT The following Law Review article is presented because of its civil liberties issues regarding contempt incarceration. However, the highly biased viewpoint of
nazibomb.htm LONDON (UPI) -- Secret recordings of Hitler's top scientists when they were prisoners of war in 1945 reveal their horror at the Hiroshima devastation caused by atom bombs they had raced to invent, The T
nazzicia.htm From ucivax!!amiserv!amiganet!ddrumm To: Date: Thu, 12 Nov 92 04:08:16 CST In Chicago, on Public Television, there used to be this show called "The 90's",
newbank.htm UNLAWFUL BANK BAILOUT The current fiasco of bailing out failed banks and savings and loan associations using our tax dollars is the biggest con game ever put over on the American people. THERE I
nonvi_1.htm CBD, Citizen Based Defense AND LIBERTARIAN PHILOSOPHY first writing October 88 In August, 1988 there was a very interesting meeting at my home in Fullerton California. It brought together peace activists
notice.htm Please, before calling for Tech. Support, Read the following Paragraphs. They will save us both time and money BONWARE is an approved associate member of the *"Association of Shareware Professionals" (AS
nrodoc.htm Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn't Fit BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING EVERYONE By Hillel Cohen Ever get the feeling that someone's watching you? Better get used to it. Because the U.S. g
oswaldjf.htm [Original copy submitted to Newsday for OpEd piece published Sunday, November 21, 1993. Published piece available only in graphics format = a TIF of a xerox. As published piece was 1/3 shorter but carrie
paki-unn.htm "Sunday, Pakistani troops, firing from sandbag bunkers, slaughtered 20 unarmed Somalis, and wounded 50 more, in a massacre done under the flag of the United Nations. After the slaughter, Paki troops, in
panama1d.htm To: Fredric Rice May-23-94 15:35:00 Subject: Panama Deception >I knew this when you were still squalling for diaper changes, I >would wager, and I'm certain that many will
panama2d.htm Subject: How TV sold Bush's War in the Gulf. The media watchdog group Fairness and Accuracy In Rerporting (FAIR) will no doubt publish a report with a title along those lines. Lacking a time machine, I'm
patbuch.htm Here is the text of a speech prepared for delivery to the Republican National Convention Monday by Patrick J. Buchanan: Well, we took the long way home, but we finally got here. And I want to congratul
pavlov.htm PAVLOV AND HIS DOG You've all heard the old story about Dr. Pavlov and his dog. The dog was trained to sit and do nothing until the doctor rang a bell. At that point, the dog knew he was goin
philgram.htm Here is the text of a speech prepared for delivery to the Republican National Convention Tuesday by Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas: Never in history has the world experienced more dramatic changes in a short
plubius.htm Shortly after the drafting of the US constitution, there was considerable difficulty in getting the requisite number of sates to ratify it. A key hold-out state was New York. In an attempt to sway the
politics.htm ***Warrant Invalid, say Weaver's Lawyers*** ***Suspect given wrong date, says clerk*** [from the Seattle Times, April 23, 1993] Firearms - Politics Associated Press BOISE, Idaho - The defense in the murder
presidnt.htm OUR PRESIDENT - AMERICAN ROYALTY The newly elected President stands in the Oval Room, along with well wishers and friends while the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is giving the oath. ". . . a
prodigyn.htm Gentlemen, The following file was sent to me today, April 29th. I've read it twice and then had to try it out myself just to see if it was true. Whether it is a bug in the software, or a covert effort by
prohibit.htm Ethan A. Nadelmann, "Drug Prohibition in the United States: Costs, Consequences, and Alternatives," _Science,_ 1 September, 1989, pp. 939-947 Drug Prohibition in the United States: Costs, Consequences,
propagan.htm The invisible government tends to be concentrated in the hands of the few because of the expense of manipulating the social machinery which controls the opinions and habits of the masses. - Edward L. Berna
pubs.htm This document is a listing of publications of alternative news sources. It lists newspapers and periodicals from progressive groups and organizations as well as alternative media publications. While
r&e_bust.htm .FBI raids major Ohio computer bulletin board; action follows joint investigation with SPA The Federation Bureau of Investigation on Saturday, Jan. 30, 1993, raided "Rusty & Edie's," a computer bulletin
readme.htm Thank you for downloading LieDetective for Windows 3.1! This product is Nitzer Technologies first foray into Microsoft Windows Multimedia educational software. Try it out and, if you feel so inclined, re
redressp.htm PETITION FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment Article I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging th
register.htm REGISTRATION THE TRAITOR WITHIN THE GATES (VOL 2), Copyright 1992, George T. Knoblauch, All rights reserved. Published by George T. Knoblauch, P. O. Box 818, Castroville, TX 78009. This so
regulati.htm REGULATIONS Now let's eyeball more violations of the power we granted to the legislative branch. Let me point out that the 'descriptions' of some of these rogue outfits comes from publication
republic.htm It is said that GOP is considering changing the Republican Party emblem from an elephant to a condom, because it stands for inflation, protects a bunch of pricks, halts production, gives a false sense of
ronaldrg.htm Here is the text of a speech delivered to the Republican National Convention Monday by former President Ronald Reagan: Thank you, Paul for that kind introduction. And Mr. Chairman, delegates, friends, f
royallie.htm (Loren I. Petrich) There is another version of this type of argument. It states that people _must_ be doped with a religion to make them virtuous. This I call the "royal lie" argument from i
s-crimec.htm NOTE: The following article is excerpted in its entirety from the February 1988 issue of _Criminal Intelligence Report_ ("America's Only Professional Crime News Magazine"), page 13. The February and M
said.htm SEXUAL ALLEGATIONS IN DIVORCE THE S. A. I. D. SYNDROME Gordon J. Blush, Ed.D and Karol L. Ross, M.A. March 1986 INTRODUCTION A 7-year-old female child reported to her aunt that her sister had been abu
sarah.htm DREAM OF THE FUTURE Sarah Winston suddenly awoke from a strange dream. She couldn't quite remember what it was about but she was certain it was a foreboding sign of the future. She didn't like to hav
seizure1.htm The following article is from the July 93 issue of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor. --Joe Gaut PLUNGING TOWARD AN AMERICAN POLICE STATE RUSTY HARDENBURGH, OHIO--In February '93, and FBI SWAT team of ove
seizure2.htm This article appeared in a box on the FRONT PAGE. The Pittsburgh Press, Sunday, August 11, 1991 P R E S U M E D G U I L T Y The law's Victims in the War on Drugs It's a strange twist of justice in the
shbushrc.htm Abe Rosenthal, former executive editor of The New York Times, now its resident curmudgeon, writes the following (7/31/92): SHOULD BUSH RUN? Can he win? Should he run? Suddenly those questions about Geor
showme.htm SHOW ME THE LAW We're going to cover an area now which I know will drive the public servants at the funny farm up a tree. This is one of those deals where it will require massive involvement and respons
sj1.htm I got the following information from the "" conference on USENET. I thought it was appropriate for posting here... I'll keep you informed... I though this might be of some general interes
sj2.htm >: Wdnsa morning,. 28, the offices of Steve Jackson Games, inc., >: were raided by FBI and Secret Service officials. The establishment was >: shut down, and all computer systems, including the Illuminat
sj3.htm (BRANHAM,JOSEPH FRANKLIN) writes: >Not surprisingly, this treatment of SG games angers me to no end. >In particular, I wonder if there is anything a somewhat moderately >organised group of gamers could d
sj4.htm Here's a follow-up on the Illuminati BBS... >What was the bust related to? you mention the "911" case..but >you don't say what it is. The 911 case concerns the alleged theft of some proprietary software f
sj5.htm This is more stuff about the Secret Service raid on the Illuminati BBS, taken from usenet's "": (Scott "TCB" Turner) writes: >I though this might be of some general interest: >: ... (stuff
sj6.htm To: dartvax!libernet Subject: Re: Steve Jackson Games Craig Haynie writes: . . . >How can this be anything but a violation of these amendments. They did have a >warrant, but their intentions were to disru
sj7.htm Subject: It's Only a Game... To: dartvax!libernet (Libernet) These articles were collected from various usenet groups by Alan Barksdale ( TAATOTH ) who forwarded them to me. [Moderator's Note: This story
sj8.htm Subject: Steve Jackson Games and the Secret Service Date: 26 Mar 90 20:34:50 GMT Sender: Hi all, I wrote an article for a newspaper class about the SJG/SS business (my instructor found
sj9.htm Jeff Johnson | logon:______ uunet!ingr!b17c!jaj!jeff | Subject: RE: forwarded from Fidonet To: "libernet" <dartvax!libernet> Lets donate equipment to this company so they can start u
slappsue.htm /* Written 12:10 pm Jan 26, 1994 by in */ /* ---------- "citizens' slapp suit guide" ---------- */ The Unslapped: A Primer For Protecting You & Your Affiliate Against
speed.htm SPEEDING COPS - SCRIPT COP SPEAKING TO DRIVER: "Your license and registration please. Do you know what the speed limit is on this road, Sir?" REPORTER STEVE WILSON: To some traffic cops around the cou
stealth.htm 16-Oct-87 12:05 MST Sb: APnv 10/15 2240 Stealth Missing LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) -- An Air Force plane that Pentagon sources said was a top-secret Stealth fighter crashed in a rugged desert area, killing t
stealtht.htm #: 138018 S10/Paranormal Issues 21-Apr-88 07:56:23 Sb: #"Stealth"y UFOs Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 To: All I'm sure most of you are aware that the Air Force released information about the new Stealth
strawman.htm A "strawman argument" or simply a "strawman" is a flimsy argument which is created only to be "knocked down". The term is sometimes used to refer to simplified arguments which are then demolished to unde
student.htm FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 11-02-91 1400HRS. CST Iowa University Student Goes on Rampage after Losing Honor Chicago,IL. A disgruntled Iowa University student, upset about not completing his g
stweap.htm Copyright 1991 Bill Clede. All rights reserved. May be downloaded and read by forum members but may not be otherwise reproduced, reprinted or published without expressed permission of the author. Direct
sublim.htm Subject: Re: Yonic symbolism? re: Subliminal seduction, and other works by Wilson Key: see the article "Subliminal Deception" Pseudosciene on the College Lecture Circuit" by Thomas Creed, in the Skeptica
superdom.htm Clinton at Louisiana Superdome on Bush "Taking Responsibility" NEW ORLEANS, July 29 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Following are remarks of Gov. Bill Clinton at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans today: Ladie
suspects.htm NOTE: The following list is excerpted in its entirety from the February and March 1988 issues of _Criminal Intelligence Report_ ("America's Only Professional Crime News Magazine"), pages 14-17 and 9-13
swanvoi.htm The Swan's were both employed, and at least Bill Swan has an engineering degree. I recall that Kathy had a degree too. Their daughter was in daycare. They all lived somewhere in Washington state. The
tax.htm THE TAX GATHERERS Let's take a look at an equitable tax system. Yes .... there is such a thing . . . it's in our Constitution. Our first compact for the national government was called the Articles of
terror.htm More Fun Stuff for Terrorists Carbide Bomb This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Exercise extreme caution.... Obtain some calcium carbide. This is the stuff that is used in carbide lamps and can be found at nearly
terror2.htm FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09-17-91 0130 HRS THE FUTURE OF TERRORISM IN THE 90'S By Clark Staten Chicago,IL. Strangely, the disintegration of the Soviet Bloc may have a detrimental affect on the fu
terrordo.htm The Terrorist's Handbook Written BY: UNKNOWN AUTHOR HEAVILY EDITED by: Kloey Detect of Five O and B.S. of Hardbodies Special thanks to WordPerfect Corporation for their spelling checker.......This file NE
the-wall.htm Subject: "You don't have to be Christian to enjoy Intolerance" HADASSAH MAGAZINE, AUGUST/SEPT. 1990 OVER THE WALL By Barbara Sofer At 7 o'clock on the cool winter morning of December 9, 1988, 26 women wal
thewar.htm Subject: About That War.... Last night, on some CBS special with Dan Rather, we got to see some Allied soldiers, prisoners in Iraq, denounce the actions of the U.S. "on the peaceful people of Iraq". Eve
threatsb.htm FORMER JURY FOREMAN RECEIVES DEATH THREATS San Antonio, Texas - July 8, 1994 A confidential source has indicated that former Branch Davidian trial Jury foreman Sarah Bain's life has been threatened. The
urinalys.htm The September, 1986 issue of HIGH TIMES magazine contained an article that listed a few of the over the counter (and prescribed) drugs that 'cross-react' (cause false positives) when users of these 'lega
virus.htm -----> M A J O R V I R U S A L E R T <----- George Bush Virus - Doesn't do anything, but you can't get rid of it until November Ted Kennedy Virus - Crashes your computer but denies it ever happened W
waco-gas.htm Mt. Carmel Waco Alert The government has arranged to further desecrate the Mr. Carmel building site and the surrounding 7 acres. A contractor has been authorized by the Texas Natural Resource Conservati
waco2doc.htm From taco!rock!concert!uvaarpa!caen!!!!!cburian Sun Mar 28 20:25:41 1993 Xref: taco alt.censorship:7486 alt.conspiracy:25602 Subject: Press censor
waco3doc.htm === Repost from Fidonet Civ_Lib === * Original: FROM: Linda Thompson * Original: TO: All * Original: AREA: AEN NEWS * Forwarded by Linda Thompson * Forwarded Using QuickBBS 2.76 Ovr * Forwarded at 02:46 o
wacoburn.htm Coincidence or the Kiss of Death? Copyright (c) 1993 by Linda Thompson, All Rights Reserved In investigating events surrounding the massacre at Waco, I have made some rather startling discoveries
wacodoc.htm Subject: Re: ATF firefight Unfortunately this sort of thing is becoming all too common and is one of the legacies of the War on Drugs and the general erosion of civil liberties that has been happening wi
wacofilm.htm Conspiracy for the Day -- December 16, 1993 ("Quid coniuratio est?") [From *Secret and Suppressed* by Jim Keith, editor. Portland: Feral House, 1993.] Affidavit of Ken Fawcett I am the individual who star
war.htm TO........All FROM......Christopher Baker SUBJECT...another example of the use of 'prayer' DATE......03:48am 30-May-91 George Bush has shown us which prayer he used when it was all over [Persian Gulf 'W
war-toys.htm The Following is from the booklet "Simple Things You Can Do To Make Peace", by the Storrs Friends Meeting, Storrs CT 06268. BOYCOTT WAR TOYS Fact: For every boy age 5 to 12 in the United States, two GI
warrantw.htm Riley G - Psychic Detective May-28-93 03:13AM Waco Texas, Search Warrant (long) TEXT OF SEARCH WARRANT FROM WACO, TEXAS: Affiant alleges the following grounds for search and seizure: I, Davy Aguilera, bein
warstory.htm ************ Topic 5 Sun Nov 19, 1989 DRC.ROA (Forwarded) Sub: ANECDOTES and WAR STORIES Info on an anecdote involving FBI SWAT TRAINING and a suggestion to st
wod12yr.htm Reprinted without permission from the San Jose Mercury News, Friday, October 4, 1991, page B-1. Libertarian, 12, irks the brass 7th grader's drug war views negatively recieved at school by David Bank When
womencln.htm REMARKS BY GOV. BILL CLINTON TO THE DEMOCRATIC WOMEN'S CAUCUS HILTON HOTEL, NEW YORK CITY JULY 14, 1992 What has been happening in the last few days with all the movement in the polls and all the excitemen


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